Benjamin Fulford: “Out of The Box Negotiations Are Proceeding at The Highest Level”

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Benjamin Fulford and The Future of Humanity

This article was published by Benjamin Fulford on his personal website. Fulford became world-renowned after he made earth-shattering disclosures about the global occult and the fierce battle happening behind closed doors between the two groups; on one side we have Masonry and the Illuminati and on the other side we have those who are trying to end this masked tyranny. What looked like overly optimistic stories at the beginning, now start to prove to be information coming directly from the fire of events. I had the occasion to personally check the existence of this occult domination system and to observe its ramifications in the multiple levels of our modern society, and I can confirm that everything

Benjamin Fulford has stated corresponds to what I have found out directly from within the circles of the global occult. What is amazing at this very moment is the fact that the beneficial forces are starting to show their irresistible presence through the aspirations they are awakening in more and more people who are now starting to make up their minds and act in order to form alliances which will soon put an end to this global Masonic domination which is imposed by this circle of the so-called Illuminati.

Yet it is obvious that these new facts are now only potentialities which will become reality only if more and more individuals start to follow their inner voice and rise together on the same side which will help those people in high ranks to eliminate these “rotten apples” from the community basket. I don’t believe though in the opportunity of a mass expurgation like the cultural revolution during the Maoist period of China (as some overly enthusiastic persons tend to propose), because this would represent a moral mistake which would be a brick in the foundation of the new society of humankind. On the other hand, I am convinced that a transformation, even a radical one, may appear now as a result of the awakening of consciousness that appears in many people, by giving these people a system of universally spiritual values, a system doubled by a set of efficient practices which will allow each one of them to fulfill those values. In this way, all the formal systems which replaced until now almost every authentic spiritual path with a formal religion, which served as “opium for the masses”, will be eliminated.

Spiritual Revolution and Twelve Break-Thru’s of The Next Decade

Through this, an authentic spiritual revolution could take place which could not be stolen by the revolution-stealing professionals (the professionals are in fact the occult organizations, most of which have Masonic origins).

This revolution will naturally sweep away, but not in an arbitrary, dangerous way, those who are now in command and who, as we all can see, have failed so badly in their job. Instead of trying to throw these people out of the game, we can simply leave them out by taking a step forward together. (A reference to off-side tactics in football).
Obviously, these transformations shouldn’t be exclusively regarded as being part of a plan which is happening only on the physical level as this would be a simplification which would create more confusion. The transformations that are now appearing in the whole world have not come from the centre (as we were used to seeing in the world governed by the occult circles), but appear spontaneously in many individuals who are starting to awaken to another dimension within themselves, a dimension which is just waiting to be discovered.
However, in order for this awakening to be catalyzed and developed completely we need to implement a viable and efficient spiritual system right now. Closely reading the 12 force ideas proposed by Benjamin Fulford at the end of his article, you can see that their completion would imply not only a collective powerful will but also individuals who are greatly awakened to the profound realities of existence because otherwise these ideas would be rejected from the beginning exactly by those to whom they are addressed, if approached in the same old way as before.

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the fact that what Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, our school’s mentor, anticipated some time ago is now starting to become everyday reality, and that which he used to call “the Good News” is now becoming more and more the daily reality.

This should also make certain people think, especially those who have tried until now to attack Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, in ways which often lacked human dignity, because he also announced other major transformations that will appear in the future and which will not give any preference to these stooges who serve the global occult. Maybe now they will understand (some of them) that they serve a poisonous chimera and in this way they will back down before it’s too late for them. Having a viable and complete spiritual system like the one offered by our yoga school and benefiting from the global awakening now felt throughout the world, we will be able to participate, through our own spiritual awakening, to the great planetary spiritual revolution that has already begun.

