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12-14 October 2018, Copenhagen – Tantra Festival

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Tantra Festival 2018

Tantra Festival is coming once again to Copenhagen, Denmark. On the weekend 12-14 October, in Natha Yogacenter, experienced Tantra practitioners from Denmark as well
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30 November – 1 December 2018, Berlin – VI. International Congress of Yoga and Alternative Therapies

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Yoga Congress

Under a theme “Yoga and Resonance – From Personal Development to Universal Consciousness”, the sixth International Congress for Yoga, Integrative Medicine and Therapies will take
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A Spiritual Vacation at the Black Sea – The International Summer Yoga Camp Costinesti 2018

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Yang Spiral

Every summer the humble seaside town of Costinesti, on the shores of the Romanian Black Sea, is transformed into the privileged destination of one of
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1 August – 4 September 2018, Costinesti, Romania – Summer Yoga Symposium

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Costinesti Yoga 2018

Summer Spiritual Festival

The yoga camp in Costinesti is extraordinary by its enormous extent, its vast and deep content and a strong and supportive energetic
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18 August 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – The Science of Success Seminar

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Science of Success Advaita

The ancient yogis knew a thing or two about success! Struggling with their own minds through hours, days and years of meditation, the moment when
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8 May 2018, Stockholm, Sweden – Kama Sutra: The Blissful Practice Seminar

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Kama Sutra Stockholm

This workshop is a practical follow-up to Kama’s previous seminar in Stockholm on Kama Sutra. For those who attended this last event, the information and
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25 April – 6 May, Herculane, Romania – Herculane Yoga Camp

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Herculane Yoga Camp

Yoga camp in Herculane – welcome to a spiritual spring

Every spring, at the turn of April and May, members of all the yoga schools
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12 May 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – Happy Never Ending Love Seminar

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Never Ending Happiness

We all want love. True love is something we all search and yearn for, whether we are conscious about it or not. There is nothing
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9 June 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – Kama Sutra: The Way to Ecstasy Seminar

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Kama Sutra

One of the greatest mysteries

Eroticism is one of the greatest mysteries of life. We are born out of sexual union and into life through
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16-23 June 2018, Brasov, Romania – Mahavidya Dhumavati Retreat

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Dhumavati Mahavidya

The Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI represents the infinite energy of the Creative Beatific Void. She makes it possible for spiritual aspirants to overcome negative states
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