Exterior Revolution is Not a Solution – Part One

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In capitalism we deal with the exploitation of man by man. But in communism the situation is inverted.
(Urban folklore from the communist period in Romania)

I wrote this post before the development of tensions in the Arabic countries and the Middle East. Considering the recent events in Egypt, Tunis, Libya,  I can see that the post fits the current climate very well.

While the winds of revolution are sweeping away the sand castles of the different regimes in the Arabic countries everything seems to be heading towards the victory of democracy and the expression of the legitimate aspirations of the citizens of those countries… Still I cannot help but notice that there are many signs pointing to what has become the true lesson of history today – the exterior revolution is not a solution without a powerful and successful interior revolution – …and history tends to repeat itself.

Apparently the people are the winners of the street confrontation, but nowadays more and more realize that it is not the people who have gained freedom in Egypt, but those who have used the force of the masses to their advantage (and time will prove again if this was a correct statement). Therefore, today’s revolutionary wave is different from the events in 1989 when, due to the waves of naive enthusiasm, the sinister masquerades of the anti-communist revolutions in Eastern Europe appeared to be genuine even when the hideous smile of those who had cheated the youth of the revolution became obvious.

But at a closer look one can easily see that the present events in the Middle East are nothing more than a “1989” scenario skillfully adjusted to the reality of those countries. And it is interesting to notice that the story starts back 200 years, in the 1789’s French (Masonic) Revolution.  In the present context the stakes are proportionally bigger and so is the importance of the actions taken by the CIA-MOSSAD (one cannot be so naive to believe that these events are just left loose by these vectors of the occult power) to destabilize this region in order to consolidate their position in the area and to diminish the support-base of Iran. The multiplying or empowering factor for these vectors of occult power is the people themselves who can now be easily driven to protest on the streets for ideals such as freedom. If we consider also the mass manipulation by using  of HAARP devices (fact already becoming almost official) we can foresee the picture of the final destination of these events.

Invisible Empire

This article is written as a continuation of the comments to the movie “Invisible Empire”. In the previous comments I stated that I do not agree with the nearly desperate urgent calls by the film’s creator to act on the street. As promised, I will explain here, the statements that I made at that time. However one should bear in mind, from the beginning, that it is not only a logical problem to consider for it is directly reflected in our daily life and i consider that the understanding of these aspects can bring us closer to a more harmonious life in this world.

Today there are increasingly more people (from those who promote the truth behind the mass media’s smoke screen) who call for the unity of all popular forces in order to take the power from the hands of the few and give it back to the people.

Given the experience with Communism that ruled with the slogan “the power of many over the few” and with Capitalism that rules with the philosophy of “divide and conquer”, and considering the lamentable failure of both of them (given that each system sooner or later ended with the same situation: the power is put into the hands of few who are ruling over the many) we can conclude that one has to be careful in joining any call for either unity of people or for following our own divided interest. In fact we have to be careful in following any call today when it is not coming from our Heart.

We must understand where the failure in these two systems occurred in order to become able to transform something for real.

The difficult part in this analysis appears from its beginning through the fact that, paradoxically, these two systems (communism and capitalism), only apparently cover both possible ways in which humans can interact: unity and separation.

An Elitist Occult Minority Holds the Power Over the Majority

People have either united, forming a people’s majority (as in communism), or people have followed each of their own goals, being governed by the rules of the state of law (as in capitalism), and the result seems to be, sooner or later, the same for all: an elitist occult minority holding powers over the majority of people who don’t even have a clue about what is being done to them.

If, through the unity of the exploited ones or through their lawful separation (on the basis of some laws), the result tends to still be the same, we have all the rights to ask ourselves what the solution would be? Similarly, this constant returning to the phase of confiscating the power in one way or another by occult groups shows us that the problem of the inhuman exploitation and of elitism cannot be sought in the organizing system of the majority, but rather in the very nature of this majority which seems to always generate the same situations in the absence of adequate education.

Let’s take these two examples and see if there is any common element behind them, which might actually be the cause of the failure even though the two systems seem to perfectly complete each other (in other words, together they cover the entire range of possibilities and therefore the failure cannot come from somewhere else externally). We have seen that if people unite in order to form a certain popular force they put together various thoughts and aspirations which later on become a kind of gigantic reservoir which accumulates all their experiences. We encounter this in what is generically called the collective subconscious.

Communism works in such a way that this collective subconscious is greatly amplified and the people are very directly and dynamically connected to it, thus they are very powerfully influenced by its content.

