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Esoteric Agenda is a movie which speaks a lot about elements of esotericism; it is in an excellent movie to learn how to read all the symbols. However, in my opinion not all the elements are revealed, it doesn’t completely enter into the whole picture of power and manipulation by certain initiates who know about different esoteric elements, but some of these connections are very well made.

Esoteric Agenda is actually a very good exercise for learning how to look at an event from an esoteric point of view, from the point of view of an initiate. So I would even recommend this movie as a guide for analyzing the happenings which occur around us with the eyes of an initiate! Actually a person who knows these symbols should be able to decode them and the esoteric elements around them in the same manner. However, there are a lot of people who have learned from books or different communities which contain such esoteric information, they have learnt esoteric elements but they never apply them in the daily life. If people would apply in their daily life, at least as an exercise, all the esoteric information which they know, making intelligent correlations and connections between different symbols and different elements of their life which appear to be separated, but as we know are connected at the subtle level due to the law of resonance, synchronicities would appear, which are visible for initiates. Then their life will appear completely different and there will be thousands and thousands of people which will be able to cut through the illusion, to cut through this smoke screen which is created by the people who hold the keys of power who also have esoteric initiations and create the smoke screen especially to divert the attention of other people.

So the situation will be much better if people will use this information in the way that Esoteric Agenda uses them. Therefore, I especially recommend seeing this movie as an exercise for decoding the reality from an esoteric point of view.
Of course I am not saying that the point of view presented in the movie is the only point of view, there are also other possibilities to connect and I even invite the viewers to make other connections starting from what they say in the movie, to add more connections and to even write these connections here on the blog and to open up a dialogue for this esoteric view upon the world, as when we start to apply these esoteric elements in the daily life then what happens is that the emperor is suddenly revealed as ‘having no clothes!” – the conspiracy is revealed and all these strange manipulations are extremely simple things, they are so simple that people cannot imagine that they can exist in such way in their world, they cannot imagine it because they never analyse from the point of view of their esoteric information which they actually have, because they don’t exercise it. They just perform their esoteric practices on Sunday when they light a candle or go to church, having the impression that they have done something sacred and feel they are ok, but in reality people have the possibility to apply all the esoteric elements in a larger extent! Especially the knowledge about the law of resonance and the knowledge about the law of correspondence which is says “was is here in the microcosm of my being is everywhere in the universe”, these things can be applied and we can filter the reality through that and in this way the new reality will appear very simple to us.

I am waiting for your contribution to the esoteric work .. enjoy the movie

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (5)

  1. eyeQ says:

    Hello there!

    I just found your site here. It look like we have some common interests.

    I will just refresh the esoteric agenda before further comments.


  2. Alina says:

    Dear Mih,

    i “read” this esoteric sign recently:
    Two weeks ago i participated in the Yang Spiral and during the induction meditation i did all my best to meditate in an active way, not waiting for God’s grace to just flow over me, but expanding my heart to embrace him and communicating with Him in my heart.Iasked Him how i could actually make Him feel loved by me and He answered by showing me how Divine Will and the power of giving yourself to Him works. Isaw with my heart that everyhing in sustained by God and that everything is impregnated and put into motion by God’s Divine Will,which is always driven by His absolute Love. To my mind, this translated into the image of string puppets that take part in a very complex show..and the Director is moving them ..but when the man (the puppet)does’nt have in the heart the love for God, whose manifestation is to give yourself to God so you can be a messenger of His Love for Everything that exists, than the man (puppet) is like a wood made puppet, very inflexible and rigid,very hard to be moved in a harmoniuos way.In this case the Big Show (of life i would say), tends to become chotic and looksa little grotesque.I “saw’ the director ,full of love, trying to pull all those strings in the most gentle and harmonious way so that the movements would flow and the puppets would’nt step on each other’s toes or even worse:), I also realised and felt that when the “puppet”(i don’t think this is the best example with the puppet,because God puts a spark of Divine Life in each of us-and they were like this in my “vision’-alive and councious in different degrees. I apologise to all those who might feel offended by my description but this was the way things translated to me so that my mind and my heartcould understand them).Iwill go on with my story…
    so i felt that when i ,driven by Love, put myself in accordance with God’s Will, i harmoniously play my part in the Big Show..the puppet looks more and more like a wonderful human being who acts out of Love, inspired by God, who is manifested as Love.
    This was the answer to my question – He made me have the revelation that i am myself the gift of love that i can give to God,the most beautiful gift is giving myself, manifesting actively Love – and His love takes many different forms, i realised, its a lively “thing’, i would discribe it shortly by doing what is needed ,when and where is needed…
    After the spiral i went home by car along with two good friends, and as we all felt very open and happy we decided on the spurr of the moment to go see the Sea and embrace its vastity that filled our hearts with beauty.
    And that is when God gave me one of His spontaneous , playful signs.
    Iwas feeling like in paradise so when we passed by car by a shop called Paradise i couldn’t help turning my head so that i would look at the shop window…And there it was- there was this absolutely beautiful puppet, human size, in the shop window. It was standing there, in the shop window, like an advertisement for costumes that could make u feel a little closer to heaven. It had luxourious black curly hair, full rosy lips, long lashes and big black eyes.Standing there,with the arms half up like a precious doll, dressed in a beautiful costume completed by two big ,delicate wings,which were moving a little..she seemed a fairy to me…I turned my head even more so i can look at it more,cause it was just so beautiful.. And than it happened–the puppet blinked, than its wings moved faster, than it just changed its position, passed her hand through her hair, shake her hair in a graceful gesture..than..smiled. It was not a beautiful puppet ,it was a young beautiful woman! ..just like in my earlier spiritual revelation:)
    “Paradise” was not a shop of beautiful costumes, but a cafe, and the puppet was not a plastic manequin, but a young woman advertising for the cafe this way-standing like a doll fairy in the cafe window.:)
    I have never seen this kind of advertisment in my town, not in cafes, not in might be something quite ordinary in other places.
    But i think that night, God gave me a sign. He winked to me.:)and i thank Him for this.

  3. Alina says: complete my story i should add that during that spiritual state i was, at some point,feeling a liitle resistence..because i was realsing that putting myself in the hands of God and doing God’s will means doing a lot of things i haven’t planned for and also etting over my limitations sometimes,sacrificing my comodity and so on..:) maybe that is why God chose this vision with the puppets on strins for me…At the point when i was feeling uneasy thinking oh,there’s a lot of work to be done through me he smiled:”Hey, you! you just relax and enjoy- i have the strings, they are in my hands, i’ll be moving you if you let me, it will be my effort and not yours, i will make this wood puppet dance and move gracefully, on the stage of life..this is my work…i’ll do everything, if you put yourself in my hands and if you ask me to.” So i felt relief:))

  4. John Gennings says:

    Alina, thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. Your experience is deeply inspiring for me and holds in it answers for questions that I have put to myself, and even to some questions that I haven´t formulated yet.
    The spiritual experience that you have transmited through these lines is truly full of beauty, love and grace.
    Thank you so much, John.

  5. John Jenings says:

    It is a great film. I like the fact that the conclusion is spiritual. There is no political solution to this situation – the only way to get out of this mess is through understanding who we are and what we are doing here. it is only because we are ignorant to our true nature that this web of manipulation can have power over us. it is on the background of our ignorance that the conspiracy flourishes. When we bring these dark force to the light of Self knowledge – they disappear. There is no room for anger or hate – that will just be a consequence of fear. The only answer is love – the infinite power of love will win over all and will guide us. Indeed, this is a beautiful conclusion to the film – giving hope and inspiration.
    Thank you.

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