8 May 2018, Stockholm, Sweden – Kama Sutra: The Blissful Practice Seminar

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This workshop is a practical follow-up to Kama’s previous seminar in Stockholm on Kama Sutra. For those who attended this last event, the information and presentation will be new (including a more interactive workshop format). For those who are new to Kama Sutra and Tantra, you are very welcome!

The most famous printed book in the world after the Holy Bible, KAMA SUTRA owes its fame to its connection to the biggest power that runs in the Universe: DESIRE.

“Kama” is the Sanskrit word for desire and it is only natural that this book about the secrets of desire and the way to deal with them has gained so much attention throughout all times and in so many cultures. Also considering the fact that desire has most often been regarded as the “forbidden fruit” of life’s experiences and with the appetite people always have for the forbidden fruits, it makes perfect sense that the content of this book was shared by people of all walks of life and even secretly studied by those who publicly condemned it.

We all know that deep inside of us there is a secret “treasure room” that is full of the most amazing gifts of life. In some auspicious moments they sometimes slip out from there and … for a split second we feel uplifted to another level of existence, we are in sync with all and everything, and life shines beyond all its usual limits. Then all passes and we are left with the feeling of longing to get back “there,” to unlock again that secret chamber of wonders and release again these inborn gifts. And it seems that lucid intense pleasures, consciously fulfilled desires and unconditional love always do the job. KAMA SUTRA is the book that reveals the way one can unlock that door.

For all its fame nowadays, KAMA SUTRA is deeply known only by those (quite few) who pass beyond the encoding language that the sage Vatsyayana used to write it. Apparently just a collection of sexual methods, unusual acrobatic lovemaking positions, behavioural advice for intimacy and weird aphrodisiac recipes, KAMA SUTRA is, in reality, a manual of learning how to handle the power of desires and how to channel them in ways that lead to improved life experience, a superior perspective on encountering intimacy and enjoying it. It is the encoded map to this secret chamber, teaching us how we can create the auspicious conditions using the power of desires that will open the door and make these amazing innate potentials available.

Yet since all is encoded in a language of symbols and multiple meanings that can create a deceiving appearance in order to keep away those who only search for sexual enhancement and who see the wonders of eroticism only from a biological perspective, an explanation is needed. For those who look for more and pass the “test” of learning the code, KAMA SUTRA is a treasure chest full of wonders and profound understandings, revelations about LIFE itself and its most refined pleasures.

And for those who feel the call to continue, here is a hint: the whole code starts with the following principle: “The way you are in intimacy reflects the way you are in LIFE!” (KAMA SUTRA) From this special perspective, the path to unlock your hidden treasures unfolds quite easily.

This workshop is a practical introduction to the ancient code of KAMA SUTRA for those who want to learn the secrets of the kings and queens of old and to bring their lives to plenitude using the power of fundamental DESIRES and beneficial PLEASURES.

You will have the chance to learn it for yourself, to open the lock to your own treasure chamber and release the most amazing gifts that you have within. The journey will be adorned with practical examples, keys to tap into the inner resources while learning amazing ways to enjoy life, love, intimacy and refined eroticism. During the seminar some lovemaking postures will be explained together with other methods that can bring intimacy to one of life’s most exquisite gifts.

A FAIR WARNING: once you’ve learned how to break the code of KAMA SUTRA and begun to see how desire truly works, the path ahead almost irresistibly opens up … Long nights of refined, extraordinarily intense and fulfilling pleasures and love will chase away your sleep. There will be no way back to the comfortable ignorance of a dull life because now you will know the difference! It has happened to all of us in the team organising these events …

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