Elenin Comet – More then a Hollywood Scenario

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From “Deep Impact” To Elenin … A Journey That Will Soon Come To An End

In 1999 when I saw the movie Deep Impact I commented upon the strange fact that there were two movies on the same subject released on the market at the same time: Armageddon and Deep Impact.

The interesting situation is that in both movies a celestial body (an asteroid and a comet respectively) is threatening Earth and a team is flying to that body to place a bomb there in order to blow it up. While the blockbuster Armageddon is just another Hollywood production where the laws of physics do not apply to the main characters, where the hero saves the planet in the end without any problems, Deep Impact is more like a scientific documentary. Most of the scientific data is correct and the setup respects the physical reality.

Yet most of the publicity was for Armageddon while Deep Impact passed almost unnoticed on the market. Why would someone make two movies at the same time with the same subject and even the same storyline, both of them involving quite big budgets?

Moreover, Deep Impact (being the lesser known one) was full of very interesting synchronicities that I will explain below. Why is it that from the two movies the most popular (Armageddon) is so unrealistic and the other movie that appeared in the same time is so realistic and almost prophetic? In Deep Impact the name of the boy who discovered the comet is Leo. The discoverer of comet ELEnin is called Leonid. Comet ELEnin is coming from the direction of the constellation of Leo.

In the movie Deep Impact they call the comet ELE when they refer to it (before the public announcement). The comet that is coming now is named ELEnin.

Deep ImpactThe president in Deep Impact is black. Today’s US president, at the moment when ELEnin is coming towards us, is also black. In 1998, when the movie Deep Impact was made, this was a very unusual situation and there were no other movies than this one which showed this.

One of the measures announced by the US president in Deep Impact, before announcing the coming of the comet, was to call home the troops from abroad. These days, as ELEnin is approaching, president Obama announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Can all of these only be coincidences? Only if you believe in coincidences. For me they are amazing synchronicities that give the signal that something is happening and we should be aware.

Here are some very interesting data about the alignment of ELEnin and the Sun and Earth, showing some amazing synchronicities:

Cosmic Event
Distance to Earth
27th of February 2010
6.042 AU*
8.8 earthquake, Chile
4th of September 2010
6.258 AU
7.2 earthquake, Christ Church, New Zealand
15th of March 2011
2.101 AU
9.0 earthquake and tsunami, Japan (4 days earlier)
27th of September 2011
Alignment (the closest with the Sun, Earth and Elenin)
0.381 AU

*1 AU = average distance between Earth and Sun, aprox. 150 mil km. (for those who want to play with numbers, here is the official program of NASA that shows Elenin’s trajectory )

Consider that the gravitational pull is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two celestial bodies. In the above table the alignments that already took place were at distances that were quite big but the next one is extremely close to us and the effect upon us therefore grows exponentially.One can argue that it is a small comet and it cannot trigger such effects. In fact this is the official story, yet it is quite unconvincing since they forgot to show clear evidence about the real size of this celestial body that is called ELEnin. Maybe it is a small and super-dense object that has a gigantic mass anyway, despite the reduced size. In this situation the gravitational pull would be significant even at such a distance. And there are such small dense objects out there (such as white dwarf stars). It is also highly significant that the final alignment of this celestial body with the Sun and the Earth will be on the famous date of 21st of December 2012! Even if we cannot see with precision the alignment for that date, it is for sure around it. How many chances do we have to get this final alignment around the most debated date on Earth today? Can this be an amazing coincidence or is it indeed another piece in an amazing message that we have now in front of us?

According to some astronomer’s calculations, based on the law of gravity, an object with an orbit of around 11 800 years (long period orbit) is possible only for a huge mass otherwise smaller objects such as comets and asteroids have short elliptical orbits from two up to a maximum of one thousand years. I find this argument very interesting and explanatory for the possible gravitational influence in the moments of alignment. In all the information about Comet Elenin, the orbit is said to be over 10 000 years. This is the only data which everyone agrees on. We have to add to the synchronicities and unusual elements the fact that in the area where it is supposed to appear some amateur astronomers found another kind of object, larger and apparently having five moons (or planets) gravitating around it.

Moreover, the program Google Sky is having a glitch exactly in the area where one was supposed to discover the comet, the whole thing having been erased in a rectangular shape. (see here a picture about this)

And last but not least, all these are supported by other indirect signs such as the recent NASA announcement about the protection of their employees and their families. (see here the article with the video included). It is better to become aware and understand what happens instead of just waiting for the inevitable to take place. In times like this the spiritual practice and the personal enhancement is one of the best investments one can have…as we still have time. And this is also the best investment because if nothing happens we will anyway remain with the qualities that we have awakened in us.For those who are interested in engaging in more spiritual actions that effectively can generate a protective field for planet Earth please find here the program initiated bymy spiritual guide, Grieg, which is called NO APOCALYPSE.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (97)

  1. Jean (France) says:

    Thank you for such in detail presentation, Mihai.
    There are many that knew for long that a rogue planet is about to enter the inner solar system and possibly doom the Earth.

    This threatening planet on a 3600-year orbit, from what I recall, was discovered by the ancient Mesopotamians, who named it Nibiru, and it was known also to the Mayans, who associated it with the end of their calendar “long count” in December 2012. In Web sites, blogs, and radio talk shows, people insist that NASA should track Nibiru — but anyway this information is being kept from the public.

    But I believe that the official silence can’t be maintained for much longer, however, because starting 2009, from what I remember Nibiru was visible from the southern hemisphere. Earth’s axis is already tilting and the length of the day is changing under its influence.

    As a scientist, I’m both fascinated and astonished by the deluge of questions from people who are genuinely frightened and, apparently, unable to distinguish astronomical fact from fiction. They’re watching YouTube videos and visiting slick Web sites with nothing in their skeptical toolkit, or to quote Carl Sagan no “baloney detector.” Also a blockbuster disaster film called “2012” was released, and the commercial enterprise is clearly trying to cash in on people’s concern (perhaps contributing to their fear as well).

    My guess is that only a tiny fraction of people truly believes that Armageddon is coming in December 2012.

    We’re facing monumental problems with global warming and loss of habitat, yet a substantial minority of people thinks the world was formed less than 10,000 years ago and deny that evolution is possible. Many seem to prefer coal-fired generators to nuclear power plants without realizing the toll in public health that coal imposes.

    In spite of my frustrations, I can always hope that Nibiru will turn into a teaching moment. Its proponents are convinced that it will be visible to the unaided eye soon, and its effects on the rotation and orbit of the Earth will be obvious.

    I did not see the movies you speak about yet, but will do.

  2. Ronas (Germany) says:

    Oh yea.. The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. Zecharia Sitchin, who writes about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer, claimed in several books (e.g., The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976) that he has found and translated Sumerian documents that identify the planet Nibiru, orbiting the Sun every 3600 years. These Sumerian fables include stories of “ancient astronauts” visiting Earth from a civilization of aliens called the Anunnaki. Then Nancy Lieder, a self-declared psychic who claims she is channeling aliens, wrote on her website Zetatalk that the inhabitants of a fictional planet around the star Zeta Reticuli warned her that the Earth was in danger from Planet X or Nibiru. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012. Only recently have these two ideas been linked to the end of the Mayan long-count at the winter solstice in 2012 – hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

  3. Jean (France) says:

    Regarding the blank rectangle in Orion in Google Sky, I knew it is a presentation of images from the Sloan Digital Survey. I too was curious about this blank rectangle, so I asked a friend who is a senior scientist at Google. He replied that he “found out that the missing data is due to a processing error in the image stitching program we use to display the Sloan survey images. The team assures me that in the next run through, this will be fixed!”

    …well well.. these people would say the same easily that ”green” is ”red”.. and people believe it.. as they digest all without judging and questioning further..

  4. Bogdan says:

    Day by day all 2012 events are becoming more and more clear to me! Very interesting and important information day by day…
    Keep it on! I’m sure you’ll have a lot more to write on that!

  5. RY (USA) says:

    Is ELEnin somehow the same with what people speak as Nibiru?

  6. Young says:

    What about the polar shift theory?

