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“Hollywood Manipulates through Movies” Post Generates Feedback – Update 5th August

Posted: July 30, 2010 / 3 comments

This article was generated from the dialogue  between Dr Ed Slack and myself over the recent post i made “Hollywood Manipulates through Movies – Part
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Bhoga Case: Another Violation of the Property and People in Bhoga (Video update 30th July)

Posted: July 29, 2010 / 9 comments
bhoga case

Wednesday, 28th of July 2010, saw another round in the ongoing saga of Kim’s abusive behavior towards the residents of Bhoga.

At around 17.00 three
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Digital Drugs – Getting High from the New Internet Drug

Posted: July 21, 2010 / 6 comments

I-dosing the internet drug! Digital drugs –  getting high using audio MP3 files, is apparently one of the latest fads on the market, also called I-dosing, it is designed
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Hollywood Manipulates through Movies – Part Two

Posted: July 21, 2010 / 19 comments

Another Movie Using Techniques of Manipulation is “Shrek: The Final Chapter”

From the beginning these sequels were filled with
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Supramental State – Part One

Posted: July 19, 2010 / 22 comments

The supramental state – a key to superior understanding

Often we are confronted with life situations and dilemmas that we cannot solve from the mental
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Hollywood Manipulates through Movies – Part One

Posted: July 18, 2010 / 19 comments

Art used as a tool for expressing ideas and transmitting messages of manipulation

Among other things, art has always been used for expressing ideas and
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The Bhoga Case – The Video Story (updated 15th of July 2010)

Posted: July 14, 2010 / 39 comments

15th of July

Another episode took place tonight in the silent Bhoga community (can you believe what these guys are doing?): Peter Jørgensen and another
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