Exterior Revolution is not a solution – Part Three

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In the third part of this series we see what the puppeters from the shadows say about the freemasons

Let’s see now what these puppeteers from the shadows say about the freemasons and about the way in which they have to be manipulated (refering here obviously to those who are on the inferior levels). As it can be noticed, the elitist attitude comes through these lines together with its specfic miasma:

We shall multiply Masonic Lodges as a means of gathering under our eye all those goyim who (promise to become prominent in public activity), particularly all agents of international police, for these are useful both to enforce and to screen our activity. We puff up their foolish egotism, their need for any little success, in order to keep them in line, for these tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep . . . They are incapable of the analysis and observation required for foresight, hence the inevitable subjection to ours of the brute mind of the goyim.

In the following here is a selection from what this protocol says showing the nature of the groups of the elite. I chose to place here the entire text and to only underline the sequences important for the present discussion:

Everyone of them must know that there can never be equality as a result of the specific types of work to which the humans are subjected, that they cannot be all without any exception responsible in front of the law; that, for instance, the responsibility is not the same for the one who only stains his own honour.

The real knowledge of the social order, in the mysteries of which we do not involve the christians, would show that the place and the work of each should be different so that it doesn’t become a source of troubles as a consequence of adequacy between education and work.

By learning this knowledge (and since the primary schools) the peoples will voluntarily bend to the social orders and powers established by them within the State. And on the contrary, in the present state of the knowledge, as we have created it, the people, blindly trusting the printed word hopes, as a consequence of the untruths which it will believe and with which we maintain its stupidity, a hatred against all the positions which he believes to be above him, because he doesn’t understand the importance of each social position.

This hatred will even grow following the economical crisis, which will end through the stopping of the stock exchange operations and the course of the industry.

When we’ll give birth (with the help of the hidden means at our disposal, through the gold which is entirely in our hands) to a general economical crisis, then we’ll throw out on the streets entire lots of workers in the same day, in all the countries of Europe.

These discontent masses will thirstily shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they begrudge ever since their childhood and whose goods they can rob at that moment. But they will not touch ours, because we’ll know in advance the moment of the attack and we’ll take all the measures to take shelter.

We said that the progress will subject all the Christians to the reign of the ratio. This way our despotism will be manifested; it will know how to calm down the troubles through sharp and exemplary measures; it will be able to chase away liberalism from all the institutions.

When the people will see that, in the name of the freedom, they were given so many concessions and advantages, each one will stupidly imagine that he is the master and is greedily jumping to the power but, sure enough, he bumps against lots of obstacles. Then he doesn’t consider to return to the point where he came from, but starts looking for a new leader and, thus, without being aware of it, he is laying down to our feet all the powers.

Remember the French Revolution, which we have given the name “The Great”; the mysteries of its preparations are well known to us since it was entirely our work. Since then we bring the people from one disappointment to another, with the goal that they give up even the good things, for the benefit of the future despot-King, whom we prepare in the future for the world.

Today we are almighty as international power, since, if we are attacked in one State, we are defended in the other states. The endless cowardice of the christian peoples who are dragging in front of the power, showing no mercy towards small weaknesses and mistakes, but completely merciful towards the big crimes, who don’t want to acknowledge the contradiction with the idea of freedom, who are patient to the sacrifice in front of the brutal power of a daring despot – this is what fully enables our self-sufficiency. These Christian people suffer and endure from their prime-ministers obvious injustices for which twenty kings could have been beheaded.
How can we explain such a phenomenon which shows an inconsequence of such an extent of the people’s masses in front of the things which seem to be of the same nature? This phenomenon is explained by the fact that these dictators – prime ministers – make do that, through their agents, the people is told that, if they cause great drawbacks to the States, all these are only performed for the final goal to later ensure the happiness of all the peoples, their international union, solidarity, equal rights for all. For sure, they are never told that this union should only be done under our guidance and our domination.

Hence, this is how the people punish the righful ones and forgive those who are very guilty, trusting more and more that he, and only him is meant to do all that he likes. In such circumstances, in the end, people are destroying any peaceful order and bring forth to injustice and disorder with every step.

The word FREEDOM is quickly pushing to fight the human societies against any power, be it even the power of God and of nature. This is why after our raising to power this word must be eradicated from the human vocabulary as being the principle of brutality, which changes the masses into wild beasts. It is true that these beasts always fall asleep after they have drunk blood and that in this moment it is easy to enchain them. But if they are not given blood, then they do not sleep, but fight.”

