Iran Invasion on The Agenda of The Bilderberg Group

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This is the way they are planning to gradually take over the whole global economy. We have to remember that the EU was in the beginning a trade union and at that time it was constantly stated that there is no chance this coal&steel trade union will turn into a political union. Now it is done and has been done so strangely that it gives a very good reason to go further because it seems we cannot stop in the middle of this change. Eurozone have all the chances to soon collapse and it will create the need for a bigger control system and the global currency will come as a “natural” solution. But for this the global power need to go a few more steps further and eliminate all the alternative ways of thinking and social organizations.

It is very clear now the way things are evolving that they are following the plan that was long ago exposed, but carefully hidden under the “conspiracy theory” ghost. It is also very clear for everyone that the hidden agenda of the Illuminati and the freemasons (at the top levels not where the naive ones are) comes more in place and they are pushing it forward with greater strength then ever before. The assassinations of 9/11, the actual economical crisis, the assassination of the polish president (as one of the most noisy opponent of the globalization movement), the chain of world manipulation-made “global disasters” such as the swine-flu, global warming, gigantic oil leakages, all show the arrogance of the power that these occult forces manifest in the world today. And this is just the beginning. When the snowball is rolling they will push it more and the effects will start to become global. And that is the sign of the last stage of the plan….. unless there is something else that is counterbalancing this trend of actions. And this is already taking place, for the moment in small spiritual communities but it will soon become a bigger phenomenon that will unite people from all over the world. The recent disclosure of the Romanian secret service involvement in the M.I.S.A case from an insider is the kind of symptoms i am expecting to see more and more today . For the moment we have a set of separate events but they will soon become more and more entangled and will make sense for more people who will not remain silent anymore 🙂

Thursday, June 3rd 2010

A Spanish newspaper announced that they have information on two of the main topics on the agenda of the famous group of the world elite, in spite of the fact that the agenda is secret.

The elite group has a meeting, beginning today, in Sitges, Spain, in order to discuss topics such as the Iran invasion or the collapse of the European currency.
The Bilderberg group is an organization with a global agenda, including political leaders of the western world, businessmen and scientists. They have had yearly meetings since 1954. Due to the secrecy of the meetings and to the fact that they refuse to give out any press releases, the group has frequently been accused of worldwide conspiracy.

Although the founders of the Bilderberg group wanted to keep their agenda, as well as the list of their members, secret, not even this exclusive group could avoid the leakage of information. Therefore the Spanish press managed to find out some of the subjects on the agenda of the Group: a potential attack of Iran and the future collapse of the euro currency, according to Nueva Tribuna.

Most members of the Bilderberg group have not been elected in their positions through the vote of the majority nor do they belong to any organization created through an international treatise.

This powerful exclusive group has had yearly meetings since 1954, in order to promote a closer cooperation between Europe and the United States of America. The founders of the group were David Rockerfeller and the banker family Rotschild.

Strauss-Kahn, president of IMF: “The solution is to adopt a unique global currency ”

The Bilderberg group pose as saviors who can resolve the international economical crisis, offering the solution of a world government. This point of view was recently presented by the president of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a member of the Group. He declared, in Zurich, that the solution to the crisis could be the creation of a “world currency, emitted by a global central bank.”

The only question is when and how much will the European currency drop and how soon will the American dollar follow. According to David Blanchflower, a former member of the Political Committee of the Bank of England, the area of the euro will “disintegrate” as a result of the crisis and of the debts of Greece, which will propagate to other countries as well.

“The new world powers” Brasil, Russia, India, and China have not been invited

The assumption that the group wants to trigger a drop in the euro and dollar in order to impose a new global currency is supported, according to the journalists of Nueva Tribuna, by the fact that all those considered responsible for the financial crisis were invited to the previous meeting of the Bilderberg Group last year in Dublin: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker (president of the American Federal Reserve), the leader of Goldman Sachs, Peter Sutherland, etc. Most of them is also attending this year’s meeting in Sitges, in Catalunya.

