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On 16th of August 2009 from 18.30 in ANANDA hall in NATHA YOGA CENTER the lecture:

WHO IS “JESPER”? The facts behind the ridiculous group of “enemies ” of NATHA and the anatomy of a media lynching!”

The lecture was a success, a lot of people attended in NATHA. There were people from Denmark and Sweden. In an atmosphere that was very positive, the lecture was taking all the points of the press campaign and until the end we were able to disclose many of its mechanisms and even who is behind the “smoke screen”. From the feedback I got after the lecture, even those that were familiar with this topic have some surprises during the presentation.

“JESPER” was finally disclosed! For those of you that are curious to see the lecture, we have a good recording.

The recording has been separated into parts, and will be published in installments.

PART ONE: contains



A: KIM SCHMOCK. (In this part  Kim Schmock is introduced and we can see the real character of the schmuck.)

[media id=13 width=500 height=400]

PART TWO: contains


B: Celia Clausen “Carlsen”. The second part continues with the second chapter: here we introduce Celia Clausen “Carlsen” and we see the amazing TRUTH that is behind the “drama queen” she plays in front of the media. This part is not for those with a “sensible” heart … it contains blunt disclosure of some “sentimental blackmail” and reveals that inside “Barbie-doll” (Celia) was hiding “THE HULK”.

[media id=10 width=500 height=400]

PART THREE: contains


C: Karsten  Fischer alias JESPER!

D: ‘The Dialogue Center’

[media id=11 width=500 height=400]

PART FOUR: contains


[media id=12 width=500 height=400]

PART FIVE : contains

CHAPTER 4:THE BIGGER PICTURE THAT WILL ALLOW THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE REASONS AND CONNECTIONS BEHIND THE MEDIA CAMPAIGN IN THE NEWSPAPERS.  (This part is based on facts and some personal experiences that will be for the first time publicly disclosed.)

A. The Romanian Story

B. The Danish Link


[media id=14 width=500 height=400]

Thank you all for participation and support in this situation.


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Comments (25)

  1. Lars says:

    I am looking forward to this lecture. Isn’t it that all these events that are happening now, are taking place not only on the outside but also inside each of us – the outside events being a reflection of inner issues that we have. In this way, by understanding the mechanisms of the external events, we can understand better our inner mechanisms and this will help us to pass with greater success our inner tests. Isn’t it also that these events that are taking place are also making it that our own inner challenges and limitations are being brought to the surface for us to deal with. I have the feeling that this test of the school is also a personal test for each of us, pollarising us very well, pollarising our options in our lives, making us take decisions that we didn’t want to make until now. I feel this powerfully in my life. And I am looking forward with anticipation to understand these aspects much better, to help me understand better the world, and my own tests on my path of evolution. is there any body else here who has a similar experience? or maybe another perspective on this?

  2. Kristine says:

    Dear Lars

    Yes I also look forward for this lecture – in fact I can’t wait.
    I find it really scary that persons, who seemed so settled on the spiritual path suddenly turns against it.
    I think we need much attention upon our inner life to pass all the tests and not fall in the same pits like they did.
    love and hope

  3. Lars says:

    Thank you, kristine, I share the same feelings.
    I also can’t wait (but I will, if I have too) to understand some things, so I am putting this question for Mihai:
    How can we protect ourselves form falling in this kind of spiritual tests? What should I work on and develop so as to assure my successful passing of such a test?
    With love, Lars.

  4. admin admin says:

    take care about the way you put the problem. protecting yourself from the spiritual tests is like a child that is planning to cheat the school in order to avoid the exams.
    also you cannot work especially to be sure that you pass the test because the test is testing what you have learned in the class. therefore the only thing you can do in order to be “be sure” that you pass the tests is to be very attentive in the class(here the class is life itself) and to do your homework. when you do this you will have success in the test. any other trick will sooner or later lead to a failed test.
    the idea of being sure is also one of our ego’s tricks. only the ego want to be sure and need some insurance because he (the ego) is the one changing!
    when we live our life we cannot be sure of anything except on the REALITY. as long as we are still trapped in the labyrinth of illusions we cannot be sure and this is the reason the ego exert such fascination upon us: the ego claim to give us some certainty. therefore every time we want to be sure on something we have to look first upon who is the one that is asking for this? we will discover that the one asking to be sure is the shadow, is the one that will change immediately afterward and all that was sure before become meaningless. then the ego (the one that changed) will hide this projecting it on outside: “the world changed and i am the same! you cannot be sure of anything in this world… except of me” (suggest the ego)
    didn’t you see people that are sure about something and soon after they change their perspective and everything changed? in reality the external situation didn’t change, it was only their viewpoint that changed. in these conditions, how can we ask for something sure since the biggest factor of change is inside, we are the ones apparently changing. first we have to find the one that is unchanged and always the same, the one that is constantly observing all these changes and acknowledge them one by one with infinite patience, THE WITNESS. then we can experience what is to be SURE of something…

