Exceptional Moments During the Camp For Deepening the Communion with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari

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Short history of the activities dedicated to the Great Cosmic Powers

Among other exceptional spiritual moments, within the picturesque and colorful scenery of each summer, there are also the camps for deepening the communion with the beloved Cosmic Powers of the ancient tantric tradition, known under the name of Dasha Maha Vidya: the ten great fundamental wisdoms, facets of the Unique Truth, supreme energies who are continually weaving the fabric of this Manifestation, fulfilling in this way the Will of the Unique One.
These activities, initiated and supported by Grieg, have become landmarks in our spiritual life and in the lives of many of our colleagues with whom we’ve shared their magnificent moments.

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013At Grieg’s suggestion, all these activities follow a certain structure: they begin with a polarisation period during which the women and men deepen, in their specific way, the adoration of the Great Cosmic Powers through meditations, Hatha Yoga practice and separate conferences. The period for deepening the specific feminine or masculine polar activation ends with activities which make use of the attraction and strong energising built up in this manner. Thus each participant has the possibility to become aware of the importance of cultivating his or her own nature to attain the specific perfect state of being: the state of spiritual hero (Vira), in the case of men and, the state of Shakti – as a divine channel manifesting the Divine Creative Energy, in the case of women.

Within each of these camps, we practice tantric exercises of transfiguration and identification with certain aspects of the respective Godly Powers in the way they manifest through feminine beings endowed with a significant resonance with them. These exercises favour the awakening of each participant’s soul and her or his direct communion with that aspect of the adored Great Cosmic Power, which is leading to profound revelations and transformations of the perspective and of the personal connection with that Maha Vidya.

The practical elements performed in these camps are built on a solid basis of theoretical presentations and discussions that reveal esoteric aspects of the Cosmic Powers as they appear in ancient tantric treatises, as well as correlations with the most modern discoveries of science which reveal the reality of these Fundamental Energies. The conferences also reveal some practical modalities for entering in resonance with their gigantic sphere of force in the daily life and remarkable personal experiences of some students who gained certain achievements through the communion with these Cosmic Forces.

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013In 2010 we had the first of these camps of communion with the Maha Vidya Yoga Path: a week dedicated to the Great Cosmic Power of Time and Transformation, Kali. The camp was taken by the wings of the energy of the beginning and the Great Cosmic Power Kali, the Mistress of the Tantric Path impreganted the incendiary atmosphere of Costinesti with intensity, sensuality, refined eroticism, the lively wish for transformation, glimpses of mystery and overwhelming vitality.

In 2011 the Great Cosmic Power Tara, the Shining One, the Embodiment of Divine Compassion gathered us on her way that is so pure and immaculate, through a kind overflowing of Gentle Light, ethereal or terrible in her crystalline shining, touching the deepest chords of our souls, awakening the aspiration towards the ideals of sacrifice and abnegation for helping all sentient beings.

In 2012 we experienced the moment of adoring the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari, the almighty beauty of the three worlds, the Shining Splendor of Love, Truth and Divine Beauty. The magical moments of manifestation of the Supreme Love were entwined with revelations about the spiritual nature of desire and its alchemy into an endless longing towards the Absolute which thrills our hearts and awakens our souls.
Above all, the peak moments of these Maha Vidya camps are the unique initiations offered and supported by our spiritual guide, which reveal operational keys of tuning, through resonance, into the gigantic sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Powers which facilitate rapid and amazing transformations for those who apply them in their spiritual life.

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013On the occasion of the Maha Vidya Kali camp we were offered a secret modality for controlling the energy of time – dedicated to accelerate spiritual transformation; in the Maha Vidya Tara camp we were offered the Occult Law of Divine Miracles – how to attract within our being the Godly Miracles in which the Divine Grace directly manifests for helping certain beings or for supporting certain activities, projects and so on, while at the Maha Vidya Tripura Sundari activity we were offered the secret key to the accelerated awakening of the soul and to the opening of the Spiritual Heart through triggering God’s Active and Never hesitating Love….

