Concordia TV – A Unifying of the Hearts

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Getting Closer to the Truth
Concordia TV launched tonight at 20:55 UTC+2. Log on to

Finally the adventure starts. The young, enthusiastic team of Concordia TV has got off to a flying start, and tonight it will open its heart for all the world to see.

I could not think of a better choice for launching Concordia TV than Sandhedsseminar (translated: Truth Seminar) which is making its debut in documentary film making with the story of “Natha – turning black into white and white to black: An investigation of a truth activist”. Even in the middle of an attempt by the mainstream media to twist the public opinion about Natha Yogacenter and to vilify it as a dangerous sex sect, Sandhedsseminar (translated: Truth Seminar) has triumphed with this documentary that takes you deep into the heart of the yoga school Natha Yogacenter and connects you with many different people who have come into contact with Natha over the years. Tonight the first part in this documentary will be broadcast on Concordia TV.According to Sandhedsseminar, “this is a documentary about the persecution of the Romanian yoga school MISA / Danish yoga school Natha. The film offers insight into orchestrated media campaigns, incredible stories about asylum between EU countries and new perspectives on the issue of freedom of conscience in today’s Europe. Spiritual leaders and movements are still being persecuted in Europe today. While politicians, experts and human rights organizations are fighting to stop persecution, the media play, often actively, through unilateral and demonizing images of the persecuted. “Natha – turning black into white and white into black” is a critical examination of the role of the media in the harassment of some yoga movements in Europe, the waves of which are also found in the Danish media.”

Regarding the story by Bubber I will come back soon with more information on the subject of his alleged witnesses.

Until then, let’s wholeheartedly support this initiative of Concordia TV to bring a ray of light and hope to our world. God speed!

Watch here: Natha – turning black into white and white to black: An investigation of a truth activist (English subtitles)



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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (9)

  1. Satya says:

    I am totally happy and look forward to see such truths looked in the eye. There is a lot to tell and expose. Congratulations for a great beginning!

  2. Dom says:

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic! Such a great endeavor which hopefully will have the echo it deserves!

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Mr. Stoian, I am looking since some time now to your Blog and your interesting articles and insights you are posting here and I have to admit many of them changed the way i was looking upon life and gave me more profound insights upon a lot of subjects.Thank you for this. And now, seeing you continued your creativity into making Concordiatv… what can i say other then CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is wonderful that like this we and the rest of the public will be able to see also the “other side of the moon”, as they had control – strict control – over everything they are broadcasting. We know that already, and private tv’s, as they grow bigger, they get corrupted too. So, we are looking forward to see what you have to say and to show to the to the world, as your opinion matters. For me it does and i thank you for the time and love you put into this world, to make a better world, in and outside ourselves. Congrats and good luck!!

  4. Soren says:

    A very moving and professional presentation – Congratulations! In contrast ‘the Blubber show’ was a cheap nasty soap with the same old story, same old losers, speaking the same old garbage. You would have thought that now Kim has his very own ‘flea market’ and Celia and Jesper have the family they longed for – that they would be happy. But no, they still hold a grudge so colossal that they want everyone to share their misery.

  5. Curious says:

    Mihai, in the Bubber show and articles circulating around you are portrayed as a dictator/tyrant, sexual deviant.
    I have some questions for you, do you dare to answer?
    Why did you make porn movies?
    Did you profit from them?
    Do you regret making them?
    How do you face the accusations that you are trafficking women in chats, movies etc and also using them for your own pleasure?
    Once people are in the school do you stop them seeing their family?
    Are they abused and working 24/7?
    How do you stand up tho these accusations?

  6. Looking at the Bubber show l cannot stand not to observe the expression of the figures and the brightness of the eye of some protagonists of this show.Take a look at the bright, straight audacious glance of Mihai Stoian and notice the serenity, the peace and the humbleness Grieg is emanating! .Notice also even the serenity and happiness Celia is expressing on her pictures made on her Natha s ,,ages”.
    Those are things one cannot fake them.Because the eyes are the mirror of the soul.
    I also have a question for Celia:
    My dear Celia, can you swear the hand on your heart you were not a happy , fulfilled woman practicing yoga and tantra, loving and being loved in this school?
    So why are you that angry now?Don t you have what you wanted to have?
    A happy fulfilled woman is full of love compassion and understanding for everybody and everything around her.This is also a state maternity gives to a loving mother.
    If you are not like this that means at that moment you are not a happy woman.You used to be one!

  7. dr. H. Jay says:

    IF you would indeed be honestly curious, you would DARE to read the previous Advaita posted or even the ones written many years ago. And you would also DARE to look into the school’s activity, in Advaita’s interests of which many are presented on this blog. Your approach is nothing but insulting, the only thing is that all you say is that your unique area of interest in your life is sex-related and it also reflects your perversity. Check into that more and then bring your pertinent comments here to the readers that are interested into truths in all areas.

  8. Jean says:

    I know Advaita long enough to stand as many would for his honorable intentions and his genius approach to humanity. How sick and pervert can one be to believe the repeated false and over and over exaggerated accusations that are brought by people that are well paid to do that or sickos that have boring lives and want a revenge for something noone did to them? It is a game under the same pattern of trying to destroy genuine spirituality and I wonder if there is anyone to bring this pattern out more clearly so that the world sees it and does not fall into its trap.

  9. Elianne says:

    It is obvious to me that this ”curious” person has never met Mihai, nor the people from the school. Here is an approach that could help you see more on his point of view on what is a tantric relationship, polarity and the important role that is given to women in tantra

    I am a woman in my 50’s, I live a happy life and I’ve been for 11 years in the school now. I also know Mihai very well, and I know he is an exceptional educational leader into lots of life areas, all of them for improving quality life and happiness oriented. Why do these few people and the ones who were caught by them from the media make such a fuss on sexuality only? Why would this be such an unspeakable taboo, and why such a school that has at its base healthy deep spiritual transforming values is so much attacked and threatened while there are other sexual topics in the world that are truly dirty and pervert, but noone says nothing about them? Is it just us, thousands of people that see every day transformation and beauty in our lives, deeper understanding of the world and of ourselves because of the knowledge that we received in this school, or most of the society is living painfully the disease of our century that is like a hypnosis of the mases: hypocrisy?

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