A Spiritual Vacation at the Black Sea – The International Summer Yoga Camp Costinesti 2018

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Every summer the humble seaside town of Costinesti, on the shores of the Romanian Black Sea, is transformed into the privileged destination of one of the world’s most significant and highly-anticipated spiritual events. Serving up a veritable smorgasbord of yogic delicacies and spiritual delights, the Costinesti International Yoga Vacation Summer Camp is unparalleled in its dimensions, content and scope as an event of high spiritual importance in the western world. Catering for both the yogic connoisseur and beginner alike, it is a peak moment in the year when yogis and lovers of spirituality come together to share their love of the spiritual and to celebrate the joy of life under the brilliant summer sun.

Held every year since 1992, this annual event hosted by MISA Yoga School takes place in August and the first week of September and is one of the largest yoga camps in the world, attracting participants from more than 30 different nations including most European countries and bringing people from as far afield as Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, USA, South Africa and Guatemala.

Since its inception, the camp has continued to grow in numbers and strength every year, and this year was no exception. True to its principles of expansion and transformation, year after year the camp continues to captivate the hearts of the many spiritual seekers it attracts, offering them new and inspiring conferences, initiations, and a plethora of possibilities for broadening their spiritual horizons. It is a peak moment of the year which can bring radical inner transformations and pave the way for the year to follow. For many, this annual camp has marked some of the most important spiritual moments in their lives and has helped to shape their lives.

costinesti-camp20134Even more, according to the Indian Sundar Singh’s prophecies about Romania, this country is to play an essential part in awakening a new, authentic spirituality that would spread across the planet. The annual yoga camps in Herculane and Costineşti are already pointing out that these prophecies will become a reality, and each person who attends these camps has the chance to actively and altruistically take part in actions of great extent, contributing to the spiritual evolution of both human kind and planet Earth.

Matangi – the Guiding Force of this year’s Camp

Every year the camp is consecrated to a particular universal aspect and has a special theme guiding the whole camp. The theme of the camp this year is: “The Reality of God’s Attributes“. The entire camp is consecrated to the Great Cosmic Power of Divine Wisdom and Universal Order – Matangi.


Great Cosmic Power Matangi

Love, enthusiasm, strength, wisdom and equanimity as constant daily experiences
Using simple methods rooted in ancient wisdom, MISA Yoga School embodies the fact that everything we encounter in life can be used as a foundation for amazing personal growth. It refers to this powerful transformation that helps us expand and grow as human beings.

Many of the camp’s activities  – such as the spiritual exemplifications offered by the Spiritual Guide of our School, Grieg – are available live on MISA TV.

According to their preferences, the participants attend first-time-on-Earth initiations, meditations in unison, challenging lectures and sublime performances, in an atmosphere of spiritual brotherhood, unique on the planet, where God fully manifests His Grace, through amazing synchronicities.

Events to expect during this year’s Camp

A record number of lectures and spiritual activities multi-colored diversity of significant and powerful yogic events
In a fairy-like, magical atmosphere, filled with humor and cheerfulness, yogis and non-yogis, besides having fun on the beach and enjoying the soft salty and mysterious breeze of the sea, they participate during this sunny month to many exceptional meditations and events. I will mention some of them.

Over 90 conferences from Yoga Teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, including 55 new lectures, presented during this spiritual feast for the first time.

Amongst the topics presented are:

  • The occult law of combining and associating both various subtle sublime Godly Attributes
  • Esoteric aspects of pure erotic energy
  • Some of the mysteries of human sexuality and its esoteric fascets
  • The process of beneficial deepening and its mysteries
  • The illusions and cunning maneuvers of the ego (AHAMKARA) and their disastrous effects that can be encountered, or even amplified, during the process of accelerated spiritual transformation
  • Spiritual Saturation
  • The evil actions and the cunning malefic influences of demons and devils
  • The attentive, correct, systematic and persistent practice of certain forms of Yoga, which are integrated in a godly way, and the harmonious, gradual awakening of various super-natural powers (SIDDHI-s) and of certain secondary paranormal powers (RIDDHI-s), which grant the aspirants blossoming health, balance and complete bodily, vital and psycho-mental well-being
  • The unjustified states of fear that we encounter and some of their esoteric mysteries – efficient modalities for annihilating states of fear
  • The attentive, systematic, persevering and adequately powerful processes of resonance that trigger considerable beneficial transformations in our inner universe
  • The path of a fruitful and genuine spiritual transformation, that is interspersed with various eluding traps, which are more or less obvious
  • A surprise lecture on the occasion of the Moment of Hiatus 2018
  • A new lecture from the “Bouquet” series, on the occasion of the Moment of Hiatus 2018
  • A new lecture from the series “Morals and viciousness” on the occasion of the Moment of Hiatus 2018
  • The occult law of polarity
  • The fundamental occult law of cause and effect
  • Revelations regarding the constant, intense spiritual aspiration – fundamental esoteric aspects that facilitate a fast and profound inner transformation

