9/11 – Let’s Not Forget That Day

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This date should not be forgotten by anyone with a responsible attitude in life, either fanatic believer of the official theory full of conspiracy, or a seeker for the truth about the attacks among the “conspiracy theories”.

If you are on either side, i invite you to see this movie and meditate deeply upon the fact that there are no coincidences in our life and the reality cannot be made perfect just by ignoring some facts. Even if we don’t like some of the elements of Reality, or they do not fit with our vision in life, ignoring these parts will isolate us in a hypothetical dimension not different then the erotic fantasies of a young girl.

The movie that i post here is a very good synthesis of all the facts that are contradicting the official theory or giving a completely different direction to the events in their entirety.

If you have another explanation to the events in 9/11 i challenge you to put your comment here and we can start a beneficial debate don’t worry if you are questioning the officials, you are not a bad guy! You are just a normal person that is having another opinion! And having another opinion is not bad, but not having any opinion and swallowing blindly others opinion….. that is strange.

And we can see that the plans for the NWO are coming out more and more clearly, more people than ever are starting to ask questions, especially because the internet makes it easier. Statistics are showing that even in US more than 70% of people believe that 9/11 was an inside job! It is true that until now i have seen very little analysis of the fact that 9/11 was created by some officials and people in power were aware of the whole plan. It seems it is still too much to start to think of the consequences on our daily life of such a conclusion. But i am sure that soon we will witness an uprising of the human consciousness and, if similar events will take place in the world now that they need a little more “pressure” on the political machine, many people will not accept the manipulation with such ease and superficiality.

Here is the movie and wish you to open your spiritual eyes with courage.

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Advaita Stoian

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Comments (17)

  1. Marcel says:

    Dear Mihai,

    Thank you for sharing this movie about 9/11. It is very clear to me that what we saw there was a controlled demolition. I find most hard to believe the idea that considering the towers would have fallen down due to the fire, they have fallen straight down, very organized, spreading on all sides just like popcorn coming out of the pot when it is done, though the impact of the planes were from one side of the towers.And falling at such speed!!!… I would find it more realistic at least if the area above the impacts would have fallen on one side. About building 7, no comment, that is totally far out. Maybe somebody sneezed too strong from all the dust. That would be an explanation reaching the standards of the commission.
    It is amazing how much lie we can tolerate and how far we are from freedom. We really need to fight against this control.
    My conclusion to all this situation is that some people have a very strange way of doing business. It seems that they are open to all possibilities, human or nonhuman,(it’s the same for them) in order to reach their goals.

    Thank you again,

  2. Kris says:

    Dear Mihai
    Watching this film I really became aware of the atrocity of this event.
    I have watched several documentaries about the 911 conspiracy and read different things, but now for the first time it really became clear to me how inconceivably horrific this whole situation is. How some ‘people’ or should I say, creatures, put material/financial gain before life is extremely hard to comprehend. I can only conclude that such creatures are completely deprived of a soul or their souls are so dried out and blackened that they are barely having any impact on their being. Because as long as you still have a little spark of humanism inside of you then the committing of such acts of hatred and indifference would not be possible, especially not on such an enormous scale. It’s clear what really went on on that fateful day in 2001 and the legacy of this act is now visible in many countries and in many of the US government’s subsequent decisions. Mihai, I support you and your mission 100%. More than ever I see, feel and understand the importance of the triumph of true spirituality on Earth. This world is clearly at war right now. Acts like this one on 9.11 are a clear proof of this reality and it’s time that the world woke up and realised what is really going on.
    Congratulations Mihai, for your efforts on this blog to bring people’s attention to what is really important in life, and to what is really going on behind all the facades.

