Ideological Bomb – The New Mass Destruction Weapon

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The ideological bomb was launched in the heart of a big world religion, destroying more than ever before. If up until now we knew the killing effects of atomic bombs, now in the terrorism age, we have assisted the appearance of a new form of weapon: the ideological bomb. For this to be efficient, it is first of all used by terrorists who throw a doctrine out in the air – in other words, a fortress of human values, from the inside.

Here is how this weapon appeared, terrible both through its effects as well as through the fact that most of the time it cannot be detected unless by those who are very well prepared from the spiritual point of view – which reduces drastically their number. This weapon is the one that was launched at the beginning of the year 2002 by the United States Department of Defense and it represents the greatest attack ever launched against the Christian world.

When the Christian countries (led by the United States) launched the doctrine of “Preemptive attacks”, they actually blow out one of Christianity’s fundamental pillars, which says: “turn the other cheek”. In this way – similar to the crashing down of the Twin Towers in (9/11) September 11th   2001, which obviously had had their foundation pillars cut, so that they could fall down due to their own weight in such a spectacular and convincing way – also the structure of the Christian world is now seriously damaged by this terrorist attack at the level of ideas.

How can Christian teachings now be taught in the countries which had adopted and had already acted in the name of this doctrine? If until now there is at least the justification that “we did not know that what we do contradicts so much our spiritual teachings”, now we can no longer have a justification! These aggressive actions are made in the name of a clear doctrine which flagrantly contradicts the Christian teachings. In this context, the non-existent reaction of the Christian church representatives appears even more serious. Because although they have heard – just like we did – about this ideological terrorism action, they did nothing to stop or even to counteract the disastrous effects of this irresponsible act.

Here is how, after 2000 years of Christian thinking and feeling and from the bosom of the nations proud of their Christian heritage – as opposed to Islam, at least – they come to the conclusion that it is better if we attack first, instead of turning the other cheek, as the Teacher used to say, 2000 years ago. A strange modern adaptation of a universal principle.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (5)

  1. sorin says:

    It is a wonderfully put subject, mr. Stoian. It seems, nowdays, that the ones secretly leading the world also want to mix the traditional teachings in such way that people won’t be able to keep their fundamental principles. I think they simply want to eliminate any conscious thinking in order for the world to be manipulated by the book. And to eliminate consciousness they need a lot of distraction, lies, perverted interpretations of the old teachings, etc. Probably it would be easier for each and everyone of us not to get under the effect of this ideological bomb if we would all try to “stay awake”, and to really participate to our life’s events, and don’t let “the others” organise it for us.
    I think this subject could rock at an International conference.

  2. admin admin says:

    @ sorin
    there are a lot of signals and clear proves about the way the power is acting in the world today and yet few that are interested to pay attention to this. being able to remain aware in the most complex situations of life is one of the most important achievements the human being aspire to have and it is a result of a serious spiritual training. this is also the reason why it was possible for a lot of such “ideological bombs” to be placed right under the nose of people almost without any reaction from those that were using those ideologies.
    try to find more of these and lets start disclose them for more people to start to realize them….
    welcome here…

  3. PIO says:

    I agree that their “ideolaogical bombs” are really working. and they are working very well and fast. That is a problem for those who want to get to the bottom of things, understand them, and for those who want to teach things right also (because they encounter the already wrong belives of the others, those already convinced).
    But I have one question…aren’t those people who manipulate things aware about the fact that they can’t trick everyone forever? I mean, the Christic energy on Earth is continuously increasing (it’s a scientifically proven fact). So more and more people are awakening. One day, everyone will have to make a decision, to stay and fight towards the through, or abandon their higher habbits and die becauses of the diseases. I have noticed that lots of people get very bad diseases lately, and it happens much faster than it did before, and as a result of that they transform themselves. Of course, some of them even die, but that only proves what I said before: that the frequency of the energy is increasing and soon there will be spance on Earth only for those who really want to help, not to destroy. And here is where I return to my first question: How come “they” don’t see that?

  4. sanjay says:

    we are all aware of ths fact since 2002,, but none of us perceived the same the way u have
    just shows our awareness levels..
    thank you for showing us ths newer aspect

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