Human Rights International Community reacts to the controversial court decision regarding Gregorian Bivolaru

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Gregorian Bivolaru’s Case, in Search for the Truth

Here is a letter coming from the most important human rights organization on freedom of religion and belief, Human Rights Without Frontiers. This letter comes as a reaction to the 14th of June 2013 sentence of Mr Gregorian Bivolaru at the Supreme Court of Justice in Romania. Being in their attention for a while, Mr Bivolaru’s case raised several doubts about the judicial system of a Romania that is still under the influence of the same groups of power.

You can read here the reaction of another human rights organization, Soteria International, one of the international organizations that were constantly investigating and bringing into the light of international public attention the case of Mr Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania.

This document speak for itself and for anyone that care for justice and fairness in our society should be an alarm signal: is the judicial system in Romania complying to the European standards? The answer is (sadly) negative today. The facts signaled here will make even get closer to the way the former communist regime in Romania was dealing with these issues …

To this I only need to remind the fact that Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru was granted political asylum in Sweden in 2005 because he will not be given a fair trial in Romania. Which is exactly what prove the current situation.

How many voices have to be heard until these abuses are stopped and the ones that put personal interest above the principles of a normal human society are removed from the decisional position and brought to justice?

If you want to help just spread these documents and let everyone know what happens now, in 21st century, in Romania. Here you can find it on the website of HRWF. Thank you.

The judiciary in Romania under surveillance

The judiciary in Romania under surveillance

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (24)

  1. ina says:

    I can not find the letter on the site
    Please, can you give us a link ?
    Thank you

  2. Ronan Pinto Goulao says:

    Thank you Advaita, I sent an email sent to HRWF asking for more information on this.

    I’m very happy to see that this is being followed up and the interest of these international associations.

    @ina: I think it was sent as a newsletter, you can also see this here:

    With Love,
    Ronan Pinto Goulão

  3. ina says:

    @Ronan Pinto Goulao
    I mean I can not find the letter on the site of Human Rights Without Frontiers,

  4. Neuza Paulo says:

    Thank you for providing more information on this.

    I truly and honestly hope, with all my heart that this gets to the international Human Rights and European courts, and that justice may be served. It’s time to stand up for some of the most important things we may have: Truth and Freedom. This was clearly an abuse of authority. There was no fair trial… Grieg wasn’t even granted the opportunity to be heard and speak for himself! This is something protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights… (! This wasn’t just the violation of one of these articles, but several… And it can’t go on… This kind of situations can’t happen anymore…

    I have also written to HRWF requesting for more information; I pray that they can get a full and report on the true facts around the case!

    With Love!



  5. arthur says:

    this court case is like something taken out of a Kafka book.
    Its up to those who care about truth and justice to stand up for it – only then justice will be seen.

  6. Ludmila says:

    I believe that for Grieg, living a life on the run in the conditions when none of the options ahead of him in such a dirty trial in Romania were good, still his ultimate goal will be realized no matter what. Despite the risks and the threats to his life and work, his message to everyone was at all times one of hope, love, truth and awakening.

  7. Ulpia says:

    The romanian communist government is not going to be able to cover this up by any way. Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.

  8. Lanna says:

    Citizens with a conscience are not going to ignore wrong-doing simply because they’ll be destroyed for it: the conscience forbids it.

  9. Julie says:

    As long as we tolerate injustice anywhere we all be victims of the same unjust system sometime.

  10. I am says:

    The fact that the judge refused the woman’s declaration of denying of having had a sexual relation to Bivolaru, shows that they are not interested in the truth. They just want him in prison for whatever reason.

  11. annie says:

    Incredible how easy Romania entered the European Union although famous for its corruption and how shameless corruption is carried out even today.

  12. Johnny Grey says:

    Yes, Annie, it is incredible, as it is the general lack of reaction of people in front of such misery. The same here in USA, even worst.. Of the many worrying signs of moral decay and decline this is perhaps one of the most alarming. I see many people completely not interested in what is going on in the world and apathetic, who barely muster any interest.
    When there is founded a campus peace group, for ex – inviting wounded vets to speak, hosting speakers, holding protests- there basically people have to bribe and prod people to get involved, and then do all of the work.
    This is how poor policy becomes terrible policy, becomes entrenched policy, becomes nightmare. Because most of people do not care. Hope and Change will need to find its supporters, but how since the youth is like that?

  13. Johnny Grey says:

    Recently i came into contact with an undergrad (my cousin, actually). It was pathetic. 80% of his waking time was spent just looking at Whatsup app, checking for just pointless small talk and the rest was spent monitoring FB activity and random YouTube videos. How could you talk about freedom and liberty with this guy? If you give him free WiFi, he would leave you alone. Many people are just like that.

  14. Marie says:

    I look forward for their report. I don’t know of any case in history to have registered so many intended eronate doings on the part of the judges. We cannot move forward and accept this in silence.

  15. Emeric says:

    The report is done. I got it today from HRWF. Just write a mail to the mail address mentioned in the text. The report shows clearly the enormous violations of human rights which happened over the years in Romania.
    I am very grateful for the big effort and brilliant work the HRWF and Willy Fautré did, in order to find out the truth.

    I am very happy that there are people in world who stand up for justice and truth…

    Hopefully that is a positive sign for the future of this amazing spiritual school and of course for Grieg personally…

  16. Jean says:

    Obviously in Romania the law is big time violated, both domestic and the international one, and this is a continuous process. You are watching the behavior of a lawless government running whatever communist acts they are told so.

  17. Neuza Paulo says:


    No one can stay indifferent to what’s happening to our school… It’s completely outrageous the way this case was handled in Romania and now abroad… The media are not impartial (never were), objective or true to the facts surrounding MISA. I already read the report sent out by HRWF and it’s a complete non-sense that this kind of things still happen and worse, that people can actually believe it…
    One of the things that I was taught in Journalism school was to always hear the two sides of the story (didn’t mean that we were able to practice it though…;) ), why no one actually tried to see one of the classes? Or live in one of the ashrams? That would be really something… 🙂
    I am very and truly grateful for the ones that still have the courage to fight for what they believe, to continue in the path, to be a part of the rising of the consciousness, despite the aggressions and the injustice that was held upon them.
    I thank Grieg with all my heart, for continuing to be the light that leads us towards the Divine.

    A huge embrace to our loving and lovely school 🙂

  18. Law says:

    The judges, especially Ionut Matei, and the corrupt romanian justice system in Romania should be brought in front of higher international courts. Presuming they are above the law and can do whatever they want with citizen’s human rights should not make them exempt from the law.

  19. martin says:

    Perhaps it is a good idea to send letters to the European Commission asking them to intervene in this case. How about making a petition?

  20. Hugo says:

    Despite all that is going on, it is good to be part of a growing global movement that’s doing just one thing: pushing humanity forward. Never in the human history, the ones disturbing others from their sleep of reason were not initially welcomed. It would be still nice to see the consciousness shift in our days.

  21. Jean says:

    Here is something for the readers that may be interested to find out more on what Mr. Bivolaru has courageously presented in Paris in 2004 on freemasonry, fact which triggered all that followed very soon in terms of repression of himself and of the yoga school whose mentor he is: .
    Here is also a short recording in romanian and his books on freemasonry that can be downloaded and translated:

  22. Nicole says:

    How is it going with the trials on this case, Mihai?

  23. Nicole says:

    Any step forward?

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