    I know there are slow movements of the continents (for example Antarctica was near the equator hundreds of millions of years ago), but is that relevant to claims of reversal of the rotational poles? Is there a relationship between the rotation and the magnetic polarity of Earth, which does change irregularly with a magnetic reversal taking place every 400,000 years on average? Does such a magnetic reversal cause harm to life on Earth? I heard that a magnetic reversal is coming soon (in 2012) and that this is the same as, or will trigger, a reversal of rotational poles..

  7. Opono (Japan) says:

    So far I knew about discussions of the alignment of the Earth and Sun with the center of the Milky Way in the constellation of Sagittarius. This happens every December, with no bad consequences. I did not really know about ELEnin..
    Do we really have a reason to expect 2012 to be different from any other year?

  8. Marie (France) says:

    I saw that movie.. ,,Deep impact” last December.. and it felt very real and with a lot of sense.. I was even wondering how come it was allowed to come out on the market..

  9. Baldur says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I have a very bad feeling, that the doom profecies this time are serious. Very serious. And I feel as if this is happening because we (or I) has faild to do something.

    What is your oppinion, is there any way this can be prevented?

    Is there any way that God will have mercy on us and this planet now, or has our chance passed for ever?

  10. jagadeesan says:

    Thank you Mihai

    Seems after seeing the locations…… i feel the next one on 27th september 2011 may be near sumatra, indonesia..

  11. Anna says:

    Dear Mihai,
    I really liked the part where you said that spiritual practice could make a huge difference – and culd not be wasted, no matter what.
    Can you please go deeper on the meaning of the possible apocalyptic events? I hear talk about people being unwilling to transform, and therefor we call for a deadly transformational event…. but can you go more into the lesson of these things to come… what can we learn already now? How can we open more to God?

    With love and respect,

  12. Baldur says:

    Yes, thanks Naim!

    But I find no description on how to practise “The Planetary Program of Urgent Action “No Apocalypse””

    Where can I learn about this program?

  13. Michael says:


    I hope it will be posted soon on http://www.natha.net. Will let you know.

  14. sorin popa says:

    The Apolalyps chapter from the Bible, describes several tipes of disasters that are supposed to come in case people don’t wake up spiritually. Besides the high burning produced by the sun, wich were predicted at Fatima, this object (Elenin)might be the one that (one profecy says) will hit the American continent (if I remember it corectly 😉 )

  15. Well, IF this Elenin is the fatal death star “Wormwood” mentioned in Revelation, we need not worry. As a global civilization, we only have to be sadden by a loss of 1/3 of humanity. Now, the big question is, into what ocean will this ”mountain” slam into? Also, stock up on fire ‘wood’ (trees), food and fish, and water, because, 1/3 of those will perish too. Hey, I’m just quoting the Book of revelation.

  16. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    So what is the deal with comet ELEnin, there does not seem to be too much credible information. Everyone seems to be freaking out about it, but no one even knows how big it is. Does this comet pose a threat and what is its size and nature? AND I have read about comet Elenin and how some NASA people want to keep it a secret.

  17. Jean (France) says:

    From what I know, C2010 X1 Elenin (to give its full name) is a long-period comet, which takes about 10,000 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. It was discovered with a robotic telescope in New Mexico on 10 December 2010 by Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin. When comets or asteroids are first discovered, their orbits are quite uncertain; usually it takes several months of observations to firmly establish the orbit.

    From other sources, I found out that Elenin’s perihelion (closest to the Sun) is in early September 2011 at a distance from the Sun of 40-45 million miles and that it will be closest to Earth on about 16 October, at a distance of about 21 million miles, which is nearly a hundred times farther than the Moon..

  18. Ronas (Germany) says:


    Normally Comets are exceedingly small and enveloped in a tenuous cloud of gas and dust, so the only way to be sure of their actual dimensions is to visit with a spacecraft. Half a dozen comets have been the target of spacecraft missions, and all of them (even Comet Halley) are less than 10 km in diameter.

    I don’t know if we have a reason to think Elenin is any different.. unless we take in consideration the allignment that is presented in this article.. and the effects that appeared.. perhaps we still become aware of the gravitational pull from Elenin.. although again, generally comets have a mass that is less than one billionth the mass of the Earth.

    You can also check and see other websites, such as godlikeproductions, where it is claimed that Elenin will hit the Earth, or disturb our orbit, or cause tides, or interact with our magnetic field.

  19. Marie (France) says:

    There was for more than one year ago a video posted on the NASAbuzzroom website that was claiming that the magnetic field of the comet will cause a large shift in the rotation axis of the Earth and produce mega-earthquakes on March 15, 2011.. and around that date, indeed, look what happened in Japan.. Not many have indeed taken this seriously.

  20. Ronas (Germany) says:

    There are some people that say that comets don’t have magnetic fields, and magnetic fields can’t change the rotation axis or cause earthquakes no matter how large they are… is that so??

    How about the situation where Earth’s axis shifted by 3 degrees in February 2010, as you can see up too, and caused the Chile Earthquake? The same ”scientific” people say that the Chile earthquake was a normal slippage in an active fault that has produced many previous earthquakes, including the one witnessed by Charles Darwin in 1835.

    Is NASA lying to not create panic with a situation they obviously they cannot handle?..

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ ronas
      indeed the comets do not have a magnetic field and their gravitational field (since their mass is very little compared to the mass of earth for example) is also negligible. The fact that there might be a connection between the earthquakes on earth and the alignments with the celestial body that is now considered to be comet ELENIN is proving that the gravitational field of this celestial body is very big, much bigger than any known comet will have. in this way, if these influences really exist and there is not only a synchronicity showing us something else, then what is heading toward our part of the universe is an enormous mass and not a comet.
      Indeed there are some aberrations also on the net regarding these information on ELENIN and one of the most ridiculous one is about the Earth passing through the tale (the comma) of the comet sometime in october 2011. This is as if the space is having friction and the comet is leaving a trace or a tale behind, opposite to the direction of motion. In reality the comet’s tale is always opposite to the sun because the “solar wind” is the only cause of this phenomenon. Therefore when earth pass through the trajectory of the comet, the tale is somewhere else!

  21. Jean (France) says:


    Well, just because someone says he or she is from NASA doesn’t make it true. Many people who post YouTube videos lie about their affiliation. Incidentally, only NASA is allowed to use the NASA logo, the blue circle with the word NASA and a satellite orbiting around it. Many times they speak true facts..

  22. unuslab says:

    Ma Stoiane, tot cu minciuni de prostit copiii umbli?

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      @ unuslab (la cap)
      daca ai fi citit cu atentie (greu se pare) ai fi sesizat ca eu nu am facut altceva decat sa pun niste ipoteze de lucru pe masa pentru cei care sunt interesati. Cand asemenea informatii se coreleaza cu asemenea precizie este o dovada de prostie sa nu cauti macar sa gasesti niste cauze sau legitati care se ascund dincolo de aceste asa zise coincidente. Dar deh, pentru prost este mai importanta starea lui de ignoranta decat sa afle ceva care sa il mai destepte putin. Daca inca esti la mintea copiilor (ca la inima lor nu poate sa fie vorba dupa cum se vede) atunci aceste ipoteze intr-adevar pot sa para minciuni de prostit copiii. Oricum prefer sa impartasesc si cu altii care cauta concluziile mele (riscand sa mai apara si cate unul ca tine prin preajma) decat sa ma uit in alta parte si sa pretind ca totul este ca si inainte. Succes in viata si sa papi tot. 🙂

  23. Jean (France) says:

    @Ross Marshall

    Don’t be so naive..

  24. Ronas (Germany) says:

    yea that’s what i was thinking …it makes sense.

  25. Marie (France) says:

    So what is this ”solar wind” again? I remember this was indeed an issue in the movie..

  26. Xing Chi says:

    I also read that Russian scientists are now predicting that asteroid Apophis will impact the Earth April 13 2036 causing terrible damage. I understand that the Russians are planning a mission to stop the asteroid.

    Both Comet Elenin and Asteroid Apophis are real. There is no mystery about the comet’s path.