Considering these premises, the source continues, the “congress of witches” in Sitges is scary. If one goes through the list of the participants, this feeling becomes even stronger. All the representatives of the so called piigs countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) are all invited but no representative of the bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China) quartet is. According to the economical analysts the “Piigs” are the main ones responsible for the financial crisis, while bric represents what certain economists of Wall Street have called the group of the future world powers.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (14)

  1. carbon12 says:

    I was hypnotized the last days by the world cup games… but i am cured! It is such a powerful drug and you cant get enough of it. No wonder that there is big trouble coming in iran and gaza and people are still watching sports. Reminds me very much of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin when Hitler was securing his dictatorship position while serving the world a very good show. Now we have the same scheme used by other people … or same with different clothes?
    Yeah, it seems that we are on the way down with the illusion that we are slightly getting better!
    The worst crisis is still to come and the big shit yet to hit the fan 😉
    And from the way things are going we will not wait for long time.
    I wonder if in the deep crisis that will come, after so many warnings and troubles, at least we will have enough people that will wake up so that the internet will start to become a guerilla network also. Or it will become an even bigger hypnosis tool that will serve to install new programs in people’s minds? I am still waiting for the explanations regarding the “revolution is not a solution” story. i got the ideas of arthur and indeed i “guessed” the same ideas but lets see what our host have to say…
    until then peace in the valley

  2. arthur says:

    Dear carbon,
    perhaps another way of approaching this question – ‘why revolution is not a solution’ is to generalize it a bit: we could say ‘violence is not a solution’ – that would be a more correct general law.
    In fact, the idea that violence is a solution is an idea created and promoted by the elites, and today it is almost completely assimilated by the people. everywhere, people believe that they are right and someone else is doing wrong for them, and even though they do not like violence they feel obliged to use it, comforting themselves that it is for the name of justice or for the protection of life. but in reality – it never works. i am not saying here that violence is immoral – i am saying that it never succeeds to achieve what we want. violence always brings more violence. even if you win, it will only determine the other side (and there is always another side) to return later and strike back, and so, the sircle of violence will never end. very important note: the ones involved in the circle of violence are never the elites. and who do you think profits? the answer is – the elites. they always set the two sides at each other, watch from the shadows and count their profits. after all – war is very profitable for some. this is why violence never brings victory or any gain to those involved in it.
    you might say – ‘but the revolution (violent) will be aimed only against the elites. so they will be a part of the fight and will not be able to benefit as they usually do, by maintaining neutrality in the conflicts’. what this statement is proposing is not possible – it is not possible to direct any kind of violence against the elites, they are like shadows. the elites are not a group of people – they are a philosophy. as long as the ground is ripe for the work of that philosophy, there will always be people ready to fill its ranks. even if a distorted mind would murder all the participants of the bilderberg group (this would be a despicable crime)- the true leadership of the elites would not be harmed and there will be no lack of people who will be ready to take the place of those murdered. there is no vacuum – many ambitious people will find this as an opportunity to promote themselves.
    the only way to directly confront the elites (and they should be confronted directly) is not physically – but through ideas.

    i would like to make a note about how the notion that ‘violence is a solution’ is promoted. this notion is a great example for how the elite create ideas which make huge effect in the world – adding to their power. these ideas are even accepted by their opponents, which is what makes them actually work for the elites.
    an example for how this idea is promoted is the movie ‘Avatar’. don’t get me wrong – i loved that movie, but there are also some questionable elements in it. the movie is done so well, and there are in it many beautiful aspects, which make us very open to accept all it has to say, including the idea of a violent solution. in the movie, there is one side which is abusively colonizing another people for profit. the colonialists also use lethal force when it is in their interest and when the natives form a resistance – the colonialists reply with massive force. any one who watches the movie will feel that here there is clearly a righteous side and a wrong side. until here all is ok. the problem is the solution that the movie brings: the natives chose to fight the colonialists with violence. the movie helps us to identify ourselves with this solution and to adopt it as our way of thinking thought he following devices: the natives are presented as having a very noble life style, in harmony with the nature, so obviously also in this they are harmonious; the natives are obviously righteous in their struggle; most importantly – this solution actually works out for the natives. but this is a manipulation of the movie – it is actually not realistic. that solution would never work (as it never works in real life – they need movies to convince us that it works). after the colonialists are defeated and leave the planet the movie ends. but what would come next? isn’t it obvious that the desire of that company for profit will persist and they will just send another expedition to the plant, so the violence will continue? this time, they would send a lager force which would bomb the natives from space, making the without protection. we can see that this solution can be made believable only in movies.
    there is anther possible solution – one which fits much better to the character of the natives as they are presented in the movie: the natives would just stand in the path of the bulldozers.blocking them with their bodies. if needed, they would let themselves killed by the bulldozers but wont use violence (any way in the war many of them die). how long will it take before the drivers of the bulldozers would stop, feeling that they can’t kill harmless natives any more? people are basically good. the violence that the native use in the movie in reaction to the colonialists is making the colonialists feel threatened and the soldiers go to war motivated not by greed but by the feeling that they are under attack and need to defend themselves. this non-violent but brave solution would have actually worked, like it did for Ghandi. But you wouldn’t see this in a high budget movie like ‘Avatar’. coincidence?
    this is one example of how the elites promote one idea which defines the way we all see life.