Hence this is why I consider that, through this action, from the movie “Invisible Empire” (but not only there) of urging the people to go out and unite in the name of the fight for overthrowing those who behold the power in an abusive way (the elitists), these people become the unconscious (or conscious in some particular cases) agents of this occult power. They do nothing else than to open the free way for those who will cynically overtake the power right from those from those who have collected it with so much effort, once the waters have calmed down.

But everytime the masses of the people gather in the name of an ideal, this ideal is in opposition with something which has already existed, they will sooner or later become vulnerable to the infiltration and, in the final instance, manipulated. The greater the mass of people, the easier an elite can manipulate it through these games which exceed the capacity of understanding of the great masses of people. The elites will dominate with great ease a boiling public which has its primary instincts awakened (the thirst for blood) than a majority of educated people who are aware of themselves. In the second situation, these human beings would smile at the stupid attempts of the elite to counterfeit their common sense and vigilance in by no means would let themselves dragged into the uproar of events which they cannot control.

An exterior revolution will always end by serving the interests of the elite which in fact is feeded by revolutions. After each such exterior revolutions the power of the occult elites have increased instead of decreasing and this happened because they were able to direct this blind force of the revolution towards its goals.

Therefore what is the answer?

The revolution must begin from within and only when there it has succeeded, can it move towards outside. Only in this situation the leading people will not be quarrelling with each other, they will have the capacity to work together for real as the same heart and in the end to manage to revolutionize the world as they have revolutionized themselves.
Of course, such a solution is not so simple as the other one and in addition is not at all pleasant for our ego. An exterior revolution is interesting for the ego and in addition it skilfully masks our incapacity to transform ourselves because now we are working on an exterior revolution “towards the benefit of the others”. And there is no more dangerous person to itself and to the others than the one who (falsely) believes that he is doing all in the name of helping the others.

Consequently, people like Alex Jones call to fight in an exterior revolution but who will lead the revolutionary army in the conditions in which Alex Jones himself needs some inner revolution (even just an alimentary one)?? It is obvious – watching the documentaries he is creating – that his agressiveness, many times uncontrolled makes him become blind to certain sensible arguments, often allowing himself the temptation of truncating the truth in order to obtain a certain effect in the public a method which later he stigmatizes in those who behold the power. Such behaviour denotes that the exterior revolution has already started to show its dangerous fangs and to foreshadow its confiscation by the forces who behold the power also in the present moment.

Otherwise it is not at all by coincidence the fact that the great dictatorships of the 20th century were installed through revolutions or ample social movements which have installed them at the head of the state. This shows that in fact the exterior revolution is nothing but a sign of our incapacity to follow our spiritual destiny as humans and then we choose to manifest this transforming impulse in actions oriented exclusively towards outside. The price which we pay is the set up of a dictatorship which will use the created chaos and will steal the revolution of the naive and exteriorized ones.

Therefore I consider that the most powerful revolution is the revolution of education and spiritual evolution because this can neither be checked, nor controlled too easily and its results are much stronger since it destroys the possibility for the power to control it any more from within the beings who are free, this way. That is exactly why – based on the principle that “the first piece of the domino is the most defended one” – all the authentic spiritual schools are defended with great rigour and systematically attacked and discredited so that, this way, the spiritual education – which very easily brings the inner transformation of the people – cannot be transmitted. This way there will be promoted the non-values and the elites instead of the authentic initiates (see in the following also the article about NEW AGE).

If we relate to the events in December 1989 from Romania (events which are named by the leaders of the Romanian elites in a cynical way, Revolution!) we’ll easily notice this tragic situation: innocent people were sacrificed by the elitist groups in order to legitimate their lawlessnesses and to validate their statute of elite “emanated” from the fights of the streets. But beyond these fights there remained the cynical planning of some people who have activated “the human livestock” in actions of almost ritualic sacrifice aiming to install a new elite to power in Romania. In the same way are ongoing the things in the majority of the countries in the world nowadays.