  5. Lars says:

    thank you for the answer. Yes, it makes sense what you say. This wanting to be sure about the future is running away from the present, the wanting to avoid the test (which isn’t happening now) is running away from the experience – characteristics of the ego. It also seems that your answer is describing very much the ”ex-members” – all 3 of them were very sure about the school, until one day they changed the perspective and became very sure against the school. makes one wander.
    So, considering these things that you said, is the answer connected to an attitude of letting ourselves experience life directly, fully, intensely and in the same time fully lucid and aware?
    With love, Lars.

  6. Lars says:

    P.S. perhaps you can give some positive examples of people who have had the right attitude and have past such tests when they came – what was their attitude and how it manifested in their lives? Perhaps even something from your own experience?
    With love, Lars.

  7. Kristine says:

    it is wonderful with this discussion about passin a spiritual test. Yes I see the important point in knowing “who” is the one having this experience. this also makes it possible to recognize that there is a test.
    I was looking back a bit on the waves in my own spiritual trip and I can see that the tests worse together with a stronger ego meaning when I was more focused on MY needs, MY feelings, MY right etc and less focused upon empatically understanding the others or the situation in a more general manner.
    it seems to me to be also a great help to always take in consideration this: if I have a problem, the other one might be the one who is right.
    If I have a pain it is not because something that I need from the others or something the others did wrong to me: it is because I understood the situation from the ego, or ONLY from my limited point of view.
    I experienced this transit from ego to understanding the other many times and I can tell that it is such a relieve which can bring one from deep pain to happiness in the split of a second.
    Actually I think that we learn a lot of “attitudes” which each of them can save us so that we will pass the test.
    keeping yama and niyama, the occult law of offering, unconditional love, empathy, applying consiously the law of ressonance (meaning analysing ones own ressonance lucidly and then change the focus to what we want to be) – just to mention the first things that comes to my mind.
    I think all spiritual traditions have this kind of “saving” attitudes, which also is expressed through the prayer of Skt Fransis of Assisi:
    “where there is darkness – let me bring light
    where there is strive – let me bring peace
    and the prayer to be helped to give understanding instead of needing to be understood, to give love instead of needing to be loved etc.
    love Kristine

  8. Lars says:

    Thank you kristine, for your personal example. I see that i have a lot to learn form you on this respect. It would be so wonderful if more people could write here and share their own experiences and their advices from those experiences, about the right attitudes that help us transform and pass the test that evolution brings with it.like this, we could all learn from each other, as they say: ”the wise learns from the other’s mistakes”. I know that this will help me alot.
    Mihai, can you recommend a material about such attitudes that help the transformation in this way?
    With love, Lars.

  9. admin admin says:

    from what you say the most important condition is fulfilled: you are wise! the only problem seems to be to have other people’s mistakes to learn from 🙂
    the right attitudes are the attitudes that are correct for the situation in which you are. you cannot say that a firm attitude is always the solution as well as a soft attitude will not be a solution in all the situations. it seems that you are “contaminated” with this “collective irresponsibility” that many aspirants feel tempted to when it comes to spiritual learning in a group. you can share experiences but all that you learn is what fit your personal experience. after all, wisdom is the first condition for learning from other’s mistakes and that is obtained with spiritual practice and not from other’s experiences.
    an idea that can very much help in this transformation will be: your evolution is an individual matter. we can evolve together in the extent we are individually responsible for our evolution. i this respect the first step is to learn from our own mistakes. therefore it is a good idea to analyze your life and ask yourself: “what did i learn recently from the events in my life?”. and by learning here i mean something you understood and after that you were acting accordingly. if there are very few or none of these elements of learning in the last period of time, then it is time to look into the way you are paying attention to what is happening with your life. you are not living and then you don’t really want to evolve, maybe to talk about it. if you see that there are a lot of aspects you have learned from your life recently (in the manner i have explained before) than you are ready to learn even from others and it will happen almost spontaneously.