On the other side, the capitalist system works so that people are dominated by the idea that they are special and different, and their spirit of competition is stimulated to the point in which there is almost no cohesive power left between the individuals. This is what makes the individuals prone to the forces of the state, which are the only forces that cannot be confronted with any successful opposition.

In order to understand how it is possible that these two systems (which are so clearly different) can still lead to the apparition of the same occult power and, moreover, to its support both through the development of the system and through its demise (as happened with the communist system, through its very demise fed the same occult power which fed itself in the first stages after the previous demise from the ‘carcass’ of the exterminated system). I think that we must study some fundamental mechanisms of the human being; mechanisms which make him react in this way both individually and within the group.

The Initiate and The Egoist: The Man and His Shadow

A very important element which we must take into consideration here is the fact there are certain principles to be found in the depths of human nature which preordain human beings, so that sooner or later they behave and are organized in the same way within similar conditions.

Here I refer for instance to the concept of a ‘chosen being’ or of ‘the elite’. This concept has always been a shadow – a reflection in the inferior planes – of the spiritual concept of initiate and that of esoteric (occult) circle. People who do not have the level of consciousness – or no longer have – to perceive this concept of initiate together with all its consequences, search unconsciously to find themselves a special status or to differentiate themselves from the others because this is what they understand from the notion of initiate: a special person who keeps a distance from the others. This is translated from the perspective of the ego through the notion of ‘elite’ and ‘elitism’. What has been the sign of a superior level of consciousness – the initiate – now becomes the mark of the inferior level of consciousness – the egoist or the elitist. Thus we can see how the elitist is a caricature-like copy (from the perspective of the ego) of the initiate.

If the initiate is a being who is by the nature of his knowledge above the others who are in the earlier stages of the adventure of evolution, the egoist or the elitist is the one who, by the nature of his limitations, considers himself special, exceptional or to be ‘the chosen one’. The feeling of being special becomes central in the case of the egoist while in the case of the initiate the interest for knowledge and evolutionary transformation is the central element of his interest. The initiate is interested in perfecting himself and through this – even if he does not at all aim for this – he attains a special status related to the others who are not yet aware at this level or who have not yet transformed themselves to this degree.

The special status of the initiate results from the very nature of the things while the special status of the elitist, or the egoist, results from the constant effort to gain and maintain this status. The egoist or the elitist is interested in having a special status even if it is not deserved. He is usually a mediocre man who does not deserve this status in reality.

That is exactly why the egoist starts to make an effort to create an image of the chosen being for himself, of belonging to the elite, and he works to maintain this image through the mystification of the truth or even through the effort of personal elevation. For this he joins forces with others who have the same mentality, creating occult groups, self-named as chose ones or the elite.

Groups of initiates preserve their anonymity and discretion due to the objective necessity which appears through the very big difference between their level of consciousness and manifestation and those who are still in ignorance. Their work is done within themselves and their discretion is maintained in a natural and effortless way. If this difference in the level of consciousness did not exist, the group of initiates would not need to keep anything secret. On the other hand, elitists, or egoists, usually have no objective reason which would create the necessity for keeping certain secrets, except for the need to appear different to how they are, for playing an image enhancing game based mainly on the skilful manipulation of secrets and, thus, on holding onto power in a formal and illegitimate way.

They cultivate a certain self-image by placing, apparently, the notions of charity and mutual help, humanism and evolution at the centre of their attention, but through attentive analysis we can see that these are obviously very smartly conceived image enhancing games (and not at all sustained by their concrete actions) in order to maintain the idea of a moral and even spiritual elite and to justify the actions performed from this position.

From this perspective the elite is substituted within the natural order, a counterfeit of what naturally appears within a community through the evolution of some individuals who become initiates. The elite are an aberration of nature trying to hide exactly by imitating nature. The leading elite justify their existence through the fact that somebody has to lead and has to assume this, and they do so because they are the ‘chosen ones’. However, over time it tends to become clear that the value of the elite is at the same level as those human beings whom they lead and then the tyranny of the mediocre over mediocrity is installed, or … “the exploitation of man by man”  🙂

Part two in this series coming soon….

“In capitalism avem de a face cu exploatarea omului de catre om. In comunism insa este invers”

(folclor urban din perioada comunista)

Am scris acest articol ca urmare a comentariilor la filmul “Invisible Empire” si in care afirmam ca nu sunt de acord cu chemarile aproape disperate ale realizatorului filmului la actiuni de strada imediate. In cele ce urmeaza am sa explic afirmatiile de atunci asa cum am promis. Inca de la inceput va previn ca nu este numai o problema de logica, ceea ce am vrut atunci sa spun se reflecta direct in viata noastra la toate nivelele si intelegerea acestor idei consider ca poate sa ne aduca mai aproape de o stare de armonie in lumea in care traim.