For those who don’t know this article of Benjamin Fulford, you can see it below. (source:

Benjamin Fulford: “Out of the box negotiations are proceeding at the highest level” – Release of 31st of January 2012

The reason that many of the top Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate crooks have not been arrested yet is that the old system needs to be kept going with string and wire and duct-tape until final preparations for a radically new system are completed. For example, an Asian proposal now is being negotiated calls for 10 million yen or about US$125,000 to be budgeted for each and every individual human being on earth. The Pentagon is also making similar radical proposals for a complete change of how humans interact with each other and with nature. The big conclusion being reached at the highest level is that the old financial system in the West was an illusion used by a secret maleficent cabal (the worldwide Masonry) to keep us enslaved. We are now about to become truly free in ways that will exceed most people’s most optimistic expectations. However, there will be some hard work at first before this becomes true.

The proposal being forwarded by the White Dragon Society to Asian clan elders is for the creation of a new, meritocratic ally staffed organization to be set up near Tenri City, South of Osaka. The name now being proposed for this organization is “Long-term Investments For Everyone,” or LIFE, for short.

The negotiations towards unifying the Korean Peninsula with Japan and moving the capital of this new entity to the same region are also proceeding smoothly. We can confirm that Japanese “kidnap victim” Megumi Yokota is the mother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Kim has agreed to accept the union of the Northern dynasty with the Southern one in the region in exchange for a ceremonial post. Perhaps he can become the symbol of unity and have his own palace and staff.

The initial funding for LIFE, to be backed by Gold returned to Asia from the West as well as by other historical assets, can be set at 7000 trillion yen or, as mentioned above, about $125,000 per human. The money will be delivered in the form of development services such as canals, sewer systems, desalination plants, nature preserves, fish farms etc. People working for LIFE will receive generous salaries and be subject to draconian penalties for corruption.

LIFE will not be the only major organization working on planning for the future of the species according to White Dragon Society proposals.

The British Commonwealth, with its 1.8 billion members, will want their own independently financed development and future planning organization built according to commonwealth consensus. It will probably have to be initially headed by someone from India in order to make up for past British racism. Indian and other historical gold assets as well as commonwealth real estate will back their funding.

The Catholic Church and Vatican Bank will also want to have a Christian planning agency controlled by actual Christians for their 1.2 billion members once the Satanists are purged from the Vatican bank.

Similar independent groups such as the Chinese, the Muslims, the Africans and the first nations will also be able to plan for their own independent futures.
In addition, the United Nations will have to be radically restructured in order to make it truly representative of the human race and not be an instrument of Western imperialism as it is today.

Studies by the pentagon, anthropological research and corporate governance research all conclude that the most effective decision making bodies number between 6-9 people. This is the size of the traditional human family during hunter gatherer times. The most natural division for humanity along cultural and historical lines suggests a new council of elders be put at the heart of the United Nations Security Council.

The White Dragon suggestion is for a representative to be selected by each of the following groups: Africa, China, East Asia (excluding China), India, North and South America, Europe including Russia, the Islamic world and first nations.

This 8 person grouping would only function as an emergency consultative council to deal with issues affecting all humans. It would operate according to majority rule. Each region would have a veto but that veto would be restricted to that region only.

Sovereign nation states would continue to exist as before unless voluntary agreements to merge were reached between countries.

The Pentagon, for its part, has reached an agreement to merge with the Chinese and Russian Military to form a global peace keeping force, according to a high ranking agency source.
There has also been an agreement to break up many of the large corporations controlled by the Khazarian Satanic Cabal. Microsoft was specifically mentioned as a company that was about to go Kaput. The major corporate media corporations will also be broken up. Many other top 100 corporations will be broken up into as many as 20 smaller units, according to this source.

The cabalists in charge of the G5 countries are also going to be excluded from the new financial system. If necessary the Pentagon will round up both the Illuminati and the Nazis, in order to make sure they cause no more trouble.

In the US there is also going to be a detailed study of what happened over the past 100 years since the Federal Reserve Board took over and a lot of stolen funds are going to be returned to their rightful owners.

A lot of billionaires will soon be out on the street pan-handling if they are found to have been living on stolen funds. A lot of poor people will suddenly be able to live in their own, mortgage free homes.

Needless to say, revamping how we run the planet is not an easy job. There is a lot of nitty gritty to be taken care of before anything public is announced. We also need to be on extreme alert for any last minute Satanic terror attacks aimed at trying to prevent the freeing of the sheeple.