In order to illustrate this with another meaningful situation I will synthesize a series of events in Denmark: the country’s prime minister came in the Parliament and shamelessly lied, stating that there are pieces of certain information regarding the mass destruction weapons in Iraq. He has convinced thus a hesitating Danish Parliament to send troops in Iraq. After a while, a news reporter has brought the proof – with photos of official documents beheld by the Danish prime minister at the moment of taking the decision to send Danish troops in Iraq and has showed that in the respective documents there was clearly stated that there is no information about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

There appears a small quarrel in the Danish press, but very well controlled by the Jewish cartel which controls the major press in the kingdom. The Danish prime minister hands out to the reporter a high distinction for professionalism in journalism and in one year he is chosen again as prime minister through the people’s poll! After one more year Anders Fogh Rasmussen (since he is the infamous character) is chosen for the much more important function of general secretary of NATO. It is obvious that, after lying so well in the name of the allies … he also deserves a piece of the pie which he has been defeating.
His lie and corruption proved with documents have qualified him by default for the supreme function in the alliance. Hence, this is how the elite works in this case. There is no point for me to insist on the fact that Anders Fogh is a member in a central masonic lodge in Copenhagen. “something is rotten in Denmark” … one could say.

What would be the solution to such a situation??? To go out on the street? Well, with such a population which has already accepted so easily these things it would be a child’s game to easily confiscate the power and to update it for the new demands.
And, since I’ve mentioned here more times about masonery and about the protocols of the “wise” I will continue with a series of pieces of information and comments on the worldwide masonery and its elitist (and egocentric) occult structures. Similarly I think it is interesting for all of us to debate on the text of the protocols in the light of the events from the last 113 years 😉
Success and let God keep us all within His Love.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (38)

  1. sorin says:

    Besides the evil part of their point of view, I must admit that this guys, the freemasons had and have very intelligent thinkers. Yet they aim to manipulate the lowest tendencies of man which means on the other hand that once a person gains control of his low tendencies he is no longer a victim.
    Even if they got drunk from their temporary and yet incomplete success the elites should have known from the start that no person can really prosper based only on intelligence but lacking heart and that nothing can stand against God’s will.
    My optimism comes from Benjamin Fulford’s disclosers which show the beginning of a fast end of the satanic elites.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ sorin
      Good point. Intelligence (the lower, discursive one) without heart will sooner or later lead to decadence and self-annihilation. I am preparing to post the latest news from Benjamin Fulford as they are more and more confirmed by the recent events…
      There is a deeper transformation starting to take shape into the world today and we are part of it. Stay tuned with the highest energies and enjoy.

  2. giulia says:

    Dear Mihai
    I heard a lot about the global transformation lately, and had a lot of discussions with my close friends in Italy. I understand the part about the inner revolution, but I’m trying to picture in my mind the big picture, or should I say how the world will look during the process, during the changes… how the society will change on the way…
    For example, we began to understand that this so-called “democracy” is just an instrument which offers freedom only to a small group of people, the one that lead from behind the scene. This means we really need another system which should be fair to everyone… how do you guys think that this system should be like?

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ giulia
      the system is already there we just have to accept it: it is the nature itself that need to be allowed back into our life. if you look around in most areas of life where we have progress we copy in a way or another the universe around us. yet in our society we move further away from the natural laws every day and as a consequence we are heading from one problem to a bigger one. but the occult power in the world today would loose their undeserved status should humanity allow the natural laws to rule the human society as well. they will become the hunchbacks that they really are and the real values will return without needing anyone to judge. and this is what they desperately try to avoid since the fighting against what they perversely called “paganism”. but the laws of nature are now emerging from all the corners and the elite is making more and more mistakes … heading toward the inevitable.
      read also the answer i gave to riki and manuel for completing this one … and this is just a small hint.

  3. adelle says:

    I’m sick of this guys playing “God” with us. Thanks God He sees everything… indeed that’s not completely it. We need this kind of revolution (interior) otherwise the Creator will not just put a new better world into our arms..
    It’s good visiting this portal of light from time to time… Keep it like that!

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ adelle
      if you do not want others to play “god” with you than find God! Then nobody can do this for you already found “the original”. This is in a way a lesson of discernment that can be very useful if you take it with optimism.

  4. beatrice99 says:

    Just as no one in the lead has interest in being confronted with an exterior revolution, no one from the guys pulling the strings from behind will ever teach us an inner discipline, because this would mean an inner revolution which would also bring an exterior transformation…

  5. beatrice99 says:

    This is why it’s in our best interest to discipline ourselves and to enlarge our view. The elites want to narrow our vision so that we’d be easily manipulated. It is exactly why smart peoples, people who have a very open view, are usually isolated, discredited, attacked in the media, or even physically… This happens when they (the smart ones) are lonely or few, but if we all make efforts to revolutionize our inner being masons won’t be able to fight us or to isolate us!