Sunt din ce in ce mai multi aceia care – promovand adevarul din spatele trusturilor media – cheama la unirea tuturor fortelor populare ca luand puterea din mainile celor putini sa fie data inapoi poporului.

Avand experienta comunismului care s-a condus dupa sloganul “puterea celor multi asupra celor putini” si a capitalismului care “divide si cucereste”, si considerand esecul lamentabil a ambelor sisteme (pentru ca fiecare dintre el, mai devreme sau mai tarziu, a ajuns in aceiasi situatie: puterea este data celor putini si puternici care-i conduc pe cei multi), fiecare ar trebui sa fie foarte precaut in asi insusi una dintre cele doua chemari: fie spre unitate fie spre a urma interesul individual! De fapt trebuie sa fim atenti in a urma orice apel care nu vine din Inima noastra.

Trebuie sa intelegem unde anume au esuat fiecare dintre aceste doua sisteme pentru a putea transforma ceva. Partea dificila in aceasta analiza apare inca de la inceputul ei prin faptul aparent paradoxal ca aceste doua sisteme (comunismul si capitalismul) acopera – numai in aparenta – ambele directii posibile prin care oamenii pot interactiona: unitatea si separarea.

O Minoritate Elitista Oculta Detine Puteri Asupra Celor Multi

Fie ca oamenii s-au unit formand o majoritate populara (precum in comunism), fie ca oamenii si-au vazut fiecare de telurile sale fiind guvernati de legile statului de drept (precum in capitalism), rezultatul se pare ca este mai devreme sau mai tarziu cam acelasi pentru toti: o minoritate elitista oculta detine puteri asupra majoritatii oamenilor care nici banuiesc ce li se petrece. Daca prin unitatea celor exploatati sau prin separarea lor legica (in baza unor legi) rezultatul totusi tinde sa devina acelasi ne putem intreba pe buna dreptate care ar fi solutia? De asemenea, aceasta revenire constanta la faza de confiscare intr-un fel sau altul a puterii de catre grupuri oculte ne arata ca problema exploatarii inumane si elitismului nu poate sa fie cautata in sistemul de organizare al majoritatii ci mai degraba in natura acestei majoritati care se pare ca genereaza intotdeauna aceleasi situatii in absenta unei formari adecvate.

Sa luam aceste doua exemple si sa vedem daca nu cumva in spatele lor se gaseste un element comun care sa fie de fapt cauza esecului, chiar daca cele doua sisteme par ca se complementeaza perfect (deci cu alte cuvinte acopera toata gama de posibilitati si deci esecul nu are cum sa fie undeva in afara).

Am vazut ca daca oamenii se unesc pentru a forma o anumita forta populara ei isi pun in comun tot felul de ganduri si aspiratii care apoi devin un fel de rezervor gigantic ce acumuleaza toate experientele lor. Avem de a face astfel cu ceea ce generic se numeste subconstientul colectiv. Comunismul face ca acest subconstient colectiv sa se ampifice foarte mult iar oamenii sa fie in mod foarte direct si dinamic conectati la el, fiind astfel puternici influentati de continutul acestuia.

Pe de alta parte sistemul capitalist face ca oamenii sa fie dominati de ideea ca sunt speciali si diferiti, le stimulteaza spiritul de competitie pana intr-acolo incat nu mai exista aproape nici un fel de forta de coeziune intre indivizi. Aceasta ii aduce pe indivizi la discretia fortelor statului care sunt singura forta ce nu poate sa fie confruntata cu nici o opozitie viabila.

Pentru a intelege cum este posibil ca aceste doua sisteme atat de diferite sa duca totusi la aparitia aceleiasi puteri oculte si chiar la sustinerea ei atat prin dezvoltarea sistemului cat si prin caderea sa (cum s-a petrecut cu sistemul comunist care chiar si prin caderea sa a hranit aceeasi putere oculta care s-a hranit in primele faze dupa cadere chiar din “hoitul” sistemului rapus) cred ca trebuie sa ne aplecam asupra unor mecanisme fundamentale ale fiintei umane, mecanisme care o fac sa reactioneze in acest fel atat individual cat si in grup.

