Mahavidya Dhumavati Retreat: 11-18 July 2019, Denmark

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DHUMAVATI – The Great Cosmic Power of Sublime Vacuity

The Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI is the endless energetic sphere of the Ineffable and Blissful Vacuity which allows for the immediate transcendence of any suffering.

Her specific energy makes possible the transcendence of unconsciousness, evil, ignorance, pessimism, depression, frustration, boredom, inertia, confusion, recklessness and the alchemizing of these inferior tendencies into wonderful spiritual states.

Through the profound communion with DHUMAVATI’s infinite sphere of force, states of passive inner emptiness generated by suffering may be very easily annihilated and sublimated into the elevated energies of the Divine, Blissful Void.

The Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI gives the mysterious impulse for transforming the existential feeling of emptiness into euphoric Vacuity.

The 10 Mahavidyas or Great Cosmic Powers are called the wisdom goddesses (”maha” means great and ”vidya” means wisdom). They inspire and challenge the spiritual aspirant towards achieving the ultimate spiritual goal, as well as being a daily guiding companion on the path. On the tantric path the divine feminine, SHAKTI, plays an important role in the spiritual awakening.

This retreat is an extraordinary chance for all those who want to take a significant leap in their spiritual transformation – whether you are a beginner or advanced Tantra / Yoga student.

The retreat includes:

  • Presentation of the tantric tradition of adoration of Shakti and the manifestation of the universal feminine force as the 10 Great Cosmic Powers
  • In-depth introduction to Mahavidya Yoga and the celebration of the communion with The Great Cosmic Power of Ineffable Vacuity Dhumavati.
  • Special unique initiation offered only in the Maha Vidya Retreats – in resonance with the sphere of force of the Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati
  • Tantric principles under the sphere of force of DHUMAVATI
  • Unique exemplifications, meditations and practical exercises with specific nuances of the energy of DHUMAVATI
  • Tantric exercises of transfiguration and rituals of adoration

For details and sign up please check: Natha Yogacenter

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