Each of these activities amplified in my being an extended state of profound bewilderment, adoration, fascination, gratitude for the achievements offered by the Great Cosmic Powers in meditations, rituals, conferences or special initiations. At one point, the mind, overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Divine Mothers’ gigantic spheres of force, shyly raised a question – what more could follow, after such an EXCEPTIONAL thing…? And each time, the next Maha Vidya managed to show us another perspective – Cosmic, Perfect, Universal, Magnificent – specific to her sphere of force, which intoxicated our souls with another nuance of ecstasy, specific to her…

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013Preparing the Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari camp

It is in this way that we reached the moment for preparing the camp for deepening the communion with the Great Cosmic Power of Absolute Space and Essential Knowledge – Bhuvaneshwari! And, once again, everything was different from how it had been in other years – her specific energy impregnated all with her distinct fragrance already many months before the beginning of the activities, from the very moment when we were to think about the frame of the camp and even the space in which it could unfold. Thus, inspired and supported by the Divine Mother of All Worlds, Bhuvaneshwari, the activity dedicated to her took place in an exceptional space – the new conference center, Lux Divina, in Brasov and it became the very first spiritual action performed there – marking in this way the glorious beginning of this center dedicated to the blossoming of spirituality. The location is wonderful, the uniquely elegant halls are decorated with refined taste and, going beyond our expectations, we discovered that the size of the main conference hall is variable as it has the possibility to be divided in two with the help of a mobile separating wall. In this way we could freely unfold the polar activities of every morning. I will let the images talk of the beauty of this space and, implicitly, of the very special integration in which the entire Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari activity unfolded.

From the program of the Maha Vidya Bhuvaneshwari camp

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013In the first days, the program unfolded in a polar manner: – the men began very early in the morning (7-9) with two hours of Laya Yoga with the mantra of Bhuvaneshwari and then two more hours of delving into the masculine perspective of the adoration of this Great Cosmic Power on the tantric path.

The women had a Hatha Yoga program, integrated in the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, together with a small ritual in the beginning and in the end, and then a meditation with the Bhuvaneshwari mantra/yantra and after that we had conferences about the concept of Shakti from the tantric perspective and the specific feminine way of relating to the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari.

At the end of the polarity period we continued to perform together (both men and women who wished to do so) two hours of Laya Yoga meditation in the morning with the mantra of Bhuvaneshwari followed by 2 hours of asanas in polar couples.

Special rituals of adoring certain aspects of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013This year there were chosen by our spiritual guide Grieg four women endowed with a special resonance with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari with whom we performed two tantric exercises of transfiguration and identification. Thus on Thursday 27th June we adored the aspect of Bhuvaneshwari known as Aditi and on Friday we worked with the distinct manifestations of the Great Cosmic Power of the Absolute Space in the three fundamental worlds: the physical, the astral and the causal.

The answer of the Cosmic Power to these collective actions of transfiguration and adoration was overwhelming for all of us who participated. For the aspect of Universal Divine Mother, Transcendent and Almighty (Aditi) we perceived gigantic waves of unconditional maternal love which continuously poured from the being of the chosen one and which filled us with a nourishing energy that is protective and full of an endless kindness:

On Friday, with the occasion of the exercise dedicated to the distinct manifestations of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari in the three worlds (the physical universe, astral universe and causal universe) we perceived the ecstatic and all-encompassing presence of the Divine Mother with specific nuances for the three levels – concrete, alive and full of life, in the physical plane; ethereal, aerial and fulfilling all dreams – as if woven from fantasies and in continuous transformation – in the astral plane; abstract and transcendent in the causal plane:

At the end of this exceptional ritual we did a meditation of synthesis with the three aspects of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, while the three chosen women performed the mudras specific to the embodied aspects: the one corresponding to the physical plane did the sensual posture representing birth in a state of orgasm, the one corresponding to the astral plane did the gesture of blessing with her left hand and with the right hand the gesture of offering gifts – so that from her right palm flowed sweet milk for around 10 minutes – the milk being one of the main symbols of the Divine Mother; and the person chosen for the aspect of Bhuvaneshwari corresponding to the causal level embraced the entire public with some enormous, bright-shining wings. Here the ritual attained its peak and I saw tears of ecstatic happiness in the eyes of many colleagues for this moment which touched profound chords of their souls awakened by the Cosmic Force of the Absolute Space…

Exceptional unique experiences of translation into certain parallel levels

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013The night of the fairies
With Grieg’s guidance and support, in this camp there were scheduled three such translations into parallel worlds: the first one into the realm of the fairies – with the occasion of the Fairy day meditation on the 24th of June. We went out in the nature, on the peak of a high hill, on the road towards Brasov Glade, in a fairytale place, as if coming from the tales about fairies – a glade facing the sunset, surrounded by centennial oak trees and garnished with tall grass and … yellowweed flowers.

Caressed by the rays of the sunset, in the magical time when the skies are opening and the worlds are overlapping, we could perform the meditation of communion with the magical world of the fairies with their flowers braided into wreaths, held at the breast or in the hand, after which we previously savoured a mixture of medicinal herbs meant to amplify the resonance with their realm, in which the main ingrediant was the powder of dry flowers of yellowweed. Supported by Grieg and in unison with all our colleagues from all the countries which performed this meditation, we were provided with an extraordinary experience.

