Hollywood Manipulates through Movies – Part Two

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Another Movie Using Techniques of Manipulation is “Shrek: The Final Chapter”

Shrek-final-chapterFrom the beginning these sequels were filled with all kinds of strange messages,  putting a face to mediocrity. in the same way the gross character Shrek promotes the idea that being gross, primitive or ignorant is not such a bad thing, as if anyone was pretending that! Now the idea in this final chapter is even worse, in my opinion!

Some background information:  in the Tantric spiritual tradition the Supreme Consciousness has 10 fundamental manifestations or aspects, amongst them we find time, space, beauty, love… and one of them (named Chinnamasta in the Tantric tradition) is the Great Cosmic Power of Courage.

In human life this aspect of Superior Consciousness is manifested as the courage to confront yourself with your own limitations, the courage to stand up against your own mediocrity, the courage to say no to compromises. When this Divine energy manifests in the life of a person, that person has the courage to transform something and in the first moments of that transformation the person rebels against the old habits, the person suddenly has the revelation that his/her life is changing course.

This movie, shows the perspective of the main character ‘Shrek’ who faces a life of ‘eternal mediocrity’ and he stands up not wanting to accept it. Yet because he is tricked by some strange forces (the force here being represented by the character Rumpelstiltskin), he then realizes that his life could have been worse, and the life of all the people he knew would have changed for the worse without him.

Apparently this conclusion is right, we are here in this life for a reason and maybe without us things would have been worse. However using that as an argument for not doing anything in the spirit of evolution and transformation is strange to say the least.

RumplestilskinThe movie insinuates (in fact is almost “shouts”) that its better to blindly accept things as they are, otherwise things will end up being worse! Since the end of the movie is similar to the beginning, any intelligent person should ask themselves: “what will happen if the feelings of unhappiness return and there is no longer the alternative of Rumpelstiltskin, because that alternative was ruled out due to the previous terrible experience?”

Realizing What You Have for the Moment Is Not the Reason for Remaining As You Are Forever

Evolution will knock on door sooner or later and you cannot always hide under the idea that you have already everything you need because otherwise it may get worse!

The ideal world that is depicted at the end of the movie, with a false and exaggerated optimism that is actually based on ‘nothing’, reminds me of the ideal world that the freemasons want to create on this planet, their famous PAX MASONICA that is a remake of PAX ROMANA from ancient times. For the natural aspiration of people for transformation (transformation which will continuously transform the structure of power- dangerous idea for the establishment 😉 ) the freemasons come with the simplistic argument of  fear for the worst: “Take care, it could be worse”. This is the reason why sometimes they will allow a true independent democrat to lead a company, country or bank, because they then gather all the forces to make that person fail and to use the failure as an example to anyone who will try those revolutionary ideas again.

In the Shrek movie the real alternative which one will have when confronted with that moment of lucidity (depicted in the beginning of the movie when he realizes he is not happy with his life as it was), doesn’t appear at all.  The alternative of the spiritual of transformation is covered by the play of the characters even if normally, the one who is unhappy with his life as it is will not go back to what it was before, because “what it was” will lead (in absence of transformation) to “what it is now” closing the circle (as in fact the movie shows). The one confronted with such resonance with the Divine Courage and as a result dare to look into his own life and even to challenge its paradigms will be also given the alternative to evolve and to transform for good what it is instead of this black and white alternative: you like this or you loose it.
The dirty trick the producers of Shrek are playing with the minds of viewers is that normally one will not deny the present life unless able to transform it, and when transforming it then it will not be the same but it will become better. That is why the choice presented in the movie is not even the real choice life presents to us, its just the choice we are made to believe by most of the hollywood movies.

Of course some will argue that Shrek is not back to where he started because now he appreciates what he has. This is a superficial argument normally covering the refusal to see the problem. Even if you realize from another perspective what you have, still there is a lot to do in order to improve it. The subliminal message of Shrek is “go back to your life and be happy with what you have, even if that is being a looser otherwise it could be worse”. Is that a message that will uplift the soul or inspire a child to grow to his aspirations? Or it is the message to give to the sheep that you want no trouble from?