However, have no doubt, the Satanists will be defeated. There will be world peace, an end to poverty and an end to environmental destruction. Humanity will be set free.
Here is something sent by a Pentagon source. It is by Jim Channon and reflects the kinds of ideas being bandied around as humanity heads into a new age.

Twelve Break-Thru’s of The Next Decade

Opportunities on the event horizon:
1. Oil companies realize they are liquid transportation companies and start to move fresh water to needy places on the planet.
2. Major engineering companies respond to rising seas and create canals that take the excess water into barren lowlands inside the continents where it is needed.
3. The national military forces of the planet merge to form natural security teams and restore their respective parts of the earth’s forests, plant life, watersheds, wildlife and the biosphere above all that.
4. That schools recognize that content is already available on line and change their courses to life skills, learning based pursuits, and a new partnership with nature.
5. That Universities build upon the science of conscious evolution, a visionary mindset, and life force living intelligence and then structure their experience based curricula to that end.
6. That government decentralizes into bio-regions and organizes military units, school kids, fire departments and others to generate food foraging forests in all available sites for complete global food security.
7. That neighborhoods take on a wide variety of energy producing solutions to become fully independent but not totally separate from the power grid.
8. That web-based democracies attend to their regionally based constituents and use the global web intelligence system to optimize local living.
9. That railheads, airports, and warehouses converge to be able to launch global air rescue missions that deliver major emergency living villages to all peoples globally within hours of a disaster.
10. That the global public achieves a clear unifying identity and the pre-emptive political power to defang the nuclear arsenal and its fear based factions while offering alternative product lines for the military industrial complex.
11. That we accept the notion that life is more likely to exist in the galaxy than not and prepare for the real benefits of new connections.
12. That we embrace a new level of profound simplicity and reintroduce creativity as a replacement for things and mindless entertainment.

Benjamin Fulford Si Viitorul Umanitatii

Acest articol a fost publicat de catre Benjamin Fulford pe site-ul personal

Fulford a devenit cunoscut publicului din lumea intreaga pentru dezvaluirile sale fulminante legate de oculta mondiala si de lupta acerba care se da in spatele usilor inchise intre aceste grupari, avand in centru masoneria si ILIMINATII, si unele grupuri care urmaresc sa puna capat acestei tiranii mascate. Ceea ce la inceput pareau sa fie niste povesti mult prea optimiste se dovedesc treptat a fi informatii venite direct din fluxul evenimentelor. Am avut ocazia personal sa verific existenta acestui sistem de dominatie oculta si sa observ ramificatiile sale in multe nivele ale societatii moderne si pot spune ca tot ceea ce Benjamin Fulford spune este coerent cu tot ceea ce am aflat in mod direct din interiorul acestor cercuri ale ocultei mondiale. Ceea ce este uimitor la ora actuala este faptul ca fortele benefice incep sa isi faca simtita prezenta irezistibila prin inspiratiile pe care le trezesc in din ce in ce mai multi oameni care incep sa se hotarasca sa actioneze si sa formeze aliante care vor pune capat destul de curand acestei dominatii masonice mondiale aflate sub conducerea cercului asa zisilor Iluminati.

Evident ca acestea sunt insa numai niste potentialitati care vor deveni realitati numai daca din ce in ce mai multi indivizi isi vor urma vocea launtrica si se vor ridica pentru a face un front comun ce ii va ajuta pe cei de la varf sa elimine toate aceste “mere stricate” din cosul umanitatii. Nu cred insa in oportunitatea unei epurari gen revolutia culturala din China lui Mao (asa cum unii cam prea entuziasti tind sa propuna) pentru ca aceasta ar reprezenta o greseala morala pusa chiar la baza noii societati umane a viitorului. Sunt convins insa ca o transformare chiar radicala poate sa apara acum, pe fondul trezirii constiintei la nivelul a foarte multor indivizi, prin punerea la dispozitia acestora a unui sistem de valori spirituale universale dublat in mod necesar de un set de practici eficiente care sa permita atingerea acestor valori de catre fiecare in parte. In felul acesta vor fi eliminate toate sistemele formale care au inlocuit pana acum aproape toate caile spirituale autentice cu religii formale care au servit ca “opiul maselor”.