  6. ashley says:

    Dear Sorin

    It’s true that the Masonry is going down the drain but I must agree with Adelle that personal effort is completely needed. This is what the masons expect from people, not to do a thing… Let’s just do something!

  7. mona says:

    I think you do this new articole because the recent things from Romania. Even all romanians want to change the government and president, they just change the people from government with people which serve this gouverment. How to change the leaders of the country when these leaders are the same people starting from 1989? They are the same all the time and they will be here in the near future, because all the politicians are all in all 500 pcs. So we always vote some of these same 500 people. What we hope in this case? For this reason I agree your ideea, changes need to come from inside, because this means 6 bilions of changes. This will be a real revolution which masonic elits can not control and that will be their end.

  8. riki says:

    Great articles, all 3 of them. Maybe you will publish them in a famous newspaper. All the people need to have these informations and start to think with own brain.

  9. manuel says:

    Dear sir, what you said here is very serious. Why nobody said all things on Tv or radio? Why we never learn about these things in school or university? You need to talk in public places about these things urgently. I will send all your articles to all my friends. All people which read your blog is necessary to do propaganda with your informations. In this way, we have a chance to start our inner revolution.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ manuel & @ riki
      my friend, you are very enthusiastic and this is great. Indeed there are things that should be taught in the schools and universities but for starting an inner revolution one need spiritual schools and not only such general ideas from some articles. If you start only to make propaganda with such articles it will result in the same kind of exterior movement as all the others that i was referring in the articles. Today there are few genuine spiritual schools and a lot of businesses within the field of spirituality. When people will understand that they need something more they will go out and search and there will be again the “wolfs in sheep clothes” that will sell them the New Age spirituality as a solution. And then the revolution is again “parked” on a garage line. You cannot rush this process without risking to loose it completely. In a way a perfect revolution should organically grow until reaching its maturity in all the senses (the number of people that awakens is balanced with the number of real teachers and schools that can teach the newly awakened and in this way the possibility of deviating it is very little). It is like the controlled expansion of the consciousness into the middle of the intense experience that is described in tantra …
      The best is to use all this enthusiasm that you already have to become an example of a human being that raised the level of consciousness by the use of spiritual practice. This is the best beginning of a revolution… and then you can also give these words to others as well … for them to copy your example. The world “elite” (that in reality is the perfection of mediocrity) is unable to deal with such a revolution but they are very good in suppressing any attempt to create a movement that have no roots in each of its individuals by the “ounce of practice” that they do. Thank you for participation.

  10. hush says:

    I agree with a system of education that should teach people from the beginning the moral values, and just as Mr. Stoian said, the values of nature specifically. Mother Nature has taught us a lot during the ages, and has been our support at all times, but as industrialization exploded on our planet, man began to fill as if nature is something standing in the way something he had to get rid of. But that just like cutting your own roots…

  11. Broots says:

    I think the question in this case you’re discussing here would be
    Because I see many times people that fight with everything they’ve got (or the way they know anyway) but many are simply sleeping indulging in a strange behavior and thinking they have a perfect life…. how do we deal with them, if they don’t want to be dealt with?

  12. good buddy says:

    I saw in a movie directed by Mel Gipson this idea: No people is conquered from the exterior unless it collapsed from the inside first. I;m not sure all the words are the same but the idea is intact.
    Going the other way we might say that in order to eliminate the exterior invasion we need inner strength… which is the same thing Mihai Stoian is talking about here… the force, the knowledge comes from the inside, from wisdom, not from wars and violence…

  13. good buddy says:

    It’s like… they all come together: inner strength, wisdom, knowledge, lucidity… and so on.. Otherwise how can you fight someone by going down to its own level where he has so much experience?

  14. manuel says:

    Yes, you are right. But we need to start from somewhere. If people read your ideas they will start to search inside and outside, and in this way they have a chance. Ideas are very important, because ideas change habits and atitudes. If the people never here about another alternative, they will never be able to hope for better. You are wise and we need such wise man around all over the world. And people become wise practicing spiritual teachings and become aware for the meaning of life. So, our business in the eand is to become wise people, that means a inner revolution. Thank for answer.

