The Magical Power Of The Courage To Dare

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In life we are often confronted with situations in which we can take a certain decision and move towards one of our goals, but this is not easy. There is a moment that makes this decision the most important event in our life: if we act in that moment we gain all and if we don’t act we lose almost everything. This special moment can usually be perceived as a hesitation, as a break in the flow of events that gives us another perspective.

This moment of hesitation is a moment in which we are free from any previous ideas, any preconceived elements, when we are able to fly beyond the limits, but for this we have to DARE! There is much more to this DARING attitude than meets the eye.

These days I have been observing the reactions of people in the yoga school to the defamation campaign that some newspapers are spreading against NATHA YOGA CENTER. Their reactions were good from the perspective of being able to see through the smokescreen which the journalist created around this subject. Most people were surprised that an apparently reputable newspaper would do such a thing, others asked us to take immediate legal action against the journalist or the newspaper, and even more sent us messages of encouragement and solidarity. However, this is not enough! I noticed that few dared to act, to stand up and tell the truth as they know it, because it seems that they have to stand up against the entire public opinion. This case is very interesting because it shows that sometimes a newspaper can confiscate public opinion and replace it with the opinion of 3 (three!!!) people who have personal interests in the case. The other hundreds of students in NATHA YOGA CENTER may have the impression that they are standing against the public opinion if they are to tell their truth, while in reality they are just telling their truth against only three former students who have personal agendas. Apart from the immoral (and somehow illegal) manipulation that the newspaper is performing by confiscating public opinion (this is the subject of a following article) we face a problem of DARINGNESS. Three people motivated by personal interests and promoted by the agenda of a newspaper pose a big test to thousands of people to DARE or not to stand for the TRUTH. In line with these observations, here are some further thoughts on this important topic.

“To know, to wish, to dare and to keep the secret” says the ancient oral tradition of wisdom.

These four were considered the four most important principles in life, marking the path to perfection. The absence of one makes the other three meaningless and can even transform them into a mental prison. These days knowledge is expanding exponentially as we have communication possibilities like never before. We have a vast amount of information and we are able to “connect the dots” and consequently see the bigger picture more easily than ever before. The reality that appears before us doesn’t fit (sometimes there is an immense difference) with the story that is constantly fed to us by the multitude of channels of (dis)information. Yet no one can prevent us from thinking and understanding and therefore WE KNOW!

one2-200x300We also have the wish to do something according to that knowledge and there are so many aspects today that require our immediate attention! We wish to perfect our being in ways that we know are possible. We wish to tell the truth about some things which we know happen in our society and are not right. We wish to be able to do something about the injustice we know goes on in our “backyard”. We wish to be able to investigate events that we know are not the way they are presented to us. We wish to be able to love and make our lover happy in the way that we know is right. We wish to be able to follow our ideals that we know are possible. Knowing all these aspects WE WISH! <

Up until this point everything appears to be fine, each step in these events seem to lead to the next and evolution unfolds.

However, exactly when it comes to a practical action, when we have the moment of hesitation that gives us the freedom to act, WE DON’T DARE TO ACT in accordance with what we know we wish!

We allow ourselves to be driven by the forces that surround us and by the desires these forces trigger inside us that seem to control “the game”. We dare not go against this very powerful stream and as a result we lose our self esteem! We dare not challenge the system since we were made to believe we cannot live without the system. We dare not start an investigation on our own even if we know something is wrong and we wish to do it. We dare not begin a program of self-development even if we know we need it and we wish to do it. We dare not follow our dreams that we know are right and we wish to follow! We dare not tell the truth and we prefer to remain in the formal box of the socially and politically correct truth even if we know it is not humanly correct and we wish to say so. All in all WE DARE NOT!

Furthermore, in order to hide from this failure to dare, we quickly jump straight to the last part of the ancient phrase: we keep it secret we know and even think to do something, but we NEVER DARE!

Without the principle TO DARE, the four principles are transformed into a mental prison instead of being the four columns supporting the “roof” over our perfected personality. Nowadays, this mental prison can be seen all over the place (if we dare to look around): “to know, to wish and to keep it all secret”!

Today this has become THE TRIPOD THAT SUPPORTS THE EGO, the mental prison in which people choose to spend their lives because they put themselves there and, after locking the door, throw away the key into the abyss of regrets.

If we learn to DARE, all four principles will work together to set us free. With this knowledge, we will wish to act and we will dare to do it, and then we will keep it secret from our ego! We will no longer consider our personality as being defined only by the events that happen to us, but we will begin to understand that we are the center of our own universe and this is a big secret!

