Freemasons Afraid of Being ‘YouTubed’

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The freemasons, with their constant obsession towards secrecy and in the same time the desire to be in control and create the elite leadership, face in fact a greater dilemma than the one that is shown here:

The masons have to step out from the dark and take the leadership for their masters. Until now it was easy to destabilize and corrupt from the shadows, but now they have to introduce more people in their structures in order to take the leadership that was made vacant. And this is in fact exposing them to the same problems the systems they replaced had before.

Now the masons will be more and more in the public eye and the emphasis on secrecy (or the similar discretion they try to introduce) will look more ridiculous than ever … and we will have a lot of fun watching them playing the initiates with all kinds of abstract sterile concepts, that only succeed to make a good impression on the curious ones, having little spiritual efficiency on the ones who are practicing. But, as long as there are people who are looking for ‘easy spirituality’, that doesn’t challenge the ego (on the contrary even provides some gratification), there will

be many aspirants to become brother masons in the many freemason lodges that are appearing everywhere today (like mushrooms after the rain!)

This is what happens in this day and age ….
Thia article is from by Ahmet Donmez

Freemasons, who have maintained their tradition of secrecy for centuries, are in the middle of an interesting dilemma.

The organization, which has established a live broadcast system among the Masonic lodges, is now afraid of being watched by others.

Esra Anil, a Turkish woman, submitted her mason husband’s photos to a court during their divorce trial.

Holding teleconferenced meetings with lodges in different cities raised concerns of being hacked.

Tesviye, the journal of the Grand Lodge for Turkey’s Free and Accepted Masons, handled the topic in its latest issue.

The magazine, which is distributed to masons, only announced the ceremony teleconferenced by four lodges in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir with the title “Masonry and Developing Information Technology.”

The method, used for the first time by the organization, was announced as good news to the brothers but a special section covered the fear of the images being hacked.

Hakki Buyukcivitcioglu from the Ucnur Lodge handled this issue in his article and emphasized the technology was not safe.

“Our activities may one day be broadcasted on a TV channel or an Internet site because there will be no ‘irregular’ knockings on the door this time. We will not even feel that we are being watched by others. We should be considering taking measures to avoid being hacked,” journalist Buyukcivitcioglu warned.

Buyukcivitcioglu, himself a media member, called for measures to alleviate these concerns.

“This online system has been tested but no instruction to make it widely used has come yet. I think it will be more widespread in the oncoming months,” an anonymous lodge chairman said.

It is stated the teleconferencing system will help in communicating in-service training conferences, seminars and educational workshops to lodges in other cities, but it is warned this will not be limited with these only and some “confidential” works will also be communicated to brothers in other cities.

Stating this kind of infiltration may be quite dangerous, the lodge chairman said, “A possible leak would be no good. There are certainly such concerns and it is stated measures necessary will be taken.”

Confidentiality is one of the basic elements of the Masons. Their organization is structured on a scheme of 33 degrees and different secrets are given at each stage.

These secrets are taught to the mason brothers in the ceremony of promoting.

Each mason swears loyalty to the secrets he is given.

As the secrets become more important in every degree, the punishment gradually increases in case of disloyalty.

An apprentice (first degree) who reveals secrets agrees to have his tongue cut; the foreman (second degree) will have his heart to taken out of his chest and a master mason agrees to have his intestines cut and burned.

Those who belong to higher degrees (higher than three) agree to have their skull broken into pieces.

Masonry Secrets Broadcast in the Past

A secret recording of ceremonies in Masonic temples were first broadcast on Turkey’s Channel 7 in 1997.

A Satanic ritual, only allowed for the 33rd-degree masons, was displayed in the candid camera images.

Masons dressed in white and carrying swords were pouring goat’s blood in bowls in front of Magen David in the temple.

The goat’s head was being burnt on a stick and the great master holding the ritual was drinking the goat’s blood and praying in Hebrew.

A ceremony displaying two people’s acceptance to the masonry was displayed in other images.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (9)

  1. filosoful says:

    @ Mihai Stoian
    I observed the freemasons are beings with a big egocentric orientation.
    I remember Silviu Brucan, jewish mason, one of the artisan of the romanian “Revolution” in 1989. In the postcomunist era he was a “famous” political annalist in Romania. He was saying a lots of lies and stupid affirmations about politics on PROTV channel. It was obvious that he was obeiyng some orders (from freemasonry) to denigrate Romania. Then the newspapers and TV channels were using his stupid affirmations like something very smart.
    What a strange world we are living: the truth is very well hide on purpose and the lies are allegeid with infamy.