    @ kristine
    these “saving” attitudes are the principles expressed in a practical action that are keeping us on the path of the “right” ways. it is difficult to define the “right path” in absence of the understanding of the universal principles but in different traditions these principles were “encrypted” in specific attitudes that, once we learn them, we are already following that principle … at least for a while. if we don’t understand the principle that is behind that attitude we will risk breaking another principle and them we will need to learn more.
    for example: one is learning that it is of most importance to fight for the truth. and he is telling the truth no mater the risk. one day he is in the situation to hear that his mother was making a compromise long time ago and now he will be publicly ashamed if this is coming out. but he is ready to take the risk and to tell the truth loud and clear. but in so doing he will hurt his mother very much and he will not gain anything more and nobody will gain anything. if he will apply the truth principle, he will, in this particular situation, break the love principle… and he has to learn more… this is the beauty of these “saving” attitudes(as you call them) that we learn: they lead us from one to the other in this gradual process of evolution so that in the end we have learned the WHOLE.
    thank you for sharing the experience and helping Lars to use his wisdom for learning 😉

  10. Kristine says:

    I am happy to share and in fact I remember something more now concerning what Lars speaks about.
    I remember years ago I was very eager to kind of “collect” ways to protect myself from falling and to ensure to pass a test.
    When I passed (when finally I managed and was very happy about it) a test, then I carefully made it clear to myself: “how did it come through, how did it happen, what was the trick”, because I thought that then I could use the same way also next time I went through a hardship or a test. But after having done this very many times I must say that it did not work. What was useful one time could not just be applied again the next time, it did’nt work and I had to solve it in a different way every time!
    in a way I find this much more wonderful because it gives the feeling of being alive and in a constant flow.
    it is really not possible to pass tests repeating the same solutions to ever new problems like a robot – life and attention and soulfullness is needed in order to find a new solution every time – great!
    so thank you Mihai for crystallizing how the gradual proces of evolution takes place

  11. Lars says:

    Yes, I see my mistake. Indeed, this is showing me that the problem is in my perspective, coming out of some kind of ”spiritual laziness” – looking for a magical solution, after which evolution and life itself will be kind of on auto-pilot. I can see that now, but I still have to transform it, continuously.
    Thank you, Mihai and Kristine, for pointing out these things so clearly.

  12. kristine says:

    Dear Mihai

    After reading on the blog about this new very bad event by Kim attacking the peaceful recidents of Bhoga I hope that you will also speak about that on 16th of august?
    There must be some kind of connection between the JP articles and this attack, does Kim have a plan?
    Is Karsten and Celia involved in this attack – did they know about it?
    will it be posted a complete story for us who have not been there to know it from first hand experience?

    I am very soory for you Martin that you had to be beaten so badly, are you feeling better now?

    I feel lots of compassion for this whole situation and for all the people involved in it
    may the universe help to solve this situation in a harmonious and loving way

  13. Cat says:

    The idea of puting the video recording on the blog is very good, so we can all see what it’s about. I want to see the oter parts of the lecture, if is possible, please. I am impressed by your intelligence – everyone will see clear the events after seeing it! They should put it on television actually 🙂

  14. Simona says:

    Dear Lars,
    because you ask for some advices or sugestions about how to pass a spiritual test I have here some ideas, at least what is helping me lately.
    Be aware that everything comes from God and don’t blame x or y for the situation you are into. It happened to me many times to make some statements and then short time after to find myself in situations in which I had to prove I am at that level. I think that in order to realise that you have a test and to pass it you need to be very honest with yourself, humble and inteligent, so you make the connections and understand why it came to you this test, why in this moment and so on.
    Another thing is to not put labels, *good* or *bad* to the experience you have. Mihai have explained ones in a lecture that *yes* and *not* are the ego’s choices and that actually we always have the third option which is *the one with question mark* which means that we don’t know yet but we should be open and patient to see the will of God.
    I try to see my life as a game between me and God and every morning I wake up with a smile on my face asking God *what did YOU prepare for me today?* Such attitude helps me to escape the unnecesary seriosity which characterize many spiritual practitioners and to have an optimistic view upon the day which is unfolding.
    And one more suggestion I have. When you are shaken, hited by life do something,be active, avoid to feel you are a victim. I did it so many times and I was praying to angels, to my master, to Tara to have mercy on me. I don’t say is not good to pray but in such situations instead to be receptive and feel weak is better to be dynamic, emisiv. I personally make a lot of nauli or any other dynamic practice every time when I am in a crize…and it’s working…I keep better the lucidity and a detached attitude.
    Hope you will find even more inspirations here.