We will dare to act silently, like the secret force of life that is always there and always secret. We will keep secret only the fact that we did it because the actions will become visible for everyone. In this way, the ego will no longer exist, being dissolved by the actions that we dare to manifest in the name of a higher principle of life that we start to directly discover in the silence of our secret place that is the soul.

It is time NOW to start learning to DARE since this is another lesson of life that sooner or later we have to take. Here is an excellent short video about this state. ENJOY and START DARING!

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (16)

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for an inspiring article and the very beautiful video.
    I recognise myself a lot in what you write. It is what i have been confronted with the last weeks. Daring is acting – standing for what you believe in an active way.

    “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything” 🙂


  2. Lola says:


    I love it, I love the part of keeping the secret….as in the video, once yo DARE the wolf will disappear inside you. Great article! (L)

  3. The seeker says:

    Thanks Mihai, this encouraging and courage-infusing article has been of great help to me.

  4. apollonius says:

    it is a very good article.
    very daring for my life stile.
    i was used to just look at life learning from what the life is offering me, but now, after reading your article i notice that i was just at the beginning of enjoying the taste of life.
    i lived in “to know, to wish and to keep it all secret”! chapter.
    nice, but not enough!
    OK, i will dare more, and i already started by writing these lines to you.
    Mihai, thank you for inspiring me with your articles.
    what i appreciated more to you is the fact that you, in a smart and skillful way, put together the normal, ordinary life and the spirituality.
    you make with such easiness this connection!
    your articles are inspiring me and are like small and interesting exercises to do in my life.
    applying what you suggest i notice results and i feel encouraged to do more.
    i laugh more, i am more determined in my will power and i dare more!
    i know now that i want to be happy and to dare for it.
    with great appreciation,

  5. admin admin says:

    @ appolonius
    i am happy for your comments, both related to the DARE article and to the natha’s press campaign. Your first step was successful if you aimed to write something on my blog.
    It is indeed amazing to see nowadays the degree of will power degeneration that affect almost all the people. It is one of the generalized problem in the modern world and it is not by coincidence that it fits perfectly with the actual power structure in the world. The only ones that are happy with this status of people’s will power are the ones holding the power in the world. If they cannot make the things better at least they succeed in making the people unable to protest! The result is the same: “pax masonica”, “the masonic peace”! Every time someone is reacting and stand up in a correct way for principles or a certain idea is considered as an act of aggression, an undemocratic attempt. Every time one is shouting louder but without any logic or admission for reply, in the direction that it is convenient for the power system, it is promoted and considered “politically correct”.
    We have an example here on this blog: some people left natha yoga school because of some personal issues and after one year they are contacted by the media. They are writing some lies and twisted situations – obviously encouraged by the journalist that is serving some purposes behind him – and when people they (the proved liars) have depicted in strange lights are telling their part of the story, THEY ARE STAMPED AS UNDEMOCRATIC, UNABLE TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH…(you can see this in the “saga” on the front page). This kind of mentality is typical for the world today, a world trapped into the “lack of will power” cage. The people like Kim and Karsten become unconscious powerless agents for this kind of mentally oppressing system that is making then believe that the one screaming the loudest is the one who is right and any reply to their loud accusations is an act of aggression.
    It is interesting to notice here (I will develop this in a special article ;)) that this mentality was the mentality of the “people commissioners” that were building Soviet Union and that are directly responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people. They were the one that were saying some lies accusing the ones they didn’t like and anyone that was trying to reply (even if it was in a civilized and logical manner) was considered an enemy of the revolution and killed on the spot or send to the famous “gulags”. If you analyze the attitude that can be observed from both Kim and Karsten’s posts, you can “see” the hideous smile of “people commissioners”. This is also valid for the journalist as well, but in his case the forces behind him are bigger and more structured.
    i wish you to get out of this cage and always have the courage to dare.

  6. Martin says:

    This is very interesting. As I understand it, the moment just before we move into action, into realizing our wishes, that moment is a moment of hiatus. To pass through this hiatus is needed a manifestation of consciousness, to cross that void – there is need of a conscious choice – that is to dare. Without this act of consciousness, the whole process is getting stuck and moves into disintegration. Is this correct?
    What I would like to know is – how can I learn to dare more? how can I catch that moment, not let it pass unused and act in the way that I wish for?
    Don’t you consider that this is something very important to learn, how to dare, and that this should be a part of the normal training of every human being?
    With love and daring, Martin.

  7. admin admin says:

    @ lola
    you love it because this part with the secret appeal very much to your adventurous soul. and this daring attitude seems to be one of your favorite. how will you define the difference between acting and daring or just acting?