The 95 minutes of the meditation passed incredibly quickly, the perception of space and time was completely distorted, as if we had slid into a realm of dream, mystery and magic. This time I did not perceive so much the presence of the fairies, as distinct entities, but I clearly felt the ”realm” in which they manifest, I almost “concretely” felt how the ”texture” of that specific universe was, as if perceiving from the inside, directly how the air smells there, what tastes exist, how existence is experienced in that land … It was as an aerial dream, experienced with perfect lucidity – into which I projected myself into this parallel dimension, with all the senses awakened, intimately savouring its mystery…

Moreover, following an old Romanian tradition, we slept with yellowweed flowers under the cushion to dream our destiny, and, just like the previous year on the same occasion, I had a very clear, luminous and aerial dream in which I was present with many women as if at an astral feminine gathering full of exhilaration, joy and playfulness…

Projection into Hiranya Loka

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013The second translation was done by using secret elements about the inner portal received in the specific initiation offered on that occasion and it was directed towards the sublime astral dimension named Hiranya Lokha. Due to unfavourable weather we did not go out into the nature, but we stayed in the hall. This was the peak experience that I felt in this camp and one of the most powerful meditations which I’ve ever done! The state perceived touched me very profoundly as well as the intuitions I had on that occasion.

The activation of the inner portal was so clear and intensive that it lasted for hours in a row, as if an inner gate had opened right in front of me, through which I could penetrate, at will, into that space of an exceptional, unimaginable, crystal-like purity. The entire experience unfolded as an initiation into the mysteries of this realm of the highly evolved spiritual beings, the entrance into the respective realm being marked by the meeting with the ”guardian of the threshold” of that land, an egg-like entity of light, full of humour and compassion, who searched me with gentleness and then encouraged me to enter… In that realm I perceived supramental states of clarity and clairvoyance for which there are no words to describe it, and in the end there was a direct ”transfer” of information about that realm by the good will of the beings from there, of whom the ordinary mind has only kept the intuition that it was about the unmediated and supramental knowledge of the subtle structure of laws and principles which govern that realm…

The ritual of synthesis of the communion with the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari
The third translation was performed during the final ritual of synthesis in the last evening. We integrated several of the elements which were offered at the special initiation for expanding the consciousness through ”recapturing in the center of the heart” – integrated in the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, the inner portal and other elements.

For all three translations we used special medicinal herbal mixtures – taken 4 hours before – whose effect of impelling the experiences was considerably perceivable. On this occasion, as well, I perceived incredible state of sacredness and magic created by the unison effect and the integrated elements, the profound resonance with the Energy of Infinite Space, direct revelations regarding a type of mysterious knowledge, achieved through direct transfer and unbounded by mental concepts or by words, ecstatic states of melting into infinity…

Among many other synchronicities and divine signs which took place during this camp there was also a marvelous rainbow that appeared on the 25th of June around the moment of beginning of the conference with the theme: Revealing and centering in the secret space of the heart – daharakasha – the mysterious home of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari:

Special initiation offered by Grieg

Bhuvaneshwari Camp 2013In the last day of the activity we had the surprise of receiving also an exceptional initiation with novel elements revealed and explained for the first time for the ones chosen through a lottery consecrated to this Cosmic Force; an initiation which enables the deepening of the communion with the Great cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari, appearing as a wonderful ”cherry on top of the cake” that is this Maha Vidya Camp.


Once more we wish to express our gratitude for the support of our colleagues from the Conference Center, Lux Divina, in Brasov for the kindness they showed and for the immense help they offered for organizing this event in their space, as well as to the colleagues in the organizing team from Constanta and Bucharest without whose aspiration to deepen the Maha Vidya path we wouldn’t even have these camps. But, above all, we are profoundly grateful to the Good God, the Great Cosmic Powers and to our spiritual guide Grieg for the exceptional spiritual gift represented by this camp for us all!

Instead of conclusion

Many days have passed since the gentle and protective embrace of the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari thrilled us all, enabling us to realize the fact that we are permanently comprised in her gigantic sphere of force, that is almighty and nourishing … Yet, even now, there are, alive in our hearts, glimpses of the intuition and ecstatic states which we experienced on that occasion, as well as the comprehensive perception which we had all the time, the one of the perfect superior integration of all the aspects of this activity, as if an invisible hand had arranged all the circumstances and events in the wisest possible manner!…

by Adina Stoian

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (19)

  1. Amanda V. says:

    It was an amazing experience that made me understand very mysterious things upon my life lately. The whole set up was literally fantastic, deep, ecstatic and pure and made me understand myself and the spirit world better.Thank you very much to the organizers! It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many great people in Brasov, in such a welcoming and spiritual atmosphere. Loving Romania tons!

