14 September 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark – Healing Through Yoga

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Since ancient times some people have demonstrated exceptional longevity, healing powers and a mysterious ability to regenerate much more rapid than ordinary people, even from terminal diseases or severe health conditions.

It has often been questioned whether these people were just super humans or if there were some unknown human mechanisms, a methodology and a special practice related to their incredible healing capacity.

In this seminar we will show how, there indeed are some key principles, some special behavioral patterns and even a system of practice behind the phenomena, and how everyone can learn and benefit in their daily life challenges from the knowledge and its applications. Actually nature ifself and its very fabric of biological life is giving us many fascinating examples of natural regenerative processes.



The seminar is based on a lecture kept by the famous yogi and yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru kept on his birthday 12th of March this year. It is structured around his notions about regeneration in his special series of lectures about ‘The Divine Attributes’. It integrates some of his significant examples of regeneration with further comments and a practical session with suggestive exercises to experience in your own being The Amazing Power of Regeneration.



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Please check this link forĀ Signup and details

Limited spaces!

Please note that due to limited number of spaces we cannot guarantee a place in the lecture if you show up at the door without signing up beforehand.

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