  3. Alice says:

    It is very interesting to read information about the new world order..It seems more and more that these subjects are becoming a part of our daily reality. They are no longer just strange conspiracy theories but concrete facts which seem to concern us all directly.
    I notice also an increase in the responsibility and involvement of people all around the world. Information travels faster and people are more open to listen.
    I am surprised that your approach of spirituality includes the lucid observation of the political and economical reality. Instead of closing your eyes in meditation you open them more widely.
    Thank you! and please share more of your vision with us.

  4. filosoful says:

    Bilderberg participants 2010 (in alphabetic order)

    (Present) Occupation
    BEL Davignon, Etienne F. Honorary Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings; Vice Chairman,
    Suez Tractebel

    DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive
    Committee, Deutsche Bank AG

    USA Alexander, Keith B. Director, National Security Agency

    GRC Alogoskoufis, George Member of Parliament

    USA Altman, Roger C. Chairman and CEO, Evercore Partners, Inc.

    GRC Arapoglou, Takis Chairman and CEO, National Bank of Greece

    TUR Babacan, Ali Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister

    GRC Bakoyannis, Dora Minister of Foreign Affairs

    NOR Baksaas, Jon Fredrik President and CEO, Telenor Group

    PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime

    FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

    ITA Bernabè, Franco CEO Telecom Italia SpA

    SWE Bildt, Carl Minister of Foreign Affairs

    SWE Björklund, Jan Minister for Education; Leader of the Lìberal Party

    CHE Blocher, Christoph Former Swiss Counselor; Former Chairman and CEO, EMS Group

    FRA Bompard, Alexandre CEO, Europe 1

    USA Boot, Max Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies, Council
    on Foreign Relations

    AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher and Editor, Der Standard

    FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA

    ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis CEO, Grupo PRISA

    BEL Coene, Luc Vice Governor, National Bank of Belgium

    USA Collins, Timothy C. Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC

    GRC David, George A. Chairman, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. (H.B.C.) S.A.

    GRC Diamantopoulou, Anna Member of Parliament

    ITA Draghi, Mario Governor, Banca d’Italia

    USA Eberstadt, Nicholas N. Henry Wendt Scholar in Political Economy, American
    Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

    DNK Eldrup, Anders President, DONG Energy A/S

    ITA Elkann, John Chairman, EXOR S.p.A.; Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.

    DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus SAS

    ESP Entrecanales, José Manuel Chairman, Acciona

    AUT Faymann, Werner Federal Chancellor

    USA Ferguson, Niall Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University

    IRL Gleeson, Dermot Chairman, AIB Group

    USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company

    NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former
    Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings

    NLD Hirsch Ballin, Ernst M.H. Minister of Justice

    USA Holbrooke, Richard C. US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan

    NLD Hommen, Jan H.M. Chairman, ING N.V.

    INT Hoop Scheffer, Jaap G. de Secretary General, NATO

    USA Johnson, James A. Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC

    USA Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC

    FIN Katainen, Jyrki Minister of Finance

    USA Keane, John M. Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired

    USA Kent, Muhtar President and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

    GBR Kerr, John Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

    DEU Klaeden, Eckart von Foreign Policy Spokesman, CDU/CSU

    USA Kleinfeld, Klaus President and CEO, Alcoa Inc.

    TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.

    DEU Koch, Roland Prime Minister of Hessen

    TUR Kohen, Sami Senior Foreign Affairs Columnist, Milliyet

    USA Kravis, Henry R. Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.