Initiatul si Egoistul: Omul si Umbra Sa

Un element foarte importat de care trebuie sa tinem seama aici este si faptul ca in natura umana anumite principii care se afla in profunzimea sa vor face ca mai devreme sau mai tarziu fiinta respectiva sa se comporte si sa se organizeze cam in acelasi fel in conditii similare. Aici ma refer de pilda la conceptul de “fiinta aleasa” sau de “elita”. Acest concept a fost intotdeauna o umbra – o reflexie in planurile inferioare – a conceptului spiritual de initiat si de cerc esoteric (ocult). Oamenii care nu au nivelul de constiinta – sau nu mai au nivelul – sa perceapa acest concept de initiat cu toate consecintele sale, cauta in mod inconstient sa isi gaseasca un statut aparte sau se se diferentieze de ceilalti pentru ca aceasta este ceea ce ei inteleg din notiunea de initiat: o persoana aparte care isi mentine distanta fata de ceilalti. Aceasta se traduce din perspectiva egoului prin notiunea de “elita” si “elitism”. Ceea ce era semnul unui nivel superior de constiita – initiatul – devine acum marca nivelului inferior de constiinta – egoistul sau elitistul. Asadar putem observa cum elitistul este o copie caricaturala (din perspectiva ego-ului) a initiatului.

Daca initiatul este o fiinta care prin natura cunoasterii sale este deasupra celorlalti care se afla intr-un stadiu de inceput al aventurii evolutiei, egoistul sau elitistul este cel care prin natura limitarilor sale se considera special, aparte sau “cel ales”. Sentimentul de a fi special devine central in cazul egoistului pe cand in cazul initiatului interesul pentru cunoastere si transformare evolutiva este elementul central al interesului sau. Pe cel initiat il intereseaza sa se perfectioneze si prin aceasta – chiar daca nu urmareste aceasta – el capata un statut aparte fata de ceilalti care inca nu stiu sau nu s-au transformat. Statulul aparte al initiatului rezulta din insasi natura lucrurilor pe cand statului aparte al elitistului sau egoistului rezulta dintr-un efort constant pentru a dobandi si mentie aacest statut. Pe cel egoist sau elitist il intereseaza sa aiba un statut aparte chiar daca nu merita in realitate aceasta, el fiind un om de cele mai multe ori mediocru ce nu ar merita in realitate acest statut. Tocmai de aceea egoistul incepe sa faca eforturi de a isi face o imagine de fiinta aleasa, de apartenenta la o elita, si sa isi mentina aceasta imagine prin mistificarea adevarului sau chiar prin efortul de a-i face pe ceiallti sa para mai jos in loc sa isi dirijeze el eforturile pentru a se eleva personal. Pentru aceasta el se grupeaza impreuna cu altii care au aceeasi mentalitate in grupe oculte care se autointituleaza alesi sau elite.

Grupele de initiati isi pastreaza anonimatul si discretia datorita necesitatii obiective ce apare prin diferenta foarte mare de nivel intre constiinta si manifestarile initiatilor si cei care inca se afla in ignoranta. Munca lor se desfasoara asupra lor insisi iar discretia lor se mentine in mod natural si fara efort. Daca nu ar fi aceasta diferenta de nivel de constiinta, grupa de initiati nu ar pastra nici un secret. Pe de alta parte elitistii sau egoistii nu au de cele mai multe ori nici un motiv ce in mod obiectiv ar necesita pastrarea unor secrete in afara nevoii de a parea altfel decat sunt, de a juca un joc de imagine care se bazeaza in mare parte pe manipularea abila a secretului si astfel de a detine puterea in mod formal si ilegitim.

Ei isi cultiva o anumita imagine de sine prin plasarea aparent in centrul atentiei a notinuilor de caritate si intrajutorare, de umanism si evolutie, insa la o analiza atenta observam in mod evident ca acestea nu sunt decat niste jocuri de imagine foarte bine gandite (si nesustinute deloc de actiunile lor concrete) pentru a mentine ideea de elita morala si chiar spirituala si a justifica actiunile realizate de pe aceasta pozitie.

Din aceasta perspectiva elita se substituie ordinii naturale, un surogat a ceea ce in mod natural apare in sanul comunitatii prin evolutia unor indivizi care devin initiati. Elita este o aberatie a naturii care cauta sa se ascunda tocmai imitand natura. Elita conducatoare isi justifica existenta prin faptul ca cineva trebuie sa conduca si sa isi asume aceasta iar ei sunt aceia pentru ca sunt “cei alesi”. In timp insa tinde sa devina clar ca valoarea elitei este la acelasi nivel cu a celorlalti oameni pe care ii conduc si atunci se instaleaza tirania mediocritatii asupra mediocrilor, sau … “exploatarea omului de catre om”.