  2. Cosmo says:

    It was an exceptional camp. I loved the most the presentation about how to create inner portals.. it was all in all pure and magic. Thank you!

  3. Marie says:

    Very interesting and intriguing article! I realize again and again, at least in my case, that we may not be able to really know the universe.. but to melt and become one with it.. The more I experience.. the more I see I do not know..
    This retreat was overwhelmingly rich and came up with new perspectives of comprehension for our being, the universe, space.. and the power of the heart.
    I am grateful and happy to have been part of it.

  4. Aurineide says:

    This camp has definitely opened something new! I feel it is continuing in the subtle level the same strong. I was quite certain that the international Yoga summer retreat will be under the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari’s unique support.. It is an amazing path.. fascinating through the way it unfolds an untaught and pure reality, through the heart..

  5. Giuglio says:

    I feel enriched after being introduced to the Mahavidya world by you. It is a new beginning for me (as many other things that I have learned in the last 2 years) and especially since I was much more relating myself to Shiva’s sphere of force, rather than to the Feminine divine attribute.. This year, it is for the first time that I perceive God in a feminine way as well, it is added a cosmic mother aspect and it is beautiful..
    And thank you for this particular retreat, so filled with wonderful and in-deep revelation moments.

  6. Daniele says:

    Interesting how all these Great Cosmic Powers refer to qualities of the soul that one needs to perfect in order to attain his whole completeness as human being. Divine qualities that we can and should obtain during this life time. Beautiful this game and its magic way to take you from one to the other..

  7. Blue says:

    That place is so beautifully created and taken care, just perfect. I was very impressed by their hospitality and happy to meet so many friends that gathered there for this retreat. It was indeed a celebration, a wonderful one. Congratulations to all organizers!

  8. Amma says:

    I wish you more and more truth and grace, along with an exceptional and marvelous continuation of this year, guided by Mother Bhuvaneshwari, to you and to all of us!

  9. Umi says:

    Thank you, Adina, for this very interesting article. Quite a richness you described here and you must have had some awesome experiences. Really beautiful!

  10. Naomi says:

    Hello from Romania! Looking forward to see you in Costinesti at the sea camp – a camp which is this year under the same spiritual note as this retreat was, and which, to me, was ecstatic and continues to unfold in my heart. Very pleasant weather, excellent people attending it from all over the world..

  11. J.J. says:

    Hi. I am looking for something more in-depth related to meditation. Do you have any article published somewhere on the steps required? Thanks, J

  12. Nicu says:

    The booklet we received is a treasure! it contains so many exceptional revelations which are presented so fluently, simple and familiar…

  13. A.O. says:

    To me, when I refer to states of consciousness, first comes in my mind Bhuvaneshwari. It is Her who opened for the first time my being in a specific way and revealed to me part of the world of spirit and of this beautiful and vast universe that I am part of. I am very happy I was able to attend this retreat that was so perfectly organized. The spiritual seeds that were planted found a fertile soil within me. You, Adina and the others have put a lot of heart in doing so. Thank you!

  14. D. Roin says:

    Harmonic oscillation is what we mean by “vibration.”  We’re like tuning forks. The understanding of resonance is made easier through Mother Bhuvaneshwari, isn’t it?
    Huge hug to you from Afrika.

  15. Marie says:

    I wish you all a wonderful year, filled with good and joy! The annual astrological hiatus meditation exceeded this year in splendor, love, presence and divine grace. Way far more than any expectations. God speed!

  16. Charles says:

    You gotta love this ;). Very interesting material.

  17. Anna says:

    I attended this camp and it was really good. But I couldn’t attend the one in August , the big one, which I understood was also included on Bhuvaneshwari’s sphere of power. Do you have any follow up on that? How about the camp on Tara about which I also heard it was very beautiful? And how are you doing?? How is it goong with the trials? Looking forward for your updates. K

  18. RY says:

    Just a quick gratitude thought for this camp. I see its results very well in my daily life; it actually triggered a certain very deep preparatory stage in my heart for the Tara camp, which followed,and who literally worked amazing miracles in my life. Among its effects, in the last months i notice more and more that my life has simply colored blissfully and many times i live so deep, wide and intense states of happiness that i can’t even contain and it’s like i implode in perpetuating waves that show me the fact that this pure ecstasy is my very nature and it is what God wants me to be. Thank you for being next to me in this time of my life.

  19. Stuart says:

    The whole existence serves you when you stop wasting your energy, when you allow Life to inform you, when you take nothing personal – even if you manifest as if you would ;), when you understand that you have the ”obligation” to play, to risk and to trust, to take easy on the absolute majority of your life situations and very very seriously on very few… I am a student of this school, that is a big school of life and Bhuvaneshwari is one of the kindest teachers..

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