Another Victim of the Romanian Authorities: Madalina Dumitru

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The Minor Is Treated As Disposable

The human dimension of Gregorian Bivolaru’s case is constantly ignored by the Romanian media and the Romanian authorities. Apart from Gregorian himself who has been suffering from judicial and social abuse for decades, it is now eight years since the Romanian authorities, together with most of the media, were responsible for transforming the life of Madalina Dumitru (the alleged victim of Gregorian) into a nightmare. And this happened after she was invited before the Swedish Supreme Court of Justice to give her testimony where she clearly showed that she had nothing to do with Gregorian Bivolaru and she was not his victim but THE VICTIM OF THE ROMANIAN AUTHORITIES. What can one do to be taken into account in Bucharest if such a public statement (made in such clear circumstances) does not make any difference?
Harassed, beaten and mocked by an entire country, Madalina’s life has become a living nightmare from which there is no escape unless she plays the game that is set up by the Romanian authorities. In this game she is merely a disposable object that they use in order to get what they so desperately want: the conviction of Gregorian Bivolaru.

In all these years, Madalina’s cry for justice, for decent treatment and normal life was denied by the same people that were so busy traveling to Brussels and Strasbourg to present their country as an example of upholding human rights and fair justice. Why is it that none of the newspapers that were so keen to publish excerpts from her personal diary, to present her almost naked (with pictures taken by the police!), and to depict her as a prostitute (while hypocritically claiming that she is the victim) never in eight years showed her life as it really is, or reported about the injustice and moral torture that she is continuously subjected to by the authorities?

You can see here a relevant short video revealing Madalina’s traumatic treatment during the last 8 years of the trial.

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Comments (15)

  1. Giulia says:

    When we hear these stories we have the feeling it’s something that happened 2 centuries ago…. or in Congo somewhere. And still it’s being done in today’s Europe.

    It’s amazing to me how a a group of people which have positions in the judicial system can transform a girl’s life into a nightmare.

    I think this subject would need a better documentation on international level. We can even make a movie based on this story.

    For sure one of your Romanian directors from the “new Romanian wave” would have another great success at Cannes.

  2. Straight Point says:

    The persons doing all this to innocents have no idea how close they are to get the same treatment until a small revolution interferes with their plans… or a simple drunk man decides to discharge his anger on them one night… And then boom: they’re not that powerful, arrogant and untouchable anymore.

    It’s the law of Universe and we cannot escape. Whether you kill a fly or a priest of God, it’s the same thing, the same principle of manifestation. Everyone of us have tested it but we all think that we’re untouchable when our arrogance which comes from a social position is covering the common sense.

    Good luck to all, but take care! No one is alone! Someone watches over everyone of us!

  3. TheSpirit says:

    Not a very good story to hear… I give you that. But at least good people are with Madalina and sustain her.
    Good luck in the future girl. Keep your head up! You’re being loved.

  4. George92 says:

    When is this going to end? When are our brothers going to understand that by doing something against their people they’re acting directly against their daughters, their sisters, their mothers… why people have the the impression that when they’re doing something wrong it will be only that, nothing else involved, they just do it and get away with it. They think they’re alone when they do something wrong, but they want to be embraced by everyone when they do just a little thing that’s good!

    What they don’t see is that things really change, when the critical mass appears, and takes always by surprise the ones that think, in their arrogance, that everything belongs to them ’till the end of time!
    When this kind of switch appears, those in power until then, usually see the fog they’ve been living in for so long…

    It took St. Paul some days of physical blindness in order to see further into things, and he took his chance, but how many of the prosecutors today will have the chance to be Jesus’s disciples?

  5. Cyprus Hill says:

    Am I too far off if I propose to you to make a petition online about this girl. I mean there are others who don’t suffer as much as her, and they get a lot of attention. And what you’re saying here, and what she’s saying is completely outrageous. And I believe you!
    It’s never too late. And no truth can be hidden or stolen forever.

  6. Just one man says:

    All these when my friends were inclining to say that we don’t live in Congo! Well, this should prove me right, unfortunately…

  7. Lotte says:

    this is such an absurd situation!

    That pure girl is victimised much much more by the very same authorities that claim they want to prevent the sexual “abuse” of a minor, than what would have been the case in an actual abuse
    (anyway in many countries she is not even considered minor and such an accusation would not even have a legal ground in Denmark, since it would not be illegal, because the minor age is 15 years old,
    and then they claim that he is a very dangerous terrorist).

    The very way they act shows how hypocritical they are – they dont care at all about that girl,
    they are willing to destroy her life completely,

    the question remains: how come it is not so obvious for them, for the media and at least for the public

    so that they will finally show some humanity and compassion and STOP it.

    For the rest of the world it is completely absurd and actually unbelievable that such a case can seriously exist in a civilized country.

    The girl deserve a lot of compassion for what has happened and it is amazing and really admirable, that she resist for all these years.


  8. Lover man says:

    By the way, can someone give me the “victim’s” phone number? I want to make her feel better… I promise she will not regret it! 🙂

  9. JustMe says:

    Ya, ya… please someone please help Romeo here…

  10. Lotte says:

    Lover man!

    thats not funny!

    I dont think you know what you are dealing with here!

    Or are you mocking her?

    I hope not!

  11. Lover man says:

    I’m not mocking her Lotte. But I just like her. What’s wrong with that? ‘Cause she’s nice 🙂

  12. Justice Observer says:

    As I said before, on another topic,
    everything is falling apart in the prosecutors’ yard. The proud prosecutors who was publicly announcing in 2004 that they’re searching for drugs, weapons, prostitutes, etc, when they went into the yogic houses and almost destroyed some of them, are now dismissed from their positions at the Supreme Council of Magistrates and their own offices were searched by the Police in an investigation which involves conspiracy accusations. George Balan, and his criminal friend Marcel Sampetru are in this situation now.

    There is a God, as someone was saying on this site, and he’s not sleeping.

    The time for chances and remorses is over. Now it’s time for those who do not listen to the higher beneficial voice to get the payback bill.

    I can’t wait to see who’s next to fail his lesson…

  13. Sorin says:

    This one in particular is indeed a very interesting and odd case at the same time. My wonder is if she thought of a plan to sue the responsible authorities and ask for compensation, once the main trial is finished.

    In my opinion someone should pay for this abuses, those who will be found guilty must pay for these years of sufferance and deception.

    But most of all this should also be an example for the people working in public positions who have the temptation to forget that they’re there for the good of the people not for their destruction. I know it’s a long way and for me it’s easy to speak since I’m not the one in trouble but simply there’s no other way…

  14. Lotte says:

    YES SORIN – I also think that she should sue the prosecutors – good idea!

  15. Sorin says:

    Thank you Lotte… and still, as I said, it’s easy for me or others to stay aside and speak while she’s living her own battle most of the times alone… since the inner states have to be counterbalanced from the inside!

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