Iraq War- Massacres of Civilians – A Routine Job

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A United States Soldiers View of the Killing of Civilian’s in Iraq

The war in Iraq and its disturbing reality is far more complex than the comments of the below article. Indeed the crimes of the United States army in Iraq are inexcusable, and cannot be justified by 9/11 (11th September) or any similar event. Especially when we consider that 9/11 (11th September) was an inside job and Iraq was a money motivated invasion, and the American genocide of Iraq shows its true dimensions but not quite…

Yet the situation cannot be understood from the perspective of the field soldiers or their aggressors because they are also victims of the same genocide, just dressed in the wrong colors in order to deceive the viewer. In the same way civilian hostages are used to cover military operations. They are deliberately placed as buffers between the ones who hold the power and manipulate everyone and the people who want to discover the truth. In this way anyone who would question this war will seem to attack the poor army soldiers who are apparently fighting for a just cause. In reality the United States soldiers are the “innocence certificate” for the ruthless gang who are leading American politics and administration (or more appropriately the masonic guys above them) . With their blood these people wash their hands that are stained with money ink. We have been previously acquainted with this strategy, in the last century in another big conflagration when a large group of people were also used to cover the same small group of power. Same people will generate the same scheme.

What can these soldiers do, being in a foreign place, being attacked with all kinds of scary devices coming from nowhere, fed with scary stories meant to keep them in a state of alertness? Their actions may seem very reasonable from a military perspective when wanting to impose control in such territory and save as many lives by sacrificing little. On the other hand the actions of the invisible aggressors of the poor invasion soldiers  seem also justified by the nature of the whole military operation that covers up one of the biggest robberies in history, their country being drained of resources and the operation being covered with the blood of innocent people (from both sides).

Then, trying to understand any of this we find ourselves in a difficult situation where everyone seems to be right. The interesting part is that it was meant to be like this in order to keep us busy taking sides. In fact the whole paradigm is wrong. The whole war is wrong and the reason for those soldiers to be there is abhorrent.

The actions of the soldiers and the civilians can be a subject for endless debates, but in reality they are all trapped in the same game that was designed from the beginning to generate this situation in order to keep people busy in such meaningless debates. If we try to look from a larger perspective we can see that the United States army, insurgents and people who are supporting both sides are all just playing the game that was carefully designed for them to play, in order to prevent them from seeing what is going on in reality! Try, as a mental experiment, to read the following lines and also watch the video at the end from this broader perspective and i am sure you will discover the ugly face of the ones who planned the whole thing from the beginning; now they enjoy the silence given by the wall of deceiving lies and misleading facts that support each other and need no longer need to intervene. When dramas are made as big as possible on both sides and revelations on both sides are more and more dramatic, then the wall that the murderers hide behind becomes compact and there is no way to see through it.

They know that in such situation one cannot remain without taking sides (and the bigger the crime the easier it is to take sides without having any idea that you have become a puppet on strings) and this is how the game works. But again, the way to transcend these two sides goes through a thorough individual training, especially regarding self-discovery or the increasing of self-awareness. In lacking this capacity we will react as expected and the game will continue to hide the real players.

The article below was taken from Global Research

“Routine” Massacre of Civilians in Iraq: Former GIs Describe US Policy of Firing on Civilians

Three former U.S. soldiers involved in the infamous “Collateral Murder” helicopter gunship attack on Baghdad civilians in July 2007, say that attack was nothing out of the ordinary. The massacre that killed more than a dozen Iraqis, two of them employed by Reuters ignited a wave of international revulsion against the U.S.military in Iraq when a video of the massacre was released by WikiLeaks last April.

“What the world did not see is the months of training that led up to the incident, in which soldiers were taught to respond to threats with a barrage of fire a “wall of steel,” in Army parlance even if it put civilians at risk,” report Sarah Lazare and Ryan Harvey in the August 16th issue of The Nation magazine.

Former Army Specialist Josh Stieber said that newly arrived soldiers in Baghdad were asked if they would fire back at an attacker if they knew unarmed civilians might get hurt in the process. Those who did not respond affirmatively, or who hesitated, were “knocked around” until they realized what was expected of them, added former Army Specialist Ray Corcoles, who deployed with Stieber.

