Gregorian Bivolaru is Innocent!

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A great victory for our yoga school took place today in the fight against the corruption and occult influence that has been leading the strange trials against M.I.S.A and against my spiritual guide Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru (whom we also call Grieg). TODAY THE COURT DECIDED THAT GREGORIAN BIVOLARU IS INNOCENT!

After long speculations and endless attempts to manipulate the judicial system into delivering a sentence that incriminates Grieg, after our lawyers had to move the trial to another city in the hope that the local judicial system would be more transparent and less corrupted, the final act came. All the accusations were dropped and the case is closed!

The decision taken by the court today is in the same direction as the decision of the Supreme Court of Stockholm of 2006.

But even now, after the verdict was officially released by the court, some of Romania’s biggest newspapers are trying to manipulate the information claiming that the trial was ending just because the time expired and not because the court decided Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent!!!


The trial itself is a big lesson that we cannot ignore without risking it to be repeated. For those in search of the truth I will explain in more detail.

The whole story in this trial was the result of some strange accusations fabricated by Romanian prosecutors, under a political order. The fact that it was a political order is no longer a mystery. Many confirmations came out during the last 6 years. One of the most striking is the shorthand notes of the social democrat party meetings of 2004 (material that was given by the Romanian secret service and later published in a book). In those documents we can read how the Prime Minister at that time suggested building a case against Gregorian Bivolaru that was supposed to become a kind of entertainment for the crowd. Later Adrian Nastase (who was PM in 2004) publicly admitted that his running for presidency in 2004 was affected by the actions he started against M.I.S.A and Gregorian Bivolaru.

In these moments, when justice is closer and more people start to realize the amazing scam the Romanian authorities have been creating, here is some information of which many are not aware but which reveals more about the way in which things are working.

But probably the strangest situation with this trial is that Grieg was accused of having sexually abused a girl who was a minor at that time. Yet the alleged victim – the girl who was a minor – was invited to Stockholm by the Supreme Court to testify in a trial that was analyzing the request of the Romanian authorities to extradite Grieg back to Romania. I witnessed this trial and heard the statements of this girl in front of the judges of the Supreme Court and the Swedish prosecutors.

If you are not familiar with the facts, here is a little history. Gregorian Bivolaru asked the Swedish authorities for asylum after the violent events against MISA yoga school which started on 18th March 2004 in Romania. The Romanian authorities asked the Swedish police to arrest Grieg and place him under severe detention with complete isolation like a dangerous criminal. Due to international requirements, Sweden had to comply with this request but in the same time they initiated a trial to decide if the asylum request of a citizen of a future EU country is possible and needed (Romania’s membership in the E.U. was already decided and it was only a question of time).

The testimony before the Swedish Supreme Court was a shock for everyone there. Who would have expected that the alleged victim of the man who was kept in a severe regime of detention (and was brought into the court with chains on his hands and legs) because this was the special and insistent request of the Romanian authorities, would say that she was never a victim of the accused man but instead she was a victim of the authorities that were initiating these severe accusations?

At a certain point, the Swedish prosecutor – who represented the Romanian prosecutors in that trial – asked the girl if she is talking about the Romanian police because it sounded as if she was talking about a gang of drunkards that were beating her in order to make her sign a declaration. The prosecutor – who was a woman – was so impressed by the moving testimony of the alleged victim that she started to ask more details about the abuse of the Romanian authorities even if she was supposed to represent these authorities.

The final verdict of the Swedish Supreme Court was even more important since it is the only case when a citizen coming from a member state of EU was granted the status equivalent to political asylum. This tells a lot about the real situation regarding this trial in Romania. Yet only after four years has the Romanian justice system found its way to the truth!

If we add to this that in the EU Romania has a special clause BECAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS THAT EXIST IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, we can understand why the situations related to these trials are so many and so incredible.

With all that I’ve said here, one can see that today was a very important and positive step on the long way to justice. However, the road ahead is still long, and Grieg and 20 other yoga teachers from our yoga school are facing another trial that was created in the same manner as this one that just ended today. They are accused of human trafficking and for creating a crime ring. After years with no evidence but thousands of manipulative articles and video-news, all of them fed by none other than the prosecutors, no real results came out, the trial is still in the initial phases and the so-called evidence is as phantasmagoric as that which the prosecutors gathered in the trial that ended just now. The difference is that in this other file, the resources invested in its fabrication are amazingly big, making this file the most important case of manipulation and state fraud after the changing of the regime in Romania at the end of 1989. Since until now the situation has been like I’ve shown here, there are reasons to believe that the same forces will tend to continue in the same style, without a firm wave of opinion coming from all those people who have started to realize how the system works.