Yang Spiral Meditations


The Yang Spiral meditation for the induction of the state of spiritual liberation with over 5.000 participants performed in a spiral formation. For many yoga practitioners, the yang spiral meditation is the astounding proof of the spiritual power that the human beings have when they meditate in unison. For the international community, this event meets the most advanced ideas of modern science. The spiral meditations, emblematic manifestations of MISA yoga school, bring together every time thousands of enthusiastic participants. Arranged in successive lines according to the precise order of the zodiac signs, holding hands, open to share the specific qualities of the other participants, both beginners and advanced yogis meditate together. The spiral is made of their own bodies. Every single participant is important. And every single one of them gets to live a unique, complex experience, which thoroughly enriches one’s being. The spiral meditation done by large groups of people was revealed by the Romanian yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru 20 years ago. „The idea of doing YANG SPIRALS (+), where the human beings that participate are being precisely arranged according to the succession of the 12 zodiac constellations, so that, due to the complex resonance processes which take place in these moments, they would benefit in this manner from an inflow of subtle YANG (+) energy, which fills each person’s aura, as well as from the beneficial fundamental astral energies of our solar system and constellations, was revealed to me at a certain point, during a yoga meditation” explained the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

More on Yang Spiral in the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6IseJ5LGDA

A unique event organized in a yang spiral meditation occurs with the occasion of the moment of the annual hiatus, and year after year this spiral exceeds the record number of participants. Beside the yang spirals meant both for women and men, during the yoga camps, yin spirals are also being performed, where only the women participate, and also yang spirals where only the man join in, as well as a double yin-yang spiral.

The yearly hiatus moment was calculated to be on the 27th of August. This is actually an occult one, an expression of the occult law of 7 (first revealed by Pythagoras), and is known by great initiates and wise people. This law shows that in the entire manifestation everything develops in stages and sequences, respecting a universal order. We refer also to the energy of the beginning, an initial impulse that is impregnated by the specific data for defining an action or process. Such a moment is the annual astrological hiatus and can lead to the appearance of certain surprising effects as the Kashmir Shaivism Tradition also describes it in extensively. It is a moment of those when one can actually make huge spiritual leaps once he focuses justly and has the required knowledge and state of spirit in order to access this moment in its most profound manner. The participants of the Camp receive lectures and booklets where it was fully and very well described. People may thus also receive inspirations and unique revelations, ecstatic moments of merging with the Truth and completely melt into God. When many unite in meditation in such moment, the transformations and synergy that occur are indeed exceptional. The states that appear for most of us can be overwhelming as they reach deep within our hearts.

The yin spirals, meant exclusively for the women, bring in their being a complex inflow of subtle yin energy, harmoniously amplifying the specific feminine qualities – like sensuality, feminine charm, beauty, tenderness – making possible at the same time the awakening of the SHAKTI state and the profound spiritual communion with the eternal feminine, MAHA SHAKTI.

Here is a nice little movie filmed during the spring camp on forming the spirals.

The yang spirals, when they are being done by men only, harmoniously amplify the masculine qualities – the beneficial force, the courage, the heroism, self-control and so on – and gradually awake the VIRA state and the communion with the supreme masculine, SHIVA. Both types of fundamental energies are harmoniously awakened and integrated in a unitary whole by the meditation in a double spiral, formed by a yin spiral (in which only women participate) and a yang spiral (in which only men take part) that unify. In this manner we can easily experience the glorious androgynous state.

The game of the polarities, generating a tremendous energy, is valued in special meditations having as a theme the glorious androgynous state. On these occasions, men and women are apart, speared by some distance, and specifically integrating the meditation. While the men are at the special conference for men, the women do the yin spiral meditation, and when the women participate to the special conference for them, the men do this meditation in yang spiral.