Revolutia Spirituala Si Cele 12 Realitati Ale Urmatorului Deceniu

Prin aceasta se poate naste o revolutie spirituala autentica ce nu mai poate fi furata de profesionistii revolutiilor furate (care sunt aceste organizatii oculte in majoritatea lor de sorginte masonica). Aceasta revolutie va matura in mod natural si fara nici un fel de arbitrariu periculos pe cei care acum sunt la pupitrul de comanda si care vedem ca au esuat atat de lamentabil. In loc sa cautam sa ii aruncam afara din teren pe acestia noi putem sa ii lasam in afara jocului facand toti un pas inainte (referire la offside-ul din jocul de fotbal).

Este evident ca aceste transformari nu trebuie privite exclusiv ca fiind parte a unui plan ce se executa numai la nivel fizic pentru ca ar fi o simplificare ce face totul de neinteles. Transformarile care erup acum in lume la tot pasul nu sunt venite de la centru (asa cum s-a obisnuit pana acum in lumea guvernata de cercurile oculte) ci ea apare in mod spontan din foarte multi indivizi care incep sa se trezeasca fata de o alta dimensiune care exista in fiinta lor si ii astepta sa fie descoperita. Insa pentru ca aceasta trezire sa fie catalizata si sa aiba loc pana la capat este nevoie de implementarea unui sistem spiritual viabil si eficient chiar acum.

Dealtfel daca privim cu atentie cele 12 idei forta pe care Benjamin le propune in finalul articolului sau vom observa ca aducerea la indeplinire a acestora presupune nu numai o vointa colectiva puternica insa si un tip de individ care este trezit intr-o masura neobisnuit de mare fata de realitatile profunde ale existentei pentru ca altfel, cu felul in care am fost obisnuiti pana acum majoritatea acestor idei ar fi respise din start chiar de catre cei carora li se adreseaza.

Nu in ultimul rand as vrea sa remarc felul in care ceea ce mentorul scolii noastre, d-nul profesor yoga Gregorian Bivolaru, anticipa cu ceva vreme in urma incepe sa devina realitatea zilelor noastre iar ceea ce atunci el numea “vestea cea buna” devine din ce in ce mai mult realiatea zilei. Acest fapt ar trebui sa le dea de gandit si celor care pana acum au cautat prin mijloace sub demnitatea umana sa il atace pe d-nul profesor pentru ca el a anuntat de asemenea si alte transformari majore ce vor aparea in viitor si care nu ii va avantaja deloc pe acesti slugoi ai ocultei mondiale. Poate ca acum vor intelege (unii dintre ei) ca slujesc o himera otravita si se vor retrage pana nu este prea tarziu pentru ei.

Avand un sistem spiritual viabil si complet precum cel oferit de scoala de yoga si beneficiind de trezirea generala care se face simtita peste tot in lume vom putea participa prin trezirea noastra spirituala la marea revolutie spirituala planetara care deja a inceput.

Pentru cei care nu stiu acest articol al lui Benjamin Fulford, il gasiti in continuare aici, preluat integral de pe site-ul

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Advaita Stoian

Comments (12)

  1. new guy says:

    But that’s fantastic news what this Benjamin Fulford discloses here. As you probably have already figured it out, I’m a new guy around here ( 🙂 ) but what I read is completely what I needed to understand…
    If I were in the shoes of the people trying so hard to manipulate this world from behind, I would make a plan B fast, which would include the re-calibration of the personal scale of values, because there’s no way that a freemason would be able to survive in the new world (meaning a White World – not the one they’re unsuccessfully trying to build) with the same manipulative attitude….