  3. Haiducul says:

    Draga Mihai,

    Este interesant in ce lume nebuna traim.Adica ne mint acestia cu nerusinare peste tot, mai ales in ziare si la televiziune, de ti se face scarba sa ii asculti.Asa ca este foarte bine ca ne tii la curent cu astfel de filme documentare care evidentiaza minciunile care ne sunt bagate pe gat in presa, cu buna stiinta, de 8 ani de zile referitoare la acest subiect.Consider ca este important sa cunoastem adevarul si sa il impartasim si altora, prietenilor, rudelor. Sa ne mai “destupam la minte” si sa nu inghitim pe nemestecate toate prostiile ce ne sunt servite zilnic ca fiind pura realitate, dar de fapt…
    Am convingerea ca 9/11 a fost regizat cu mult timp inainte si facut la comanda, cel putin cu “colaborarea” guvernantilor americani, in scopul machiavelic de a fii justificate actiunile ulterioare numite cu emfaza “antiteroriste”. Si cand te gandesti ca au murit atatia oamenin doar ca fie satisfacute anumite interese meschine ale guvernantilor americani, ale lui Bush, si ale altor bancheri, politicieni, “necunoscuti” ce trag sforile din umbra.
    Multam si succes!

  4. Isobel Love says:

    This is an excellent documentary. It was the first time the whole situation became very clear for me. I am AMAZED that this atrocity was deliberately manufactured by the US government, it is incredulous that despite the huge amounts of evidence, testimonies from professionals and reliable witnesses the government continue to get away with this mass murder of its own people.
    How can it possible one of the biggest crimes of this century can still be kept under the carpet??

  5. Haiducul says:

    Dear Mihai,
    I was thinking about the economical crises and I was wondering who is the director of this play. It is obvious thas is done in a premeditated way with the purpose of obtaining larger incomes from the pockets of those who believe that all these are true.What is your opinion about these? And the question is open for everyone!

  6. admin admin says:

    @ isobel love
    the fact that this can happen without these people get in prison is not because they are very smart (for they are not – considering the immense amount of mistakes they have made preparing this murder). this is possible because the system is far more complex and the control that these occult forces are exerting upon the state is made in a manner that is using all people’s weakness in order to turn then against each other so that they are easily manipulated. many times the censorship is not made by censoring instruments but by people’s own limitations that are carefully exploited.
    behind all these elements that appear in the movie there is the “octopus” of occult organizations (such as the FREEMASONRY) that are controlling the situation. what is very interesting is the way the whole control system is built. in this respect we are starting to disclose more about the way this system works to that the increasingly big number of people that start to see the facts that are not right will also start to understand how does the system work and its main mechanisms.
    i am glad for the impact these movies started to make in the world and i am sure soon the system will be pushed to more action … which will disclose it even more 😉

  7. Isobel Love says:

    Dear Mihai,

    What do you think about all the controversy around the swine flu and the vaccination.. there is alot of evidence suggesting that this system you spoke about (in your reply to me)is attempting to commit an even bigger scale mass murder. From what you say about the ‘occult’ forces behind the system and from what we have seen in 9/11 – this plan unbelievable as it may seem is highly possible. Can you give us your insight on this please. And tell us more about the NWO.

    There was a brilliant video clip on YOUTUBE, with an interview of one of the medical chiefs behind the vaccinations in the 1970’s it showed the blatant lies and propaganda around the vaccination then – however this video has since BEEN REMOVED from YOUTUBE!!!
    There was a mass vaccination program, following the vaccination (that was not even properly tested)thousands were left with neurological disorders and many died.And it was even proven that no one had even actually died of swine flu – but many died from the result of the vaccination.

    This is also a good clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDxJgJRqPng

    Many thanks for all your contributions,I wait to hear your opinions,

  8. Phil78 says:

    This is an excellent and powerful movie. Thankyou for showing it here. It is indeed encouraging to see that on this anniversary of 911 so many people were demonstrating on ground zero and around the globe to raise awareness of the coverup surrounding this tradgedy. In America largely due to this event, the american people are awakening in huge numbers. The actor Charlie Sheen has written a letter to the president demanding the investigation be reopened, this hit mainstream media in many countries. Its an event which when unravelled leads people down the rabbit hole. Because once you finish seeing all the evidence you are forced to ask yourself so who orchastrated this massacre and why?? What terrible evil could do this? Where is this terrible evil force hiding?
    The answers are shocking, hard for some to face. Because intuively we all know that the evil is written all over the smiling faces on TV, our so called leaders who lie and lie and lie.. evil is not hiding, it is staring us in the eye we just need to find the discrimination and strength to see it and stand up against it!