    But you cannot find these things anymore if you read on Wikipedia or the government NASA and NOAA and Geologic Survey websites…

  27. Daniele says:

    I have seen a while ago ”Horton hears a hoo” :). A few times in fact. It’s a cartoon, but it shows very similar aspects with how humans live these days and how much narrow is the general understanding over life in universe. Also it is pointing towards relations and groups, pretty similar with humans again.. and how much some of the beings living on that planet were fighting to keep the rules they were living after, even when their world was in great danger of crashing.. It does has many meanings this little movie..

  28. Ronas (Germany) says:

    These facts are being verified.. and they are not in any way a fear campaign.. made by people that don’t know much about astronomy or are intentionally making up stories to frighten ”gullible” people. It’s a message to open our eyes and DO something about it, because we can. Hopefully we will find soon printed in English this ”No apocalypse” technique, that is very beautiful and strong and can be an exercise that is refining and elevating our inner vibration and creates a global protection in this way, for the whole planet, when many involve in this.

  29. Bogdan says:

    @ Ronas and everybody

    But you have already the technique “No apocalypse” translated in english and even german (even pocket version).
    So, everybody who’s convinced should start NOW practicing IT!
    It’s no time to waste…
    “A few grams of practice values more than tons of theory”

  30. Ronas (Germany) says:


    Oh ja, I do have it in German! but
    As you saw maybe in previous messages, there are Indian people that would want to practice it, and since the article is out in the journals now, I am sure there will be others outside of our schools looking for it.
    I am still looking to find the English version posted on some of our yoga sites these days.

  31. Laszlo says:

    Can it be that what is happening now on the planet and all these talks about 2012 it’s about an entering in a superior era? and between now and then is a time of transition from the way we live now to a way better way ;), in harmony?
    Can it be that with the help of some let’s say, ”stabilizing forces” – perhaps the ones that we get by putting us in resonance with such forces when we do the No apocalypse technique – it can mean a whole transformation of the world – rejuvenation and return to balance.. that may reach completion in 2012?

  32. Marie (France) says:

    I wonder why do we perceive actually the time passing faster and faster??

  33. Xing Chi says:

    Yes, I noticed that my calender week is passing in less than half the time a calender week would pass many years ago.. In this rhythm, 2012 will be here perhaps much more rapidly than our calender indicates.

  34. Young says:

    I am not sure of this, but what I can say is that, disregard the desperate efforts of the freemasonry for example, there is a wave of awakening, in a pace more and more fast and I can see this in many countries though.

  35. Jean (France) says:

    I think this is the effect of the higher energy planes in which we live now, where everything is accelerated.. or perhaps gradually the consciousness grasps the actuality of timelessness, the reality of infinity and eternity.. but hopefully Mihai can tell us more on that..

  36. Michael says:

    It is also about our heartfelt desire for our planet’s sake, our bewilderment on how to heal the pervasive damage humankind has wrought.

    It is our homeland and we are in charge, in the best ways we can, for these times, in order to bring light, truth and also end violence and environmental destruction.

  37. Shaam says:

    One day, many years ago, i was silently walking through a desert.. As i was walking, i was naturally and deeply entering a state of expansion and trance that i have never experienced so far.. In a few minutes, my consciousness got so expanded and completely spontaneously i felt i was projected in space, out of the planet. From that place, just as far as i could see and perceive our planet and our solar system, the space around me was amazing, awake and conscious, peaceful and present, and i am sure there were attending me many divine beings, showing me this, even if i could not see them. As i was seeing our planet, i saw it as a really blue planet, as an aura.. and i truly understood how much this planet is loved by other beings on other solar systems, and not only.., and that it really has a great significance in this universe, that i was experiencing now as being exactly as a body, and our planet being perhaps even like its heart.. i understood how this universe is awake.. as we, humans are, but so much more.. There were many things that, for some reasons.. and through divine grace, were revealed to me at this time.. I could see the interest and support manifested towards humanity from outside.. but then also i was shown aspects related to the freemasonry and how the evil is done to humanity and to the planet. All these occurred in a few seconds, in the way we perceive time as humans, but to me it felt very long.. I was in big awe, and feeling as a child, very amazed.. and my heart was very much moved in this.. grace.. and when i ”came back”.. i had an overwhelming state of gratitude, humbleness, simplicity and love for this Gaia planet, that is in fact a very wise being, and i knew that all we need to do in order to heal all human disease and ailment.. is to put us in resonance with it.. in all the possible ways.. it would bring common sense and would bring humanity to its senses..

    I can say that the No apocalypse technique is helping people do this.. and it is a way to become more aware of that what is and was here for long, and be good..

  38. Opono (Japan) says:

    I wonder WHEN real news.. such as this one, regarding the nuclear power plant
    .. will be in the newspapers, instead of the drunk-monkey style news that is practiced nowadays??

    In America you cannot find ANYTHING on this, and I believe nowhere..
    but we still love to play around as ”journalists”, right?

  39. dr. J. Bryce says:

    ..or this:
    Biggest earthquake in Virginia.. measuring almost 6..

  40. Dan Popescu says:

    I just saw on OTV, a Romanian channel, about this. People begin to be interested.. but i also believe that fear that comes when such ”things” come up, is an instrument to control masses.. or to help the ones doing so.. Until people do not understand the causes and the possible solutions to this, they may remain paralyzed like..

  41. Jean (France) says:

    @Dan Popescu

    One of my favorite quotes is this:
    ”One cannot be responsible and desperate in the same time”. ;)..
    ..it was one of Grieg’s wise words..

  42. Samar says:

    Oui, la planète est bien vivante. C’est nous qui doivent se reveiller! Il est bienvenue l’instant ou on se rend compte de nous-memes et commence à agir juste..

    Bon chance à nous tous!

  43. Dan Popescu says:

    We had yesterday evening a great spiral with the awakening of the souls of the countries participating here in the international yoga camp in Romania. It was so full of grace.. And in the end we made an extraordinary but short meditation.. of communion with the planet and that was so profound and complete.. and purified and awoke a lot of energy in everyone. I am grateful for this.. Such actions are of great help.. slowly we become more and more aware of what is going on and how to act right..

  44. Jean (France) says:

    This is a very complex time we live in. The changes we experience in this period are not only physical.. It like we are being energetically re-patterned. The status quo will no longer do. The general old way of being is in a state of deconstruction. How we think and act, our competitiveness, aggression and focus on the material gain are all being torn apart.. I believe it is the end of life as we know it.. No old formulas or solutions will work in the beginning of this new coming era..

  45. dr. J. Bryce says:

    I feel the same. I believe our challenge is to cultivate a new vision of relationship to self and others so we can reconnect with our light.. If we’re game, if we’re up for it, there will be a party ;).. What we need to realize is that we HAVE the tools to meet ourselves in higher consciousness. Guidance is available from within, from great teachers, such as Grieg now, such as this great technique that has deeper and old very pure resonances…
    All we have to do is choose to listen and do the work. Our participation is vital!

  46. Dom says:

    Yes.. we can feel that things are getting shakier.. Whether it’s the economy, the environment or climate change, or possible coming catastrophes, we’re experiencing very rapid change and transformation. We’re getting closer and closer to the epicenter of that change, and the closer we get, the more we will feel its reverberations..

  47. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    I believe no one actually can literally know what will happen in the coming period, but I do think many people are aware that we cannot go on the way we have been on this planet. We see breakdowns in systems, as well major social disruptions.. And we will also probably see some real breakthroughs, positive transformations and people letting go of old attitudes and beliefs. All that I can also say with certainty is that there will be a lot more change, and some of it totally unexpected. So how do we meet these changes??

    This No apocalypse technique is indeed one of the important tools to help us navigate these times.

  48. Michael says:

    ..we did confuse our true selves with perky little consumers of a now-bankrupt ideology, conscientious little soldiers of the market place. In place of deep aliveness and radical joy, we substituted the toxic mentality of tabloid gossip and TV sitcoms. What can we do in this big shopping mall that is the world now.
    I do wanna get back on the track..

