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Even if the spiritual path takes one high above daily activities and problems, it is sometimes not enough just to remain there. We have to come back again and again to the unsolved issues and expose the facts, so that lies and manipulations will not build a wall around those who are only interested in the spiritual evolution. This is the case with the MISA yoga school, regarding the attempts of the authorities in Romania to interfere with its existence. Similarly it is the same situation with the abusive trials (built on false evidence and the manipulation of the judicial system) against my spiritual guide Gregorian Bivolaru.

In the past few years a series of events related to our yoga school shook public opinion in Romania (and in other countries), revealing the violent actions of the authorities towards innocent yoga practitioners. The files and pictures from these aberrant actions were on the desk of several officials from Brussels and Strasbourg and many voices were raised to question these actions. To all these the Romanian authorities answered with their already well known arrogance, either denying the obvious or giving some lame explanations that were only proving their incapacity (or ill will) to solve this situation they had created.

Our requests to bring attention to the M.I.S.A case in international forums such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) were met with great interest, as a result of this, recommendations were given to Romania. The answers that came from the Romanian authorities were again poor in content and even in formulation (don’t they have anyone to formulate their excuses? At least to wrap nicely their stupid excuses).

Being under the watch of international organizations for defending human rights, the M.I.S.A case was also presented in different moments by SOTERIA INTERNATIONAL to OSCE annual meetings.

Today, six years since the beginning of the violence and after many more years of public harassment against the M.I.S.A yoga school there is still no answer to the questions raised by politicians, officials from EU commission or citizens. Meanwhile the public attacks against the yoga school continue and become even more diverse despite the information that were being leaked from the structures who are carrying out this plan. Some of these attacks were carried abroad; in 2009 a weird campaign began against NATHA in Denmark (which is a sister school of M.I.S.A in Romania). I was personally attacked several times in the Danish media, for this being used methods that were identical with the ones used in Romania. I exposed all these schemes in a public lecture that now enjoys the highest rate of viewers on this blog. You can see it here.

Recently I published a reply to an article that was published in my name on the internet (read this article here). Since this blog started to be visited by a large number of people I will continue to publish a series of articles that reveal the connections between the actions that were done against M.I.S.A yoga school in 2004 (the famous “Christ” operation) and the structures of power in Romania (and not only…)

To start with, here is an excellent documentary that sheds light on the events and paints a picture that is closer to reality and to common sense. I recommend it to anyone who has the sincere aspiration to find the truth and want to build a balanced opinion.

The immense amount of lies and slanderous accusations that were published in the past years make this article and video highly necessary and therefore I invite all of you who feel this is right to share these articles with friends because this is what you can do to actively help the truth come out. Do not underestimate the immense power of networking. As we are not given access to the media to tell our side of the story, it is thus only fair to spread this truth from heart to heart and thus to counterbalance this manipulative and unfair campaign. By letting these things be lost in oblivion we silently participate in the manipulative and illegal actions done by the prosecutors. And whilst writing this article, the trials against my spiritual guide Grieg are pushed toward a forced end, using fabricated evidence and manipulation of the witnesses. Read and share the information from Gregorian Bivolaru’s site.

Thank you for your participation and support.

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Comments (2)

  1. carbon12 says:

    Man, this is hard stuff indeed. A little long (the movie ;))for my taste but well made. I didn’t know that the situation is so twisted in this Misa case. I read some of your posts here but didn’t get this flavour yet. Your intro for the movie is very good for it’s getting your attention.
    I’ll take a look to Gregorian’s site to see more of this. You shoould make a special section where people can get these info.
    Congratulations anyway for the vertical attitude. This is what i like on your blog. Why don’t you write more often? I can see that people are commenting less when you’re not here (i mean writing new stuff on the blog). I personally recomend your blog to all my friends and it will be great to have more from you.
    As for the article that was published on your name, they must be stupid to believe you will not react. But i must admit i don’t agree with your point on this article being so bad. It shows quite clear the points that you are also showing here on the blog so… what’s the problem with this? DOn’t get me wrong, i find it weird they are publishing something in your behalf but maybe it comes from a friend? Or from a lunatic that want to make a joke 😉
    Peace in the valey

    • admin admin says:

      @ carbon 12
      the movie is reflecting the complex structure of MISA case and this is the reason why it is longer than a simple videoclip. For the one that want to understand the reality in this labirinth of lies and manipulations that were created by the authorities arount this case this movie is better than hundreads of pages of text.
      Regarding the fake article and its apparent authenticity, you can see that the plan of this campaign against the yoga school is becoming clearer. in this plan, such “jokes” are a simple part. If it was just this article then i would have not reacted but this is just a small part of a immense effort. You can read here some amazing confirmations that just came out from an insider. With such an effort they were doing for creating the campaign, the fake article comes with another importance than just an innocent joke. It is another move in a carefully designed plan.
      As for the Iceladic volcano, nature is connected with all of us and nothing goes by coincidence. I was also supposed to come from Israel to Denmark and instead i arrived to Sofia and by car to Bucharest ;). This situation was a very good proof to show us that there are forces in this universe that are bigger than our power to control and the only way we can deal with this is to givce up the idea that happiness comes only if we control everything. This imply another attitude in life, being more open and attentive than we usually are. Then nature (including the inner nature too) will become our good friend and powerful ally. Tantra is a body of teachings that allow one to learn this way in life and then… the volcano is erupting in the right moment.

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