21st of December 2012 – End of the World or Time for Transformation?

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Worldwide Group Meditation in a Spiral Formation

The yang-spiral meditations are a world-premiere initiative of the Romanian School of Yoga MISA. This initiative is a very effective method that is consistent with the worldwide efforts of raising the consciousness of Planet Earth and helping humankind enter into a superior stage of evolution. This group meditation helps participants experience the state of Cosmic Consciousness, giving them access to the universal dimension of their spirit.

In the Oriental philosophy and also in the modern scientific paradigm, the manifestation of the Universe always contains a double aspect: light and darkness, sky and earth, positive (+) and negative (-), solar (of the Sun) and lunar (of the Moon). In the Eastern thinking, the solar, positive, male aspect is called Yang, and the lunar, negative, female aspect is called Yin. These two concepts are in fact the expression of the Universal complementarity and dualism. The clearest example of this duality is the electric current: in order to have electricity we need a positive pole and a negative pole. Only together they can produce electrical power. None of them is better or worse than the other. The same thing stands true for the yin-yang concept. Yin and yang cannot be separate: their mysterious rhythm is the force that creates the very life of the entire Universe.

The spiral is often seen in nature: the snail shell is a well-known example. The symbolism of the spiral is scientifically funded by the mathematical theory of the logarithmic spiral and of the Golden Number, or Fibonacci series. This Golden Number was discovered by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (c. 1170 – c. 1240), also called Leonardo of Pisa. Fibonacci numbers have many interesting properties and are widely used in mathematics. Natural patterns, such as the spiral growth of leaves on some trees, often exhibit the Fibonacci series. A consequence of this are the fractal structures and the discovery of fractal geometry.

A Unique Planetary Experience of the Tremendous Beneficent Power of the Unison

We will experience together on the 21st of December the intense healing and deep transformational effects of this unique moment in our history in a group meditation done in a counterclockwise (YANG) spiral formation that we will organize in Concordia, Natha Yogacenter. Similar spirals are organized worldwide in all our schools in perfect state of unison.

Such spiral awakens the qualities of all astrological signs and balances our feminine and masculine sides. The unison of the entire group induces each participant with amazing power.

We will meditate for the well-being of our city, country, planet and people and be in unison with thousands of groups that meditate world-wide this day using the exact same spiral-formation that fosters centering, spiritual awakening and raising vibration!

Evening’s schedule:

2:45pm – 3.15pm Welcoming of the participants and explaining the formation and the effects of a Yang Spiral Meditation in connection with the necessity of ascending to a new level of vibration on this historical moment.

3:15pm – 4pm Arranging of the participants in a spiral formation according to gender and astrological birth sign.

4:00pm – 5:45pm The meditation itself (all participants hold hands, special music will be used to induce the raising of energies to spiritual levels)

6:00pm-7:00 pm Collective Prayer to God the Father
Some of the Effects of the Yang Spiral Meditation
In this meditation the participants (paired up man-woman) are holding hands and are arranged according to the succession of the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. As a result of this arrangement, complex phenomena of resonance take place both with the beneficent influx of the yang energy and with the beneficial aspects of each of the 12 zodiac signs and of the subtle influx of their respective ruling planets. As a result, the subtle aura of each participant is charged with beneficial energy that balances and helps healing at a very deep level, accelerating in the same time the spiritual evolution of consciousness.
Directly proportional with the size (area) of the spiral and the number of participants, each person can thus have the direct experience of an intense state of bliss. Each person represents then a miniature replica of the Perfected Cosmic Human Being. During this yang-spiral, each participant (no matter his or her astrological sign) can experience the beneficial aspects of all the 12 zodiacal signs.

I look forward to meet this moment with love and light, together with lots of wonderful people and other beneficent beings in the whole world who embrace and choose the good in their lives, for our beloved planet Earth and the whole universe.

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Comments (10)

  1. Satya says:

    It was such a wonderful day! I am very glad i took part to this event. It felt really, really surprisingly great.

  2. RY says:

    The whole last week felt super energizing. I was not able to sleep almost at all just because of that. Still, I was feeling regenerated. Very interesting period..

  3. Dom says:

    I am grateful for the strong support that was present during the spiral and especially during the prayer. My feeling is that the prayer was listened and answered strongly. I never felt such a strong reply and union with God. Thanks to all the beings who made this possible.

  4. Nicole says:

    We, many, experienced deep subtle activation and challenges in the last year especially. As if the ”laws” of the being, as we knew it, have changed completely. I feel the world that i knew liquefied in a way, like it became predominantly subtle. And here the inner life, purity or impurities create our own reality.

  5. Malvin says:

    Wow..I never heard of such a thing. You do this often in your school? It is very intriguing to me. Wish I could experience this one day. Will keep in touch.

  6. Marie says:

    I remember quite well this event. Once again, I realized how good and healthy is to be part of such community of pioneering souls, of people attracted to expressing and giving their gifts to the world. When we meet in this way many, the connectivity we have is creating an elevating resonant field and a mass of coherence and creativity that can shift the direction of human history.
    It was a great and beautiful experience.

  7. Dom says:

    Mihai, please explain to me something. In this even post-quantum era, as it is described by some, where everybody speaks about reaching a certain level of coherence even in a group and that there is needed of only a few people to make the shift of global awareness, I don’t understand of what more is needed and what kind of coherence since lately (and not only) in this yoga school there were lots and lots of techniques, prayers, initiations, worldwide, like this one for example that you wrote about here, and which were so powerful and performed by many who felt a tremendous positive effect.. and still that shift did not occur yet, not on the physical level at least? Is it something that is building up subtly or we need a higher coherence and much more awareness and more people to reach it?

  8. Dom says:

    I don’t mean that many of us have reached a point of having at hand a mind that is under control most of the times or a completely awaken heart, but I refer to the specific deep and high states of consciousness that many have reached together in different moments during meditations, spirals, invocations. I assume history is not done with moments then.. Is it that there must be a stable and continuous coherence to create that what is needed, not here and there, and then get lost in the agitation realm again, right?

  9. Lars says:

    I would say it is about a coherence on the predominant level. Peak states cannot be shortcuts (only perhaps very rarely) and we cannot fool the universe ;).. and maybe if we are not ready, we would just get toasted.

  10. Anna says:

    Check the definition of ”procrastination” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procrastination 😉

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