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This movie is the best I have seen on the subject of the New Word (Dis)Order. The great amount of material that was taken from the mainstream media completely changes the perspective that you usually get from these movies. Here you can see the immense arrogance of the world leaders who are talking about these secret plans in a quite relaxed way in front of the public, but always knowing when to stop so that people will not start connecting dots. It becomes obvious that behind this global elite is a great apparatus of manipulation and an exceptionally skilled team of advisors who know when is too much, based on scientific data. Please enjoy the movie and share it with as many people as possible because this is the time to wake more people up, before the plan goes to the next phases.

For all those who are disturbed by all these “conspiracy theories”, you should think of two aspects:

  1. Since you feel so disturbed by these “conspiracy theories”, this shows that there is something deep inside of you that links you with these theories. Better search deep inside and maybe you will find with amazement that you also know that things are like the “conspiracy theory” presenting it, but accepting it will ruin your comfortable, ignorance based bubble.
  2. If these theories would all be false and reality would be as it was presented on TV, then how come most of these theories are proven to be right over the course of time? Just because it is more comfortable that some things are in a certain way and the one that takes advantage from these aspects presents them in that wanted way, doesn’t prove that it is the way things are…

Yet, there is also something I disagree with in this movie. It is the message of Alex Jones, the producer. His call for unity of the many in order to take the power back from the few is unfortunately a part of the plan of the globalists. Without knowing it, Alex Jones  (and the others who are giving the same message to people) is serving one of the most delicate parts of the elite’s plan and this is usually their style: to use the enemy for the dirtiest jobs. The unity that Alex Jones is calling for is premature and even unproductive, giving a great opportunity to the structures of occult power to manipulate and better control the situation.

I know that this might sound shocking but in a coming post I will explain this point of view, showing that the exterior revolution is not a solution in times like this, at least not in the way these people want to start it.

Therefore I strongly recommend the movie; I strongly call for the informing of the people and the sharing of this knowledge with as many as possible, but I disagree with the suggestion for the people to start to unite and to attempt to take the power before they are ready for this because this is exposing all of us to greater danger.

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Comments (10)

  1. carbon12 says:

    Great film and material! I loved it especially because the big amount of main stream media clips. But in the same time it made me so angry! How can we be so blind and these people so arrogant??? They are waving it just in front of our eyes and almost none can see it. When you see such film you feel to go out in the street and DO SOMETHING!
    What do you mean with: “His call for unity of the many in order to take the power back from the few is unfortunately A PART OF THE PLAN of the globalists.” and also “the EXTERIOR REVOLUTION IS NOT A SOLUTION in times like this” ??? Then why showing this film and promoting these ideas? Just to make people more frustrated for not being able to do anything?
    I don’t agree with you here … better come with a good explanation! What’s so dangerous in uniting all the people that have ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT??? Anyway it is a mess, they cannot make it bigger but maybe they can fix it!
    At least this is my view for now. But i wait for your explanations … 😉
    Peace in the valley

  2. arthur says:

    I like this film from some perspectives – it shows in a very well documented way the general scheme of the secret societies in their campaign of creating a one world government, and it does it while staying away from un-based speculations and exaggerated zeal, which is an achievement when comparing with most of the publications of this kind.
    Yet, i feel that this movie falls short in a the most important point – which is actually opening a fascinating discussion: while the film gives a very thorough review of the actual events regarding the world global conspiracy and the bureaucratic mechanisms of power generating it, it does not approach at all the subtle mechanisms which are used by the occult societies and are their real ‘secret and decisive weapon’ in bringing about their ”new world order”. i am convinced that it is these occult mechanisms which are in fact the secret of the incredible power that so few people command, and without it it can not be explained how they have succeed so far so well.
    these occult societies are using some secret esoteric principles which,through their application, allow them a great efficiency in action, in manipulating the masses, and in using a variety of world events for the increasing of their own powers. the knowledge of these principles is allowing them to create events, but more then that, it allows them to tap into existing events and channel their energy so that they themselves will always be the winners in the end. these principles have been forgotten from the general knowledge but have been preserved over the centuries among the small circle if initiates that make these occult societies. this knowledge is what gives them the total ”technological” superiority over every body else, since they are playing a game at a level were no one else is even aware of. all their opponents, including the makers of this movie, operate at a lower level and therefore are like ”chasing shadows” and even though they are full of good intentions, are actually playing into the hands of the elite. for from the top of their pyramid, which they have created through the use of the esoteric knowledge, they control all those who are bellow, and if you have not reached to act the level were they work then you are still part of the matrix – you are still playing their game, working for them.
    in this sense, i am sure that the global elite would like very much for some kind of popular violent uprising in America – for that will be the perfect excuse for implementation of military rule (at the wish of the population) to assure domestic peach and quell the local threat. these groups of conspiracy theorists, if they would try to take control will for sure create chaos, since they are not prepared for ruling in a wise way (who is?) and unlike the elite – they don’t have good Public Relations; so the global population will turn for someone to save them from the chaos – which would be the new world order. the elites couldn’t ask for a better internal threat for denying civil liberties for the sake of the people.
    i strongly believe that the elites achieve their power through harnessing the power of IDEAS. IDEAS, if they are very cleverly created and operated, can be created by a handful of people but influence masses and bring about enormous events. today we generally live in a framework if ideas which has been created by the elites over centuries, in a gradual way. though this they have achieved a clear spiritual influence over the world population. from here,all the rest of their power arises. when we understand the ideas that they have created, we can see that we could fight until eternity against the different manifestations of their plans, but if the ideas stay in tact, their plans will still progress as though we have done nothing. it would seem like their plan is just finding another way, with almost no effort. this is because we fail to approach the problem in its route. we even notice that those who oppose the ‘new world order” even adopt many of the ideas that the elites have long created – which is why they are unknowingly doing the work of the elites.
    I think it would be very good if a movie would be made about this level of the action of the elites. Mihai – perhaps you could dedicate some time to it?

    to carbon12 – i hope that i here also give some answer to your questions.