To better understand this situation and receive a solid confirmation that things are unfortunately working in this way, please also read the translation of the incendiary letter that came to the attention of the editor of MISA’s website!

This material shows the involvement of state structures that should not have anything to do with a spiritual school. By disclosing all these elements I hope that all people with good intentions will share with others and in the end we will be able to see Divine Justice prevail.

Thank you all for being so supportive and for standing up for justice and truth to triumph.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (12)

  1. Isobel says:

    The light will always shine through the dark, eventually. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

  2. Angel says:

    Does this mean he can come back home? Or because of the other trial he will have to stay more in Sweden, at least until these charges are also dropped.

  3. filosoful says:

    Yes, it is a great and deserved victory!
    It gives me hope that people and society begin to awake. They start to realize the truth!
    We can say that the justice come back finally.
    I can see that all the actions done by Grieg to spread the light of knowledge start to awaken the conscieces.
    Good luck!

  4. johnsolong says:

    Hey Mihai
    Congratulation for the court decision.
    Will we now see a more freely moving Mr. Bivolaru or the other trial and the
    alleged continuous harrassments will still force him to stay in asylum?

    And maybe you can explain a bit more about the reasons for his so concealed
    and confidential shelter. Is it only for these obvious political reasons, (which also
    the newly celebrated romanian nobel price winner in litterature she so clearly have pointed out: That securitate is intact and functioning in R.) or are there other less obvious spiritually reasons concerning his withdrawal from society?

    Another question:
    Have there been any comments from officials in R. about the incendiary letter?
    We have seen many times before former trusted agents speaking out and often it is immediately
    killed with silence and no response. Will there be any actual consequence of this testimony.

    congratulation again!


  5. admin admin says:

    @ isobel
    Light will always shine for the open heart that want and is ready to see the truth.

    @ angel
    this was one important victory but it is still long way until it will be corrected all the evil that was done in the thousands of mass media articles that were lying and slandering about Grieg and MISA. There is still a trial on the run where the accusations are based in the same kind of abhorrent arguments as in the trial that recently ended. Until all that was done to be corrected and Grieg be able to come back to Romania it is important for all the ones that started to understand the situation to share it with the others and in this way to help cleaning up the mess created by these people.

    @ filosoful
    justice is not yet “living” in Romania. Justice was just passing by Romania and we saw her smile in the trial that just ended, but it is still a while until she will move into Romania for staying…

    regarding the reasons why Grieg is so concealed, you should know that at the address where he is declared to live came letters of threat. Same kind of letters i received in my place and on the address of NATHA in Copenhagen. We gave these letters to the Swedish authorities but since the first letter came (in 2006) nothing was happening. As you also mentioned, there are more and more signals that confirm that the former “securitate” still exist in another form but in the same paradigm. In this respect a book was published about the oppression of yoga movement in the ’80s. The author – mr. Gabriel Andreescu – was analyzing the archives of the former secret police and found the files of Grieg and many other yoga teachers and followed the situation into the ’90s. The surprise is that the same officers that were taking care of MISA in the communist time are also taking care of MISA now. The latest letter is another confirmation that is going again and again in the same direction. In these conditions, the necessity for Grieg to remain away from the direct meeting with people.
    This letter that came on the redaction of yogaesoteric is just another element on the big puzzle that is showing without mistake the presence of the occult power that is manipulating the opinions and forces that exist regarding the yoga school. Yet i am not aware about a reaction of the authorities on this subject. It is significant that the mass media was also not making any comment on this subject even if in other situations they were making comments for subjects mush smaller…

  6. Observer says:


    Given that it seems to be a recurring situation, the same decisions are made, in Grieg’s favor as you said, and they meet the same resistance, convenient downplaying or even blatant denial from the authorities and the media, when or where does it end? And actually, how does it end? Aside from the obvious rejoicing in the MISA camp over this momentous victory, the rest of the world seems to be against what Grieg stands for and His freedom. And until this changes to a certain degree can we hope to see any end to this injustice?

    Behind the obvious corruption and immorality of the legal system, which goes hand in hand with the ill-intentioned mass media, there is the subtle reality, which I suspect is the key to understanding this process and the key to any real and beneficial change in attitudes and behavior taking place. Mihai, what would it take for such a change to happen? What would it take for the injustice to stop?