    INT Kroes, Neelie Commissioner, European Commission

    GRC Kyriacopoulos, Ulysses Chairman and Board member of subsidiary companies
    of the S&B Group

    FRA Lagarde, Christine Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment

    INT Lamy, Pascal Director General, World Trade Organization

    PRT Leite, Manuela Ferreira Leader, PSD

    ESP León Gross, Bernardino General Director of the Presidency of the Spanish

    DEU Löscher, Peter CEO, Siemens AG

    GBR Mandelson, Peter Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory

    INT Maystadt, Philippe President, European Investment Bank

    CAN McKenna, Frank Former Ambassador to the US

    GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

    FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations

    ITA Monti, Mario President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

    ESP Moratinos Cuyaubé, Miguel A. Minister of Foreign Affairs

    USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation

    CAN Munroe-Blum, Heather Principal and Vice Chancellor, McGill University

    NOR Myklebust, Egil Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA

    DEU Nass, Matthias Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

    NLD Beatrix, H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands

    ESP Nin Génova, Juan Maria President and CEO, La Caixa

    FRA Olivennes, Denis CEO and Editor in Chief, Le Nouvel Observateur

    FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc

    GBR Osborne, George Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

    FRA Oudéa, Frédéric CEO, Société Générale

    ITA Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso Former Minister of Finance; President of Notre Europe

    GRC Papahelas, Alexis Journalist, Kathimerini

    GRC Papalexopoulos, Dimitris Managing Director, Titan Cement Co. S.A.

    GRC Papathanasiou, Yannis Minister of Economy and Finance

    USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public
    Policy Research

    BEL Philippe, H.R.H. Prince

    PRT Pinho, Manuel Minister of Economy and Innovation

    INT Pisani-Ferry, Jean Director, Bruegel

    CAN Prichard, J. Robert S. President and CEO, Metrolinx

    ITA Prodi, Romano Chairman, Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation

    FIN Rajalahti, Hanna Managing Editor, Talouselämä

    CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

    NOR Reiten, Eivind President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA

    CHE Ringier, Michael Chairman, Ringier AG

    USA Rockefeller, David Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank

    USA Rubin, Barnett R. Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for
    International Cooperation, New York University

    TUR Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan Chairman, Akbank

    CAN Samarasekera, Indira V. President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Alberta

    AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische
    Kontrollbank AG

    USA Sheeran, Josette Executive Director, UN World Food Programme

    ITA Siniscalco, Domenico Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley International

    ESP Solbes, Pedro Vice-President of Spanish Government; Minister of Economy and

    ESP Sophia, H.M. the Queen of Spain

    USA Steinberg, James B. Deputy Secretary of State

    INT Stigson, Bjorn President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    GRC Stournaras, Yannis Research Director, Foundation for Economic and Industrial
    Research (IOBE)

    IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

    INT Tanaka, Nobuo Executive Director, IEA

    GBR Taylor, J. Martin Chairman, Syngenta International AG

    USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC

    DNK Thorning-Schmidt, Helle Leader ofThe Social Democratic Party

    DNK Thune Andersen, Thomas Partner and CEO, Maersk Oil

    AUT Treichl, Andreas Chairman and CEO, Erste Group Bank AG

    INT Trichet, Jean-Claude President, European Central Bank

    GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President of the Hellenic Foundation for European and
    Foreign Policy (ELlAMEP)

    TUR Ugur, Agah CEO, Borusan Holding

    FIN Vanhanen, Matti Prime Minister

    CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG

    NLD Veer, Jeroen van der Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Shell plc

    USA Volcker, Paul A. Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

    SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB

    SWE Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman, SEB

    NLD Wellink, Nout President, De Nederlandsche Bank

    NLD Wijers, Hans Chairman, AkzoNobel NV

    GBR Wolf, Martin H. Associate Editor & Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial

    USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC

    USA Wolfowitz, Paul Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public
    Policy Research

    INT Zoellick, Robert B. President, The World Bank Group

    GBR Bredow, Vendeline von Business Correspondent, The Economist (Rapporteur)

    GBR McBride, Edward Business Editor, The Economist (Rapporteur)

  5. viorel says:

    Este foarte bine ca publicati asemenea articole.
    Intr-o lume ca aceasta in care suntem manipulati, mintiti, amagiti de mass-media in proportie de peste 99% a sosit timpul ca Omenirea sa se trezeasca. Toti cei care au reusit sa iasa din transa de adormire si de amortire concertata cu mare abilitate de Francmasoneria mondiala (Bilderberg, Illuminati, ONU, Comisia Trilaterala etc) incep sa vada ca realitatea nu este cea care ne este prezentata la televizor sau in ziare. Ca sa facem o comparatie usor de inteles este ca pe vremea lui Ceausescu cand la televizor ni se dadeau doar minciuni poleite despre binefacerile “epocii de aur”. Asa este situatia la nivel mondial cu toata presa si mass-media asa-zis independenta (a se citi subjugata in proportie de 99% intereselor oculte francmasonice)care nu fac altceva decat sa ofere informatii false, trunchiate sau adaptate care sa induca iluzia unei lumi libere, “democratice” ( a se citi “in scavie”).
    Am citit toate articolele si comentariile care sunt publicate pe site-ul dvs. in aceasta directie.
    Am speranta ca multi vor avea curajul sa priveasca realitatea asa cum este si sa nu mai creada minciunile sfruntate (gogonate) din mass-media.

    Va doresc succes!

    • admin admin says:

      @ viorel
      asa cum poti sa citesti in scrisorile trimise de un lucrator al SRI, din ce in ce mai multi oameni incep sa se trezeasca si sa isi puna probleme mult mai profunde, chiar cu anumite riscuri majore. eu cred ca aceasta criza care se instaleaza implacabil in Romania si in lume este catalizatorul unor atitudini individuale care pana acum nu au fost posibile. intr-un fel sunt din ce in ce mai multi carora li s-a depasit limita rabdarii, a indurarii sau a fricii si astfel ei simt ca nu mai au nimic de pierdut. de aceea este posibil ca si sistemul sa inceapa sa impuna din ce in ce mai multa forta pentru a compensa aceste tendinte din ce in ce mai numeroase. iti dai seama ce se va produce in cazul in care inca 10 oameni importanti din structurile SRI incep sa spuna public ceea ce ei stiu si considera ca nu este corect sa fie ascuns de public? sau daca niste oameni politici care nu sunt in masonerie dar care au avut nenumarate contacte cu ei incep sa faca toti revelatii precum Antonie Iorgovan care incepuse sa dezvaluie deschis despre masonerie la televiziunea publica?
      ori acum sunt semne ca asemenea fenomene se vor inmulti exponential si vom avea parte de revelatii in serie…
      ce parere ai despre continutul celor doua scrisori la care m-am referit?

  6. viorel says:

    Atunci cand am citit prima scrisoare, pur si simplu nu am putut sa cred. Am fost reticent si m-am gandit ca poate cineva de la aceste cursuri a scris acea scrisoare. Am intors pe toate fetele scrisoarea, la fel si pe cea de a doua si am realizat ca nu putea fi scrisa decat de cineva care face parte din servicile secrete. Este pentru prima oara cand o persoana cu o pozitie asa de importanta risca sa faca publice asemenea informatii. Este cu adevarat un mare pas si am speranta ca de acum inainte si altii dintre lucratorii serviciilor secrete sau din lumea politica care stiu toate acestea, s-au saturat doar sa inghita minciuni servite cu atata nonsalanta in presa si de aceea vor face asemenea dezvaluiri. De asemeni cred ca s-au saturat si dumnealor de toata mascarada din Romania de pe urma careia profita jigodiile care vand tara pe nimic doar ca urmare a unor ordine masonice. Se pare ca a sosit vremea dezvaluirilor…
    Asa cum R.T. spune in cea de-a doua scrisoare “Ceea ce fac eu acum nu este atât un act de curaj, cât este un act de bun simţ(…) Tăcerea aproape absolută care înconjoară toate aceste cazuri se datorează unei frici teribile pentru propriul confort şi propria viaţă, frică de care eu m-am săturat (şi nu numai eu)!” din ce in ce mai multi s-au saturat de o viata traita doar in frica, cum de asemeni este si cazul acelui ofiter de politie ce a postat un comentariu de confirmare pe yogaesoteric. Cu siguranta vor mai fi si alti curajosi. Nu se mai poate asa. Tara aceasta intotdeauna a avut patrioti care au spus adevarul dincolo de toate amenintarile si marsaviile politico-masonice.
    Imi amintesc, in acest context, de Eminescu care transformase ziarul Timpul intr-o veritabila reduta prin care putea sa influenteze caderea guvernului sau sa faca sa le tremure camasa masonilor.
    Blogul dvs si Yogaesoteric vor ajunge rapid la aceasta dimensiune, chiar mai mult la nivel international. Multi se tem deja de dezvaluirile pe care le faceti.
    Vremea marilor transformari a inceput deja!

