A Sign From God – Circular Rainbow Around The Sun

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M.I.S.A. Yoga School Biannually Hosts Spiritual Yoga Camps in Romania

The spiritual yoga camps take place in the spectacularly beautiful mountain resort Herculane and at the seaside resort Costinesti.

Thousands of yoga students flock from all corners of Romania and many other parts of the world to take part in these exceptional and, in my opinion, unique events.

With its majestic scenery, mild climate and welcoming hot springs, Herculane is the perfect location for ten days of intensive meditation, outdoor yoga sessions, objective art performances and inspiring lectures on spiritual subjects.

Every year the international yoga camp brings new revelations and deeper understandings which in a mysterious way correspond exactly to the needs of each of the participants. The divine integration of all the spiritual activities of the camp creates a magical field of opportunities to learn and practice the wise teachings of yoga and tantra. The presence of thousands of people from all over the world united by the same aspiration empowers even more the magical field of the camp.
This year in Herculane, towards the end of the camp, along with around a thousand other people i witnessed the fascinating phenomenon of a circular rainbow structure in the sky. This extraordinary event of this year’s camp happened on the 8th of May 2010. In the middle of the day around 13:30, when all the yogis were preparing for one of the yang spiral meditations on the Coronini Plateau, an unusual phenomenon occurred; a circular rainbow appeared around the sun, then a second circle of light appeared which was at the same height as the sun above the horizon. It was a perfect day, and the sky was vividly clear, there was no mistaking that these two circles were a miraculous occurence, remaining visible for 22 minutes, all of us who witnessed this were equally amazed at the beautiful and magnificent sight.

Preparing-For-The-SpiralAccording to a local newspaper Caras Online which reported the unusual event , Tiberiu Pincova, one of the first to see the rainbow said:

I am always carrying with me a camera, wherever I go, photography is a passion for me. But I have never seen anything like this.

Petrică Stolojescu, another man who lives in the area said:

It is a beautiful and grandiose phenomenon, it sent shivers down my spine. It is magnificent.”

Another bystander said:

There was a lot of light in the sky, almost too bright even for midday. This is why I looked at the sky. Perhaps it is connected to the energy of the yogis who make spirals on the plateau.

The yoga students who witnessed the event realized it was much more than just an optical phenomenon of great beauty. They had already participated in the International Yoga Camp for eight days, and had attended daily exemplification meditations, artistic performances, spiral meditations, and lectures which had increased their transfiguration and opened their souls. For all of us present in that moment in Herculane, this was a sign related to the preparations for the events to come, a wonderful validation and Divine dialogue of the Universe with the people who were paying attention.

The whole event becomes even more significant if we consider that, shortly before the appearance of the two circles of light, we were preparing for a yang spiral meditation followed by a special conference of the Charismatic Theophanic Movement, (an initiatic movement started by MISA in 2009). Eyes full of transfiguration and spiritual aspiration the ones who witnessed the splendid phenomenon of light saw it as a miraculous manifestation of the grace of God, and a sign of divine integration into the Universe and into Nature, which appeared in connection to the Charismatic Theophanic Movement.

For those who do not know, Theophany, from the Ancient Greek Τheophaneia (meaning “appearance of God”), referring to the appearance of God to a human, or to a divine disclosure; a sign by which the presence of God is revealed.

On the other hand in all traditions and cultures the rainbow has been associated with divine harmony, beauty and goodness, and seen as a bridge or a means of communication between God and man, between spirit and matter. In the Bible the rainbow symbolizes the covenant God had with Noah after the flood.

And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that [is] upon the earth. ” (Genesis 9:13-16)”

Herculane2.The rainbow appears in other parts of the Bible, as well as in different other traditions which depict it as a direct manifestation of God (a theophany) or as a sign of God’s grace. Other meanings associated to the rainbow are peace, hope, new beginnings, a gate to the divine realms, mystery, purity and wholeness of the creation.
From a scientific perspective, a circular rainbow, a halo, is a type of optical phenomenon, forming a circle 22° around the sun. It forms as sunlight is refracted in tiny hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the high layers of the atmosphere. The parhelia circle, which sometimes appears together with the halo, is a white band circling the sky always at the same height above the horizon as the sun. Millions of ice crystals with their vertical faces, each mirroring the sun around the sky, form the circle.