  49. Marie (France) says:

    i completely agree.. Amidst such an epidemic mist of delusion, it Would take something as big as a planetary crisis to pry us out of illusion and get us back on track. Perhaps the track now opening now is a pathway back to a life that counts, a love that matters, a world that pays attention to what’s real rather than the canned laughter of vicarious existence..

  50. Laszlo says:

    I think there is every reason to expect great hardships in the world.. , but possibly leading to global revolutionary transformation. Perhaps the economical meltdown nowadays may also be seen as a protective mechanism for the planet, as it halts the incessant economic growth that has led it to the brink of ecological disaster.. But the planet is not meant to die for sure. And what will come out is not a stressful growth economy that threatens the survival of the global ecosystem..

  51. Shaam says:

    Such data that i find here in this article, and also some Mayan predictions that i have reviewed, i see it can be offensive to many human egos.. After October 28th.. however, it will be more meaningful to talk about humanity or sections thereof, creating its reality..

  52. Daniele says:

    In our universe, there’s a game.. for ”soul evolution”. Game.. because souls learn best through structured systems that allow us to create. Then, through build-in challenges, souls learn to master our creation. Soul games may be the highest form of games..
    We play the Polarity Integration Game, a game that requires our learning to integrate, or accept as equally valuable, all aspects of polarities..
    Eventually we reach the point wherein our creation can destroy us and our universe. That is when the spiritual hierarchy sets aside a planet and quarantines it for the purpose of integration.

  53. Dan Popescu says:

    In Romania, a country that sometimes informs people more about some events than other countries.. i happened to see on TV discussions on this specific ELENIN topic.. in august, this year.. in an afternoon.. so people are getting informed.. slowly but it happens.
    Recently i received more emails from friends that realize it’s not so much of a joke..
    People speaking about mathematic calculations that lead to the conclusion that for each of the big earthquakes, in New Zeeland, Chile and Japan, ELENIN situated on the same axis with the Earth and the Sun, and the distance being of 600 mil km about, in the first 2 cases, and aprox 200 mil km for the Japan case.. in other words, the datas that are presented up in this article.. Also, on the 27th of september, this distance will be aprox 30 mil km from Earth.. meanning even closer than Mars..
    It might also generate a total eclipse of the sun, for 3 days in a row (? ..) because of the gigantic dimensions of it..
    There are only a few days left till this date.. and i believe we all need miracles.. and to contribute to making miracles..

  54. Samar says:

    @Dan Popescu

    In Romania there are already registered small earthquakes on a regular basis lately.. I too believe there might be coming in this period unprecedented influences gravitationally speaking..
    PRO TV said that we have at the Black Sea one of such unprecedented phenomena: the sea is acting as in case of tides.., ebbs and flows.. it went back 16 metres from the regular shore.. just as it is when we have an oceanic tide, but the thing is.. it does not come back.. as it happens with ebbs and flows..
    We might probably hear more and more often about all kind of such strange phenomenas..

  55. Dom says:

    Earthquakes list September 17, 2011 – http://earthquake-report.com/2011/09/16/earthquakes-list-september-17-2011/
    This earthquake list covers important earthquakes in the world. On this site you will find a lot more..

    M 3.5 2011/09/16 06:52 Depth 1.0 km BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
    very shallow earthquake well felt by the people living above it
    EMSC: Felt reports
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 24 km NW from epicenter
    Short burst of shaking, aluminium blinds rattled, bird flew off a nearby roof, not sure if related though
    Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina: vinaCouple of items has been moved. The table in my house has been moved to approximately 10cm ( 49 km W from epicenter)
    23 km SE Sarajevo (pop 696,731); 27 km NW Foca (pop 14,615); 12 km S Koran (pop 3,395)
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    Weak very shallow earthquakes well felt by people living above it
    M 3.1 2011/09/17 06:07 Depth 2.0 km PORTUGAL
    21 km NE of Viseu (pop 26,364);12 km NW of Sátão (pop 4,034)

    Daily summary of earthquakes only surrounded by a lot of water
    M 5.4 2011/09/16 08:59 Depth 59.1 km KURIL ISLANDS
    M 4.2 2011/09/16 05:03 Depth 543.4 km FIJI REGION

    Japan, Honshu : aftershocks of M 4.5 or greater
    M 4.6 2011/09/16 08:24 Depth 35.6 km OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    M 5.9 2011/09/16 07:33 Depth 39.5 km NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    M 4.9 2011/09/17 01:18 Depth 34.7 km OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

    Earthquakes occurred yesterday (UTC time), but today local time

    M 6.6 2011/09/16 19:26 Depth 10.0 km OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    05:26:36 AM at epicenter
    Japanese JMA reports 6.3 at a depth of 20 km
    Seismic intensity on the coastal areas is “only” 4 (we start looking for damage from 5+)
    This time, the location of the aftershock is far north so that Tokyo will not be shaken too much.
    Aomori reports a weak shaking (MMI III) – a confirming sign for safety
    USGS expects that 512,000 people will have felt a moderate shaking and 2,895,000 people a light shaking.
    Update : GDACS has (based on its theoretical models) calculated a tsunami wave height of 0.1 meter for various eastern Honshu coastal locations. However … GDACS has based its calculations on the USGS data (6.6 @ 10 meter). Local JMA has based his tsunami calculations on their own values of 6.3 @ 20 km. JMA has not called any tsunami advisory or alert.
    NO tsunami warning or advisory is in effect
    The earthquake occurred at 05:26 Japanese Local Time, once again the Honshu people have been awakened by an aftershock
    144 km (89 miles) ESE (103°) from Hachinohe, Honshu, Japan
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
    Update 21:27 UTC ; several strong to very strong aftershocks in the same area. Both without danger (last 6.2 earthquake has a 3 JMA intensity)
    M 6.2 2011/09/16 21:08 Depth 20.2 km (JMA 5.9)
    M 5.5 2011/09/16 20:11 Depth 19.0 km
    M 5.2 2011/09/16 19:39 Depth 10.4 km

    M 5.6 2011/09/16 18:23 Depth 113.1 km VANUATU
    05:23:26 AM at epicenter
    Harmless deep earthquake close to Anatom. It will be felt in Vanuatu and in New Caledonia as a weak shaking.
    Nothing disturbing in this area of the world.
    142 km (88 miles) SSE (160°) from Isangel, Vanuatu
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 4.6 2011/09/16 23:07 Depth 33.8 km SOUTHERN IRAN
    Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 02:37:43 AM at epicenter
    light earthquake well felt by the people living above it
    EMSC is mentioning shallow earthquake at 10 km depth
    80 km (49 miles) NNE of Lar, Iran
    122 km (75 miles) E of Jahrom, Iran
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    Summary of very deep, deep moderate or weak quakes only faintly felt by people
    M 4.8 2011/09/16 22:09 Depth 242.1 km BANDA SEA, INDONESIA
    211 km (131 miles) SE (137°) from Ambon, Moluccas, Indonesia

  56. Dom says:

    Just to give you an idea.. these events occur more and more often, find more there on the site.. and not to mention the one in Virgina, USA, on the 23th of August..