    • admin admin says:

      @ viorel
      este adevarat ca vremea transformarilor a venit insa aceste transformari trebuie sa porneasca din interior deoarece atunci cand asteptam transformarile din exterior noi devenim victimele celor care se vor folosi de asteptarile noastre pentru a ne manipula si pentru a fura revolutia pe care am pornit-o. Aceasta s-a petrecut deja cu aproape toate revolutiile din aceasta lume inclusiv asa numita revolutie romana din ’89 care a fost furata de grupurile de interese oculte astfel ca jertfele tinerilor de atunci au devenit doar niste efecte de culoare pentru cei care si-au arogat meritele acestei miscari….
      Multumesc pentru urari.

  7. viorel says:

    Din pacate asa este, au furat toate revolutiile. In ’89 ne-au mintit cu televizorul, ne-au spus ca sunt “oameni de bine”, ceea ce era doar un semnal masonic de recunoastere ca fac treaba conform planului, care asa cum se stie a fost foarte bine regizat de Sergiu Nicolaescu cu mult timp inainte.
    Iar cei care si-au dat seama de aceasta si au iesit in Piata Universitatii au fost constant blamati si prezentati ca antirevolutionari etc, iar “tatuca” Iliescu a chemat minerii sa-i potoleasca. Sute, mii de oameni morti, batuti, maltrati doar pentru ca apoi grupurile de interese oculte sa confiste libertatea si sa instaureze asa-zisa democratie masonica.
    Stim ca acest popor are virtuti, calitati speciale si tocmai de aceea nu va indura la nesfarsit mizeria si sclavia in care a fost tarat cu buna stiinta. Vorba poetului “destepta-te Romane”!

  8. DaveTruthSeeker says:

    A very insightful and moving clip;


  9. filosoful says:

    Cate ceva despre infintatarea masoneriei:

    În anul 1770, Adam Weishaupt a fost contactat de bancherul Rotschild şi însărcinat să fondeze “Ordinul secret al Iluminaţilor (Illuminati) bavarezi” în Ingolstadt. . Ordinul face parte din cadrul francmasoneriei mondiale si joaca un rol important in desfasurarea evenimentelor in intreaga lume. Adevărata ideologie a Iluminaţilor lui Weishaupt a ieşit la iveală când s-a publicat “Testamentul Diabolic (satanic)”, cunoscut în urma unui incident. O largă publicitate a căpătat acest document în anul 1785, când un curier al Iluminaţilor călărind din Frankfurt spre Paris, a fost lovit de un trăsnet (are Dumnezeu planurile lui) şi poliţia a găsit asupra lui tolba cu documentele compromiţătoare. Pe 11 octombrie 1785, principele bavarez a ordonat o percheziţie la domiciliul lui Zwack, asistentul lui Weishaupt. S-au găsit multe documente, precum şi planul Iluminaţilor bavarezi cu privire la răsturnarea monarhiilor şi instaurarea “Noii Ordini Mondiale”.
    În ‘’ Testamentul Diabolic (satanic)” se afirma:
    ‘’Primul secret privind felul în care se poate manipula societatea este supremaţia asupra opiniei publice. Prin aceasta, se poate semăna între oameni atâta sciziune, îndoială şi păreri contradictorii, încât ei nu se mai pot descurca în zăpăceala colectivă şi sunt convinşi că nu pot avea o părere personală.
    Trebuie dezvăluite pasiuni în rândul maselor şi răspândite scrieri murdare şi lipsite de spiritualitate. Menirea presei este să dovedească neputinţa neiluminaţilor (cei are nu fac parte sin masonerie) în domeniul treburilor publice şi în cel religios.
    Al doilea secret este de a pune în mişcare toate slăbiciunile şi defectele omeneşti, patimile, greşelile, până ce oamenii nu se mai pot înţelege între ei.
    Trebuie combătută tăria personalităţii; nimic nu este mai periculos pentru noi ca aceasta. Dacă această calitate este dublată de putere spirituală creativă, atunci ne poate dăuna mai mult decât milioane de oameni la un loc (mare atentie!!!).
    Prin invidie, ură, discordie şi război, prin foamete, lipsuri şi molime, toate popoarele vor fi atât de slăbite, încât nu vor şti cum să iasă din impas, decât dacă se supun voinţei noastre, a Iluminaţilor. Un stat care este epuizat de prefaceri sau conflicte interne va fi, în orice caz, o pradă uşoară pentru noi. Vom obişnui popoarele să ia aparenţele drept adevăruri, să fie mulţumite cu superficialităţi, să alerge numai după plăceri, să se epuizeze căutând mereu ceva nou, pentru ca în sfârşit să asculte de noi, Iluminaţii. Iar noi vom răsplăti masele cu venituri adecvate pentru supunerea lor. Prin degradarea morală a societăţii, oamenii vor pierde credinţa în Dumnezeu. Prelucrate prin scrieri şi comunicări directe, discursuri, discuţii, masele vor fi educate în spiritul nostru, al Iluminaţilor.
    Prin şarlatanii şi vorbe goale, oamenii trebuie distraşi pentru ca să nu poată gândi cu mintea lor proprie. Oratorii politici instruiţi de Iluminaţi trebuie să bată atâta monedă pe conceptele de libertate şi democraţie, încât oamenii să fie dezgustaţi de discursuri, de orice nuanţă politică ar fi ele. Însă ideologia Iluminaţilor trebuie să le fie inoculată necontenit. Masele sunt oarbe, nesocotite şi lipsite de critică, deoarece nu au ce căuta în treburile statului. Ele trebuie stăpânite făcându-li-se dreptatea cuvenită, dar extrem de sever şi cu brutalitate. ”

    Iata ca ceea ce se petrece la ora actula in lume a fost planuit cu cateva sute de ani inainte…

  10. filosoful says:

    Continui cu alte aspecte din Testamentul diabolic (satanic) redactat de Adam Weishaupt, care scot la iveala adevarata ideologie a masonilor:

    “Dominaţia mondială se obţine numai pe căi ocolite, prin subminarea selectivă a libertăţilor electoratului prin legi, prin ordine, prin presă, prin educaţie şi metode de învăţământ, prin stricta ţinere în secret a tuturor activităţilor noastre. Guvernele trebuie hărţuite până când, de dragul liniştii, vor fi dispuse să cedeze puterea. Vom aţâţa în Europa contradicţii individuale şi naţionale, rasiale şi religioase, astfel încât statele să nu mai găsească punţi de înţelegere între ele. Nici un stat creştin nu va căpăta sprijin adevărat din partea noastră, a Iluminaţilor. Fiecare resort în stat să aibă o funcţie importantă şi bine definită, astfel ca prin provocarea de perturbări într-un resort, să poată fi stagnat întregul sistem statal.
    Preşedinţii de stat vor fi aleşi de noi, din rândul celor ce ne dau ascultare (Atentie: asa este la ora actual in intreaga lume!!!). Fiecare dintre ei trebuie să aibă câte un punct negru, vulnerabil în trecut, pentru ca să putem exercita presiuni asupra lor, spre a putea da legilor sensul dorit de noi şi pentru a putea modifica inclusiv constituţiile. Dându-i preşedintelui drepturi depline, ca şi dreptul de a declara război, vom căpăta influenţă asupra armatei.
    Pe aceia din guvern care nu au fost recrutaţi dintre noi, îi vom invita politicos să primească alte însărcinări, misiuni onorifice, spre a-i îndepărta de la treburile statului (sau ii vor asasina asa cum au facut recent cu presedintele si guvernul Poloniei care nu dadeau ascultare ordinlor masonice si puneau mai presus interesele nationale!!!). Vom corupe înalţii funcţionari ca să sporească datoriile externe ale statului, spre a deveni sclavii datornici ai băncilor noastre. Vom provoca crize economice prin speculaţii de bursă, pentru a distruge puterea monedei. Moneda trebuie să fie atotstăpânitoare în industrie şi comerţ. Societatea spre care tindem să fie alcătuită, în afară de noi, dintr-o mână de milionari ce depind de noi, din poliţie şi soldaţi, iar în rest din cetăţeni lipsiţi de avere. Prin introducerea dreptului de vot general şi individual, vom instaura supremaţia absolută a maselor. Prin propagarea dreptului de a dispune de sine însuşi a fiecărui individ, vom diminua importanţa familiei şi valoarea ei educativă. Printr-o educaţie bazată pe principii false, ideologii mincinoase, vom face ca tineretul să fie indus în eroare, uşor de condus şi depravat.
    Întemeierea cât mai multor organizaţii cu nume diferite, ademenirea cât mai multora în loji publice, au ca scop să le arunce la cât mai mulţi nisip în ochi.
    Prin toate toate metodele expuse, naţiunile vor fi silite să cedeze Iluminaţilor dominaţia lumii.
    Noul guvern mondial (de ex. ONU), va trebui să apară ca patronul şi binefăcătorul popoarelor. Dacă un popor se opune, trebuie mobilizaţi vecinii şi instigaţi la o acţiune armată (cum s-a facut in cazul Iugoslaviei, Irakului).’’