A third former Army specialist, Ethan McCord, said his battalion commander gave orders to shoot indiscriminately after attacks by improvised explosive devices. “Anytime someone in your line gets hit by an IED…you kill every …….. in the street,” McCord quotes him as saying.

Corcoles told the reporters he purposely turned his gun away from people. “You don’t even know if somebody’s shooting at you. It’s just insanity to just start shooting people.”

“From our own experiences, and the experiences of other veterans we have talked to, we know that the acts depicted in this video are everyday occurrences of this war: this is the nature of how U.S.-led wars are carried out in this region,” say McCord and Stieber in an open letter to the Iraqis who were injured in the July attack. Together with Corcoles, they have decided to go public about the true nature of the war.

McCord was shown in the video rushing the wounded children from a van. For this humanitarian act, he was “threatened and mocked by his commanding officer,” say The Nation reporters, and his platoon leader also yelled at him “to quit worrying about those ‘…….. kids’.”

McCord told the reporters of “multiple instances in which soldiers abused detainees or beat people up in their houses. In one case, he says, someone was taken from his house, beaten up and then left on the side of the road, bloodied and still handcuffed,” Lazare and Harvey write.

The veterans say they support the release of the video and otber documents by WikiLeaks because it confronts people globally “with the realities of the wars in Iraqand Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, accused of leaking the video to WikiLeaks, is facing Espionage Act charges and has been transferred toKuwait for a military trial, Lazare and Harvey note. The government is also probing where WikiLeaks got the 90,000 secret U.S. military documents fromAfghanistan it released late last month. These reports, according to The Nation, detailed the role of U.S. assassination teams, widespread civilian casualties resulting from U.S. attacks and staggering Afghan government incompetence and corruption.”

The totalitarian mantle of secrecy by which the Pentagon shrouds its war crimes makes the disclosures by intelligence analyst Manning appear all the more courageous. As long as the Pentagon keeps him behind bars every American who believes in the Biblical injunction that “the truth shall make ye free” is also a prisoner of the same tyranny. And the three former Army specialists who told their story to The Nation have given us a good idea of what it is the Pentagon doesn’t want the American people to know.

The following video clip is referred to in the article…

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (27)

  1. Why? says:

    @ Mihai Stoian

    I never saw this situation in the terms how you described before,it is very true for me i would have the unconscious tendency to take sides. Now i see it like this i am revolted even more. It is despicable how the masons work, in fact there are no words to describe how vile and repugnant they are to human life. They cannot be human. My brain simply cannot understand WHY people would think and act like this, it is so wrong and unnecessary, there most be a complex karmic situation behind it. Please bring some light on the esoteric meaning of all this, because it is too much to rationalize with the mind.


  2. Isobel says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I forced myself to watch the video clip, it made me cry. I cant say anything, I am still crying.


  3. DaveTS says:

    @Mihai Stoian,

    Americas moving out of Iraq, but they still leave 50,000 Soldiers behind!

    It is estimated 1.5 million people died in this war, how many brave soldiers went to serve their country proud and returned home in bits in a coffin? How many innocent Iraqi men, women, children and babies were slaughtered needlessly? And for what, exactly? There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction! We were told lies so they could rape and pillage a country of its resources- using the excuse of the mass slaughter they had committed on their own people-All those who perpetrated this gigantic fraud are war criminals and should be tried for their crimes instead of living the good life. They have no idea the pain or suffering they have caused, and sadly they do not even care!


  4. conspiracytheoriesareacon says:

    @ all conspiracy theorists

    What if you are wrong? What proof do you have for all your speculations? What if we were saved from a mass pandemic because of the quick intervention of our leadership, What if 9/11 was really a terrorist attack? What if there really is global warming cos of man what has done to the planet (and by the ridiculous weather we have you cant deny that strange things are happening!) What if the masons are good people serving the community? What if the conspiracy theorists are the real conspiracy.. what if David Icke is the real reptile and Alex Jones is the leader of all the equivalent to all the so-called illuminati or whatever? Do you ever question that? Where are your facts? How do you know the TRUTH?

  5. Alice says:


    I think the only way for you to find the answer to your questions is to study the information which is available, and then you will probably realize that there are no such what ifs.