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  1. Bogdan says:

    Exprimarea e cam greoaie si e fgreu de urmarit si inteles textul…desi sunt lucruri extrem de importante. Doar nu te adresezi numai elitelor sau initiatilor 🙂

  2. sorin popa says:

    It’s just like one young egyptian says: WE WILL NEVER BE SILENT!

    AMERICA ataca din nou JAPONIA
    B`nai B`rith asasinii fiintei umane
    Operation Castle – 1954
    Operaţiunea Castle – 1954
    Operation wigwam 1955- Underwater Explosion
    Operaţiunea Wigwam 1955 – Explozie Subacvatica
    Operation Redwing – 1956
    Operaţiunea Redwing – 1956



    Now must come the IMF to help them out of the disaster caused by the U.S. NAVY

  4. Cum se provoca REVOLUTIILE?

    1 ACTIUNI DE PROTEST LA AMBASADE pe toata planeta( vezi si impotriva Chinei pentru AUTONIMIE IN TIBET si sustinerea lui Dalai Lama) impotriva tarilor sau guvernulor TINTA, asa trezesc jidani de la B`nai B`rith si Opus Dei – PAPA VATICAN de la ONU comunitatea internationala, vine presa propaganda sionista CNN (Christiane Aman pour), BBC, Radio Europa Libera si altele si condamna guvernul tarii respective, pentru coruptie, saracie, foamete, voturi furate si altele, pentru a justifica ulterior interventia militara ONU, NATO in aceste tari, adica pentru a formula o REZOLUTIE ONU necesara si justificativa de atac militar, sa nu fie acuzati pentru crime de razboi.

    2. PROTESTE de strada in tarile TINTA (Romania, Iugoslavia, Egypt, Libia, Tunisia si altele) cu ajutorul spionilor lor, sau mai nou pentru Romania DISIDENTI, sprijiniti de ambasadele straine (in Romania, Olanda a fost cea mai activa) care sunt UNITATI MILITARE pe teren INAMIC si de propaganda sionista CNN -Christine Amanpour in decembrie 1989 filma in galeriile subterane al Bucurestiului, BBC, Radio Europa Libera si altele si incep atacul cu sticle indendiare.

    3. Vin trupele de comanda militare straine cu arme cu luneta si cartuse vidia tip NATO si altele (vezi, Tunisia – militari suedezi imbracati in civil au fost prinsi in direct cu presa) si incep sa ucida cetateni nevinovati (asa, au fabricat in Iran in 2009 -Ingerul Iranian) care participa la proteste pentru a creste presiunea populatiei asupra guvernelor respective.

    4.Daca guvernul TINTA nu pleaca, ONU, NATO, GRU-SOVIETIC bombardeaza tara TINTA( vezi Iugoslavia si Libia), pana isi ating scopul planificat, adica sa ajunga in institutiile statului TINTA si de acolo sa jefuiasca, distruga si sa extermine cetatenii tarilor TINTA, condamnarea conducatorilor statelor TINTA si confiscarea averilor sau conturilor ( vezi, conturile lui Ceausescu 12 miliarde de dolari si Mubarak 70 de miliarde de euro), tezaurului tarilor TINTA (Romania peste 200 de tone de AUR, Irak 2000 tone de AUR) si a resurselor energetice naturale, iar in final sa le inrobeasca financiar cu ajutorul FMI si Banca Mondiala.

  5. Carduri Illuminati Arată Cutremur Japans a fost planificat?
    18 martie 2011 13:54:37


    Combinate în caz de catastrofe “card de Illuminati Card Game dovedeşte că – dezastru cutremur Japonia a fost planificat pentru a aduce în jos Japonia.

    Illuminati Card Game “Combinată în caz de catastrofe” carte de sprijin, de asemenea, afirmaţia lui Benjamin Fulford, oribil cutremur arma HAARP care a atacat Japonia pe 11 martie 2011 rezultă în tsunami-metru 10 lungime de-a lungul mult din linia coasta Japoniei a venit de la elemente necinstiţi ale guvernului SUA situate în baze subterane în New Mexico si Nevada. l cititi pe tot

    De asemenea un alt card, emis cu mult înainte de 9-11, a arătat Twin Towers fiind luate în jos este unul dintre cele mai şocante ale tuturor, în special în lumina faptului că acest joc a lovit primul magazinele de specialitate în 1995!Cum în lume au Steve Jackson ştie că Turnurile Gemene ale World Trade Center s-au de gând să fie atacat? De fapt, acest card descris cu exactitate atac World Trade Center în detaliu. Acest card descrie cu exactitate faptele mai multe din 9 / 11 – pe carduri a creat tot drumul înapoi în 1995! Imaginea descrie cu exactitate:

    * Acest turn una a fost mergi la a fi lovit primul; această imagine descrie cu precizie momentele dintre grevă turn prima şi a doua.

