Gregorian Bivolaru Verdict – A Predictable Decision of the Supreme Court of Justice in Romania

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In Romania, Corruption and Occult Groups are Still the Law-Makers in the case of Gregorian Bivolaru

Yesterday, 14th of June 2013, Gregorian Bivolaru was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for sex with a minor. Yesterday was the day on which the Supreme Court of Justice of Romania fulfilled the “prophecy” of the Swedish Supreme Court of Justice. On October 21st 2005, Anette Swedow, the chief prosecutor in the Gregorian Bivolaru case declared: The final decision is that should Bivolaru be extradited to Romania, he runs the risk of being deported, persecuted and harassed, because of the religious aspects he applies within the yoga movement.

Were the Swedish judges endowed with paranormal capacities of foreseeing what will happen or were they only acknowledging the abnormality of the Romanian justice system? I am inclined towards the latter as I am sure the respectable Swedish judges themselves would also agree.

The abnormality that was prophetically pointed out in the Supreme Court of Sweden in 2005 not only made the decision of the Bucharest court predictable but it also caused the European Union MCV report on Romanian Justice to criticize several aspects of the system.

Knowing all these facts, and also knowing yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg), I consider the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice in Romania to be a shame of the juridical system and an example of how far abuses can go in a desperate attempt to follow a private agenda despite all the evidence. This decision is nothing but another confirmation of the presence of compromise and mediocrity in the lives of many people.

The Stunning Story of a Systematic (Systemic) Abuse

From the very beginning, this trial was under the shadow of abuse, forgery and lies. 17 year old Madalina Dumitru was taken from her bed on the morning of March 18th 2004 and forced under physical and psychological pressure to sign a declaration that was afterwards used to incriminate yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. There is forensic evidence proving she was physically abused by the prosecutors! She was refused the right to receive juridical assistance. After she was allowed to go home she came back with a lawyer but from that moment on her declarations were COMPLETELY IGNORED by the prosecutors. Gregorian Bivolaru was accused of having sex with her while she was a minor (17 years old), using his position as her teacher. In reality, she never attended any class taught by Grieg, nor did she have a relationship with him. But it seems this was a minor detail for the prosecution. She was rushed to the forensic institute for a forced gynecological exam, violently taken in front of all the media, in the middle of a special forces squad. And all of this, said the prosecutors, was done in order to make justice for her!
Grieg was arrested at the border and after three days of sending him back and forth, from one court to another, in the police operation carrying the code name “Christ”, he was released on the grounds of lack of evidence. Convinced that there is no chance of having any fair treatment in Romania, Grieg went to Sweden where he applied for political asylum. All the Romanian media present him as being caught running into Sweden. On the request of the Romanian authorities, the Swedish police arrested Grieg at his second interview with the immigration authorities. They kept him for eight months in complete isolation, again under the specific request of Romania. In all European countries, total isolation for more than 12 days is considered torture. In his case no such observations were accepted even if the law was clear.

In the following video, General Dan Voinea, the former chief of the Military Prosecutors’ Offices in Romania, who, following the investigation started in order to shed light upon this file, was removed from the position he previously held, explains the way Gregorian Bivolaru’s file has actually been made up by the Romanian Prosecutors’ Office following the order of the Romanian Communist Secret Services (Securitate). “It is a strange and unique case within the European Justice System,” he declares. You will find here more about what, who and why hides behind the corrupt Romanian ”justice” with regards to Grieg and the MISA school.

Romania asked for Grieg to be sent back for trial but Sweden refused to do so. Moreover, the Swedish authorities decided to take the decision up to the Supreme Court of Justice and to invite the alleged “victim” to speak in the court. They also asked Sweden’s foremost expert in sects, Rev. Karl-Erik Nylund, to make an investigation of MISA/NATHA and to present his conclusions before the Supreme Court. Based on the court hearing with the “victim”, the immense amount of evidence presented by Grieg and the testimony of Rev. Nylund, the Supreme Court of Sweden decided to unconditionally release Grieg and a few days later the Swedish state granted him political asylum because in Romania his life would be endangered and he would not have a fair trial. The Swedish state not only gave Grieg this status but also offered him protected identity based on the evidence presented in the court.