I am looking forward for the main stream Hollywood movies that give a positive and inspiring message without using it as a hook for some dirty subliminal messages.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (19)

  1. Isobel says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I remember when Shrek first came out it was around the same time as Ice-Age, I loved Ice-age it was so beautiful and pure and made me laugh and feel uplifted and happy. My boyfriend liked Shrek, but i simply couldn’t get the concept of making (i cant say transforming!) something beautiful into something green, gross and disgusting (i.e Princess Fiona), to me it is a process of de-transfiguration and de-volution (if they are words!) creating a spiraling down effect as opposed to an upwards, uplifting one.
    I certainly wont be taking my nieces to see the sequel, they are princesses and i want them to grow up in a world where beauty. love and goodness reigns, believing that they (and all girls) are princesses, always aspiring to the highest goals,and never making do with a mediocre safe existence.


    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ isobel
      i agree that the whole sequel is based on a strange idea from the beginning. not the same we can say about Ice Age (at least the first part) which is more pure and positive oriented. Some will say that you are naive but i think we should not throw away our aspirations and faith (important qualities that show maturity) in fear of not being considered naive or even superficial idealists. In fact, most of the people that did something with significant with their life were starting being considered by the people around and being idealists or naive…

  2. Alice says:

    The post about the Shrek movie makes me really THINK TWICE before I watch another movie! It gives an example of how much we need to be lucid and awake and examine very carefully the information we receive, especially when it is beautifully wrapped in emotions, as it is done in movies.
    Reading this article and the one about the supramental state, I realize that as long as I remain at the level of an ever agitated and confused mind, I will not even think of examining the movies I watch from the perspective of spiritual principles..
    I agree very much with the points you made and I appreciate the state of lucidity and transfiguration which is on the background of the article.

  3. Isobel says:

    Dear Mihai,

    Maybe i am naive -(i don’t mind that), because i am also growing into an ‘optimist’, i am learning to understand that my perception of the world becomes my individual reality, i realize that it is completely down to me how i perceive every situation and every test ( i am not saying i am conscious to all the moments in my life – i am nowhere near this) and that my perception and attitude has a direct impact on the outcome – i do not understand the mechanisms behind this, i imagine they are complexed, all i know is that the more love, optimism and attention we have in our life situations and the people around us, the outcome of any situation is improved.
    There is that very simple saying “Attitude changes everything”, and i noticed this is true, for example now if someone is off hand and rude, instead of getting upset as i used to. i ‘try’ to remain patient not judge them and let it pass, then when there is a right moment to find out about them and their inner world, this approach is better than previously where i would have taken it very personally and held tensions and grudges towards them, now i prefer to see beyond the personality and feel what is in the soul of the others. (This approach doesn’t work in all the situations yet, but i am aspiring towards it! :-))
    If i live in a world with polar opposites: love – hate, beauty – ugliness, life – death, good – bad etc , and as long as i can make choices i am trying to opt for positive aspects. Here again you could say i am naive, because life is not so straight forward or simple that it presents the situations for example – with an angel on one path saying ‘this is the good way’ and a devil on the other path indicating the bad way.

    I am finding this comment much more complexed than i intended it to be, it is bringing up a lot of aspects i didn’t consider before – like is there actually a wrong choice? As in every situation we are presented with and route we take, we are given the opportunity to learn and transform, and there is a time and natural order for things to unfold in life.

    I will end here by summarizing that, through my life experiences until now i have understood that when i have a choice, it is better for me to choose to be happy, to believe i am a Princess and to transfigurate the situations that i am presented with.

    Thank you for making me consider this more, i understand that these processes involve resonance and karma and are probably very complexed, it is easier for me at this point in my life to keep it simple and to be naive 🙂

    With admiration,

  4. Alice says:


    I think the difference between naivety and transfiguration is merely one of depth. As if they were both two different stages in the same process. We start by being naive, but if we continue and we increase our awareness and intelligence we will eventually reach the stage of transfiguration.
    The moments when I am aware of being naive are those when I have a very positive outlook on a certain situation but my vision does not go deep enough. I think that a positive point of view which does not take into consideration the deeper aspects of a situation leads to naivety.

  5. Isobel says:

    Hi Alice,

    Have you ever seen either of these movies: ‘Pollyanna’ or ‘The Little Princess’, they are so beautiful, at this first sight they appear to be for children, however the message from both films is fitting for both children and adults. I recommend you to watch them if you can, both films have a little girl as the central character and through the girls almost transparent purity, openness and amazing transfiguration they are able (even in the most arduous circumstances) to transform themselves and the world around them.
    (And these are the types of films i show to my nieces:-))

    Isobel 🙂

  6. Peter says:

    I couldn’t agree more Isobel, I find the choice to depict Shrek and Fiona as ogres utterly disturbing. I simply don’t see what the world went crazy about these movie, I find them unbearable.