    Sunt asa de evidente toate acestea pe plan mondial la ora actuala, incat doar cei manipulati de mass-media nu le pot vedea.

  11. filosoful says:

    Am gasit o carte mai veche a reverendului Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875), al doilea Presedinte al Colegiului Oberlin din SUA, care a facut parte din francmasonerie 8 ani de zile. A părăsit în 1821 francmasoneria şi s-a convertit la creştinism, devenind ulterior un predicator cunoscut. El a publicat in anul 1869 cartea numita “ Caracterul, afirmatiile si practicicile Francmasoneriei” (“The caracter, claims, and practical workings of Freemasonry”) in cadrul careia dezvaluie experienta sa de mason.

    Referitor la secretul masonic, in paginile acestei carti, Charles Finney afirma :
    „Legat de aceste legăminte sau jurăminte făcute la intrarea mea în masonerie, pot spune că am fost înşelat în privinţa lor, deoarece mi s-a creat convingerea că urmează să mi se comunice secrete foarte importante. Judecând după nenumărate dovezi disponibile, putem spune fără teama de a greşi în vreun fel, că francmasoneria este o instituţie ne-creştină şi anti-creştină. Moralitatea şi jurămintele impuse de masonerie sunt ne-creştine şi chiar satanice. Jurămintele masonice cer cele mai satanice lucruri cu putinţă:
    1.Să ascunzi crimele înfăptuite de ceilalţi fraţi masoni;
    2.Să-ţi scapi fratele mason din orice dificultate, indiferent de motivele, care pot fi justificate, pentru care a ajuns în aceea situaţie;
    3.Să favorizezi pe fraţii masoni în acţiunile politice şi în afaceri;
    4.Masonii jură să se răzbune şi să persecute până la moarte pe cei care încalcă obligaţiile masonice;
    5.Masoneria nu cunoaşte mila şi compasiunea şi obligă pe membrii săi să jure că vor răzbuna violările obligaţiilor masonice;
    6.Jurămintele masonice sunt profane, luând numele Domnului în van;
    7.Pedepsele pentru cei care încalcă aceste jurăminte sunt barbare, chiar sălbatice;
    8.Învăţăturile masonice sunt false şi profane;
    9.Ceremoniile masonice sunt un amestec de pueril şi satanic;
    10.Masoneria este o mare escrocherie, cerând bani de la membrii săi sub pretexte false;
    11.Masoneria refuză orice examinare obiectivă a sa şi se acoperă cu un văl dens sub pretextul păstrării secretului;
    12.Masoneria este o conspiraţie contra Statului şi Bisericii.”

  12. Jean says:

    Good called ”New World Disorder”.. It points out that the so called, Orwellian “New World Order” being touted by the global elite, the Bilderberg Mafia, is nothing but the old world feudalistic order repackaged in modern attire.

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