21 November 2018, Copenhagen Denmark – Revolution in the Bedroom: Keys to Perfect Lovemaking

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Seminar by Advaita and Adina Stoian


50 years after the so called “sexual revolution” there is still much to revolutionise. We may have revolutionised sex, but it’s time to revolutionise lovemaking!

Erotic energy does not equal = sex. Lovemaking is about LOVE and it is about eros, sublime eroticism that is uplifting our spirit and touching our soul. Lovemaking that makes us fall in love again and again, experiences that bring profound fulfilment, not only momentary pleasure. Experiences that fill our hearts with both laughter and tears, with radiant joy that lasts for days and with deep silence and extraordinary unforgettable moments of timelessness and touching infinity.

The sexual revolution was a story of freedom, but unfortunately we didn’t free ourselves! We didn’t free our hearts to love freely, we didn’t free ourselves from fears, shame, inner blockages and ignorance in our understanding of the erotic energy.

In tantra the erotic energy is seen as a tremendous power – a power that can either lift us up or drag us down. It can be a continuous source of energy, happiness and life-changing experiences or cause us to be heavy, exhausted, frustrated and feeling stuck.

The choice is ours.

Learn the keys to perfect lovemaking and create a revolution in your bedroom!


Price: 199,-

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