  15. soren says:

    May we all have the revolution we need from the spiritual point of view… and fast! ‘Cause I’m tired of seeing the same “world disorder” as u call it!
    Today I read a newspaper in which they described a 4 years old boy who became obsessed with a TV show for children and after that he suddenly declare to his mother that he wants to be a girl. being taken to a psychiatrist he has declared to have a gender identity disorder. Even the journalist who wrote the article declared that the TV show for children (little girls) had something to do with the mental switch… as he was a perfect boy before being forgotten in front of the TV… This is the world we’re living in… and I’m not happy about it….

  16. dany says:

    If this is true about the “exterior revolution”, then what about the exterior revolution that existed in the human history and brought good things with them? Did they have good results because there was also something inside the people participating which turned the right way?

  17. new guy says:

    I’ve been waiting for a long time to get this kind of information. It’s amazing how the real mechanism of the society today is so far apart from the things we are taught… or which they teach us…
    At last something’s starting to come out right in this world…

  18. fluffy says:

    You guys really mean that those people making all sorts of protests around the world are doing it for nothing? Such waste of energy for changing nothing? This is deep stuff man… and it kind of hurts at the same time… 🙁

  19. sorin says:

    I must say I have seen a lot of those people who are attracted and then fooled by the little success, money, their own egotism and this is proving exactly that their masonic plan is put to work.
    Working in a public institution I could easily see that right in the moment when the employees started to awake, to be aware of their rights and started not to respond to the corrupted manipulation coming from the high levels of the institution, they were simply reorganized. The result of the reorganization was an institution where the people working before were mixed with a mass of people with low level of education, people trained in a completely different spirit. This was indeed a way of screening the illegal activities of the elites, because the new organism (institution) is now divided and much less capable of resisting to manipulation, corruption or to chase the real guilty groups…

  20. daniel99 says:

    In Romania I hear a lot this saying “May you King Vlad come to us”. For those not familiar with the romanian expression ( launched for the first time by M. Eminescu – the greatest romanian poet and writer) this is a kind of invocation of the famous romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler, the historic character the Dracula myth is based on. This ruler was so great that he destroyed armies of the Turkish Empire, back in the 1500’s which were sometimes 5 times bigger than his. In short, romanians want the same spirit of success to came back into their society and help them.

    Some of you might wonder which is the connection with the present subject. Being raised in Romania I heard many times this expression and at a certain moment I started meditating about it, because I also studied the romanian history very close.
    After a while it was clear for me that people nowdays are committing a very big mistake. Because 500 years ago, when the ruler of the country gathered the army (he was of course a true hero) and he was standing in front of the army and used to fight together with the others. There are many stories that confirm that they sometimes went directly where the battle was the most dangerous.
    And here comes the big “trick” and at the same time the big difference between people living a long time ago an the people from today: When the ruler used to say “Now we go to the battle and defend our land even with our life” every person, from farmer to nobleman, raised the sword and went forward without any regrets.
    So the trick nowdays people fall into is the fact that they want someone from the exterior, a “Vlad the Impaler” in our case to invade their surroundings, hunt down the bad guys, erase the bad things and leave them then “clean and happy” ….
    If we take a better look at this attitude we realize that in fact people would like to have everything by doing nothing. But it’s the same consuming attitude carefully cultivated by the masonic system which we call today “democracy”.

    People don’t realize (an important part of them, I mean, not all ) that the bad things are also in themselves and this is what brings all the strange stuff all the misery around us.
    We can’t get rid of the these miserable beings which manipulate the society without changing their inner attitude, without cleaning the misery inside. They don’t realize they can’t revolutionize the exterior without an inner revolution.

    People need to revolutionize the world by starting with themselves.

  21. daniel99 says:

    Even thinking that we want to change the world starting from outside might be, in my opinion, an elitist thinking, because only elitists want to determine the others (and not them ) to change for their benefit…

  22. Extra Tender says:

    This Mihai man really knows what he’s talking about. It’s funny how right he is and how few people follow by default this system of awareness, of not letting themselves manipulated.

  23. Dom says:

    Let’s face it – with all these things ongoing, where are we really?
    What is to be done, when and how? What i guess is that noone will just turn our world into paradise with a stroke of a magic wand. We will still have to find our own solutions to the problems we have created for ourselves.
    In other words, spiritual, moral, and ethical development is likely to accompany technological advancement if a culture does not self-destruct soon after the creation of nuclear and other advanced energy systems.. not to mention what is happening on the inside, in our mind and psychic structure, a chaos if we allow it..