  6. Cristian says:

    Wars have always been like this. We have been told about it in countless stories by those who were involved in wars and in fact our common sense can easily see the truth. The only reason why people do not know about it is because they do not think and they do not listen.
    The good thing is that it is all becoming more and more obvious, so that people will have to start thinking and listening, and hopefully also learn the lesson.

  7. filosoful says:

    Unfortunately we are living in that strange world ruled by the special ones (illuminati, freemasons) . They count on our lack of awareness and make the rules of the game how they like. We take one of the sides and we are lost there striving to prove the partial “truth”. This situation is very well depicted in the movie “Inscenarea”.
    Meanwhile they are laughing about our stupidity and making new plans for the 3 World War, for destroying all the spiritual organization which shows the genuine truth etc.
    We can seek to be more and more aware and to transcend the game. Therefore we can became genuine examples for others like @conspiracytheoriesareacon.
    It worth both for us and for the humanity ;).

  8. Kalin says:

    @Mihai Stoinan
    Am facut experimentul mental. Am citit articolul si am vazut filmuletul cu aceasta noua perspectiva. Am observat cum foarte usor as fi picat in capcana de a aluneca intr-una dintre parti, sa fiu doar o marioneta, de partea soldatului si sa incep sa lupt pentru afirmarea adevarului partial. Asa procedam, de altfel cu multe aspecte din viata noastra. Ne lasam furati de una dintre cele 2 parti si apoi luptam inversunati sa dovedim adevarul partial. Insa la adevar putem ajunge prin privirea de ansamblu care include ambele aspecte, dar le si transcende.
    Elita care actioneaza din umbra este abila in a ne insela si a ne distrage atentia de la adevaratele cauze ale problemelor actuale cu care se confrunta umanitatea. Este drept ca se foloseste de mass-media pe care o controleaza in intregime. Am ascultat una din conferintele D-lui Gregorian Bivolaru in care afirma ca daca si numai o singura zi mass-media nu ar fi controlata de masonerie, ar fi suficient ca umanitatea sa vada adevarul asa cum este el in realitate.

  9. Minnie says:


    What wonderful and insightful article!

    So brave to publish it so prominently on your website at the same time as your work as a tantra teacher is being promoted in America on the Sedona Temple website.

    Americans hate this kind of article and it is typically selfless of you to publish it with no care for the terrible effect it will have on your reputation there.

    So courageous, as always!

  10. Angel says:

    @ Minnie.

    I find your comment quite strange, maybe i am misreading you and i apologize if i am.
    But what is the problem for a Tantra teacher to publish an article that is common knowledge to the world on his blog? Does he not have the freedom of speech to express his opinions regarding world events? Would a real Tantra teacher and spiritual being care about their reputation if they know they speak the truth, that their words may bring light to the others and above all of this if this person knows they report directly to God not to the Americans?

    From what i know about true Tantrikas they live fully in the NOW – facing life with temerity knowing that liberation can occur any moment here and now – not hiding in the shadows afraid of what people may think of them, only saying what is “Politically Correct” in that moment.

    If Mihai’s mission involves teaching and guiding people in their spiritual evolution – it makes sense that he would he not risk one moment of his existence helping them to see the truth, even if this is damaging his “so-called” reputation (which is infact anyway an invention of the ego).

    I wouldn’t waste too much time worrying about reputations or what the Americans might think, better spend time getting to know your self and the beauty you are.

    With Love & Light

  11. Joe says:

    @Mihai Stoian

    People form their opinions by the information that is fed to them, and if the information generated by the mass media is; mindless. distorted and lies, then it is obvious that the opinions of the public will be an extension of the lies. Unfortunately the information we receive is massaged, spun and packed precisely for keeping people in the dark – 6 billion people are controlled by the minority who own all the major corporations. The average Joe has no hope with so much against him, he goes through life as a brainwashed ‘Zoombifiyed’ robot! These and such articles are beacons of light for any Joe who has the fortune to stumble upon then!


  12. Dave says:


    It would appear you did not read the article very well. If you read it again you will be able to see that he does not attack the Americans, he is offering a higher perspective on the unseen activity of the invisible structures who govern the world, giving indications on how they manipulate and monopolize the masses as pawns on a chest board.