During the yoga vacation camps in Herculane and Costineşti a specific yang spiral is also organized, in which, through different meditations (using an adequate musical background), one by one, the souls of the nations that all the yogis come from are being evoked. Romanians, Hungarians, Israelis, Germans, Austrians, British, Italians, Spanish, Greek, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Bosnians, Russians, Czech, as well as yogis of other nationalities can experience the uplifting their spirits together, in meditation and prayer, in the spiral of communion with the souls of the people represented by the yogis who participated in the Costinesti 2018 camp.

From the depth of their hearts, the yogis prayed to God to help planet Earth to successfully realize the ascension into a new cycle of her evolution, Satya Yuga.

costinestispiral-02This genuine “kaleidoscope” of different spiritual experiences helps the participants to clearly feel the specificity of each egregor (national soul) that they invoke and makes them live a euphoric state of unity into diversity. Undeniably, the profound beneficial effects of the spiral meditations are being thoroughly experienced by the participants, however they expand way beyond the area where the spiral takes place. The acknowledgment of this fact comes from the border science, through the measurements made in the Global Consciousness Project in 2005, on the occasion of the annual hiatus yang spiral. And here is another reason for as many of us as possible to enthusiastically take part in these meditations: together we may bring in the world the transformations for the better that we long for.

„I feel that through these spirals we purify our planet on the subtle levels and we raise the vibration, the level of consciousness of all people. What I love the most on Earth is the spiritual brotherhood.” ILLYCS MAEL, 10th yr, BUDAPEST

„We must help the planet, as the planet is supporting us and feeding us. Just as our spiritual guide, Grieg, is saying, we the people are like the cells in a body. Moreover, during this spiral of communion with the souls of the nations present here I feel a state of great affection and tremendous love.” Raul, 0, Campina

„It’s worth making every effort to help planet Earth to successfully realize this translation, first of all because she is a soul, because she is vivid, vibrant, wonderful, she is a child of God, like all of us. I thoroughly love her, because she feeds me, because I live here and I fulfill my mission here – in a certain way she is my mother. For me, this is one of the most beautiful spirals, it brings me closer to the other people!” Mihaela, 17th yr, Bucharest

Initiations offered for the First Time

Vishnu Initiation – Initiation in the secret mantra that allows the communion with the mysterious sphere of force of Vishnu. Within this activity we will experience the premiere lecture “Fundamental revelations about VISHNU and His grandiose role in the Creation and the godly Manifestation”

The Unveiled Mystery of Embrace – method which allows the harmonious and simultaneous combination of the subtle sublime energy of the Godly Attribute of Godly Love andthe subtle sublime energy of pure Godly Eros

The initiation in the state of Romantic Trance

Trance initiation consists of six days of theoretical presentations and two practical exemplifications. The trance induction technique will be fully detailed during the preliminary presentations. Initiation can be received only with complete attendance of theoretical presentations. The initiation is free of charge for everyone participating the camp.

This special secret initiation – unique on this planet in this form – offers the knowledge and the method that allows the individual practice of the romantic trance induction. The most impressive effect of this method is the conscious access in the astral plane of manifestation, while maintaining in the same time the consciousness of the normal awaken state. You will find yourself enriched with many valuable experiences in a very short time, at all levels of your being. All yoga techniques, from asanas to meditations are three times more efficient if practiced during the trance.

Here are few testimonies of yogis who received this initiation:

„In the state of trance I found my own nature. I stop and become aware of the present moment, and this helps me when I am too nervous or emotional: I can come back to the peace of God, inside myself. This initiation helped me because I am now able to have a broader perspective of this world, knowing that there is an astral world as well – and not only do I know that it exists, but I can also experience it.” Genoveva Kinga Toth, 10th yr, Hungary

„During the inductions in the beneficial state of romantic trance I feel a great state of amazement and happiness. It is extraordinary that if I am attentive, in that moment God talks to me through those signs and beautiful things passing by. I can recognize the heavenly states much better and I get to live them more intensely.” Monica Vlad, 18th yr, Romania

„The effects that I can feel are the state of infinite love, the translation into an angelic world and the profound relationship with our spiritual guide Gregorian Bivolaru. This initiation that I received helps me to overcome all my limitations, meaning to overcome myself.” Filomina Dancă, 15th yr, Italy

Further Spiritual Initiations

costinesti-camp-show20134Indra initiation – communion with the King of Gods. Indra, the well-known Vedic god, is considered to be the ruler of the realm of Gods – Svarga Loka, the greatest of all warriors and the strongest of all beings, and also the protector of the gods and of the humankind against the forces of evil. Indra’s mantra was for the first time revealed by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru in 2008.