    M 4.6 2011/09/15 22:15 Depth 69.8 km NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN HONSHU, JAPAN
    Friday, September 16, 2011 at 07:15:07 AM at epicenter
    weak earthquake but well felt in Ōsaka and Mie region
    36 km (22 miles) E of Wakayama, Honshu, Japan
    55 km (34 miles) S of Osaka, Honshu, Japan
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 7.2 7.3 2011/09/15 19:30 Depth 593.0 km 626 km FIJI REGION (Tonga)
    Friday, September 16, 2011 at 07:30:59 AM at epicenter
    Read our in-depth article : Very strong “deep” earthquake in the greater Fiji region
    Harmless DEEP earthquake with its hypocenter in the solid hot mantle of the earth
    This earthquake will probably be felt as a very weak shaking in a big radius (hundreds of km)
    There is NO risk for a tsunami
    GDACS earthquake report
    Official NOAA statement (Alaska- California)
    1240 PM PDT THU SEP 15 2011
    Official NOAA statement (Hawaii – Pacific)
    421 km (262 miles) W (263°) from NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 5.1 2011/09/15 15:27 Depth 6.5 km SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA – IN-DEPTH ARTICLE
    11:27:01 PM at epicenter
    Read our in-depth article : Dangerous earthquake in the Uygur Autonomous region, China (Keriya and Niya)
    Approx. 50 km from Niya and Keriya
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 4.1 2011/09/15 11:02 Depth 25.2 km VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION
    04:02:14 AM at epicenter
    Aftershock of the 6.4 earthquake from last Friday
    126 km (78 miles) S (169°) from Port Hardy, BC, Canada
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 3.5 2011/09/15 09:56 Depth 11.6 km GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA – IN-DEPTH ARTICLE
    02:56:41 AM at epicenter
    Read also our in-depth report @ : Greater Los Angeles area awakened by a couple of shakes – CLICK HERE
    The original content has been redirected to this in-depth report
    2 km (1 miles) NE (34°) from San Joaquin Hills, CA and 7 km (4 miles) SSW (205°) from Irvine, CA
    Many people have been awakened by the multiple shakes
    Todays earthquake is NOT an aftershock of yesterdays Riverside earthquake.
    California has been really active the last couple of weeks with a lot of shaking in many different areas.
    25,000 people will have experienced a moderate MMI V shaking, 543,000 people a light shaking and 2,553,000 people a weak shaking. 15 million people may have felt a very weak shaking (not perceivable by most only by very sensitive sleepers).
    Update : We are printing all these I Have Felt It reports because they are giving the best indication of what has happened.
    Update : We see the Los Angeles people gradually leaving the site and returning to their beds (probably a lot of them in fear for aftershocks)
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
    “I Have Felt It” reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
    Huntington Beach : Two, perhaps three minor jolts coming from West Southwest direction. No damage.
    Irvine, Orange county: It was a strong jolt at about 2:56 am. No damage
    Orange county: Strong Jerk lasted couple seconds.
    Santa Ana, CA: Around 3am – Light shaking indicated
    Tustin, CA: Lasted for about 2 seconds, kinda rolled by and woke me up
    Irvine, CA: Awakened by a strong jolt lasting 2 to 3 seconds
    Irvine, CA: I felt it at 3:09. light shaking and rumbling
    Santa Ana, CA : It woke everybody up. Went outside to calm my dogs and I saw my neighbors lights on and some outside
    Huntington Beach, CA: I was in bed listening to music while my bed was shaking left & right
    Santa Ana – Costa Mesa, CA: Woke me up out of bed. Knocked some things down inside off shelves. Was actually a bit noisy, sounded like someone slammed the garage door down. Checked on my kids right away & were sound asleep. Looked outside & a couple people were checking things out, no car alarms went off. Must’ve only lasted 2-3 seconds but it felt like the epicenter was close for some reason. I’m located right on the border of Santa Ana & Costa Mesa, about 5 blocks away from the South Coast Plaza
    Santa Ana, CA : I was woken up from my sleep around 3AM to find the house shaking for a few seconds
    Huntington Beach, CA: It was very short but very strong!
    Many more I Have Felt It report —> here

    M 6.0 5.1 2011/09/15 08:43 Depth 10.0 km CUBA REGION
    04:43:07 AM at epicenter
    Read also our in-depth report @ Strong earthquake just out of the Cuba coast
    107 km (67 miles) SW (226°) from Campechuela, Granma, Cuba
    123 km (77 miles) N (355°) from Montego Bay, Saint James, Jamaica
    very dangerous for the area Parque Nacional Desembarco del Gramna
    The epicenter of the earthquake is only 30 km out of the Belic, Caoba area
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
    M 6.2 2011/09/15 08:00 Depth 10.0 km NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    Read our in-depth report here :
    More than 50 million people have felt today’s 6.2 magnitude aftershock in Honshu, Japan
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 6.0 2011/09/15 07:53 Depth 13.4 km EAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND
    07:53:12 PM at epicenter
    Similar earthquake than yesterday (5.9 yesterday) at least 400 km out of the Hicks Bay coast (New Zealand)
    400 km from Hicks Bay, New Zealand and 1609 km (1000 miles) S (189°) from NUKU’ALOFA, Tonga
    NO tsunami danger at this magnitude.
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 4.5 2011/09/15 02:06 Depth 7.3 km SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 06:06:48 PM at epicenter
    weak shallow earthquake near to NP ocean
    102 km (63 miles) ESE of Yakutat, Alaska
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 4.0 2011/09/15 01:50 Depth 5.0 km EASTERN KAZAKHSTAN
    local time 07:50
    Shallow earthquake close to a few mountain villages
    16 km NW of Zharkent(pop 34,422); 122 km W of Yining(pop 257,671)
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    M 4.1 2011/09/15 00:21 Depth 53.7 km KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 04:21:05 PM at epicenter
    moderate earthquake with MMI V
    people of Anchor Point(2,000) will experience a light shaking of MMI IV
    8 km (5 miles) SW (229°) from Happy Valley, AK
    13 km (8 miles) NW (319°) from Nikolaevsk, AK
    Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

    Shallow weak to moderate earthquakes well felt by people living above it
    M 3.0 2011/09/15 04:52 Depth 10.0 km ALBANIA
    16 km NE of Burrel; 11 km SE of Kurbnesh
    M 3.7 2011/09/15 04:46 Depth 27.0 km SOUTHERN IRAN
    49 km E of Bandar-e lengeh;110 km SW of Bandar-e ‘abbas
    M 3.0 2011/09/15 04:35 Depth 16.0 km BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO
    26 km SSW from Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico

    Summary of earthquakes only faintly felt by people
    M 4.4 2011/09/15 22:03 Depth 146.8 km HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN
    79 km S of Faizabad, Afghanistan; 241 km NNE of KABUL, Afghanistan
    M 4.9 2011/09/15 10:46 Depth 19.1 km KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA

    Japan, Honshu : aftershocks of M 4.5 or greater
    M 4.7 2011/09/15 14:25 Depth 35.0 km EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN

    Daily summary of moderate quakes mainly felt by local animals
    M 5.1 2011/09/15 20:40 Depth 105.3 km SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION

    Daily summary of earthquakes only surrounded by a lot of water
    M 4.9 2011/09/15 16:54 Depth 14.9 km BOUVET ISLAND REGION
    M 5.1 2011/09/15 16:08 Depth 16.3 km BOUVET ISLAND REGION
    M 5.5 2011/09/15 11:59 depth 370.0 km FIJI REGION
    M 4.4 2011/09/15 03:44 Depth 294.0 km MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
    M 4.2 2011/09/15 01:40 Depth 10.0 km NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN

    Earthquakes occurred yesterday (UTC time), but today local time

    Shallow weak to moderate earthquakes well felt by people living above it
    M 3.4 2011/09/14 21:47 Depth 5.0 km WESTERN TURKEY
    9 km NE Sámos (pop 6,389) and 18 km SW Kusadasi (pop 63,177)

  57. Daniele says:

    .. you cannot predict much i guess..
    It is .. time to really offer our truest and deepest love to our planet and do and be the best of us.. these days.. gather together and practice what we know.. and call upon the grace..

  58. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    WASHINGTON — U.S. space officials say they expect a dead satellite to fall to Earth in about a week.

    NASA has been watching the 6-ton satellite closely. On Friday officials moved up their prediction for its arrival to Sept. 23, give or take a day.

    NASA scientists have calculated the satellite will break into 26 pieces as it gets closer to Earth. The odds of it hitting someone anywhere on the planet are 1 in 3,200. The heaviest piece to hit the ground will be about 350 pounds, but no one has ever been hit by falling space junk in the past.

    NASA expects to give the public more detailed information early next week. For now, all continents except Antarctica could be hit by satellite debris.


  59. Ronas (Germany) says:

    I would say I believe 2012 is neither a singular, nor a potential tuning point.., but maybe a part of a massive shift we started already to experience.. A very profound shift.. in a process of awakening from a culture of death, exploitation of humans, animals and our planet.. to one of Life and Liberation.. and it’s gonna need our collective cooperation to make it…

  60. Laszlo says:

    The anti apocalypse technique that we received in this school, helps very much to increase the resonance and to expand the power of light to transform this world in every way..