    • admin admin says:

      @ arthur
      thank you for an excellent and synthetic review upon the occult structure of power in the world today. Indeed the scheme of control and power is based upon the mechanisms that you also exposed and i am glad to see that more and more people start to figure out how does it work. This is in itself a great step forward because the occult power cannot stand disclosure. They are in reality formed by groups of people with a weak personality, a personality driven by inner denied desires and for this reason they do not want to assume responsibility for their acts.
      I will use a part of your comment in the article i prepare to justify the statement i’ve made previously that “exterior revolution is not a solution”. Indeed i think you gave already some answers to what i wanted to say there.
      Integrating the spiritual principles in this analysis is a very important idea also because there is no other possibility to eliminate this “elite” idea than to replace it with a better one. And this can come only in a frame that include the spiritual evolution as one of the poles.
      It is a good idea to make a movie that will explain the scheme of power from this perspective and here is the call for volunteers! First we have to brainstorm all the ideas and principles, correlate them with all the information available (which is a lot) and then i am sure there are some filmmakers that will take it to production.

  3. Christine says:

    This is just purely my opinion, but I’m sharing anyway. I intend to begin posting more relevant topics to my blog, because I believe it is critical that we challenge ourselves and one another to look deeply within, as to how we can respond to the New World Order. No matter what movies you watch-Invisible Empire, Loose Change, Zeitgeist Addendum-the common themes remain and for anyone willing to open their mind, we cannot walk away unchanged after viewing these films. We get angry. We feel helpless. But, we need to harness that energy in effective, not defeating, ways. I don’t have all of the answers, but there are non-violent ways to begin resisting our participation in the corrupt state of our country.

    If tomorrow, everyone who watches these amazing films pulled our money out of the banks, cut off our credit cards, abandoned our mortgages (which are illegal transactions), and refused to pay our income taxes (which are illegal), a blow would be felt. If we, additionally, stopped working for the elite corporate firms and government, it would be felt. Until the “conveniences” that the system provides us are recognized as a ploy to slavery and are instead, INconveniences to the human spirit, I fear nothing will change. We have bought in to it. Everyone has become so controlled and convinced that money is necessary, when in reality, it’s the system we’ve supported and trusted, which has made money necessary. If we shifted our focus, if we could pull off the blinders, we could see that we should be investing our retirement funds and savings accounts into means which help us sustain our lives-learning to cultivate our own food, buying land off the grid, harnessing natural resources all around us. I know it sounds like a “hippy” mentality…but until the last few centuries, it was the HUMAN mentality. We’ve been so brainwashed. You cannot destroy the enemy with the enemy’s tools.

  4. Isobel says:

    More than one thousand years ago, spiritual teachers from the Orient told of a coming materialistic era known as the fourth age or the ‘Kali Yuga’, A Buddhist Tantric text defines the ‘Dark age’ as follows:

    ‘There is no relief from the ever-increasing egoism.
    Corrupt and selfish people become leaders.
    New and incurable diseases manifest.
    Iron birds rule the skies.
    Clothing fashions change frequently.
    Butchers and murderers rule countries.
    Priests and spiritual leaders become robbers.
    Yogis become traders and shop keepers.
    Impostors claim psychic powers.
    Sacred traditions are forgotten.
    Every person must carry a weapon.
    Rains are out of season.
    Earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and floods wreak havoc.
    Community unity is lost.’

    Sound familiar? Interesting that the ancient wisdom was able to foresee the events as we now know them.

  5. The Seeker says:

    Yet another step towards global government:


  6. alin says:

    World Governance plans a conspiracy “theory”? It’s a fact and they are not hiding it…

  7. B says:

    About the bilderberg meeting in a Danish mainstream paper:


  8. Shangrila says:

    Dear all, happy to see how grea this website is working after havent been visiting for a while.
    I have also been concerned about the issue of miliant uprise for quiet a while, like carbon12, Arthur and Mihai is here discussing.
    It is obvious from your p.o. views that we a new exterior revolution will only fuel the power of the invisible Illuminati.
    Even if the revolution is genuine and intelligently made, soon after will rise the question of a new structure, meaning political involvement and decisionmaking… if people have not transcended the individualised mediocrity and defeated their inner Shrek, we will have another externalized system based on individuality and egotism…Easy to manipulate and tempt to conspire and abuse.
    Alex Jones indeed suffers from a kind of naïve idealism in the name of materialistic and individual equality…even I like the man a lot and consider him brave man. If he adds some more verticality to his perspective and inquire genuine spiritual values and from the white brotherhood of Pythargoras he will be a very very dangerous man for the I…
    I would like to add to the direction of the discussion: “exterior revolution is not a solution and individualized thinking is a dead end”.

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