Silent Retreat for Revealing of the Supreme Self Atman – 26 December 2018 – 3/6 January 2019, Denmark

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The aim of the Silent Retreat is for you to:
– Awaken your soul
– Go deep into your spiritual heart and its mysteries
– Discover your true essence and The Highest Immortal Self, ATMAN

During the Retreat you have the unique opportunity to be in complete silence; without phones, emails and any external distractions, creating all the conditions to focus internally and discover the genuine treasures of your own inner universe; to explore the mysteries of your soul, to awaken your spiritual heart and discover your divine immortal self Atman.

This ­exceptional retreat takes place over the New Year period, bringing to a close the year that has been while ushering in the coming year in profound states of silence and deep introspection. Perhaps one can say that training deep ­meditation at that time of the year when everyone is partying and having fun represents a ­sacrifice that we sometimes need to make in order to achieve something ­higher.

One thing is for certain, it takes something more to reach to this point. To be able to take that leap into the relatively unknown domain of meditation and inner reflection, there needs to be a call within, and for most of us this means being able to quieten the mind enough in order to be able to hear that inner voice that calls us to such an experience, to make that choice to go below the surface of our, often, shallow existence.
We invite you to start the new year in silence, to discover the treasures of your spiritual heart and its ­mysteries. Most people never go deeper than the surface level of their mind, but what would you find if you went just a little bit deeper?

The echoes of the Meditation Retreat will live on in the hearts of all the ­participants; its mysterious reverberations being felt and experienced and reflected in the daily life as a shower of bliss that makes everything around reveal its luminous essential nature.

The retreat will take place in three stages:

Beginners module 26th-27th Dec
Obligatory if you attend the Silent Retreat for the first time.
It is also for those who would like to have a gentle warm up, to pass gradually from daily life into deep introspection and meditation. The meditations will be shorter and the hatha yoga practice will be longer. Lectures will include essential elements about meditation. All this allows you to gradually prepare for the longer meditations and intense program of the following camp.

Main module 27th Dec-3rd Jan
One week intensive program of meditations, lectures, guided yoga practice all with the aim of guiding you on the fascinating journey of your inner universe. This stage is a wonderful blend of theory and practice, the theoretical aspect provides the framework for the meditations, offering explanations regarding the process of entering and deepening the meditative state. Please note that the actual meditations are in silence with the aspirant using the information he has received in the theoretical part to deepen his experience in the meditation.
This stage also includes: daily exemplifications on different spiritual states offered by our spiritual guide Grieg. Personalized guidance, with answers to questions from the participants. Special spiritual activities kept together on the night of the New Year and much more.

Advanced module – 4th-6th Jan
3 days continuation of the retreat for those who want to deepen the journey. It can take a while to dig through the layers of mental agitation and reach states of profound meditation, especially if your daily practice is not enough to keep the mind silent, these 3 extra days allow you to build upon what you achieved in the previous module(s) and to go deep.

in the 14 step technique for revealing the Supreme Self ATMAN

Receive the initiation in the essential Self-Revelation technique of our school. This simple and highly effecient technique takes you step by step, starting from the level where you are, gradually uplifting you to the Revelation of the Self. This practical technique is accessible for everyone, the only prerequisite is aspiration. The initiation in this technique is only available in this Self-Revelation Retreat.

An example of a day in the Silent Retreat
08.30 – 09.30 Hatha Yoga in unison
09.30 – 10.00 Presentation of essential elements about meditation.
10:00 – 12:00 Meditation for revealing the Self.
12.00 – 14.30 Lunch break.
15.00 – 15.30 Presentation of essential elements about meditation.
15.30 – 18.30 Meditation for revealing the Self.
18.30 – 19.30 Individual practice.
19.30 – 21.30 Dinner break.
21.35 – 22.05 Spiritual exemplification: “The state of Divine Beatitude that bursts within our being through the Revelation of the Divine Self Atman” (meditation subtly supported by our spiritual guide Grieg)
22.05 – 23.00 Special conference about the revelation of the Supreme Self ATMAN by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
23:00 – 23:30 Meditation for revealing the Self.

More highlights specific to the Meditation Retreat in Denmark:

– The retreat is guided by Advaita Mihai Stoian, who has mastered the secrets of long meditation through more than 20 years of intensive deep meditation training and silent meditation retreat

– Exemplifications on different spiritual states offered by the famous yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru systematic explanations regarding the processes of entering into the meditative state.

– Personalized advice, answers to significant questions written by the participants

– Inspiring lectures with profound insight into the meditative practice

– Sessions of Hatha Yoga which will help the participants to enter in a meditative state

– Special spiritual activities kept together on the night of the new year and much more

Participants about their experience during the meditation retreat:

Advaita talks about the Revelation of the Self:


Paradise Retreatcenter serves delicious and nutritious vegan/vegetarian food made with love by yogis dedicated to supporting your retreat.

Included in the price is accommodation in cozy and warm men or womens dormitories in bunkbeds, with personal closet space, light and curtains for some privacy.

If you are looking for more deluxe conditions – we got you covered. Paradise is in partnership with a number of guest houses and hotels in the area, offering rooms in various levels from regular to exclusive. In this case the Paradise accommodation fee will be deducted from the “all-inclusive” listed and you will pay for accommodation directly to Paradise.


For the detailed pricing and booking a place in the retreat, please visit:


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