  2. anonim says:

    Mi-a cazut in mana cartea “SPITALUL, CORANUL, TALMUDUL, KAHALUL ŞI FRANCMASONERIA” scrisa de Dr. Nicolae Paulescu prin anii ’20. Este impresionant ceea ce este descris si are avantajul ca este bazata pe o foarte buna documentatie.
    Autorul afirma ca Francmasoneria este creatia evreilor sionisti: “pe la începutul secolului al XVIII-lea, ovreii reuşiră să introducă în Anglia, francmasoneria, societate secretă pe care au imaginat-o şi au construit-o după modelul Cahalului (organizarea societatii evreiesti traditionale) lor.
    Englezii au făcut apoi să treacă în Franţa această funestă asociaţie.
    Aici, Masoneria, dându-se, în mod mincinos, drept o instituţie filantropică, înşelă într-un chip nedemn nobilimea, burghezimea şi, cu toate avertismentele Papilor, o mare parte din cler. Mulţi proşti căzură în perfida cursă ce li se întinsese şi intrară cu grămada în adunarea suspectă.
    Abuzând de încrederea acestor naivi şi acoperindu-le ochii cu un văl des, care îi împiedica să vadă, Francmasoneria putu să lucreze în tihnă, ca să dărâme, puţin câte puţin, organizaţia socială.
    Ea amăgi, de altfel, pe toată lumea, – pe unii mai mult decât pe alţii, – şi mai ales pe revoluţionari, care îşi închipuiră că maşina împingea pentru ei, fără să bănuiască măcar, că ea lucra, pur şi simplu, pentru Israel.”

    Sunt observatii de o mare acuratete surprinse de genialul doctor Paulescu. Ne demonstreaza intr-o maniera foarte plauzibila implicarea si infiltrarea masoneriei in Revolutia Franceza, precum si in toate Revolutiile de la 1848.
    Apoi sunt prezentate multe alte informatii utile despre manipularea masonica in societatea romaneasca de la sfarsitul secolului 18 si inceputul secolului 19 asa cum nu sunt prezentate in istoria oficiala. Se stie ca istoria oficiala este de fapt istoria rescrisa si rastalmacita conform ideologiei masonice.

  3. Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

    @ filosoful
    they are not the only beings with an egocentric orientation but they are the “best” ones 😉 . The selection system is made in such way that is filtering out all individuals that are not motivated by the same ideas and in this way they unconsciously select only the egocentric ones because they are the ones that react the best to the proposals and selection criteria from the brotherhood lodges.
    Look at their fundamental ideas about life and about the way they see the position of individual in the universe and you will easily recognize the same set of concepts that in genuine spirituality is described as being the characteristics of the ego. The masons are not doing it on purpose to select the egocentric individuals but they are doing it in an automatic way since their system is built to generate such selection. The fundamental ideas are the one that are the basis of the ego, then the structure that such set of ideas is generating will always be similar. That is why it is also hard for people to understand this sect of masonry because all the problem is rooted at the level of fundamental concepts and the rest is just a consequence. Even the ones that are talking against the masons are usually just fighting “windmills” because they are not able to see the root of the problem and they use unfair hits. Moreover most of the masons are honest with themselves and they don’t realize what is in reality their attitude about and its significance from a spiritual perspective and what is in reality happening with their organization because they are lacking the criteria to judge. And the few ones that are aware of these aspects are high enough and enjoy many privileges (justified with a very elaborate set of concepts about world) so that they can hide behind the honest ones that sincerely believe in the brotherhood as a very spiritual group.

  4. filosoful says:

    @ Mihai Stoian
    yes, it is true. I was speaking with one of my friend which has such an egocentric orientation about masonry.
    actually, he like very much these train of ideas to be one with a lot of power which control the others and to reach the highest levels of the materialistic life. he would like to use the advantages being part of such lodge ;).

  5. Ela says:

    A few days ago I saw Aaron Russo’s revelations a film directing Amerian about freemasonery and Nichlas Rockeffelr’s attempt to recruit in this group. He talks about plans to destroy the world bankers and freemasons its subjugation and about total control that they want to apply both individuals and peoples. This flim is terrible.

  6. filosoful says:

    Un link in care puteti citi despre “perlele de intelepciune” din politica, mass-media, ale unor binecunoscuti romani, sau cu alte cuvinte cum se trag sforile.

  7. Ed the Brave! says:

    For the ones who write in foreign languages PLEASE can you also write in English – as google translate is useless – you can obviously read English therefore it you could make the effort to write it – and if you are not very good – it will be a good training for you!!! 🙂

    Thanks ED

  8. filosoful says:

    Three undeniable proofs that freemasonry is a satanic sect:

  9. Sorin says:

    I think that masons are blind sometimes when it comes to seeing their own yard. And the thing they don’t see here is that the yang contains yin and the yin contains yang. And even of they try perfectly control their system, they are still human, they manifest desires, love…and mistakes….
    And by the way, i think the future youtube videos staring masons will have a good rating…hihihi

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