  8. Pareja says:

    Your post MIHAI STOIAN’s Blog » The magical power of the courage to dare was very interesting when I found it over google on Friday by my search for magasin fly. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  9. Lars says:

    Have you noticed that it looks like those people who are egoistic and greedy are much more daring usually then those who are ”spiritual” or ”good”? is it that the ego gives stronger motivation for the average being, and most people on the spiritual path are not yet having such a strong connection with their soul to be empowered by it to such an extent? Indeed, it seems that the perverse people are a lot more dynamic and efficient in their work. Maybe it is simply easier to be bad then to be good.
    With love, Lars.

  10. Shanti says:

    Dear Mihai

    About the power to dare on the spiritual path
    I thank you so much for posting this video together with your description.
    It gives me goose bums all over to see it.

    It seems to me that daring in this way that you describe it is a spiritual path in itself and that “to DARE” is actually a force, which helps us to pass our spiritual tests and helps us to be fully aware and living here and now.

    Thank you for showing the way

  11. Seeking the truth says:

    Dear Mihai and dear Lars

    I feel to contribute with my thought about this subject because those questions were still unanswered and I like to pick up the challenge,
    … and both of them, because I think they are related:
    Mihai asks Lola to define the difference between acting and daring and just acting.
    Lars asks: is it simply easier to be bad than to be good?

    Well I would say like this: the “just acting” doesn’t necessary contain the other 3 pillars in the path to perfection: to know, to wish and to keep it secret. Just acting indicates for me a rather unconscious tendency. Some people have this, they act a lot, but it is rather a pattern than to know and to wish meaning to be conscious, to know what you want and then to make a conscious choice. This conscious choice is what is also needed for the good actions.
    The people whom you refere to Lars, who easiy act in order to do bad, are also ruled by tendencies. It needs a conscious choice to decide to do something good, it needs the sacrifice of our own ego, and this is exactly the difference between acting and daring and just acting.
    The ego is the one just acting, and the soul is the one acting and daring.

    What do you say?

    With inspiration
    Seeking the truth

  12. admin admin says:

    @ seeking the truth
    from your answer to this idea here i can read that you are already somehow aware of the mechanisms of the heart. i agree with what you answered to Lars and considering your other comment, you should apply directly these ideas in order to remove the spiritual numbness from your heart.

    @ lars
    it is easier to go downhill than to walk uphill. in the same way it is easier, from the ego perspective, to be bad and to be motivated by individualistic and egoistic reasons then to be good and to be motivated by altruistic reasons. but from the supreme self perspective is the opposite: to be good and altruistic is very simple because it is in the heart of every human being while to be bad and egoistic cost us a lot of effort and a lot of energy to make it (about which we are completely unaware).
    this is the reason why wise people have among other things am immense capacity to make efforts while the egoistic ones are “burning fast”, making a lot of personal efforts. the wise one is acting in a simple way, his heart supporting the actions and therefore he is not using a lot of energy for the motivations. the egoist is moving against the inner nature and therefore is making a lot of efforts. it is only apparently that egoism is easier because in reality and on the long run the egoism is more difficult and demanding and it is always leading to a dead end. it is just a question of time until the egoism prove to be a failure while being good, positive, altruistic, is out of time, it is the gate to eternity.

  13. seeking the truth says:

    Thank you Mihai for reminding me: once I read that the advices, that we give to others, are also the best ones for us to follow ourselves, and I can see that this is also the case in this situation.

    with love
    seeking the truth

  14. Brian says:

    An important topic for everyone.

    To dare means to break or challenge a limitation in the ego structure. What I find “interesting” is that I am so attached to my limitations. It so “funny” to see how a part of me cling to the fact that i am afraid and hesitates in a certain situation. I guess it is because the ego has an inbuilt inertia, a certain reluctance to transformation.

    May the force be with you all.

  15. Cat says:

    It’s the purpose of media to lie. Take tabloides, for exemple. Ofcourse, there are some publications that dosen’t lie – but tey don’t tell so important things. I work for one of these. The other day, I was taking an interview to a TV star, and I was wondering him what was the last google search he does. And he replay: “My name. Beacuse I was surprised by some paparazzi last night, and I wanted to know why all my friends will laught about me tomorrow morning”. Tabloides NEVER say the truth. We can’t expect anything from them. The problem is when respectable news papers are yelling lies, especially about importanat things for all the people (they usually do that). Spirituality must be innofensive enough not to wake the people up. When is authentic, become dangerous – we know why.
    You said we should dare to say the truth and I agree. But there are so many people which will not understand, that… I don’t know. Even when the spiritual message is clair enough, they choose to believe “what media say”.
    “What are your sources?” Not BBC. Not Reuters either. “Then I don’t care”. There are so important in there ingnorance! If they don’t have the level to understand, what is the purpose of our daring? And how exactely we can be efficient with them?

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