  24. Daniel99 says:

    To Dom

    That’s exactly what I was talking about… everyone is waiting for someone else to do their job, with a magic wand, as you say, while the world (seen as a whole, but not only) is going to self-destruction.

    That’s what always happened with the old civilizations when they gave more credit to the technology, to the exterior, forgetting about the inner nature…… well said!

  25. Opono (Japan) says:

    Hi, folks! Nice to see the interest to deal with such issues..
    Perhaps our greatest danger is that in this current historic period, our capabilities to harm ourselves and others, has surpassed our ability to control our self-destructive ways.. in terms of external but as well internal weapons (read ”inferior mind”).. If we are to survive, then i guess our ethical, moral, and spiritual development will have to catch up with our predilection for making war and threatening nature with all kind of pollution.

  26. Sonya says:

    If it’s not Opono from Japan the one who has the right to talk about our self-destructive stuff or pollution, than who is… No offense Opono, I don’t want to mock you, but it’s somehow the real proof of the subject I read about in this topic…

  27. Georgi Kovatchev says:

    It’s a shame that people today, like the prime minister in the example given below by the admin of the site, lie with poker face, as some say, but in our times lies have become a rule and the truth is a real virtue…

    However it’s a pity that people don’t react to these flagrant lies and abuses accordingly. Still, I think this would happen if people would be clean on the inside. How can a dirty, corrupted person take a stand against lies when he’s doing exactly the same things… Anyway, many do even that, and that’s why they are also hypocrites….

  28. Laszlo says:

    I see many of us situated on (or that should begin with) the inner revolution stage.
    I notice that with the energies specific to this year, we are very quickly offered a mirror, a feed-back to where we are and what we do.. manifested from outside. It does not hurt when it’s a beautiful one, but one may feel crashed facing one that you cannot accept, understand or easily digest.. and that in fact speaks about weak points in you.
    Perhaps the art is to not step back into inhibition, mental judgment or fear in such cases, but instead letting that feedback do its work on the inside.. while focusing on spiritual practice and aspiration..

  29. Xing Chi says:

    Did you succeed in your inner revolution.. today at the very least?
    Do you really think you are pure and vertical enough to be in position to appreciate well who and when has the ”RIGHT” to say something and who has not.. ?
    If yes, and if you are a wise realized person, congratulations..

    If not, perhaps you feel lonely in such self proclaimed superiority terms, since most of us are only in the process to become so.. and are aware of such.
    I personally respect this process of evolution in everyone.. especially since i noticed how hard it was and is for myself to transform.. and deal with any impurity or lack of centering.
    Good luck to you too and a nice weekend!

  30. sonya says:

    @Xing Chi

    No offense, but I think you got me all wrong. I just wanted to underline that Opono is part of a people who suffered a lot in the last two years, because of the great disease we all caught…. that’s been eating humanity for thousands of years… and I was including myself in this humanity… Well this was what I had in mind, but I don’t know what was in yours that made you react like this. All the best.

  31. Michael says:

    How about we make once the shift of passing from superficially labeling of what others experience.. and disguised refusal of seeing what we mix in our own pots .. to embrace life and the ones we encounter in our life and honnestly start to transform our attitude and ourselves?
    From what i noticed, most of the time, suffrance and such splits in ourselves, as well in relations and within the world, they come from non acceptance of .. just life. The simple game of life.. that may be for some a huge trap of just drunk and neverending illusion.. while for others, that are open to learn, may become the trambuline they came here for..
    Let us not forget that we speak about a togetherness in these times, even more than before.. whether we want it or not.. what other way would you find?..

  32. Samar says:

    It is so amazing to me to realize the kind of lucidity we need in these times.. so sharp, awake and in the same time, deeply relaxed.. to be able to see things while we keep the oil in the spoon.. Part of the tantric attitude ;)..
    It is such a beautiful thing to be among so many wonderful people.. like the ones i met these days in this yoga school in Denmark.. I see already blossomed in the bossom of these spiritual family that exists, rare values such as unity, beauty, love, kindness, purity and peace.. sincere aspiration and spiritual efficiency.. and I love it..

  33. Satya says:

    aha now i got it..
    .. you and your very bright light..

  34. helena says:

    yes, i can see now. i have thought for long time about those aspects. i have noticed on myself how angry i am when i see how they manipulate us every day. my questions is what we can really do meanwhile we do the inner revolution? i mean to practically act…

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