Svarga Loka initiation – a presentation of certain modalities of accessing the superior subtle world of gods and goddesses, the heavenly paradise which is the residence of Indra. This initiation refers to a special mantra that facilitates the communion with Svarga Loka, first time revealed by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru in 2009. These lectures include theoretical presentations and practical methods for astral projection.

Krishna initiation – communion with the great avatar Krishna. First time offered in 2012, this initiation refers to Krisha, the famous avatar of Vishnu, who had revealed many spiritual secrets in the most sacred text of India, Bhagavad Gita. There are two different initiations that are completely distinct and both include a number of presentations.

Kalki initiation – for the first time on our planet, in this year’s camp in Costineşti, a mantra of communion with Kalki Avatar was offered. Kalki is the tenth avatar of Vishnu on Earth. According to the sacred texts, Kalki Avatar will come on our planet at the end of Kali Yuga (the present age, of the maximum spiritual decadence), to destroy the ignorance and help the humanity to enter the golden age of Satya Yuga. The MISA yogis had the opportunity to experiment the communion with Kalki Avatar since 2012, during the meditations supported telepathically by Grieg, during the Invocations that were performed in order to sustain the humanity and planet Earth in the ascension in the new era.

Special Meditations that exemplify The Fundamental Godly Attributes, such as: Godly Poetry, Godly Essence, Godly Heroism, Godly Compassion, Godly Intent, Godly Absolute – and many more. Each one of these exemplifications represents a great spiritual opportunity of awakening the profound state of resonance with these Godly characteristics – a great boost for the spiritual evolution towards the existence in the Perfect Realm of God.

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement

„Since the beginning of times, God asked human beings to seek the knowledge that would reveal the Ultimate Divine Truth. The knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth enlightens for eternity the human being’s inner universe and determines the permanent disappearance of the darkness of ignorance. Few are those who know that, in reality, all humans came into this world to achieve the knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth. In the same time, the profound and thorough knowledge of the Ultimate Divine Truth will help the human being to profoundly know himself or herself. In the absence of divine knowledge, most of the times the human being is exactly like an animal.”- yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement With God, For God, In God, Into God is a spiritual movement which aims at offering a fast and efficient spiritual path to all human beings who want to come closer to God. Prefiguring a sui generis religion of the future, God-ism, the Theophanic Charismatic Movement is open to all human beings who believe in God, no matter of their race, nationality, religion or gender.

According to the explanations given by the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, the Charismatic Movement will offer an accessible path to self-realization through simple means, helping the participants to become sui generis relays through which God manifests on planet Earth. „This path will help us make important and fast steps towards the Ultimate Divine Truth and it will open to us the gates of the supra-mental; it will make accessible a new type of logic, richer and multifaceted; it will enable us to understand the tremendous importance of the intuition as a tool, or, in other words, as a sense of the supra-mental, and by all these we will start to use more and more the amazing potentialities which exist in a sleeping state in the microcosm of our being”, Gregorian Bivolaru explains.

The force-idea that everyone participating to the activities of this movement has to permanently heed is: „I firmly and strongly manifest in my inner universe a divine and intense aspiration which is doubled by an unshakeable faith in God. Nourishing it ceaselessly, in the same time I nourish my own soul. This aspiration, manifested every moment, will help me be closer and closer to God.”

Among the privileged methods of personal transformation and knowledge of the mysterious facets of God, the Theophanic Charismatic Movement holds forth the awakening and amplifying of the fundamental divine attributes in the human being. In other words, in order to get closer and closer to God, we need to become more and more like Him, by assimilating in our own being the specific energies of some important divine attributes, like the divine good, the divine love, the divine compassion, the divine wisdom, the divine logos and so on.

Moreover, the ones who participate to the activities of the Theophanic Charismatic Movement will learn to use the qualities of certain healing plants in order to profoundly transform themselves for the better or in order to feel the secret energies of time and space. Even more, exemplifications will be offered that would help the participants understand the way the entire manifestation is being organized. Secrets of the human body and the main divine laws are to be revealed as well.

A special reason to participate to the activities of the Charismatic Movement is that, in this frame, God Himself offers through His Grace astonishing proofs of His existence „to bring God as close as possible, so that we could also hug Him and discover Him under the form of the Immortal Supreme Self Atman”, shows the yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, for „God cannot be seen, but He can be felt, experienced, discovered inside and outside ourselves”.