Although science is able to explain very well the mechanisms through which such phenomena appear, the chain of atmospheric events which lead to the alignment of the clouds filled with ice particles with the light of the sun in a perfect configuration remains a profound mystery. Although science tells us how, it cannot tell us why. When trying to explain the phenomenon we forget to explain the most significant of all the facts and this is the perfect synchronization between the human actions and cosmic events.

From the perspective of the soul, the miraculous appearance of the two circles of light above Baile Herculane on the 8th of May 2010 shows immediately its value as a sign of God’s presence and Grace by those who were prepared to grasp its profound meaning. Most people remembered that the year before, on the 9th of May 2009, the day when the Charismatic Theophanic Movement began, a circular rainbow had also appeared on the sky. The fact that this unusual and amazing phenomenon occurred not once, but twice in connection to the same kind of events proves beyond doubt that it was much more than a random optical effect.

Enjoy the images and the beautiful sights from Herculane.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (32)

  1. Isobel says:

    @ Mihai Stoian,
    Reading this article makes me consider Gods wisdom and omnipresence.

    I had a difficult period since i last wrote here, i was telling you about my understandings from my retreat, i felt i was in the right place and right time of my life, and that all the things were perfectly in the places they should be! But somehow, in someway the things went fuzzy and the light that was beginning to shine on my life and give sense and meaning to my existence – mysteriously without me realising began to dim, this happened to such an extent that i have suddenly found myself in the dark, feeling disconnected to myself and the people around me – the most surprising aspects are related to time – it is a hungry void devouring all my actions into emptiness, and also my feeling of disconnection from my physical body. The only conclusion i can make is that after this very beautiful time where i felt i had some understandings i then made some significant errors that took me off the highway and down some winding lanes very far from where i was-. Now as i reflect on this i can completely understand why God would not take my declarations of love and desire to be one with Him seriously, as i put him quite far down the list of what matters in my life, i have ignored Him.. i have not included him in all my actions, or thought about Him very much.. honestly if i made Him my priority nothing else would matter.. i would always be in the perfect time and place embraced in His divine heart simply and peacefully following His instructions for my life – but how do i get to there? I understand it is only up to me.. and my desire to know him, then my question is how can we become blind and so lost so easily? I hope what i am saying is making some sense. I will come back with more considerations about this, when i work out how to get back on track.

    • Isobel says:

      Hello, i was away for a long time. I was very interested to read what i wrote here, a long time ago and reflect upon it like i would a diary.. i was telling you in essence about my relationship with God. well, my life is much better,(since almost 5 years :-)) i am much more relaxed and happy. Happy without a cause and this simple happiness (actually all the simple things in life) – are bringing us closer to God – i guess because they are more pure in vibration and are the essence that is closest to the essence of God- is that right? It is nice to see how much your site evolved!

  2. Isobel says:

    I want to add something very important to my last comment, that even though it is a difficult time and i feel far out there… God has given me a beautiful gift of love, he has come to me in the form of a simple and beautiful being who is a torch that helps me see myself more clearly.. I am deeply grateful for this grace of love.

  3. Tara says:

    Dear Isobel,

    I understand you very well, the ‘spiritual path’ is much more diverse and eventful than if we took lets say an ‘ordinary path’, (the one where we unconsciously opt to comply with society and its rules.) I have been considering this for a while actually, I noticed how most of my friends and family who did not yet get on a spiritual path, have a much smoother life than I do, they have fewer issues and live in a simple way passing slowly through the phases of their lives. I have observed how, now that I have chosen to take a path of transformation, the consequences of my actions are far more meaningful than they would have been before. I would make the analogy that I am driving very fast on the spiritual highway, and when I am lucid, aware and attentive things move faster and are more integrated than if I were driving like a tortoise on a country lane. However the consequences of any mistake I make when I am driving with supersonic speed have a far greater impact than if I am driving like the tortoise; for the tortoise a momentary lack of attention may cause it to falter a bit, but then with a bit of correction it can realign and plod back on its long, slow journey. This is not the case for the superspeedy driver, where any mistake may be fatal.
    We have to be attentive to ourselves in every moment. What I am trying to say is that when we make the conscious decision to evolve the life becomes much more eventful and colourful, we have much more potential and possibility to experience life and ourselves, but with this comes much higher stakes and consequences.
    I am diverting here, but what comes to mind now is ‘sexual continence’, to have the opportunity to enter the realms of our beloved through the act of lovemaking is one of the most beautiful aspects of being a human being, here we have the possibility to reach God through this divine act of love, however the majority of the population will never know this divine experience, for many they would prefer to watch TV and drink beer.
    What I want to say is that it can be hard, but it is worth it, and we have to persist, and trust and not give up 🙂