One would believe that the story would then come to an end and such a blow to the Romanian justice system would have its transforming effects. The PM of Romania came to a press conference and talked about the severe consequences that Grieg’s asylum in Sweden would have upon Romania … but nothing in reality has changed. An inquiry was ordered in order to establish whose fault the current situation was. This gave me and many others a hope that someone had finally understood the lesson and they would step down. But soon after, the Supreme Council of Magistrates (there are a lot of “Supremes” in this case 😉 ) came forward with a staggering conclusion: the only ones guilty for this situation were the Romanian Minister of Justice because the papers sent to Sweden were not properly made. Another scapegoat was the yogis themselves who were accused of staging all the violence done by the police against them! It was claimed that the yogis dressed themselves up as policemen and beat their colleagues, filmed it all, and sent it to the media.
After this answer to a governmental inquiry that was supposed to clarify the situation it was at least clear for many people what would be the outcome of this trial.

Yet there were also people of honor and in the first court Grieg was found innocent on the grounds that the incriminated act did not exist. The prosecution took the case to the Court of Appeal and there again the solution was confirmed, Grieg is innocent. But at the last level, the Supreme Court, things started to go totally wrong. The Supreme Court decided to quash, without any explanation (at least nothing worth mentioning), the two previous court decisions, and instead of sending the file back to the lower court they decided to rejudge it from the beginning.

Not only did they decide to proceed in this abnormal way, but one of the judges from this team was not legally appointed to office (normally they are appointed by presidential decree). Abusive behavior, obstructing witnesses from speaking, mocking Grieg’s lawyers in a way that gave a shocking impression to the international observers that came to many of the court hearings, all of this contributed to the current atmosphere in this court. So much happened in this respect that five legal complaints were issued against these judges to the Supreme Council of Magistrates. But all of them were met with indifference, two of them never received any answer even though by law the Council has to reply. The complaint referring to the illegal status of one of the judges, a severe flaw in the way the trial is organized, was given the initial answer that a judiciary inspection needs to be sent to check these severe aspects … but no inspection was ever sent.

The more time that passed the more convinced we were that the decision had already been taken and what ensued was only an effort to find some acceptable explanations for it.

In the last phase of the court, the judge accepted that Grieg was to be directly questioned by an international commission organized by Sweden. Sweden started to organize the commission but suddenly the Romanian judge decides to cancel this international commission, thus denying Grieg’s fundamental right to be heard in the court. The reason for this aberrant decision: the trial is taking too long and the Swedish authorities are unprofessional in organizing the commission. Why then were 9 years not too much for this trial, and when Grieg wanted to talk before an international commission … suddenly the trial had to come to an end? What were they so afraid of that they committed such a blatant violation of basic human rights? Could it be that Grieg would tell about what he knows regarding the ones behind this trial? What else can it be?

With this last immense abuse, with unanswered complaints regarding even the very structure of organizing this trial, we entered the final hearing on 14th of June 2013. And there, after the prosecution dropped all the other charges that were added along the way following the initial accusation due to lack of evidence, the sentence was coming … and here nobody was surprised after all that had happened.

Conclusions and Hope

Gregorian Bivolaru is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for having sex with a minor. The minor is declaring that she was abused by the Romanian authorities and everyone can see that her life was made a living hell by the fact she was used as a tool to fulfill the agenda of the prosecutors and their shadowy masters. Several attempts were made to bring more stories into this file but they were all proven to be just … stories. The Swedish judges questioned Madalina Dumitru, the alleged victim, in the Supreme Court in Stockholm and so convinced were they about the victimization of this woman that they immediately released Grieg from prison after keeping him in isolation as a dangerous criminal, as requested by the Romanians.

Sweden immediately granted Grieg political asylum for the reason of not having the chance for a fair trial in Romania. Did we miss something…?

Oh yes, tens of thousand of people whose lives were for so many years attacked, discredited, and are now stigmatized. The mentor of the yoga school where they learn yoga is sentenced to prison and they are therefore carrying this stigma upon them now. Many have lost their jobs, and many families have been suffering because of this intense mediabolization of the yoga movement.