    * Carte descrie cu exactitate că locul de impact este o oarecare distanţă de partea de sus a turnurilor gemene.Avionul a lovit în această zonă de aproximativ primul turn. Cum în lume, Steve Jackson ar putea şti acest lucru?

    * Carte descrie cu exactitate conducerea Illuminati arătând pe clădire la extrema stângă a cardului iluministe piramida cu un ochi atotvăzător din mijloc.

    * Legendă în partea de sus identifică în mod corespunzător autorii atacului ca “terorişti”

    Cu toate acestea, ceea ce face legenda de la această carte înseamnă? Se spune, “Nuke teroriste”. Acum, ceea ce ar putea însemna acest lucru, eventual? Twin Towers nu au fost distruse de un dispozitiv nuclear terorist, sau au fost ele? În Bali Blast, datele ştiinţifice sugerează că hotelul a fost luată în jos de un dispozitiv de micro-nuclear de aproximativ 0.10 kilotone. Se poate solicita numai: a fost un dispozitiv micro-nuclear folosit la baza Turnurilor Gemene, precum? Acest fel de mici, dar explozii nucleare, ar reprezenta pentru modul bruscă beton armat şi coajă de oţel, pur şi simplu sa prăbuşit în praf ca a cazut. Acest tip de explozii nucleare ar explica, de asemenea, de căldură imens care au stat la “Ground Zero” pentru câteva luni după 9 / 11. Aşa cum am capul în planificate “atacurile teroriste” şi insotitor intra in panica, trebuie să rămână conştienţi de faptul că un dispozitiv micro-Nuke ar putea fi vinovat real în unele dintre aceste atacuri

    Pentagon – excepţia cazului în care unul a avut cunoştinţe avansate a Planului de Illuminati, nu există nici o cale pe pământ pe care le-ar fi fost capabil de a crea imagini în 1995, care descrie cu acurateţe derularea evenimentelor din 9 / 11! Pentagonul este indicat pe foc, ştim că un avion ar fi zburat într-o secţiune a Pentagonului şi aproape că a ars complet secţiune. Cu toate acestea, restul din Pentagon a fost intact până la punctul în care funcţiile sale a continuat nestingherit.

    Nu este această situaţie descrisă aici? Acest card arată un foc aprins cu putere în curtea centrul Pentagonului, dar restul cladirii pare destul de deteriorat, astfel că activităţile normale ar putea continua nestingherit!

    Astfel, aceste două cărţi literalmente descrie atât a grevelor de 9 / 11: împotriva Twin Towers întâi şi apoi împotriva Pentagonului. Acest tip de precizie şase ani înainte de atacuri este posibil doar dacă cineva cunoaşte planul de Illuminati foarte bine ..

    Ce alte tipuri de dezastre ar putea Illuminati au planificat pentru noi? În joc de cărţi găsim următoarele: valul, dezastru Oregon (tip nu se precizează), uragan, vulcan, dezastre combinate, şi grevă meteor, pentru a numi doar câteva. Eşti gata?



  6. Dear editor,

    This article was also published on infowars.com. You might wat to publish it here also. Thank you for a great website.

    The globalists are infiltrating, corrupting, and turning the entire planet, one nation at a time in a combined scientific-geopolitical dictatorship that will be effectively impossible to reverse once it is completed. The latest Western-fueled conflagration in the Arab world indicates an accelerated regional strategy of destabilizing and taking over target nations. Nations like Russia and China, whose interests are being directly threatened and stripped away in this malicious melee, appear powerless and unprepared.

    Some nations succumb in silence behind the scenes, others are invaded, mercilessly brutalized, and assimilated into the globalist combine. The civil society overlay the globalists use to establish what amounts to a subversive shadow government is always creeping forward no matter how hard a target nation may try to ward it off. Only in the most extreme cases, such as Qaddafi’s Libya has civil society been uprooted entirely – making military intervention an acceptable and inevitable alternative from a globalist perspective.

    Indeed there is a battle raging between the corporate-financier oligarchs of New York and London and their ever growing collection of globalist stooges and vassal states worldwide against the rest of free humanity. Each nation that falls to the globalists, however far from our own shores it may be, empowers and emboldens them and is one nation closer to their ultimate goal of one world government.

    They have created a perfect system, a strategy of tension, where we wrestle with one battle after another, work to head-off one war after another, expose meddling and subversion in one nation after another all while their agenda moves ever forward.