  7. Alice says:

    @ Isobel

    Thank you. I will find the movies today. I have not seen them, but I understand what you mean.
    When we have the purity, openness and trust of a child miracles become possible…
    And we can learn from children how to see the world through their eyes – a world which is ever new and completely safe and embracing, where all you have to do is play..:) My heart would like that!
    Maybe this is why we enjoy movies that remind us of this state.
    Have you seen “Billy Elliot”? 🙂

  8. Isobel says:

    Hi Alice,

    I have seen Billy Elliot, it is that wonderful movie about having the courage to be what God intended for us to be, to believe in what we are and to follow our dreams no matter what is against us…
    It makes me consider how many amazing inspiring movies are also out there and how beautiful it is that some directors are inspired (whether consciously or not) to make movies that have a Divine message.
    I would love to know what you think about those movies i told you about 🙂


  9. Isobel says:

    Hi Peter,

    As i was saying to Alice, there are so many uplifting and wonderful movies out there that could really have an impact on peoples lives, maybe you could mention here some movies you have liked, that have touched and inspired you!

    It looks like we could a small movie club here 🙂


  10. Isobel says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I am contemplating something about art, i was considering how some movies have touched and inspired me. I then started to consider more about art as a whole, and i want to ask you – is ‘true’ art a way for God to reach us? What i mean is sometimes when we see a manifestation of art (painting, poetry, singing, music etc) it can profoundly touch our hearts – even to the point where we are completely suspended, melted in the bliss. That transmitter of the beauty appears to be a channel of God in that moment, like a choir of angels are singing through them for example and it is stopping the mind with its perfection. An experience that many of us would not ordinarily be able to have in our daily lives, without the impulse of this magic, inspired by that artist.

    For example I was watching on tube the other day a clip from a concert, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkY9HtwXNU8, the audience were mesmerized by the combination of the singer and the orchestra.

    Also this clip (bare through the first few moments until it gets to the singing:-) ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DelJrP3P7tA&feature=related,
    It surprised me so much when i first watched it, i began to cry, it sent shivers along my spine straight into my heart and i felt melted in this beauty and bliss.

    What actually happens when we feel like this, are these the treasured moments (until our consciousness becomes higher) that God reveals Himself to us and we are briefly able to perceive Him? As we are for that moment truly present and absorbed in that beauty.

    I look forward to your reply 🙂


  11. Alice says:

    Dear Mihai,
    I have recently seen a very interesting movie called Inception. Have you seen it?
    I would like to hear your opinion of it since I have perceived it as a quite powerful movie which deals with the sensitive issues of the mind, the subconscious, and their control from the outside. I find it very much connected to the articles you posted recently.
    Thank you.

  12. Veritas says:

    Hello Mihai,

    I wish I could recommend to you some Hollywood movies that give a positive and inspiring message, but nothing comes to mind right now – unfortunately that might be because there aren’t any. A sad fact when you consider that the industry there produces more than 600 films annually. Where’s the artistry in that? Isn’t Art supposed to inspire??

    A film which I saw recently which shocked me COMPLETELY was ‘Remember Me’, starring heartthrob Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. It is clear that this film used Pattinson in the wake of his Twilight saga success both to promote him and also to draw interest to the film. In Remember Me he is used to emotionally draw in the viewers, to make us identify with him and his family, to become involved. They set it up so well, and then when you least it expect it they pull out their trump card and connect all that emotion to the tragedy of 911. The intention is blatant and it’s hard to imagine people not seeing the truth of what this film is all about. It is outrageous that such propaganda is promoted and encouraged in the entertainment industry, and that this is allowed by the powers-that-be in that industry. However, in light of what you mention in your articles, with 1.42 billion ticket sales in the US last year alone, it’s a very efficient means of brainwashing and infiltrating the subconscious of an entire nation with ill-intentioned ideas, not to mention the entire cinema-going world.