  15. Cat says:

    Dear Simona,
    I find a lot of inspiration in what you write here, and I want to thank you – especially for the nauli thing 🙂 You are right, it works everytime. I want to point also that, usually, when one is into a spiritual test, he is not aware about that. Maybe sometimes he feels something like a “fog” on his eyes – but this is already a grace, because most of the time he believes that he is right. He might feel allrigt, and don’t understand why everybody look at him trustless. It is a grace to suffer, because the suffering indicates that there is a problem to be solved. That’s why I think pray helps. We sould pray everytime – just in case, to be sure that God have us “in Hes eyes”. I realised that pray gives results, even when I don’t feel so much. I pray for some things to God, and allways He replied to me – but not allways in the way I espected. Now I have an idea: what if we ask ourselves everyday how far or close we feel God? When we feel a divine Presence, we are on the good way, I think. What can we do to feel that way? A lot of things, but most of all, to search this divine Presence in everithing we do. The consacration helps alot. And all other things you said and we know.
    Thank you again,

  16. Cat says:

    The lecture becomes more and more interesting, with every part. It is so good that this blog exists, in this manner everybody can see clear what happening. It’s enough one of the journalists to be “offended” by what you said here and mention it into a newspaper, and then, every people that is really interested in this case, will go here, will see the lecture and will understand more. I can’t wait to see the rest of it, because I have the feeling that you didn’t say the big thing yet.

    Also, the fact that it is possible to exist such a big campaign against this yoga school doesn’t show anything else that there is a big fright among those who have the power of media – we know who they are. Why do they do that? What they expect? Because, for the intelligent people who understand what happening in reality, they only show the truth more evident. For the masses that are not interested, these will pass with insignificant traces, and for those who want to find out more, there are sources – like this blog, for example.

  17. Kris says:

    Dear Mihai,
    It is good what you say in this lecture. It’s too bad that the audio is so poor in part one. I see from the other’s responses how much the lecture is appreciated and it certainly gives me a chance to look at the spiritual life from some other angles. It’s not all rainbows, open love and high states, we have to pay attention at every moment, otherwise before we know it we can end up on the completely wrong track. It makes me think how the new age movement is so dangerous because it keeps people under an illusion about what the spiritual life is all about. In fact the more I think about it the more I see the spiritual life is like walking a tightrope. It’s an extremely fine line between the path and the abyss which falls away on either side of us and by our inattentiveness we could fall into the abyss in any moment. And actually what I see now is that sometimes we don’t even realise this! We can be falling like the people you speak about in this lecture but actually be thinking that we are still on the tightrope and walking the walk very well.


  18. admin admin says:

    @ cat
    the lecture will become more interesting now when it come the disclosure of all the tricks and manipulation methods that were consciously used by the media. your questions will find some answers in the next parts. anyway there are more and more people that are awakening and reading with great interest such information that are published here. the internet traffic on this blog is in constant rise since one year and continues even if it was holiday. that tells a lot also about the real impact the newspapers have now: they are loosing their credibility more and more and every attempt they are making to regain this credibility is making them look more like idiots than like reliable sources.
    and from my information the media campaign in denmark will resume with new articles that the same people are planning now… so the story become even more interesting.

    @ kris
    this was also the reason why i was making the lecture: to give some new perspectives to the ones that think that such things cannot happen to them. and also i was giving a spiritual feedback to the ones that already made such mistakes to that they have a chance to see their difficult situation and eventually get out of it. i know it is a little chance but still disclosure is one of the action the “dark” forces cannot stand.
    keep watching the next parts of the lecture (coming soon here) and you will also see a larger picture, giving you the chance to realize when you need to be more attentive…

  19. Questions says:

    Hello Mihai!!

    GREAT LECTURE, it is getting better and better!! As the picture unfolds it is easy to see the ‘witnesses’ are pawns in the game..

    But I have a question for you – You do not spare the egos of the so called ‘witnesses’ and you say in Part one that you do not attack the characters that it is the karma the ’cause and reaction’ for what they started. But i would feel quite attacked if i was one of those guys having my personal life (and deep secrets) broadcast to the world. How does it help them?