The selection and all the manifestations connected to The Theophanic Charismatic Movement ”With God, For God, In God, Into God” are free of any charge. Moreover, for all the conferences and activities of the Charismatic Movement, and, generally, of the yoga camp, the organizers provide for all participants translation for the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech and Hungarian. The selection started in 2009 and takes place once a year, during the Summer Camp in Costinesti.

Spirituality and Sexual Energy

Another subject brought by Grieg’s in this year’s camp relates to the Polyamory and the sexual energy in general. In his specific tantric straight forward and breathtaking sincerity, he will clarify once again the fact how the active sexual life, which is perfectly controlled, is not at all incompatible to YOGA practice or to the spiritual development. Far from dooming the YOGA practitioners to abstinence or impotence, the yoga techniques also enhance the sexual power and increase the erotic feelings, which also allow complete control over the erotic energies in order to sublime them into upper energies.

”The high and enriched sexuality and lovemaking, experienced in the light of the tantric secrets do not obstruct the spiritual evolution, but they speed it up and lay a serious ground for it in the depth of the being.

Against all „sexual freedom”, supported by the contemporary society, which basically is mere debauchery leading to quick emasculation, most of the women stay blocked and inhibited towards eroticism and sexuality. Rejecting this tragic situation, yoga deplores it; particularly when Tantra can secure for the intelligent and sensual women, by minimum effort, a sexual and spiritual flourishing, as the two aspects are closely related. Due to ignorance and prejudices, an incredible amount of women are still facing problems in dealing with their own sexuality. Lots of women are still paralyzed with fears and keep staying a prey to the violent stifling influence of the anti-erotic education they have been given. Consciously or not, women still consider sexuality as a source of non-pleasure. Sometimes they are positive that sexuality is a due evil part of the marriage, they get to consider it a “duty” that must be fulfilled in order to make “a good wife”.

Many people erroneously suppose that progress in yoga is absolutely connected to rigorous abstinence, up to the complete seclusion in order to live a hermit life. This obviously is not true. Yoga provides the option between active abstinence (together with transmutation of the sexual potential and sublimation of energy by means of specific yoga techniques) and sexual continence, which implies intelligent exertion and perfect control of the sexual function. For some women, this erroneous conception destroys pleasure and in utmost cases may lead to frigidity. For other women yet, their attraction to the sexual pleasures is an alleged sin, for they have been told again and again that a decent woman is not supposed to be ‘sexy’.

Considering this attitude, stress should be laid on the fact that sexuality is normal human function, which is not at all more shameful than eating or sleeping. Sexuality is a rightful source of plenary joy and pleasure as well as a quite aesthetic way to express personality. Tantra teaches us that the only way to long lasting happiness and fulfillment for a woman is to re-discover and fully awaken her inner “goddess” or Shakti, which is a sum of all feminine divine aspects present in all of us. The awakening of the state of a SHAKTI is a spiritual path of blissful experiences in which the woman elevates from her daily condition to the cosmic one of a goddess.” – Gregorian Bivolaru

Not much place for hiding behind the finger has left for many…

The Exploration of the Game of Polarity

The participants are also invited to join the conferences for men and women, when exceptional exemplifications and lectures on their respective particular topics will be offered, and to the Miss Shakti competition, which is actually a celebration that seeks to put out the best of the most beautiful, harmonious, talented, full of humor and wise of the yogini-s, a unique celebration of beauty, harmony, sensuality, intelligence and spiritual awakening like no other beauty pageant in the world. Many women in modern life feel confused about what means to be a woman. As nowadays society mainly promotes masculine values, women learnt to be powerful, but somehow in a masculine way that forces them to ignore and repress their inner feminine nature. This type of empowerment, based on masculine values, creates unprecedented problems for women: disastrous love relationships, depression, random and unfulfilling sexual experiences, diseases that are specific to men, obsession regarding personal image, weight and mood swings, continuous and destructive games of power between sexes and so on. Miss Shakti and the conferences for women have the purpose to embrace and celebrate the most refined and complete femininity within all attendants.

Among the moments that combine the specific relaxation of a vacation and the discovery of the soul’s spiritual nuances, there are plenty of moments of entertainment, cheerfulness and humor. In a setting loaded with spontaneity, fun and scenic improvisation, artists gather and create a savory international show, each on their tone and specific; beautiful people, joined from many different places, charming with their soul-full presence.