No matter how you try to put it, this trial is rotten to its core. Of course the state and the prosecution have to prove something after 9 years of extraordinarily many resources being spent on this case. The outcome became, over time, inevitable in the Romanian paradigm. A not-guilty verdict became impossible because after a certain amount of time and resources spent there is no way back for the prosecution without risking their own head. On top of this we have the ones that ordered this whole circus, the occult forces that are behind the scenes and that are still in place. They will not accept defeat for the simple reason they do not understand the notion.

This trial started and ended in the same way, with the same problems of the system as if the nine years that passed did not leave any mark on the Romanian judiciary.

Gregorian Bivolaru has political asylum in Sweden and, as we know him, he will continue his activity without any problem just like he has until now. But it was Romania that lost the chance to make justice work and to prove that the old mentalities are long gone … I strongly hope that at least this case will serve as a wake-up call for many people who naively believe that things can be done halfway and a solid state can be built only on words and political promises. I invite all yogis to join together as a spiritual fraternity in the name of the moral principles to support Grieg’s standing for the Truth.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (25)

  1. Dan Popescu says:

    This will look very bad on Romania’s face soon.. I am sorry to see the same political forces at place after so long. I was hoping to even see that we go in a good direction as a country.. but this is the ”freedom” that we have. At least now we see what lies there, which is good. I hope others see this soon and act accordingly.

  2. Anna says:

    Congratulations to Gen. Voinea! If there would be more like him, Romania would be different. His interview is part of the truths that are forbidden by officials in Romania. It is a great testimony for whoever wishes to seek for the truth. It is a good start for any genuine investigator.

  3. Victor says:

    This is happening in Romania when one dares to act towards freedom of thinking and spiritual freedom (see also the transcendental movement) – they get to have instrumented criminal files for common law offenses. This is the secret service practice in complicity with the juridical system, method which is the way to hide of the regime’s intentions.. and it worked so far with MISA too!..

  4. Lukas says:

    There will come the day when the truth will prevail even in Romania! So far, it seems the evil has won, and the people are asleep and deaf to the ongoing and ignored yogis protests that took place all these years. Or at least this is what justice says: the truth is how WE (the judges, hand in hand with the romanian secret services) make it..

  5. arthur says:

    When will it end? How many more mistakes do people need to do before they learn? And to think all this is happening to such a gentle and kind person – a person who was and is always so attentive to help me when ever i asked him, and who never once asked for anything in return. I am talking about Grieg, of course.

  6. Eduard says:

    The system may be changed, but the people in power are the same and their procedures are exactly the same as they were during the communist regime, this is clear for all of us who have lived our youth in those days. What has actually changed in Romania?
    Now Romania has this double-stigma on its forehead, repeating the same mistakes over and over, showing the same hypocrisy and authoritarian system as before the ’89 revolution.
    How about the people suffering from its shameful deeds??

  7. Emeric says:

    Recently there was an article in a big german magazine about a local politician from Berlin who traveled to Romania to find out why so many romanians move to Berlin. When this politician met the mayor of a village, the mayor said the following: “If you know your girlfirend is addicted to alcohol and then you marry her, you cant complain afterwards that she is all the time drunk. The husband is the EU and the wife is Romania…”
    I think its really the time that all the “exemplary” democracies in Europe like Germany or France, who send their armies all over the world in the name of peace and human rights, to stand up, become aware of the violation of human rights and finally put serious consequences for this kind of unacceptable abuse of innocent people.
    But even i cant force the german government to do anything, i will do myself what i can to spread this case and to increase the awareness for such injustice!
    Thank you Advaita for the short, concise summary of the case

  8. Catalin F says:

    This so called ”judge” (I would be ashamed to be in his skin now) was never impartial in this case; he was always interrupting the ones speaking in defense, never listening to them. All he manifested was huge despise, unhidden hate and psychic aggressiveness. He was treating educated people as if they were some sacks of potatoes, not people who were presenting relevant proofs.

  9. Satya says:

    ”Sex with a minor” which from 2004 declares that this did not happen.. I still dare to believe, that as it was with other facts related to Grieg, the truth will shine this time also, and stronger.

  10. Viggo says:

    The 2 judges had already a file on their name for the infraction of bribery! In the same way was on file judge Lia Savonea, another one who did abuses regarding MISA. She is now president of the Justice court. The others’ files have been classified.. Such corrupt judges are always advanced in key position because they can be easily blackmailed and for this reason they are always ”ready” to take in their masonic ”brothers”’ orders. Read more on this herei:

  11. Marie says:

    This case needs to go further to Haga or Strasbourg. Someone will make justice and investigate properly.