  61. Dom says:

    I personally feel very close to the Hopi prophecies of the 5th world (humanity’s next stage), that do not state a specific date.. but they do say that very soon we will become from being ”two-hearted” people to being ”one-hearted” people.

  62. Daniele says:

    How about this..:

    NASA announced on Wednesday the design of the Space Launch System, or SLS, a rocket that will carry humans to destinations that include asteroids and Mars.

    “This new, heavy-lift rocket will be America’s most powerful since the Saturn V rockets that carried Apollo astronauts to the moon,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a video released before the announcement.

    From The Associated Press:

    The idea is to launch its first unmanned test flight in 2017 with the first crew flying in 2021 and astronauts heading to a nearby asteroid in 2025, the officials said. From there, NASA hopes to send the rocket and astronauts to Mars – at first just to circle, but then later landing on the Red Planet – in the 2030s.

    According to USA Today, the rocket will be 34 stories tall and take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA said in a statement that the SLS will initially carry payloads of between 70 and 100 metric tons with plans to later carry up to 130 metric tons. By comparison, the space shuttle that was retired in July could carry about 27 tons, the AP reports.

    The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), a six-person capsule aboard the rocket, will be used to carry astronauts.

    NASA said that in an effort to reduce cost, the rocket will use the same fuel system — liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen — for both the core and the upper stage propulsion.

    PC Mag reports that the rocket will cost around $18 billion over the next five years.


  63. Loukas says:

    Dear Mihai,

    It has been long since I last contacted you. I found a very interesting article claiming that tidally induced magnification of Earth masses’ resonance causes seismicity depicting that astronomical alignments are the cause of M6+ earthquakes. You can find the article here http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1104/1104.2036.pdf


  64. Michael says:

    When we practice special techniques FOR a spiritual purpose, it creates a peace-bringing group.. Earth-centered.. It’s not that we have to be perfect, but we will have to renew as well the energies of true morality and modesty.. and to live in harmony with all beings on the planet…

  65. Dr. J. Bryce says:

    A planetary alignment will occur on December 21, 2012. Similar perhaps to the one that occurred in the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. That convergence resulted in the downfall of the Russian Empire and the Berlin Wall. There were people at that time on the mountains, that were meditating for 24 hrs, chanting and dancing. Millions of people holding this focus simultaneously, and i am sure they created through this a positive wave that brought down those oppressive empires and symbols.. at least for a while and at that time.. I believe such cosmic events are relevant, but they are relevant in terms of HOW we work with the energies.

  66. Shaam says:

    @Dr. J. Bryce
    I think the most important shift we can make is in CONSCIOUSNESS.. As you all know.. we are all experiencing an onslaught of poisonous energies and substances. However, people become less willingly to accept the dulling of their ”5 sense bio-computer minds”.. Chemtrails, mass vaccination, genetically modified food, frequency devices and radiated food, all, I believe, decrease brain function… and our choices… and life…

  67. Lali says:

    Here we are the last news about this “apocalyptic” comet Elenin that pales, is shrinking and will get tens of millions of miles from Earth:


  68. Opono (Japan) says:

    @Ronas (Germany)
    The dark side and the dark cabal have been the dominant forces on the planet for thousands of years..
    2012… will be a nodal turning point during which, if you wanna call it like that, Life forces may become stronger than the culture of death.. and my intuition says that the stabilization in this,… will come much later…

  69. Xing Chi says:

    The Great Mayan prophecies says that 2012 may be the end of Earth time. This actually may announce a period of freedom and expansion, liberated from the limitations of time… In a world of time, there is separations and karma. For separation to end, people need to recover their power… it is a shift of power. An ascension process that takes people form ego power to divine power. It is about the transformation of the consciousness that the recovery of power brings.

  70. Young says:

    @Xing Chi
    Hey there… what is then what you call ”time”?

  71. Xing Chi says:

    Time is the way we have lived in this reality.. a reality in which events happen and some consequences manifest. It is cause and effect. Karma. Cause needs time for effect to manifest. This is the world of time to me..
    But beyond time, what i see is we have synchronicity: unity and love, a world without karma… Synchronicity requires a rise in the world’s vibration, a shift that will accelerate processes until time collapses and synchronicity manifests.. away from limitation and suffering and towards the reality of the universe: joy and power… We need to qualify for the new reality…

  72. Samar says:

    I doubt that life was meant to be like this forever… it is not written anywhere. It feels like we are part of a project… Project Earth 😉 … There must be a new world, a new way of living, infused with that love and compassion the great masters taught…

  73. RY (USA) says:

    There are high vibrational energies entering lately the Earth’s field.. and we are all going through a process of awakening to a new spiritual vibration that might eventually take everybody to this consciousness of compassion… that some here even spoke about. Higher energies in a person awaken consciousness; greater light opens the heart. People are entering personal crisis perhaps because the energies are very strong, hitting everyone for a greater awakening of love through force… and this changes our priorities and the way we live our lives… Most people i’ve seen in some sort of crisis – existential crisis, financial crisis, relationship crisis, job crisis… Everyone is going through this, trying to make greater sense of their lives, because the modes of living they have understood until now are no longer valid… they don’t make sense anymore. Opening the heart, entering the vibration of unconditional love and doing the right thing from love – this is the only thing that makes sense, and maybe the only thing that works now. This force of life is ours.. and we cannot negotiate with it…

  74. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    Interesting what you say, i will check into that more in detail. It would be great news for everyone.. and be sure all would be glad. This site is not about freaking doomsday seekers.. but about awareness..
    First thing i would have myself looked into until recently for such info .. would be the NASA website.. even though it is government.. and a lot of info there still is junk.
    How about the story about the end of NASA’s Shuttle Program? do u have an idea what is about..? also about NASA’s future and what is really going on with the termination of the shuttle program?
    What is known, and by whom, of projects so much further advanced than what NASA shows the public. Why are these advances kept from the public and what are the implications?
    Ever really wondered ??..

  75. Dan Popescu says:

    … if the end of separation is the beginning of love… and separation is the inner split keeping people away from themselves… and therefore from love… I guess the end of separation is also the end of violence… Violence is the result of the use of ego power; when we use divine power, what we get must be compassion.. Compassion as a result of the end of karma… and the instrument for service…

  76. Jean (France) says:

    The awakening in consciousness sends us on an intense walkabout within our depths, even our dark side, for this is where power is being held hostage. Real meditation technique does this… The need to bring light to the dark areas inside of us is urgent now. When the dark side is not illuminated, ultimately its power serves the dark agenda;… we may think we are very good, but our hearts may not be truly open and our actions many times may bring suffering and chaos… When the dark side is brought to light, its power serves good. When power is separated, it serves for evil purposes. That split is the cause of all evil. Once the dark side is integrated, it serves the light. Only then we are truly good…

  77. Giuglio (Italy) says:

    ..meanwhile.. here’s a part of an article that appeared 3 months ago:
    wikistrike says: Elenin comet: 2 assassinated astronomers… End of the world?

    The team of Wikistrike consequently and lengthily reflected before publishing this information of the more high importance. This information could involve media and human consequences irreversible. According to our sources, we discovered the recent and suspect death of 2 astronomers, which counted among most important of the world. What you will read is exclusive and these assassinations would be as the irrefutable proof of what awaits us all.

