Digital Drugs – Getting High from the New Internet Drug

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I-dosing the internet drug!
Digital drugs –  getting high using audio MP3 files, is apparently one of the latest fads on the market, also called I-dosing, it is designed to induce drug-like effects. Digital drugs are currently creating a big scandal especially in America, where parents are being warned that they can simply be obtained by listening to certain tracks of music on the internet, digital drugs can apparently simulate the euphoric effects of marijuana, anti-depressant prescription drugs, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine.

This news, which is circulating in the main stream media is an idea which has been debated upon for a very long time – the possibility to influence states and even to induce certain capacities by just using certain stimulus through the senses. There has been a lot of research performed by different governments on this subject and the results have been constantly concealed by a thick smoke screen. With no spectacular results previously announced or any debates upon the moral framework from the scientific circles upon this subject, suddenly we find the finished products (such as digital drugs) spreading amongst teenagers.

Last time i checked, brain machines were just a theory and studies about the possibility of influencing the mind with all kinds signals (mind control) were almost nowhere to be found (from reliable scientific sources). And now we already have the files free to download from the internet and people “brainwashing” themselves with this stuff.

This same scheme happened with real drugs when they came onto the black market directly from research laboratories. We can recognize the same scheme applied in other areas, first the theories are denied and the results are distorted and suddenly the  finished product is unleashed and spread on the market (maybe they want to be sure they cover the expenses for the research first 🙂

The conspiracy behind new experiments that are hidden from the public, then suddenly released on the market

We can wonder why it is always the same scheme? In my opinion the answer is very simple,: the ones who hold the power (the network of influential people that are regimented into the occult organizations) need time to prepare for any new idea which is being developed in order to be sure that the power structure will not be affected by a revolutionary idea. Therefore they hold it until they can contain it, and then they release it to fulfill their own agenda and it works for their direct interest and profit.

For example the alternative and free energy stories, they are mostly suppressed, denied and distorted just because the structure of power cannot afford to allow these studies and results be freely accessible. However when they will be able to produce these devices and they are sure they can have the monopoly on their development be sure that they will come out with it and sell it to everyone. Before that, anyone else who makes a discovery in this domain will be ridiculed, put down and even eliminated.

There is no doubt that the use of digital drugs by i-dosing mp3 files have all kinds of other applications that have already been studied, just looking at the products we can see that they are already well developed they cannot be the result of some computer ‘freaks’ who ‘accidentally’ came across these ideas and made some ‘fun products’. They came out of some well financed laboratories (probably CIA) >and first they will serve the agenda of enforcing much stricter controls on the internet.

Personally I have been expecting such thing because the internet definitely will need more control from the power structure (if they want to keep the power as it is). However they also need a good reason to have the control, terrorists using the internet to send messages is not such a convincing reason yet. And a good stronger reason could be ‘i-dosing’ that is affecting the lives of our youngsters. Probably more reasons will follow making the public scream for a solution to the excessive freedom of the internet and its ‘potential dangers’, and by then I am sure the solution will already exist and will be in the hands of the people who designed the whole scam.

Until then take care what you download into your brain and how you use your mind because some things cannot be replaced.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (6)

  1. Cristian says:

    @ Mihai Stoian

    Thank you for your answers about the mind and the supramental. It helped me crystalize some information and intuitions I already had, and gave me much more depth. I found also the other comments to that article and your replies very interesting and useful.
    I appreciate very much the transformation the blog is going through. It has become very easy to explore and friendly. It feels more alive and many of the new articles are very interesting.
    It is amazing to see that a blog can become such a good platform for teaching. I say this because I realize that since I have started reading your blog you have become my teacher..Thank you.

    • Mihai Stoian Mihai Stoian says:

      it is you reading with an open mind that become the student and then.. the teacher was already there 😉 and it is not the blog or mihai but what you discover behind them.
      The transformation of the blog was possible with the help of some wonderful friends that were sharing their knowledge and heart with what i am doing here.

  2. Cristian says:

    Connecting the article about the supramental to this one about the internet, the thought has occurred to me that the internet could be seen as a collective mind or even as a replica of the mind on a different level – a more or less organized, and quite complex, library of information which we can all access.

  3. cat says:

    The idea of using the power of suggestion is often scaring for many people, because belongs to a “strange” area of paranormal phenomenon. They say: “I don’t know how this function, I don’t want to have anything to do with such thinks, I prefer to be free and not use any power of any suggestion.” It’s a kind of thinking which is specific to materialist people, who need scientific and touchable proves that something really exists. And in the domain of psychological and the complete function of the brains nothing is really clear yet. But they are not aware that they are already influenced by the negative suggestions when they are watching television every day for hours. They say they want to be “free”, but they are already in slavery. If they would understand that, they will ask for the good suggestions themselves. They would avoid from the beginning digital drugs and the internet police would be superfluous. But this would be in an ideal world…

  4. filosoful says:

    Dr John Rengen Virapen, Ex Pharma Director at Eli Lily Company about the corruption, manipulation and lies used in Drug Industry

    Part II:
    Part III:–eleZ0&feature=related
    Part IV:

  5. DaveTruthSeeker says:

    @Mihai and Filosoful

    This lies are obvious to anyone even those with a lonely neurone!
    They just declared the Swine Flu pandemic is ‘officially’ over, the swine flu that didn’t kill the millions they planned, maybe because we were able to expose them. All that scare mongering and underhand tactics manipulating people to poison themselves and their kids. WHO did it benefit in the end? .
    The pharmaceutical companies reaped the benefits from the lousy lie; Britain spent more than £1.2 BILLION tackling the swine flu pandemic.Around a quarter of the swine flu vaccine produced for the U.S. public has expired – 40 million doses worth about $260 million are being thrown out!
    They are MURDERERS, and, they DO NOT CARE, they poison with their chemicals. It is disgusting and it is closer to home than we possibly can be comfortable with, as in front of our very eyes we can see our families taking pills that they believe are helping them but the reality is they are not- they weaken the body and the immunity.
    Imagine if we lived in a world where the Governments actually cared about people, this £1.2 Billion wasted on the pig vaccines or the $1.8 billion that is wasted in Iraq per week could be used to enhance the world, eliminate suffering, poverty and the man made illnesses. It could be invested in alternative therapy centers, places where people learn how to heal themselves on all levels. But unfortunately that is not how the world looks right now, and we have to fight for the truth.

    Dave TS

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