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  14. filosoful says:

    @ Manoliu Valentin

    Domnule Manoliu, va rog sa ne puneti la curent cu ultimele descoperiri in domeniul Fuziunii si Fisiunii nucleare. Acum 10-15 ani, cativa cercetatori anuntasera ca au realizat fisiunea nucleara la rece, ceea ce insemna un mare pas in domeniul resurselor energetice planetare.
    Ce s-a petrecut cu aceste descoperiri? Au fost confiscate, ca de alte altfel multe alte descoperiri esentiale pentru aceasta planeta, de elitele care conduc lumea la ora actuala?

    In acest sens sunt informatii care ne spun ca motorul cu apa a fost descoperit de multa vreme, pe la 1913, chiar de catre Rudolf Diesel (inventatorul motorului Diesel). Insa planurile motorului au fost confiscate, iar Diesel a fost aruncat in Canalul Manecii chiar atunci cand mergea sa patenteze motorul cu apa.

  15. Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

    Thank you for the questions. And the answer is YES, i am questioning these aspects otherwise you will not read here these FACTS. Yet there are facts that are very different than the official versions of the story are presenting and this is what we try to show. What most of the so called “conspiracy theorists” are trying is to expose the parts of the events that are hidden and usually are not coming out in plain sight. There is definitely something wrong with the way certain events are presented to the public and there is room for the others to come in and present the alternative information.
    Usually the one sided mind is feeling pushed by the existence of the other side and cannot accept dialogue. This is also a reason
    Recently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was putting some questions in the plenary of UN session and all the EU countries exit the room together with US ambassador. This behavior is showing a strange intolerance to talk about the TRUTH since there is no serious explanations regarding the 9/11 events that were clarifying the whole story. Such behavior is the root of the impression that is projected upon everyone that have another opinion as being a conspiracy theorist. Should the American authorities made a thorough investigation with clear and transparent evidences presented about 9/11, such interventions as Ahmadinejad’s would be futile and would not take place. But even the fact that out of the alleged hijackers on 9/11 most of them were found alive after the 9/11 attacks (!!!) is a media bomb in itself … but mysteriously it is a SOLID FACT THAT STILL BELONG TO THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES. The conclusions that one can make out of this information are very different but definitely would affect the official version of the story. And this is not conspiracy theory but just an act of disclosing a conspiracy of silence that some are creating.
    It is not a just an aberrant theory the idea that some men fly some planes in some buildings and after that they are found alive? Believing in such thing is not strange and even disqualifying the intelligence of the believer? 😉
    Think about this and stick with the facts….

  16. filosoful says:

    Un articol interesant :”Cauţi femei superficiale, ispititoare şi cochete? Vei găsi infern!” la adresa

  17. conspiracytheoriesareaco says:

    @ Mihai Stoian,

    I have been contemplating your response, and whilst you make some valid points- the fact is you do not have any “facts” to validate your arguments! How can we possibly know who the hijackers were or were not – that they are walking the streets – could be another redherring , that the EU countries exit the room could have been a staged event along with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! This was actually my point all along how can we know the truth? We can speculate, make theories and have intuitions – but the fact is it is a complexed situation and we could be manipulated by both sides. This is all I wanted to point out.


  18. filosoful says:

    Un articol despre cum gasesc guvernantii noi modalitati sa ne supravegheze tot timpul, folosind scuze ieftine ambalate cu aparenta faptului ca ne sunt de mare ajutor. Respecta cu mare acuratete planul de indobitocire a populatiei, trasat cu mult timp inainte de cei care se cred alesi. Iar guvernantii nostri, alesi pe criteriul cat de repede pot sa-si vanda tara, se intrec, cu slugarnicie, in a le pune in aplicare.

    Linkul este:

  19. Cristian says:


    I think the only valid question in this case is what it all means for you personally. How does it affect your life? Why would you care? Otherwise you are very right to say it is all just speculation.

  20. Alan says:


    Take a look at this website: .It provides responsible criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by senior military, intelligence and government officials. Giving experienced professional opinions about the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon.

    Let me know what you think!


  21. mircea says:

    Some scripts about the beginning of the World War:

  22. filosoful says:

    Assange and Wikileaks a total fraud???