    Brian Geoffrey Marsden was born on August 5, 1937, it died on November 18, 2010. He was an astronomer américano-British; he was since 1978 the director of Minor Planet Center of the SAO located at Cambridge in Massachusetts. Minor Planet Center, under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, it is the official organization in charge of the data-gathering of observation for small planets (asteroids) and comets, the calculation of their orbit and the publication of this information via Minor Planet Circulars…

    Al Rex Sandage was born on June 18, 1926 in Iowa city, Iowa (the United States), and died in San Gabriel (California) on November 13, 2010; it counted among the largest contemporary American astronomers. Born in an Jewish family, it converts towards the end of its life to Christianity. Sandage worked at the observatory of the Palomar Mount. This observatory belongs and is controlled by California Institue off technology (Caltech). One of the important programs allotted to the Palomar mount is the research program of comets and the asteroids géocroiseurs called Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT). the asteroids géocroiseurs are asteroids evolving/moving in the vicinity or in direction of the Earth. To name them one often uses abbreviation ECA, of English Earth-Crossing Asteroids, asteroids whose orbit crosses that of the Earth. Some of these objects being likely to run up against the Earth, they are the subject of a research and a particular follow-up…

    The two men died of an acute encephalomyelitis. Disseminated acute encephalomyelitis or encéphalite post-infectious or encéphalite périveineuse are an inflammatory disease démyélinisante central nervous system. It is usually secondary with a viral, bacterial infection or with a vaccination but can also appear spontaneously. It consists of an auto-immune ignition leading to the destruction of the sheaths of myéline in the substance white, and present in this respect similarities (physiopathological, clinical and paraclinic) with the pushes of multiple sclerosis. It is a rare disease whose incidence is worth 0,8 cas/100 000 personnes/an and who preferentially touches the child and the teenager, the majority of the case occurring between 5 and 8 years. This fulgurating disease perhaps inoculated by means of an aerosol, very often arms used by the CIA.

    The two astronomers died at 5 days of interval of the same disease, and which more is of an extremely rare disease. They were specialized in the observation and the research of comets. Death threats by the US government nothing to reveal on their discoveries concerning the trajectory and the real size of the comet Elenin, they persisted in wanting to reveal the facts with the general public but in vain. A few weeks later, the trajectory which is given officially to the general public by NASA will be obviously false. Work of Marsden and Sandage showed a proximity too much important. The consequences would be a bursting of the earth’s crust on the totality of the sphere. A true cataclysm. Half of humanity will be decimated.

    Let us recall here that the physicist Michio Kaku, who had predicted the earthquakes in Japan, announces a world earthquake. The scientist of reputation, Michi Kaku, physicist, warns the citizens of the world of a méga potential earthquake. Michio Kaku decided in this direction during an appearance to the emission “Good Morning America”. He explained why there was very strong probability so that seisms of scale touch the planet Ground in several places…
    He still explains that the ground is about to undergo strong jolts, a little everywhere, and affirms that the cities all over the world are not ready with this possibility…
    More especially as several cities were built in places which it had been held better for some shacks of fishermen…
    Michio Kaku does not spare its words: “People should expect to see disappearing from the cities as important as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City City, Teheran, Tokyo. Moreover, in fact the big cities will be most favourable to suffer damage. ”
    Kaku concluded while saying “It is necessary to remember earthquake of magnitude 8.8 which took place in Chile in 2010! It was so considerable that it literally made deviate planet of 8 centimetres (3 inches); and since this violent jolt our days do not have 24 hours really any more exactly!

    It knows very well that this world earthquake will be due in the months which come in the passing from the Elenin comet, which is not a comet but dwarf brown, a planet 5 times superior in Jupiter, which passes in our solar system every 3600 years. Its orbit makes it go and come between our system and that from Orion.

  78. Timi says:

    Dear Mihai,

    I found stg interesting on the net

    that suggests that the eatrhquake in Japan was also part of the illuminati agenda just like 9.11.

    Is that possible? Would have they use a cosmic event for timing a catastrophy
    as a “combined disaster”?
    I am very much interested in your oppinion about those cards.

  79. Bond says:

    There is hope, that we will recover from this economic crisis – Lyndon Larouche gives good insight in a way for humanity to get out of its current trap.

    Watch the following if your intrested: http://larouchepac.com/node/19625 , i belive him to be a great ally of humanity and a great alternative to our current rulers.

  80. Michael says:

    Yes, it was good.. thank you for posting that.. This is the kind of spirit that is awakening lately more and more in the USA.. only i am curious how and when and to what this will develop into.. It catches many aspects and serious lacks regarding the nation, but still the perspective presented is not wide enough and from far does not comprehend the whole situation.. even if it is much more than nothing and it’s good to be so.. Big change is indeed coming in the US.. and hopefully there will be place and hope that Americans shake off the naivety, consumerism attitude and other marks that have been so attentively induced on them by the system and the experiment they were chosen to be part of.. This is happening already. But there are great qualities in them, qualities that i cherish extremely, and now is the time to bring them to light and they will. Sooner or later and we don’t know yet with what prize.. Regarding the economical situation, there is something this person presented there that i too believe it is a possibility of developing things and i think it may be a beginning in moving our asses out.. but again, from far, it does not catch the real thing to be done.. but that will come out too.. and also strong people coming along to bring it out harmoniously and straight standing for real values.

  81. Shaam says:

    We live in a world of crisis right now, true.. From economical collapse to environmental decay to climate change to war, hunger and poverty,.. we seem to be headed fool speed ahead on a fast track to a train wreck.. But whatif these crisis presented the greatest opportunity in recorded history – conscious evolution??
    Contrary to what conventional science and religion have been telling us, evolution is neither random nor predetermined, but rather an intelligent dance between organism and environment. When conditions are ripe – through either crisis or opportunity – something unpredictable happens to bring the biosphere into a new balance, at a higher level of coherence.
    I have myself often perceived examples of miraculous healings that occur by the grace of God, as well as regarding to my personal life. If we look deeper, we may see something else as well at work.. Quite often, these fortunate individuals actively participate in their own healing by consciously or unconsciously making a key, significant change in their beliefs and behaviors.
    So here is the bad news and the good news. The story of human life on Earth is yet to be determined. Spontaneous evolution will depend on whether or not we, humans, are willing to make changes in our individual and collective beliefs and behaviors, and whether or not we are able to make these changes in time. For millenia, spiritual teachers have been pointing us in the direction of relatedness and love. Science is confirming nowadays this ancient wisdom. We have free will and we can choose to either rise to the new level of emergence or, in the manner of dinosaurs, fall by the wayside. Like it or not, our future depends on the choices we make as a species.

  82. dr. J. Bryce says:

    There is this guy, Mitch Battros, producer of Earth Changes Media and author of ‘Solar Rain – The Earth Changes Have Begun’ and ‘Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise’. If you go here: http://www.earthchangesmedia.com/ , you will see a lot of interesting info on last astronomical events.. as well his preliminary results on October 1st comet hitting Sun. Comets hitting the Sun is a common occurrence and people have witnessed this many times over years. But there was something different about this event.
    The Oct. 1st CME has hit the Earth’s magnetic field. The second was supposed to hit within the next 48 hours. We were advices to watch for an escalation in earth changing events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and extreme weather.. Pretty similar with the Fatima prophecies looks to me..

  83. dr. J. Bryce says:

    correction: the second CME was supposed to hit in the following 48 hours after the one in the 1st of October.. so on the 3th.. But anyway we are in the middle of such activity.. and it is good to know and .. do what we know .. while we can..

  84. Laszlo says:

    Does NASA tracks ALL objects in space in real-time?..
    Or perhaps we have to deal here with what someone else mentioned on this site earlier – a first stage of a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario? Let’s take a stab at it.. and i will take this a little further..

    1. Situation: UFOs keep entering our air space and we can’t stop them, because the public would see us launching missiles etc. If the public learns that UFOs are real, they will realize that we have been lying to them for years. They will further realize that the UFOs are the ones with Air Superiority, not the United States Air Force. Governments could lose control.
    2. Problem: There’s so much stuff in orbit of us that it’s starting to damage our space station, and communications satellites! This stuff won’t go away! It’ll be around for thousands of years!
    3. Reaction: Public says “We can’t have that! We need our cell phones!”
    4. Solution: Government & NASA approve spending increase to build a network of stationary satellites in outside the earth’s orbit (this hasn’t happened, but will it? they want so..). They wouldn’t be visible from earth. They could contain various weapons we wouldn’t know about. They could form a line of defense against any threat, earthly or otherwise. They would give the government a higher vantage point for tracking any “inbound” traffic. And perhaps most importantly, they would allow NASA to say “What you saw in the sky today was a piece of the satellite collision of 2009, falling out of orbit. There are still 10,000 pieces up there. Expect to see them more frequently.”