  9. Dave says:


    IF you want to know more about the ‘swine flu’ lie, an Austrian journalist – Jane Burgeimester, has reportedly filed charges with the FBI in Austria, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking members of the U.S. Federal government, including President Obama and corporate officials, concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder.
    She is warning the world that the greatest crime against humanity, is underway!!

    ”There is evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office at Federal and State level, is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico).
    There is proof many organisations – World Health Organisation, UN as well as vaccine companies such as Baxter and Novartis – are part of a single system under the control of a core criminal group, who give the strategic leadership, and who have also funded the development, manufacturing and release of artificial viruses in order to justify mass vaccinations with a bioweapon substance in order to eliminate the people of the USA, and so gain control of the assets, resources etc. of North America.
    The motivation for the crime is classical robbery followed by murder although the scale and method are new in history. The core group sets its strategic goals and operative priorities in secret using committees such as the Trilateral Commission, and in person to person contact in the annual Bilderberg meeting.”

    You should read it the report she filed!

    Dave, the truth seeker!!

  10. Cat says:

    The woman who screams for help in the beginning of this film is real. I recently read a novel named “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, by Jonathan Safran Foer – it’s about a special kid who loses his father in 9-11 events. It’s impossible not to cry in the end. The point is that we don’t feel so much when somebody tells us that „3000 people died” – especially if the event takes place in a country that you have to spend more than ten hours in the plain to get there… But if you lose someone who really care about, then you might be affected on life. I was impressed by the gesture of the woman who let the cell phone down, because, the voice inthere dissapeared. What if I was her?
    I think the feeling of separation is the reason for this kind of horrors are possible. That’s why wise people from everywhere say „if you want to change the world, beggin with yourself”. So the only thing that we can do to stop this is work with ourselfs, understand, more an more of us, that we are all One. In this thought I find real hope. Because the truth of the events, as we can see, is difficult to find, and unfortunately the guilty people have the power in this world.

  11. John Gennings says:

    I notice that this kind of films containing proofs about what really happened in 9/11 are becoming more frequent on the media. lately such movies where even broadcast on prime-time national television. this is raising for me a big question mark – why is this being allowed by the masons?
    i am having a suspicion that they are allowing it so as to harness this phenomena for their own plans. it is like a test-balloon: they are letting the information out little by little to see what will be the reaction of the public. if people seem to accept the truth of this information yet there is no public backlash, not concrete reaction – then it means that the stage is more prepared to come out into the open – saying ”we are masons and we are running the show here and if you have a problem with that then we will also take care of you” – knowing that this will not solicit outrage from the public. by letting the information out little by little, the public is being prepared to accept it, like sheep. I am sorry to say that so far, it seems that the overwhelming majority of the population has not provided any reason to believe that a real resistance will be given when the masons will publicly present their mechanism of terror.

  12. karl says:

    Interesting website, Mihai. Some friends of mine recomended it to me. Now you’ve provoked my interest to look further into what is going on out there. Recently my eyes start to open up to some new possibilities about the reality of this world and your blog has also certainly given me more of a chance to see the truth. A real eye-opener!

  13. admin admin says:

    @ karl
    welcome to the real world karl. this is only the beginning, there are many things that are different than what meet the eye. you can get more from the part four and five (soon to come) of the “WHO IS JESPER?” lecture. enjoy!

  14. dave the truth seeker says:


    What is your opinion about the NWO plan for decreasing the population by 95%? Do you think swine flu is a hoax and an attempt as many conspiracy theorist are saying to wipe us out?


  15. DaveTS says:

    Did you hear the news today that they are moving the suspected perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks to US to be tried.. A guy called Khalid Sheikh Mohammed they say is the mastermind behind the attacks along with another four accomplices… Obama says he wants them to have the death penalty ..they haven’t even found them guilty yet!! Scape goats for the mass murder that they committed..

    “Believed to be the number three al-Qaeda leader, he was captured in Pakistan in March 2003. He told a pre-trial hearing at Guantanamo in December 2008 that he wanted to plead guilty to all charges against him.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been in Guantanamo for more than six years.
    However intelligence memos released earlier this year revealed he had been subjected to harsh interrogation techniques including water-boarding on multiple occasions since his capture – potentially rendering some evidence inadmissible.” SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

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  17. Nice post….

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