  12. Fynn says:

    The romanian willy-nilly spineless so called ”judges” who are using any kind of invented data to get the result they want exactly as that was dictated.. They don’t care that others may acknowledge their wrong judgement at all!
    I wonder if they will ever stop injecting this communist gestapo crap into every act of ”justice” in Romania?

  13. Karisha says:

    In hope for a future full of truth and profound love for the entire existence…

  14. ina says:

    What do you think: Grieg had or had not sexual relationships with MISA or Natha students younger than 18?

  15. Ilaria says:

    It’s a very interesting article. What we should all ask ourselves is: how far can a State go in the name of public security?!!!
    I unfortunately realized by direct experience that we live in a MILITARIZED WORLD where the police (most of the time driven by political interests) has an unbelievably immense power, sometimes even on life and death of people!

  16. Ronan Pinto Goulao says:

    “I invite all yogis to join together as a spiritual fraternity in the name of the moral principles to support Grieg’s standing for the Truth.”

    Thank you Advaita for this invitation, and please do guide us a bit further on how can we best support Grieg on this.

    I feel this as a time for unity, for letting go of our personal agendas, limitations and of the fears of being attacked.
    If it was not for Grieg, most of us would not be where we are now. If it was not for Grieg many yoga schools across the world – maybe for now in a country that is not “under attack” – would not even exist.

    I feel this is the time for us to prove ourselves worth such a spiritual guide, of such an amazing teaching.

    Grieg was never afraid to say and show the reality, even at the risk of his own life.
    Grieg never hesitated to say what He knew was the Truth, may we all not hesitate now to speak loud and clearly, without fears, without reservations, in unity, fraternity and Love.

    With you in Love and Spirit,
    Ronan Pinto Goulão

  17. cittananda (mihaela matei) says:

    There are hard moments to live nowadays for all those who, intuitively, in their hearts,

    recognise the presence of a divine gifted man who assumed to share his experience in the benefit of all spiritual

    seekers… This is the one we are calling master, our spiritual master,

    as he is a friend and a wise advisor for everyone

    looking for the deep sens of his existence.

    he is convicted today not for an act,

    but for everything that he acted in order to free the spirit of those who want to hear

    and set free from the narrow poor vision of the life without ideal!

    a life with only materialistic values, in wich we resign to

    be eventually good/best players of a game without any future other than power or possesions!

    Myself, as other friends of mine, we are standing today for the values he reminds and awakens in us : faith, truth, love,

    human rights , fraternity, ethics .

    His message is ours, those who believe in him

    and so we will share spiritual knowledge and practice with everyone

    who feels to search for the happiness and serenity of the enlighted heart.

  18. A.O. says:

    Romanian justice has obviously closed the door on investigating systemic violations of law, deepened and expanded several abusive programs in this case and in others that still go on. Shame and pitty for such a beautiful country to be THAT corrupt!

  19. Lizzy says:

    This reminds me of something: just because you are not the target of an abuse of power and injustice does not make it okay.

  20. Miranda says:

    It was commonly used for secret services to create terrorist from innocent citizen.

  21. Gwanda B. says:

    Thank You Mr. Advaita. I’m appalled at how many fellows still embrace fascism and imperialism.

  22. Anna says:

    World needs a giant reset.

  23. Umi says:

    We know that governments don´t represent us, the people, and further more, romanians and yogis.. Whoever gets in charge of power gets corrupted immediatly by being in charge and turns into the old ones. Name a case where this hasn´t/isn´t happening…

  24. Sibel says:

    Hi. Here is a source who has written quite extensively how blackmail is used to control politicians – from what I read, this may be also part of the case here. It is Nick Bryant’s book “The Franklin Scandal?”- the Washington D.C. section.
    Keep up with the great work you do. S

  25. I am says:

    It seems that with accepting Romania to the EU, the EU adopts it including its corruption, and not as we were put to believe that the corrupt country would adjust to a so-called European standard. Slowly slowly the virus of corruption will spread all over Europe and soon it will not be regarded anymore as something so illegitimate.
    I hope people will wake up before that will become reality.

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