  85. Young says:

    Satellite experts are expecting the German Rosat Satellite to fall to Earth on Sunday.
    “This satellite has an orbit of 174 km by 170 km which means it still is pretty “up there”, but it is lowering each hour,” says another specialist from weatherspace. “Yesterday it was around 25 km higher than today. My understanding is no solar storms exist right now to alter it and the satellite has been on time on the passes, according to observers around the world. I’m thinking earliest the 25th, latest the 26th.”Though the satellite will be traveling over water most of the time, it still has a probability of hitting a landmass. The most likely spot of reentry would be around Australia, almost where the NASA UARS satellite landed last month and the timeframe with reduced drag would be between 4 UT and 12 UT OCT 25 2011

    TWS is still tracking it on http://www.theweatherspace.com/livebroadcast.html

  86. Ronas (Germany) says:

    A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey today, killing at least 85 people and sparking widespread panic as it collapsed dozens of buildings into piles of twisted steel and chunks of concrete.

    Tens of thousands of residents fled into the streets running, screaming and trying to reach relatives on cell phones. As the full extent of the damage became clear, desperate survivors dug into the rubble with their bare hands, trying to rescue the trapped and the injured.

    Turkey’s state-run television TRT said a group of inmates escaped from a prison after the earthquake struck. It gave no other detail and it was not immediately known how many had fled.

    Turkish scientists estimated that up to 1,000 people could already be dead, basing the calculation on low local housing standards and the size of the quake.

    The hardest hit was Ercis, a city of 75,000 close to the Iranian border, which lies on the Ercis Fault in one of Turkey’s most earthquake-prone zones. Van, about 55 miles (90 kilometers) to the south, also sustained substantial damage.

    Hundreds of injured people were treated at the state hospital in Ercis, NTV television said. Survivors in Ercis complained of a lack of heavy machinery to remove chunks of cement floors that pancaked onto each other.

    “There are so many dead. Several buildings have collapsed. There is too much destruction,” Ercis Mayor Zulfikar Arapoglu told NTV. “We need urgent aid. We need medics.”

    Residents in Van and Ercis lit camp fires, preparing to spend the night outdoors.

    U.S. scientists recorded eight aftershocks within three hours of the quake, including two with a magnitude of 5.6.

    Serious damage and casualties were also reported in the district of Celebibag, near Ercis.

    The earthquake also shook buildings in neighboring Armenia and Iran.

    In the Armenian capital of Yerevan, 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Ercis, people rushed into the streets fearing buildings would collapse but no damage or injuries were immediately reported. Armenia was the site of a devastating earthquake in 1988 that killed 25,000 people.

    Sunday’s quake caused panic among residents in several Iranian towns close to the Turkish border, and cut phone links and caused cracks in buildings in the city of Chaldoran, Iranian state TV reported. The quake was also felt in the northeastern Iranian towns of Salmas, Maku, Khoi but no damage was immediately reported.

    U.S. leaders conveyed their condolences to the families of the victims and offered assistance.

    “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Turkish ally in this difficult time, and are ready to assist the Turkish authorities,” President Barack Obama said.

    Israel also offered humanitarian assistance despite a rift in relations following an 2010 Israeli navy raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that left nine Turks dead. In September, Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador and suspended military ties because Israel has not apologized. Israel has sent rescue teams to Turkey for past earthquakes in times of closer ties.


  87. Jean (France) says:

    From Florida (Reuters) :
    A nuclear-powered rover as big as a compact car is set to begin a nine-month journey to Mars this weekend to learn if the planet is or ever was suitable for life.

    The launch of NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory aboard an unmanned United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket is set for 10:02 a.m. EST (1502 GMT) on Saturday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, located just south of the Kennedy Space Center. The mission is the first since NASA’s 1970s-era Viking program to directly tackle the age-old question of whether there is life in the universe beyond Earth.

    The consensus of scientists after experiments by the twin Viking landers was that life did not exist on Mars. Two decades later, NASA embarked on a new strategy to find signs of past water on Mars, realizing the question of life could not be examined without a better understanding of the planet’s environment.

    Without a large enough moon to stabilize its tilt, Mars has undergone dramatic climate changes over the eons as its spin axis wobbled closer or farther from the sun.

    The history of what happened on Mars during those times is chemically locked in its rocks, including whether liquid water and other ingredients believed necessary for life existed on the planet’s surface, and if so, for how long. In 2004, the golf cart-sized rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on opposite sides of Mars’ equator to tackle the question of water. Their three-month missions grew to seven years, with Spirit succumbing to the harsh winter in the past year and Opportunity beginning a search in a new area filled with water-formed clays. Both rovers found signs that water mingled with rocks during Mars’ past.

    The new rover, nicknamed Curiosity, shifts the hunt to other elements key to life, particularly organics.
    “One of the ingredients of life is water,” said Mary Voytek, director of NASA’s astrobiology program. “We’re now looking to see if we can find other conditions that are necessary for life by defining habitability or what does it take in the environment to support life.”

    The spacecraft, which is designed to last two years, is outfitted with 10 tools to analyze one particularly alluring site on Mars called Gale Crater. The site is a 96-mile (154-kilometer) wide basin that has a layered mountain of deposits stretching 3 miles above its floor, twice as tall as the layers of rock in the Grand Canyon.

    Scientists do not know how the mound formed but suspect it is the eroded remains of sediment that once completely filled the crater. Curiosity’s toolkit includes a robotic arm with a drill, onboard chemistry labs to analyze powdered samples and a laser that can pulverize rock and soil samples from a distance of 20 feet away. If all goes as planned, Curiosity will be lowered to the floor of Gale Crater in August 2012 by a new landing system called a sky crane. Previously, NASA used airbags or thruster jets to cushion a probe’s touchdown on Mars but the 1,980-pound (900-kilogram) Curiosity needed a beefier system. Instead of solar power, Curiosity is equipped with a plutonium battery that generates electricity from the heat of radioactive decay.

    Similar systems have been used since the earliest days of the space program, including the Apollo moon missions, the Voyager and Viking probes and more recently in the Cassini spacecraft now circling Saturn and NASA’s Pluto-bound New Horizons mission.

    Radiation monitors have been installed through the area around the Cape Canaveral launch site in case of an accident, though the device has been designed to withstand impacts and explosions, said Randall Scott, director of NASA’s radiological control center at the Kennedy Space Center.

    Meteorologists were predicting good weather for Saturday’s launch. Earth and Mars will be favorably aligned for launch until December 18.

  88. Dan Popescu says:

    I was watching a recording from Project Camalot.. and i found this one .. pretty interesting..
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE2xpxDGQpk&feature=related . Between many things.. Bob states something about Nibiru in contact with us — way before 2017.. So, that is for anyone interested in these kind of things..
    Can someone give me some real update on Elenin?

  89. Dan Popescu says:

    ..about the video i mentioned earlier: it presents very well what is going on on the moon, mars, about Majestic…, annunaki.. , genetics.. a quite new perspective for me.. regarding what is going on.. i am not very sure how correct is him in what he states but hm… it makes u.. think 😉

  90. Dan Popescu says:

    Hi! i think it may worth to check this.. it’s David Wilcock.. on Project Camelot.. news.. for me at least..: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NLXUSRChUSs
    Also: http://www.reenagagneja.com/benjamin-fulford-24th-november-2011-lawsuit-gangster-rule-western-civilization

  91. Dan Popescu says:

    You will hear someone very interesting in the mentioned show, really interesting, and again on how pointing out and forward the Truth, is the ever best protection tool. Let those who have ears, hear.. 😉

  92. Shaam says:

    !! thank u..
    I am so much wondering who was the anonymous caller.. he was speaking in the name of a specific organization and i share his ideas very much.. Wow.. it feels good.. and gives you ideas!
    Thank you.. I recommend to all to at least check that video you first recommended..

  93. end of the world…

    MIHAI STOIAN’s Blog » Elenin Comet – More then a Hollywood Scenario…

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