Kama Sutra Couples Retreat – 7-14 April 2019, Mallorca

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The Kama Sutra Couples Retreat is an education in intimacy, profound connection, and conscious eroticism.

It offers you a uniquely powerful experience and quality time for your relationship, a space to achieve profound results and personal growth together.

You will learn Kama Sutra principles of love and attraction, profound intimacy, lovemaking positions based of insights into the flow of energy and states of consciousness as well as couple yoga practice for experiencing timeless moments of pure presence and togetherness.

This retreat is specially dedicated to couples. We are approaching the question of intimacy, profound connection and conscious eroticism in the couple relationship. This topic is valid for all generations of couples, for all age categories and all kinds of background education.

The reason why is that unfortunately, in our education at school or even higher education, we dont receive any guidelines about the happy couple or a successful and loving relationship. To have intimacy in a couple relationship is important for growing trust from both of the lovers. It is difficult or almost impossible to open op when there is no intimate connection. Ancient treaties of both Tantric traditions and those of Kama Sutra origins knew the importance and were teaching people how to apply certain techniques in order to succeed in life and make your beloved (and therefore also yourself) as happy as possible.

This retreat is designed as being the most beneficial couple quality time. Are you asking: “Why dont we just go to the beach and enjoy relaxation instead?” We answer to you with another question: “Do you consider lying down on the beach, barely paying attention to each other as quality time?” – if your answer is yes, then maybe we cannot offer you what you are looking for, but if this triggers in you a certain reaction, then let’s see what we actually CAN offer.

The retreat is highly educational, based on ancient teaching of Tantra and Kama Sutra. In the dynamic life of today’s world, we often put a lot of focus on our career, our material possessions or different goals (even the ones that are based on harmonious couple relationship – family, harmonious home, happy marriage…), but we are forgetting to “feed” our relationships and therefore we end up just “squeezing all juice out of it” and then we realized that there is no more left only when it is too late. The techniques and principles that are going to be presented are mostly chosen to feed your couple and to keep it fresh so that you can at the same time enjoy all the benefits and fulfill your dreams (even the ones rooted in the relationship).

The program harmoniously combines theoretical lectures (yes, you will need a pen and paper if you want to benefit the most from this retreat), practical exercises for couples (no nudity involved), yoga for couples (don’t worry, it doesn’t require much flexibility or strength – all exercises are suitable for beginners and will be thoroughly explained) and free time as well as organized excursions.

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This event is a special joint venture between Natha Yogacenter and Kama Experiential

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