    Nothing short of a planetary spiritual revolution as I can see it considering how many players, both directly and indirectly, are involved in this dirty game.

    Congratulations to you and Grieg on this great achievement for true spirituality.

    • admin admin says:

      @ observer
      Such moments when justice is done are not going unnoticed as some would like to believe. There are a lot of people that noticed and the impact is great. The transformation that take place now in many people is coming from an inner need for transformation and evolution that cannot be blocked forever. These moments, when a spiritual person is standing for social justice and wins, represent MUCH MORE THAN JUST A SIMPLE FACT: it is the example that is possible!

  7. Bobby says:

    I just saw the movie Invictus (about Nelson Mandela). In the movie Mandela quote the poem Invictus as something that gave him hope and inspiration.

    The poem is written by William Ernest Henley. Henley had a tough fate; he got tuberculosis in his bone at the age of 12 and, due to this disease, they had to amputate his leg when he was 25.

    When I read the poem I was thinking about Grieg.


    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

  8. carbon12 says:

    Now that things are clearer and Gregorian’s innocence was proved in a court, i am sure that most people that were doubting the movement will have a strong pro attitude. It seems these guys that were making all the scandal are in deep s#@t now if they are payed for the job :). Can you imagine their face when the verdict was announced?
    I wonder how did they let the trial find this end? It means that the system is rotten for them too and they cannot control all its reactions? It is interesting to understand what happens in Romania since it might be the same system in other countries too. The letter from the secret service guy is very interesting because i guess the romanians are not the only ones dealing with “problems” in this way. I can think of some similar cases in my country and from what i’ve learned reading in misa case they become VERY INTERESTING. From this perspective I think the victory against injustice and corruption is more than what you said to “observer”: “the example that is possible”. It is a good lesson for others to learn how a corrupt system works and can be defeated. (now i become a conspirator :))
    Anyway i look forward for more action for i am sure it will be great.
    I’ve checked the schedule for yoga classes near my place and it seems your school allow people to join classes only in september! They put me on a signing up list for autumn. This is long time waiting. Why loosing so many people that want to start now? Are you trying to keep people away from the school? Maybe you need some marketing update 😉
    Give my best wishes to Gregorian, he is a great guy and i started to like him a lot from reading his articles.

    @ observer
    i guess you are waiting for a spiritual revolution but, as i see it, this is impossible without people’s consent and participation. Since they like circus and scandals, this is what they get. And man, they get a lot of this crap today. When they’ll wish for spirituality that’s what they will get too. It is the sacrosanct law of request that is moving the world today and makes the capitalism so successful 😉
    How you make them wish for something else than “bread and circus” is the real challenge in my opinion. The rest is just talk…

    Peace in the valley

    • admin admin says:

      @ carbon12
      you’re right with the trial that was proving Grieg’s innocence. It is more like a lesson than just an example. And you are not a conspirator if you start seeing inside of a system that try to hide. In fact the one disclosing is not the conspirator, it is the one hiding in order to take advantage from this that starts the conspiracy ;). The whole “conspiracy theory” paradigm was launched by the ones that want to keep their secrecy in order to use the power of collective subconscious to protect them. And in a certain extent the strategy was successful. Everyone that dare to say anything about the power today and to challenge any common truth is stamped as “conspiracy theorist” even when the facts are perfectly clear.
      if you will place an e-mail address that works with your comments i will contact you and give you the indications how to reach to the yoga courses near your place.
      As a general idea we start classes in the autumn (when schools starts in that area of the planet) because the classes are organized on years of study and one cannot join in the middle of the year since there are a lot of techniques and theory that will prevent him to integrate in that class. Indeed is different than the workshop style that exist nowadays in the world but this is what works from the perspective of the human development. When you want to make money than this mc-donald-isation of spirituality is the cheap and easy solution.
      You say

      Maybe you need some marketing update

      I would say: Maybe the economical system need some spiritual update 🙂
      And i agree with you that the real challenge being how to make people wish for more than “bread and circus”. This is why we don’t give them circus in the first place, even if it cost a lot of efforts not doing it.
      PS: thank you for the wishes for Grieg, they will be delivered.

  9. The Seeker says:

    How wonderful that Justice came passing by thay day, even if it was just for a short notice. Let’s hope it is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between her and Romania. When love is abundant, Justice will prevail…


    David Icke Update către mine
    arată detaliile 02:59 (acum 19 ore)
    Even The Troops Are Waking Up – A Fantastic Video

    Please circulate and wide – this is the link to send:

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