    • Rodney says:

      We are all reincarnated. Some may not B able to remember, but we’ve all lived before none the less. When the bible states : it is apointed unto mankind to die once then the judgment.) it means in each life. We are judged by a panel of Angels between lives. That’s why at the end of all cycles ( Lives ) the bible states that God only will conduct ( The Last Judgment.)
      Hope I’ve shed some light.

  4. Alice says:

    Dear Isobel,
    I think we could be more kind to ourselves and have a more positive outlook on our life.
    Let’s play a game and imagine that whatever we did God would never be angry or disappointed with us, that He would love us even more. Whatever we do. What would our life look like then? If we had the freedom to do whatever we want with no fear at all, what would we choose to do?
    I think God has much more love, understanding and compassion for us than we have for ourselves.
    So sometimes we can just relax and enjoy…

  5. lulu says:

    Hi.. today is may 6, 2011.. like 30mins ago there’s was a rainbow around the sun. A lot of people seen it but me. Weird.

  6. jose says:

    I belive its a sign from god,as i saw one today 19 apr,2013 as genesis 9, 13-16 says remember the covenant between god and man and every living creature on earth

  7. Isaac says:


    Where were you when you saw it on April 19th? My sister in law tragically died that day. The day of her funeral, after being lowered into the ground, we all saw one about 1 minute later.

  8. Evette says:

    I saw this phenomena on May 14th and I was very unhappy at the time then I saw the rainbow around the sun and like an arrow outside pointing in a direction I just had to know the meaning

  9. TJ says:

    I just seen this today on April 11th. Also I took a picture and you can see another small light

  10. charles musonda says:

    We had this phenomena on 18th October 2015 around 11am when the Nation came together to Worship God in Unison. it was amazing!

  11. Judy Malone says:

    On 1/16/2016 in Tennessee, my grandson noticed this beautiful perfect rainbow circle around the sun we were in such amazement it was beautiful and it was around lunch time.
    What a blessing from sweet Jesus!!!

  12. Arindam Ghosh says:

    It happened in Kolkata, India yesterday on 30th April 2016 during noon. Spectacular event.

  13. It appear today in bamenda a town in Cameroon immediately after a terrible and mortal accident

  14. Elisa Williams says:

    Yes I never seen this before, a beautiful rainbow encircling around the sun, I asked others did they noticed it and they said no. I noticed it on June 6 2016 while I was in Yorktown Virginia. I wonder sometimes only the ones who truly look up to God every day every second are the chosen ones to spread peace around the world. I LOVE YOU JESUS!

  15. Elaine Jeyes says:

    Myself and a friend witnessed this today in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. A true blessing we feel.

    • Victorine says:

      Elaine!!! I’m from Northampton, though I saw one today 21st August visiting colchester! I feel so privileged! Was over my sisters house, who passed 3 years ago x

  16. Miabxisthoj says:

    I also saw a sun halo today. Knowing that a “bow” is a reminder of God’s covenant, seeing the sun halo put my heart at peace and my worries to rest.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen two double rainbows and now a sun halo in the last two weeks.

    Oh, how our God loves us so and knows just when to speak to our hearts!

