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Advaita Stoian is a tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher. He is a direct disciple of the tantric spiritual master Gregorian Bivolaru. After many years of practice under the careful guidance of his master, in 2002 he moved from his native Romania to Denmark to begin a new spiritual mission as head of Natha Yoga Center (in Denmark), which has since grown to become one of the liveliest centers of spiritual knowledge in Europe. It is from this important center that his spiritual wisdom and aspiration is inspiring yoga students not only in Denmark but throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Advaita’s great contribution to the reawakening of genuine spirituality today is in the way he brings the ancient teachings of tantra, yoga and meditation to the modern world, uniting these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual.

His tantra, yoga and meditation teachings are genius in their scope and content and his relaxed yet witty and candid style combined with extraordinary insight and an unyielding spiritual aspiration make his presentations not only a profoundly revealing spiritual experience but also highly entertaining.

He is the author of the Tantra Intensive Course that is taught in more than twenty countries worldwide, and which boasts an extremely extensive theoretical and practical course material, unrivalled in our world today.

Advaita makes each moment of his life proof that most things we believe to be impossible, are in fact reachable for anyone who manages to connect, through the persistent practice of spiritual science, with the true nature of Reality.

He is also the author of an international meditation course taught in yoga schools and universities on three continents. This highly sought after meditation course skillfully combines ancient yogic knowledge with the latest discoveries of modern science, equipping the contemporary person with all they need to build a successful meditation practice.

Advaita teaches extensively throughout Europe, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK, France, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria. He has also played an instrumental role in establishing spiritual schools in South America, India and Thailand.

He is the coordinator and teacher of the Atman International Yoga Teacher Training Course from which a large number of enthusiastic, highly-qualified and well-prepared tantra and yoga teachers graduate annually, in times when the need for such teachers is at its highest.

Not limiting himself to one single domain, Advaita Stoian is a living embodiment of the tantric principles he teaches, using all areas of life as potential sources of profound spiritual and personal growth and fulfillment. As a teacher, scientist, therapist, political and social activist, initiator and scholar, his visionary nature makes any attempt to narrow him down completely futile.

The same goes for the teachings he is helping to bring to thousands of yoga, meditation and tantra practitioners all over the world, through lectures, workshops and camps.



Advaita Stoian has written books on spiritual growth and knowledge.
– “Important Notions About Maha Vidya – Tripura Sundari”, Adina and Advaita Stoian, 2014, Natha Publishing House
– “Activitatea speciala Maha Vidya Kali Program”, Adina and Advaita Stoian, 2010, Natha Publishing House
– “Important Notions About Maha Vidya – Tara”, Adina and Advaita Stoian, 2012, Natha Publishing House
– “Important Notions About Maha Vidya – Bhuvaneshwari”, Adina and Advaita Stoian, 2013, Natha Publishing House


Advaita is a remarkable public speaker. He teaches and travels extensively throughout the world to inspire people and guide them on the spiritual path. Many of his talks, conferences and retreats are published on CD and DVD.
– “Spiritual Healing” DVD-workshop (2009), Natha Publishing House
– “Mysteries of Tantra” (2010), Natha Publishing House
– “Beyond 21st December 2012. The Future is Now” (2012), Natha Publishing House
“Polyamorous Relationships. A Spiritual Approach upon Open Relationships” – (2013), Natha Publishing House
– “Comments on Bhagavad-Gita” – 2 DVDs – chapter 3 and chapter 5 (2014), Natha Publishing House
– “The ABC of Tantra: Sexual Continence” – 2 DVDs (Featured as an interviewee and lecturer) Sophrozin Production


– Author of the Tantra Intensive Course, a weekly education system currently taught in 21 countries, on 4 continents with a curriculum of 580 courses.
– Senior coordinator of Natha Yoga Center, Denmark
– Member of The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation ATMAN
– Teacher and coordinator of Atman Federation Online Yoga and Tantra Classes
– Coordinator of Maha Vidya Yoga Retreats in Romania and Denmark
– Teacher of Couple Relationship Retreats
– Teacher of Tantric Masculinity Camps
– Participant and Coordinator of International Yoga Congress
– Judge for the International Yoga Day Contest (2010-2013)
– Coordinator of International Yoga Teacher Training Courses
Tantra Teacher Training Course