And there are many many other blissful and graceful moments for everyone…

Final notes

The Yoga Camp in Costineşti is that wonderful vacation that you’d like to last forever. It is a gate to another realm: a paradisaical and mysterious world; a place where all the uplifting, sublime aspirations can very well turn into reality 😉 and the people are happy and healthy. These beautiful, joyful, cheerful, exuberant or internalized people have something in common: they all practice yoga or sympathize with it. If you ask them what do they leave the camp with, they will answer using at least one of these words: Happiness, Centering, Aspiration, Love, Enthusiasm, Romanticism, Joy, Ecstasy, Peace, Lucidity.

And the door opens for anyone merely with a camp pass and an invitation from a yoga student.

The program of this year’s Camp can be found at : http://tabere.misa.yoga/


The yoga vacation camps are a genuine celebration of spirituality and they take place in a unique atmosphere of brotherhood, harmony and joy. This is what many of the participants in the yoga camps organized by MISA acknowledged. We offer you here some of the confessions made by yoga students from many countries.

“During the yoga camps, there is an inner enrichment that occurs, as well as many transformations that make you feel that you have lived many years throughout the duration of one camp alone.” (Evelina Adam, Romania)

“What I like the most about the yoga camps in Romania is that you can feel the atmosphere of a big family who’s meeting every year here, joining the spiritual actions, meditations, conferences. I feel very happy and very open and very fulfilled!” (N.D., Great Britain)

“I loved the first yoga camp that I participated in, I felt amazing! It’s such a nice place, there’s such a nice energy and I feel good! I feel such unity, a lot, a lot of energy and just real happiness and love.” (Mille, 1st year student, Copenhagen, Denmark)

“There is something magical when you’re among people who are preoccupied with spirituality. People who take part in the yoga camps are more profound and much closer to each other, they pursue to seek deeper within, they pursue to see beyond appearances, beyond shapes. The fact that there can be such closeness between people amazed me.” (Iulian Bentea, Romania)

”I am from Finland and I am a student in the 3rd year. I am enrolled in Natha Yoga School, which is part of MISA. I heard about this camp in Costinesti and I decided to join it. It was a very good and transforming experience. The energy in this camp is very strong! In Finland we are fewer students and there aren’t camps like this. This yoga camp is like a spiritual festival!” (Samuel Raul, 3rd year student, Finland)

“During each yoga camp I feel as a guest to a spiritual feast! All the camps that I participated in so far had certain significance for me and I feel that I become richer and richer within!” (I.G., Romania)

„I can’t imagine not coming to the yoga camp every vacation! I like very much to meet the people here, to have this feeling of being understood, to understand other people and to share this love for God. I discovered a lot about what is important for me – for example, I am a musician and I went to the music therapy meeting. This is my path. I sing for 20 years, I work as a professional musician, I had some problems few years ago and I started to attend the yoga classes… and it’s getting better and better, I can see the core of what I’m doing.” (Marcus, 3rd year, München, Germany)

“During the yoga camps, I am with myself and I can find the answers to questions that normally would have bugged me for a year. And the answers don’t come just as information, but as spiritual feelings as well.” (D.M., Portugal)

“After this camp I feel great and deeply transformed, day after day I feel how I transform to the better more and more. Sometimes it seems that this process it’s a bit difficult, but I believe that what I learn here cannot be learnt in any other place, nor in any other situation for that matter.” (J.A., Spain)

“It’s a wonderful possibility to see how spirituality is one, reflected here in many different nations that meet every year in the yoga camps in Romania. You see how we grow together. Friends from all over the world come together and we do exceptional things. For example, we gather for an enormous spiral that thousands of people are creating together. The daily practice we can do at home, but here we do what there we can’t: we have the meditations that we are doing daily together, the exceptional spiritual exemplifications, we have extraordinary initiations that we can’t receive at home, in our countries, we have this wonderful Miss Shakti show!” (Conrad Swenninger, Sweden)

“I first came to Herculane in 2003 and since then I come here every year. It’s a place where I feel connected to my own heart. When I come here, I enjoy this magnificent feeling of being one with everybody in this school, having the same aspirations, the same feelings, the same connections somehow.” (Michael, Hamburg, Germany)

”I am a student in the 18th year and since the 1st year of practice I went to every single camp in Herculane and Costinesti. I thought that this is a mean to reach what I am aiming at. It is a chance that I would never miss.” (N.M., Romania)

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