  17. Boots says:

    We were in the park celebrating Mother’s Day, May 2015. I was so amaze with this beautiful rainbow but the first time I saw it, I told myself I thought of someone gonna die or something after 2 months my Sister passed away and she was with me in the park, I even take pictures of her with the rainbow

  18. Tiffany tefteller says:

    This past week I had a dream that there was a rainbow ring around the Moon although it was the Moon it was Daylight but the moon turned into the figure of Jesus I’m curious as to what this dream means if anybody can help me please let me know all I know is when I saw it I thought it was the end of the world and in my dream I started to bow down and pray my name is Tiffany tefteller please email me if u can help me understand

  19. Nana says:

    I was in the pool at noon today (June 20′ 2017) and looked up at the sun. First I saw a faint circle around the sun. Then as 2 ladies & I watched, the circle became a rainbow ! It lasted about 2 minutes.
    Perhaps a sign from a deceased loved one ?
    Or…..God warning us to “get our act together” ?

    Poinciana, Florida

  20. schvon woods says:

    today is 9/11 what a beautiful day. the day after the solar eclipse I saw the most striking thing in the sky an huge round double rainbow I couldn’t believe it Ive never seen anything like it what a gift then today I looked to the beautiful sky and seen something even more unbelievable man what is I yelled in excitement but no one seen what I saw I said get on your sun glasses they still didn’t see it I couldn’t take my eyes off it I wanted to get down on my knees and worship but by that time people were getting in their cars as fast as they could to get away from me lol. it was an huge round rainbow around the sun I mean I was in awwww I had to know what this meant so I looked up on line today to find this I began to rejoice and cry God is real I asked for this yesterday while having an spiritual conversation with an pastor God has spoken to me oh how greatful I am it last at least 8 hrs. thank you God. p.s. I have all events on video even sorl eclipse to the full moon the paradime is happening lets prepare.

  21. idahosa aimien says:

    I am in Benin city, Nigeria. I witnessed this amazing phenomenon at about 11 am, 06 August,2017.I took photos of it and uploaded it on Facebook. I was curious, sought to know it’s significance . Amazingly,only one person commented by saying, it’s wonder of the day.

  22. Jeremy says:

    I saw one today April 19,2018. I see that Jose saw one the same day in 2013! I had been praying all morning for Gods wisdom and grace. He showed me he is here and I need to not worry.

  23. AnnKay says:

    I just saw this Circle around the sun today 3rd May 2018, along with my daughter who called my attention to it. I believe its a sign of God’s unreserved love and grace to mankind. He is ever persevering His own from all kinds of danger and harm.

  24. Judy says:

    I was in Rome on May 26, 2018 on a pilgrimage with 34 members of our church. We had just seen and been blessed by the Pope. Upon leaving St Peter’s Square we looked up to see a circular rainbow around the sun. A most beautiful sight on such a wonderfully spiritual day.

  25. PARABLE OF SALVATION by Abraham Christ: Peace of a man was own a home. He borrowed from friends and family and neighbors purchased a house but didn’t attain the peace due to the payment obligations – so he changed life – managed expenses – busy with job – saved money – paid off the debits in full he is in pence.

    PARABLE OF GOD ETERNAL: God make everything new is the creation for salvation while God neither old nor now or creation is the eternal salvation.

    PARABLE OF BITH: the child didn’t cry so the nurse made to cry, the child grew special great and married and his wife gave birth and the child cried right away – so his mother explained he didn’t cry at birth so he answered “I didn’t cry until birth”

    PARABLE OF DEATH: A man over 100 years old and bedridden and under care of others 24 hours for everything at the visit doctor asked ant wish and the man said I want to live 100 years so the doctor further asked what about after 100 years the man said I don’t remember.

    PARABLE ONE GOD IS INFINITY: What is the highest number – how many numbers between 1 and three or any two numbers – how many numbers is 1 or ant number – Answer to all are the same answer INFINITY for GOD infinity.

  26. Today about 3:45 I saw a rainbow in the sky – so I checked the internet what it means – thus I found this website – I didn’t get the answer. A man (may be me) asked the master “Master how I can be a master” and the master answered “let others ask you the question you asked me” – Rainbow during clear hot midday is insight not the vision.

  27. God is Nameless Timeless Beginningless Endless Shapeless Colorless Etc, but human ways in Communication God is all in all – These signs in the Sky is a timely reflection from the Cosmic galaxy while above human science – it is not God because God is above these natural appearances – Water became Wine or blind became no more blind by a word humanly in God is instant of the infinity than natural reflection signs in the Sky. Abraham Christ MNCC

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