– Speaker at Tantra Festival Aarhus (2015, 2014, 2013) See some highlights of his presence here:
– Speaker at Tantra Festival London. See some highlights of his talks here.
– Speaker at Tantra Festival Czech Republic
– Speaker at Tantra Festival Copenhagen
– Speaker at an International Yoga Day event in Bucharest
– Speaker at the International Yoga Camp in Herculane, from 2001-2015, See the interview made in herculane in 2014 for
– Speaker at International Yoga Camp in Costinesti, Romania on the topic of open relationship from 2001-2015. See the interview made in Costinesti in 2014 for
– Guest speaker at Copenhagen Conscious Talks


– Soteria International Interview – “The perspective of voluntary work in the traditional yoga system”
– Project Camelot Interview –“Romanian Crackdown on Yoga and Consciousness”
– interview – “Yoga, I Love You”
– Logos media Interview – “Healing within the couple relationship”
Tantra Festival Interview
Natha Updates Interviews
– Giro di Vite Interview. Interview with Advaita Stoian about the Bilderberg meeting


– International Yoga Camp Herculane, Romania (Misa Yoga Camps)
– International Yoga Camp Costinesti, Romania (Misa Yoga Camps)
– Maha Vidya Camp Brasov, Romania
– Silent Meditation Retreat, Paradis Vækstcenter, Faxe, Denmark (Natha Yoga Center)
– Tantra Festival London (
– Tantra Festival Aarhus (
– Tantra Festival Copenhagen (
– Tantra Festival Helsinki
– Tantra Festival Malmo
– Atman Federation International Meeting (
– Soteria International Meeting (
– Maha Vidya Retreats in Paradis Vækstcenter, Faxe, Denmark
– Bornholm Summer Retreat
– Summer Soul Retreat, Paradis Vækstcenter, Faxe, Denmark
– International Yoga Day, Romania
– Tantra Teacher Training Course, Denmark and Romania
– Yoga Teacher Training Course, Denmark and Romania

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Advaita Stoian

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  1. Jacek says:

    Dear Advaita Stoian,

    This is Maja and Jacek from “Tu i Teraz” (“Here & Now”) Center for Personal &Spiritual Development in Poland( ). We would like to invite You as a teacher to participate in this biggest tantric &sexuality event in Poland.

    Our Center, the biggest one in Poland, has been around for 12 years and every year, we offer around 90 workshops related to Tantra, sexuality, Osho’s dynamic meditation, mindfulness meditation, family constellation, personal development, psychotherapy, shamanic workshops, bodywork and many, many more. Annually, we organize festivals of Body, Soul and Mind Integration, during which various workshops and methods are presented.

    Our resort is situated amongst picturesque lakes and forests, about 200 km north from Warsaw – the capital City of Poland. It is a secluded property on 24 ac clearing of wooded hills.

    We have a bookstore, a huge library, a permanent exhibition of the Teachers and Mystics of the XX and XXI c., a café, a sauna, a massage room, wireless internet access, a stone labyrinth and a stone circle, as well as a Temple of All Faiths. We provide vegetarian cuisine only.

    Last year we organized IV in Poland Tantra & Sexuality Festival.

    Among others we hosted Sarita, John Hawken, Andrew Barnes, Santoshi , Roxana &Vincent Hewett, Shakara & Bruce Lyon, Shachar Caspi , Sion Windelove and many others great teachers from all over the world . It were 10 amazing days full of trainings, concerts and celebrations.

    All four Festivals was a great success and deeply enriching experience, that is why we are organizing V edition of Tantra Festival on 30.VI-8.VII 2017 in Nowe Kawkowo near Olsztyn (200 km from Warsaw), Poland.

    We really would like to invite You as a teacher to participate in this festival! As we already have many Tantra teachers we would be interested in wider understanding of sexuality and tantra. If You decide to accept our invitation, we would be interested in Your own methods.

    With love

    Maja Wolosiewicz-Towalska and Jacek Towalski

    Ośrodek Rozwoju Osobistego i Duchowego “Tu i Teraz”,

    Jacek: +48 602 219 382

    Maja: +48 606 994 366,

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