  2. new guy says:

    Good luck to all, and especially to the elites… they will need it…. 🙂 ’cause in the end they are the ones who will have to change…

  3. Shaam says:

    This may be one of your best articles so far, my friend. So easily, courageously and clearly pointing on matters that need to be digested. It’s great that you posted this exactly in this period.
    I always loved your heroic and enthusiastic attitude. But more than that, i think it’s the time we all look now on these things carefully. I feel it’s a great revealing period with a great support for the truth.
    Grieg has indeed tried to make us aware of this line for long..

  4. Dan Popescu says:

    Very interesting indeed..
    If it is so, White Dragon Society will prove itself to be real with action not words.

  5. jagadeesan chennai says:

    Benjamin Fullford, ha 🙂

  6. Daniele says:

    I like this guy. He is disclosing with success information about many of us found out for many years from our guide, Gregorian Bivolaru. This is be the reason for which he was persecuted for so many years..
    Isn-t it dazzling how he knew all these things for so long?.. one needs lots of courage and self/giving to be able to expose all these at all costs.. still with the hope that people wake up..
    Happy birthday, dear Grieg!

  7. Ronas (Germany) says:

    This story is explosive!
    You cannot not react when you are shown straight in your face such things that are having clear evidences.
    It’s like we are a society of.. fainted people.
    I wonder how is doable to have so much inertia in us, such a slow reaction moving engines in us.. although i do perceive a very clear build in energy, that is coming up in the society, because more and more have had enough of this.. and of their own inertia as well.

  8. sonya says:

    I am a little skeptic about this issue here… I mean, are we in the situation when we can say to the masons “Quit or you will be vanished” ?

    I know there is a battle, I even heard a lot of things from all over the world, and I also know that this awakening is growing in the whole world, but still I don’t think we have reached that critical mass that is needed to throw them away in a split of second…

    Anyway I’m looking forward to it…. 🙂

  9. Georgiana says:

    I must admit that I’m impressed by the 12 points plan to reintegrate the political economical forces of the planet… It might not necessarily go exactly the way it was described here but this plan really opened my eyes towards a lot of changing possibilities!

  10. Ashley says:

    Go Fulford !!!!
    By the way, what can we, the people… what can we do to make this happen sooner ? What can we do to see for the first time in our life a world freed from the agony of being controlled …
    I feel like there is a big phenomenon in the world, which is growing day by day (even if in some parts of the world the elites continue their usual dark program as if nothing’s wrong) and it’s somehow like a growing strong bubble which at a certain moment will burst and spread on huge areas where there are also others smaller bubbles waiting for an impulse.

    It’s going to be a great day for sure, but it bothers me that we should bring this day closer and closer to the present with conscious efforts…
    And now I’m thinking that many of us need to stop listening to the illegal orders of the superiors or those who claim to be superior to us… and start building a world of our own which will grow until it will attract all the others (from the old system).
    This way the elites, the “bosses”, and the people obeying them will remain alone, and they will have no one to command to, because they are few and pitiful anyway…
    And then, the elites will have 2 options: to chose freedom with us, or the hell surrounding them already (which is not going to keep them alive here on earth to much)

  11. Sahajananda says:

    Thanks Advaita, for bringing these ‘good news’ into the blog and thus into a lot of ‘good’ peoples awareness. For those who are not yet informed about the position and validity of Benjamin Fulfords message, I suggest you to take a tour around you tube and his own website and the spanish website

    I can also recommend recent interviews from a japanese tv station (showing his corageous and willfull initiavie to expose the gangsters and actively help the change) and an interview also from 31st of january 2012 with american freedom radio:

    Remember to add subtitles on the japanese one if you dont understand japanese!!!

  12. Marie (France) says:

    I had 2 days ago an.. unexpected perception in the middle of some daily activities. It felt that suddenly the time completely stopped and the good and the light started to expand on an axis beyond this what we normally call time and space, very bright and strong. I take it as a sign of hope for all of us, in a state of deep humbleness and gratitude, seeing where we are related to the purest truth and pure consciousness..
    I start to think that if there would be even that fraction of radical from 1% of people in a perfect state of non-dual and awake pure consciousness, this would automatically bring in a huge shift that would immediately manifest even physically.

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