  20. admin admin says:

    @ Questions
    if you like the lecture maybe it would be good to watch it carefully :). i was explaining in the same part 1 the fact that the choice these people made expose them to the risk to be exposed. for sure it was their choice to hide and attack their friends and participate to the lies that were said about NATHA. we were not even being asked to participate to the debates or to give a reply to the lies. on the other hand only those that have dirty secrets will suffer from being exposed.
    therefore these people (the so called “witness”) can thank us because exposing them we gave them the chance to be “innocent” again, to have the possibility to get out of this situation they choose to place themselves into. also they can get out from the bigger picture their ego got them into with all the consequences. now it is their choice again to realize the real dimension of the misery they are into and to stop it now that they are exposed. but we will see if they will take the chance or they will continue to feed the newspapers with the lies they are expected to provide in exchange for some “advantages” that sooner or later will be exposed…
    you ask how we helped them. the answer is that we were giving them the chance to be honest again. their next move can be to stay honest (with their ego a little hurt) or they will lie again and loose again the gift of honesty we gave them. i hope this answer is clear enough. in the last part of the lecture there will be more explanations. keep watching…

  21. Cat says:

    Dear Mihai,

    Thanks for your answer, and for the next part of the lecture. I’m impressed how deep you prepared it. We should all know what the mechanisms of manipulation are and be aware about the consequences. On the other hand, the fact they exist reveals that this is the level of our society. If people would be wise enough, this techniques wouldn’t be possible to apply. As you said, those articles have a very low level – because the target that’s addressed is like that. Indeed, people are so manipulated now, that there are very small chances to recognize the truth. I think we have to be more and more awake, and help other people awake also, so we became so many that we touch a “critical level” that makes everybody wake up. Now I understand why are we so dangerous for those who like to keep people in ignorance 

  22. admin admin says:

    @ cat
    Dear cat, until the part four the lecture was just collecting the facts in a coherent order, but in part five (soon to come) it will all become a bigger picture. There will be also some facts (in part five) that will be surprising for some people but all that it was presented there was just the truth … incredible as it was meant to be by the ones that were making it happen.
    And thank you for your contribution to the debate here. To people like you this blog is owing its permanently increasing internet traffic. In this way you are spreading all these information to many others. This is another way of being alive and active!

  23. Cat says:

    What you say here, in the part five, is amazing. Have you ever think to make a movie with all the facts you know? (I’m sure there are much more that you said in this presentation). With all the witnesses (if they will have the courage to confess). Of course, that will not assure you will have a peaceful life… (not that you have one now 🙂 )
    It seems they have a plan with everything, and – more or less – they get there. They have enough power in this world to do it. But there is hope, since they are so disturbed about people who search for real spirituality. The more vehement are the media campaigns, the more they show there are in a fright. I’m not sure they can be as much certain that the events will turn in the way that they predict, as two decades away. For example, there are people who knew that in Romania will be a revolution, that Iliescu will be the next president – before all the events. Now, I don’t think they can predict so well anymore…

    And I have another observation too. In all the history, every crisis makes people to be shocked and searching for more information and understanding. Usually they don’t know what to do – and let’s be sincere: how many of us really understand what is happening and what really to do? So the necessity of a new good leader becomes clear. I think this is the real reason why are they in such a fright about us. Not that everyone will find out the truth – because the most of the people don’t know what to do with it. But the fact that the power will be taken by another leader which is more powerful that they can imagine… this is hard for them, I guess. Now all the persecutions against Grieg make sense. There are not manipulation methods against such a human being. This is a very motivating thought for us, and a very disturbing one for them.

    • admin admin says:

      yes i was thinking to make a movie and maybe one day this will also take place. It is indeed always like this that after a crisis people are waking up a little more and this is the reason why the crisis in the modern world are carefully dealt with so that no such leap on another level of consciousness will “accidentally” result. The solution that was found was to create the crisis as a system to release the social tensions and in this way to control the whole phenomenon. The good part is that these power-thirsty freaks are not controlling everything for they are not enough united and they are aiming to so high. For this reason there is always a chance that they will loose the control of the situation and then … its rolling. Indeed the root of the problem is still the spiritual level of the people and this is where we are “dangerous” because of he efficiency of the yoga and tantra system for awakening the human consciousness. We can see that after so many calumnies and media attacks against the yoga school, more and more people are starting to practice yoga and join the courses. This is giving a strong signal to the power-people that their methods (that were efficient until now) are starting to be out of date. I know that among them (the power-people) there are some of the young ones that started to have the intuition that their “race” is out of date and their time started to expire because humanity is simply ending a certain period of childhood and starts to grow up.
      Stay tuned because these days i will publish a study about the “swine flu” and the big scam behind it.

  24. thelowestbidauction says:

    You are right I think most people tend to share that same outlook.

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