    We all to one degree or another help advance the globalists’ strategy of tension by playing into these contrived crises and by failing to focus on the source of our torment. The alternative media has made gains in exposing and delegitimizing the “international community” however, we must understand that the myriad of pet agendas we keep and nurture are in many ways dividing and distracting us – playing directly into the globalists’ theatrical productions.

    The tragedy playing out between the duped and misled people of Israel and the besieged Palestinians is an example of where the globalists have created the perfect, unsolvable conflict from which they can perpetually wring out leverage to advance their agenda. The very fake “War on Terror” is another example. We get caught up in the details, we pick sides, we expend energy fighting these battles and we lose sight within this puppet theater of the men pulling the strings above. We become blinded and cannot understand the necessity of leaving the puppets behind, climbing up above the stage and throttling the puppet masters themselves.

    We must recall how these corporate-financier oligarchs got so much unwarranted power in the first place – by controlling and regulating our lives from far above. They got it by us paying into their corrupt system for generations, as we’ve traded personal responsibilities in for corporate ready-made convenience. They will keep their power as long as we keep paying into their system, kidding ourselves that if we dance with their puppets long enough we will become the masters.

    While activism, protesting, and campaigning is noble indeed, it is entirely futile until you identify and target the very source of your torment. In every case, be it Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, the unending “War on Terror,” starving children, or even the bungling response of the “international community” over the disaster emanating from Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, the source of torment is the same: the unwarranted power wielded by myopically obsessed megalomaniacs, leveraging and squandering that power to enrich themselves at the cost of the rest of humanity.

    We cannot depend on Russia, China, the other BRIC nations, or rouge nations like Iran to stand up against this expanding evil empire. In many ways they play directly into the strategy of tension themselves and run a similar risk of being folded in if their own people do not make this fundamental realization. The answer is to undermine this unwarranted power by no longer paying into their system through a full-spectrum boycott and the systematic replacement of the globalist corporate combines with local solutions.

    We need not pen lengthy manifestos or declare in lofty terms our independence, we simply must begin taking the reins of our own destiny back by identifying how horrifyingly dependent we are on the globalists and rectifying it day to day by how we spend our money, time, and energy.

    As a cloud of radioactive fallout blows seaward from Japan, as the Middle East convulses in engineered destabilization, as oil and food prices are manipulated by Wall Street speculators, the excuse of it being “too difficult” to boycott and replace the comfort and convenience offered to us by the corporate-financier oligarchs is beginning to ring rather hollow. Your life and the future of humanity depends on boycotting and replacing the globalists – World War III has already begun and is consuming the world one nation at a time.

    We literally have nothing to lose by boycotting and replacing the globalists besides our servile dependence on their system. We will find, no matter what our pet agenda is, usurping this unwarranted authority from the global elite will infinitely advance our cause. For our various agendas are addressing but puppets upon the globalists’ stage, and by boycotting their system and excising them from our daily lives, we climb up above the theater and throttle the puppet masters themselves.

    Tony Cartalucci

  7. Agape says:

    In1990 a german student was invited to speak in my school. He had been in the protests from the beginning, in Leipzig. He said their protests initially had nothing to do with re-union of Germany or the fall of DDR, but concerned more free speach at his university. The second day of protests a west-german TV station edited images of a BRD flag with the state-symbol cut out together with images from their demonstrations. The coming days ever more protesters came and soon they all started to discuss claims for re-union and the fall of the state.
    A few months later communist Europe fell.

    As young students we were chocked to learn that it was orchestrated by the subversive power of media. But we never learned who orchestrated the media.

    At university 1993 we learned that liberalism would now need a new enemy or would else face its inherit structural problems, probably leading to its dismay. Some researchers mentioned that the muslim world could serve as this outer enemy. Others claimed it could not, as it financially already collaborated fully with the western liberalism.

    As students we were chocked to learn the communist revolutions played a crucial part in the ideological triumph of western liberalism. But we never learned who played the crucial part in these revolutions.

    Today the European countries prepare to bomb Libya and soon the students will learn that is was orchestrated by media to play a crucial part in the new world order. But will they learn who is behind or what is in front?

  8. Kate says:

    E placut totusi de vazut cum unii oameni pot protesta fata de masurile oribile care sunt aplicate impotriva lor, de exemplu in Romania, guvernul conduce in cea mai mare bataie de joc si nu li se protesteaza deloc in fata

  9. timi says:

    pls write your comments in english !!! otherwise not many people can read it.

