Dare to Live in Ecstasy: An All or Nothing Case

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Once an aspirant asked his Master, “Master, why are we not always ecstatic?”
The Master replied, “Because we are afraid”
The aspirant continued his inquiry, “What are we afraid of, Master?”
With a subtle smile the Master replied, “We are afraid to become ecstatic”.

Why are we not living a life of ecstasy?

Do we really want to be ecstatic? Or do we just want to be good, cool or nice? Is daily life incompatible with ecstasy? Should ecstasy then be reserved only for weekends and special occasions?

By asking these questions we begin to look into one of life’s most elusive secrets: the eye of the storm, the root of all motivations, that which makes our engine drive. We take a peek under the hood of life’s engine in an attempt to understand its core.

Somewhere deep within we know that we always search for “something” that is so overwhelming, intense and bright that it shines through the darkest of feelings or densest of matters, and it keeps calling us to return to our origins. The dream-like intuition of this essential reality that exists in all and everything makes us search for more in all our experiences, always leaving us with a higher aspiration …

But here is a paradigm shift that will blow your mind: deep within, in our true godly nature, we are all ecstatic. Deep within, in the very essence of our beings we are so ecstatic that there is no room for anything else! This is the only “property“ of the medium that becomes the first host of our true identity, of the first feeling of “I”-ness that has no further cause than the Absolute.

We all have the potential to experience ecstasy

Beginning to realize this fundamental Truth about ourselves we will realize that nothing and nobody makes us ecstatic – it is our inherent state, imbuing the deepest part of our being and radiating towards the exterior world. However, we can hinder that exceptional experience by starting to believe that we are less ecstatic and that we are less perfect, by beginning to identify with structures that are only an approximation of our original ecstatic perfection. By repeatedly “copying” ourselves we become identified with our own obsolete copy, which has forgotten its original perfection that is identical to itself.

The only meaning of searching for this original ecstatic perfection anywhere else is to gradually realise that it is “neither here, nor there” or “neti, neti” as the ancients used to say. It is like checking where we are by crossing out all the other locations on the universal map until the only place left is here. And this is a very, very long journey.

Tantra suggests a radically different and amazingly effective approach: all we need to do in order to become ecstatic is to remove the blindfold from our own eyes and allow it to come out; we only need to remove the obstacles and the ecstasy will shine through. Everyone knows deep within that this is true. Perhaps this is what the Savior meant when he said, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” Removing the plank from our own eye will allow our ecstasy to come out, making us ecstatic … while leaving our brother to have the satisfaction of discovering his.

Pursuing happiness and ecstasy outside our being only increases the feeling of estrangement and emptiness, taking us further away from our compact core of ecstatic happiness! And while we roam the paths of the world we miss the life that passes us by unnoticed, uncelebrated, mediocre and dull.

The ecstasy always comes from within

However, it seems that turning our attention within and discovering the inner ecstasy is easier said than done. Why are we so attached to these obstacles that prevent the sublime light of ecstatic happiness from coming forth? Why are we so quick to rebuild them when, after a moment of shock, the bright, silent light of ecstasy shines through the cracks of our defense mechanisms?

It is because these obstacles are part of what we believe to be the defense system. We have become convinced that they are something that makes us feel safe and secure and provides us with the feeling of familiarity, the last vestige of a long forgotten notion of home.

The difficulty in removing them lies in the fact that if we want to allow the inner ecstasy to come forward we need to remove all safety. At least that’s how it seems! And we try all we can to save something, to slow it down, to bargain for a little ecstasy … but fortunately there is an intrinsic wisdom of Creation which prevents this from ever being successful.

There is no safe ecstasy, there is no mild ecstasy. There is only one ecstasy that is equal only to itself.

An ecstatic experience takes us to a whole new level of life: there were we are 100% true to ourselves. When ecstatic, there is nowhere to hide, there is nothing left of our familiar environment because all came back to LIFE.  All that is left is the truth of ecstasy that awakens a “compact” awareness, removing all shadows, impressions and mediocrities. And this is not an easy task to handle, nor is it a state our ego willingly embraces … One needs extraordinary courage to jump into this mysterious unknown that comes from deep within, to lose all limitations and look death in the eyes.

For those who have at least once had the courage to make the leap, the ecstatic state is revealed as an all or nothing state. This scares the ego of those who are not ready, makes them back off, compelled by their own fear of choosing a mediocre life without risk instead of an ecstatic life that risks to lose all the limitations that before prevented them … from becoming ecstatic! It takes a leap of faith and this is only for those who have truly trained their faith in the most intense ways.

When we are ecstatic we completely lose everything else; we remove the safety net and witness as everything in our life transforms. When ecstatic we have nothing left to cling onto; we exist as pure awareness, with nothing other than its own presence. Memories or plans melt into the present moment, which remains the only known time. Achieving this exceptional state is also as simple as Michelangelo’s definition of how he carved his famous David: removing all the excess from it.

Reclaim your right for ecstasy – now!

Ecstasy is within reach as it is only one thought away… but then another thought comes, and another, and another, until we get lost in a labyrinth of thoughts. If they would stop coming just for a moment, ecstasy would burst from deep within in its most intense and pure form, enlightening our entire being and imbuing our existence with the glow that reveals the godly beauty in our eyes. Stopping thoughts is within our power, but we need to regain it by cultivating a diamond-like inner discipline. Only a diamond-like mind can host the brilliance and intensity of ecstasy without being ripped apart by the inner power that it generates.

If you want to try all the above, do something unexpected for your mind, spontaneously and free of any pre-acquired patterns, and you will have a glimpse of this ecstatic light coming from within … or do nothing and live in the fake bliss of ignorance. The choice is yours.

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  1. Jan says:

    Approaching comfortable perfection………ecstasy tempts but when? I think the answer is when you don’t fear losing everything. When I had very little I gained a near-lifetime of memories, observing and experiencing and there WAS very little fear. Time was instantaneous and filled. The answer appears to be one goes alone when ecstatic.

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