    It would seem Hollywood cinema has long stepped out of the realm of the artistic and become just another tool in the hands of the Freemasons. To my understanding Art is supposed to have a beneficial effect on the observer, to help him get in touch with his inner reality, not to distort reality and lead us even further away from the truth. Surely Art is about discovering the truth? Where is the truth in Hollywood cinema today? It’s become an abomination. How much of this do you think has to do with the fact that “in the early 1900s, when the [film] medium was new, many Jewish immigrants found employment in the U.S. film industry”? Doesn’t seem like a coincidence that a century later it is their agenda which is being served through the very industry that they have carefully and insidiously constructed.

    Thank you for bringing light to this subject Mihai!


  13. tomas says:

    Please explain how you see the concept of “Santosha” which is contentment, a state of being close to happiness, which if harmoniously cultivated bring elevation, fullfillment, peace of mind and freedom of spirit
    in relation to your above comments on Shrek trilogy?

    warm regards,

  14. Cristian says:


    Dear Veritas,
    I do not agree that all the movies which are made nowadays are bad. Or in any case not entirely bad. Otherwise why would we even go to the cinema at all?
    I think it is more about increasing our lucidity and discernment when we watch movies, rather than our criticism.
    Some of them contain some good aspects that we can select and which can teach and inspire us.
    And another good aspect of even the bad movies is that they reflect our society and its tendencies, as well as the intentions of the leading groups.

  15. Peter says:

    As requested by Isobel, some movies which have inspired me include, to name just a few: ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Yes Man’, ‘Patch Adams’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Pay it Forward’, ‘What Dreams May Come’, ‘Gallipoli’. One of the most awe-inspiring films I’ve seen is ‘The Passion of the Christ’. It deepened my understanding of sacrifice and its relevance for me individually and for humanity as a whole. And for a great laugh you can’t really go past ‘Bruce Almighty’ and ‘Evan Almighty’. If a film has a spiritual message this is what makes it inspiring, even if you haven’t consciously developed your own spiritual beliefs, I think it still appeals by tapping into an intrinsic part which exists inside all of us. Who knows, maybe some of these films also contain techniques of manipulation, but I think, or at least I hope, that the inspiring nature of these films overrides any manipulation they might contain.


  16. Cristian says:

    I think some movies are actually the result of divine inspirations, and they express the revelations that appear in the field of consciousness of humankind nowadays. Movies can be seen as a reflection, an image of how our society is so it is natural that sometimes they also reflect the good aspects.
    Other such beautiful movies are “The Fountain”, “Revolver”, “Sex for Compassion” and “Samsara” for example.
    I fully agree with Peter about “The Passion of the Christ”. I found it very similar to an initiation, touching some very deep parts of the soul.

  17. Isobel says:

    @ Peter

    Thank you Peter, you are very sweet for remembering my question, i have seen some of the films you mention, and i agree with you, they are inspirational and thought provoking.
    I don’t agree with the person who thinks there are no movies that give positive and inspiring messages, personally I have been uplifted and moved by many many films, they may not have been consciously directed, or very cheesy but they have touched me and left me with food for thought!
    On the other hand it is also true that their are many movies that are so bad, uninspiring and incredibly low resonating that they do nothing but leave inferior energies in people. I heard that often in very important moments there is a planned release around the world, of these lets say ‘low’ movies, they are advertised and hyped up so millions go to see them at the same time and in this way having a massive impact on the collective consciousness (or unconsciousness), but there is no surprise there, another masonic manipulation technique for controlling the masses.

    May the force be with you and all of us (Star Wars if you didn’t know :-))

  18. Veritas says:

    @ Cristian
    You’re right, if all were so bad we wouldn’t go to the cinema at all nor download movies and I must admit I quite enjoy the results of both 😉 Now either I’m a masochist or there is something worthwhile in it all. Indeed, sometimes even in the most seemingly uninspired piece of cinema there can be a lesson to be learnt and that makes its viewing experience worth our while. So for this reason even if some films are not particularly worthy of the title of art or carry messages intended to manipulate, if there is something there that we can learn from then surely it’s not all bad. However I do believe that in general the cinema of the Western world can be greatly improved but if it’s the case, as you say Cristian, that cinema reflects our society and its tendencies then indeed it’s society that needs improvement before we can hope for anything more from the world of celluloid. Which of course comes back to the individual because surely the direction of society as a whole is simply a reflection of the tendencies of the individuals of which it is comprised..so I’d say only by improving ourselves can we hope for any improvement in any exterior aspect of our lives. Which again drives home the importance of the cultivation of the spiritual life above and beyond anything else.

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