  10. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Obama’s Christmas gift to Americans: Complete nullification of the Bill of Rights
    Under the NDAA:

    • You may be arrested and indefinitely detained merely for being “suspected” of any involvement whatsoever with “terrorism” — a term that can be twisted to mean almost anything, including protesting against animal testing laboratories or chaining yourself to a tree as an environmental protester.

    • You no longer have a right to legal representation.

    • You can be held for life without ever being charged for any crime.

    • You no longer have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers.

    • You can be murdered by the government — legally! — without ever being charged with a crime.

    • The government does not have to present ANY evidence against you to take all these actions. The government merely has to assert that you are “suspected” of being involved in “terrorism.” Such suspicion, of course, could be dreamed up against anyone! Political opponents, Free Speech proponents, protesters, dissenters… anyone at all.

    283 traitorous, criminal members of the House voted YES
    The complete list of the traitorous, criminal members of the House who voted YES on this bill — all of which must now be arrested and prosecuted under the laws of the U.S. Constitution — is available here:

    Read these names well, because they will go down in history as the seditious elitists who betrayed the American people in their most desperate hour, unleashing total police state tyranny against the innocent.

    That these people in Congress somehow think they have the right to strip away the very freedoms GUARNTEED the American people under the U.S. Constitution is an outright violation of their own sworn oaths to protect that Constitution. It is also a deeply spiritual violation of natural law and a fundamental betrayal of the very principles upon which this country is founded.

    We warned ya, and you didn’t listen
    Here at NaturalNews — and even more so at places like InfoWars.com — we warned you about this very thing, sometimes screaming at the top of our lungs that if we didn’t reverse the Patriot Act and stop the irrational and unrelenting “war on terror,” we would all end up slaves under a system of total government tyranny.

    The public laughed and mocked us. “That will never happen in America. We’re a free country,” they insisted. The trolls accused us of fear mongering. The mainstream media said we were crazy.

    And now, here we are, with the indefinite military detention bill passed by both houses, and the White House saying it will sign it, granting the military the “administrative right” to kidnap you in the middle of the night, steal you away from your family, throw you in a secret military prison and hold you there for the rest of your life without ever being charged with a crime or given legal representation of any kind.

    The time for denial is over, friends. We warned ya! Over and over again, screaming for anyone intelligent enough who might listen, we warned about the Patriot Act, the Bush-era “war on terror,” the government’s false flag 9/11 attack, the secret military prisons, and the criminality of key people within the Obama administration such as Eric Holder who ran Operation Fast & Furious.

    So now here we are on the verge of the Bill of Rights being nullified by Congress and President Obama, and most of America remains hopelessly asleep at the wheel, having no idea what they have allowed to unfold right in front of them. Tyranny is like a serpent that slithers into your tent, silently and maliciously, coiling around your torso and neck while you sleep. By the time you notice what’s happen and try to scream, it’s already too late.

    People will start to “disappear” across America
    So now, thanks to the NDAA and the Obama administration — which has proven to be a far greater threat to our liberties than even the Bush administration was — people in America will simply “disappear” in the middle of the night, as covert military teams kidnap them, take them away, and torture them — all with the full approval of President Obama who once promised he would close Gitmo.

    Close it? Heck, this guy’s planning on filling Gitmo with Americans!

    Every President, when sworn into office, swears upon a bible that they will protect and defend the United States Constitution. The NDDA law is a gross violation of that oath to God, and that makes the passage of this act not merely a betrayal of the American people, but a spiritual betrayal to a higher power. And that’s something these members of Congress who voted for this bill will have to answer for.

    Their souls are marked for eternity. This is a betrayal of natural law and spiritual truth. It is also, of course, a gross violation of U.S. law and the Constitution itself. That the passage of such a law is even contemplated by members of Congress is, all by itself, such a malicious violation against America that if a law with the exact same wording were proposed in 1789, those who voted for such a law would have been shot on sight and memorialized as criminal traitors to the United States of America.

    It only took 222 years for the American people to forget what freedom means, apparently. And now, Americans are so asleep, drugged up and ill-informed that they won’t even speak out against the very government that’s coiling around their necks and strangling them to death.

    “It turns out that destroying the American democratic republic was easy to accomplish,” writes David Seaman from BusinessInsider.com (http://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa…). “Simply get the three major cable news networks to blather on about useless bull**** for a few days, while legislators meet in secret behind closed doors to rush through the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), and its evil twin sister, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which is a clever name for an Internet censorship bill straight out of an Orwellian nightmare.”

    Sources for this story include: (must read)












    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034414_NDAA_military_detention_Bill_of_Rights.html#ixzz1iMlXxKLV

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