    All they need is ‘the right incident” to justify bringing on full control. Like “Internet Terrorism”? They just can’t use that term enough now, can they. After all, it’s a war on terror, and “if you’re not for us, you’re for the terrorists.” The ultimate false choice, just like everything else they foist on the human consciousness.
    Pretty clever these ol’ boys. It’s in their blood.

    Those manipulating world events belong to a cult, a brotherhood that hides behind many names and guises, and to which they pledge their absolute loyalty above everything, even their own flesh and blood. Commonly referred to as the Illuminati, this cult has an agenda they work to fulfill using certain rituals, methods.

  23. filosoful says:

    Assange si Wikileaks o mare frauda???

    Site-ul Wikileaks a facut cunoscute publicului larg multe “secrete” pe care lumea le cam stia deja. Poate ca sunt cateva surprize, dar nu prea mari totusi.
    Cred ca toata lumea stie ca sunt sute, poate mii de alte saituri care fac dezvaluiri la randul lor dar carora nu li s-a facut asa o publicitate cum i s-a facut lui Wikileaks.
    Site-ul Yogaesoteric musteste de dezvaluiri cu adevarat cutremuratoare, dar n-am gasit o stire care sa-l faca cunoscut publicului larg, asa cum s-a facut in cazul lui wikileaks.

    Declaratia urmatoare:
    “Purtatorul de cuvant al Wikileaks, Kristinn Hrafnsson, un colaborator apropiat al fondatorului, Julian Assange, a declarat ca “Wikileaks va fi o prezenta globala, iar compania creata in Islanda face parte din acest plan”, scrie cotidianul francez Le Point” ne duce cu gandul la globalizare si alte cuvinte cheie cu aceeasi radacina si ne face sa ne intrebam daca nu este o festa pe care conducatorii din umbra ai lumii vor sa ne-o joace ca sa ne astampere pentru o vreme setea de adevaruri cu adevarat salvatoare si eliberatoare.

    De remarcat totodata ca marile “revelatii” pe care saitul wikileaks le face, nu spun nimic despre conducatorii din umbra ai lumii, despre grupul G10 sau G8 sau ce numar are el, despre secta satanica a francmasoneriei, despre protocoalele masone si despre proiectatul genocid planetar, deci despre lucruri cu adevarat fundamentale care ne preocupa (sau ar trebui sa ne preocupe) cu adevarat. In schimb sunt scoase la iveala cancanuri subtirele, mici “telenovele” cu care multi oameni sunt obisnuiti sa-si piarda timpul si energia si care sunt derizorii fata de problemele esentiale ale omenirii.

    Hmm… ne pune pe ganduri…

  24. irina C says:

    I am happy to see others picked up on the Wikileaks media bombardment…I have also been watching it with interest over the past few days and it looks more and more so staged that is almost blatantly copying the 9/11 and London July attack strategy. Any person with some common sense and intelligence can start to wonder why these guys who think they are intelligent are using same old- same old…even if in a new space…

    What I can see now is that they are invading the cyber space with the same, terror build-up, may be only to start in few weeks to impose some silly censorship over the internet…

    we may grow to see some silly rules come up similar to the airport over 100ml bottles that you are not allowed to take the water in, but immediately after the security scan you can go in any shop and buy another bottle of water which is perfectly fine and which in fact you will take onto the plane after they just disposed of your previous one 🙂

  25. Daniele says:

    The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on September 21, which is TODAY. It is dedicated to peace, and specifically the absence of war.. To inaugurate the day, the “Peace Bell” is rung at UN Headquarters (in New York City, United States). The bell is cast from coins donated by children from all continents. It was given as a gift by the United Nations Association of Japan, and is referred to as “a reminder of the human cost of war.” The inscription on its side reads: “Long live absolute world peace.”(…) – such is depicted this ..idea.. that involves of course, ONU’s participation.. it all seems so hypocrite, mocking values and way too naive, in the world we live today.. doesn’t it?? ..

    but… every drop in the ocean does transforms the ocean.. the good ones too..
    I just want to express my deepest admiration and respect to all people who truly breath peace and that have discovered it deep in their core.., meeting you is probably the most inspiring experience of my life.!

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